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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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So I guess she's going back to her old ways

working on an add right now. run it yall!

Damn my dog was hella g with tht s***!!! Chris thought he was doing something NOT TODAY:))) run it!!!

There you Kayshow her who the boss toys these parts is :D all the guys lookin sexy & the girls lookin like divas. One question tho, why does tyga look like laith XD
Run it sis lol :)

Dqmn how she jeep her cool like that love it but I woulda blanked!!!!! Run it!!

Hahaaa she handled that s*** i bet chris feels like a ass now run it run run it!!!

Lol aye...Trey can't be man handling me like that in public n s***...he betta act like he know lol!!...but f***ing up already Ali done made you her b****.

Damn! You know her ass is high as hell cause she would have been mad with Chris by now for messing with Rihanna. Run it!!!

Damn! You know her ass is high as hell cause she would have been mad with Chris by now for messing with Rihanna. Run it!!!

lol damn girl jus clowned chris jus that fast lol smh run it

"Kay what are you waiting for?! We gonna be late girl!" Ircolee yelled from the bathroom

"I don't know what to wear!!!!" Alikay whined walking in the bathroom and sitting on the toilet.

"Are you serious right now? What's the real problem?" Ircolee asked

"I don't know what to wear around a bunch of Chris' groupies to make me stand out!" Alikay huffed

It was New Years Eve and Alikay had finally settled into her apartment. She lived in the same neighborhood as Shad and Ircolee. Though no one knew about her and Chris' "thing" the crew knew and everyone loved them together. Chris was currently at a concert with the rest of the fellas but the girls decided skip the concert and just meet the guys at the after party.

Ircolee just looked at Alikay and busted out laughing. Alikay didn't see anything funny so she just smacked her teeth and walked out.

"My bad Kay!" <a href=>Ircolee</a> said still laughing "Let's find you something to wear so you can look good for your boo!"

As Ircolee and Alikay went looking through Alikay's clothes the door bell rang. Ircolee went to go get the door as Alikay to the finishing touches on her outfit.

"I hope yall hoes almost ready!!!" <a href=>Jazz</a> screamed coming into Alikay's room.

"Awh hell naw! This b**** ain't even dressed yet." <a href=>Bre'Na</a>

"Man I just need to put this s*** on. I'll be ready in 20 minutes tops." Alikay assured them.

"This hoe den went all out! She den straightened her hair and got this hoochie outfit. All for this nigga." <a href=>Teek</a> laughed

Alikay laughed at her friends. She could tell they was already turnt.

"Yo, Mijo texted me saying s*** is poppin and we need to hurry the f*** up." <a href=>Zira</a> informed.

"10 minutes hoe." <a href=>Tramicia</a> said to Alikay.

They all walked out of Alikay's room and Alikay was dashing to get ready. 15 minutes later she was finally satisfied with <a href=>her look</a> and came out the room.

"Look at this b****. She fancy tonight!" <a href=>Shelly</a> yelled.

Tramicia handed Alikay the rello they was all passing around. Alikay inhaled and blew the smoke outta her nose.

"Damn, that's that good s***." Alikay said

"Girl, its New Years. I'm finna turn all the way up." Ircolee said.

"Let's go its already 15 before 11." Zira said.

They all walked out of Alikay's apartment and went to the limo they was riding in. On the way to the club they just passed around a rello and drank. 20 minutes later they pulled up to the club and seen the line long as f***. Everyone wanted in the party. They all got out the limo feelings bossy as hell and feeling themselves. They all went in and headed straight to the V.I.P. were all the guys were plus some next niggas and other celebrities.

"Hoe alert." Bre'Na screamed over the music.

"I don't give a f***. They better not be f***ing all over Shad." Ircolee said

"Damn girl, got ya ass all out." <a href=>Trey</a> said as he approached Jazz.

"That's how you greet me tho?" Jazz said with her hand on her hip.

"Girl bring that ass over here." Trey said as he openly grabbed Jazz butt as he kissed her.

"Yall stunting on all these hoes in here tho."
<a href=>Mijo</a> said as he grabbed Zira's waist and passed her the rello he was smoking on.

"Where is <a href=>Shad</a>?" Ircolee asked

"Over there with that nigga <a href=>Laith</a> getting high." <a href=>Drake</a>said coming outta nowhere with <a href=>Omari</a> behind him.

Alikay's eyes roamed the V.I.P section searching for Chris. She couldn't find him anywhere.

"Where <a href=>Chris</a> be at?" Alikay finally asked.

"s*** I ain't seen that nigga in a min." <a href=>Tyga</a> said.

Alikay just nodded her head and walked to the bar and grabbed her a patron shot. She downed that s*** and was feeling good as hell. She scanned the club and her eyes finally landed on Chris. She thought they patron was making her see s*** but she seen <a href=>Chris and Rihanna</a> together all over each other. Chris' eyes met Alikay's and she just smirked at him. If anything this nigga wasnt gonna see her sweat. She slowly walked over to Ircolee and Shad and showed them what she saw.

"Are you okay?" Ircolee asked sitting on Shad's lap.

"Chris forgot. Ima muthaf***in boss. That s*** don't phase me." Alikay said inhaling on a rello.

Alikay didn't know what was getting her so calm. But she appreciated the effect. She smoked the rello and felt like a boss. She wasn't phased in the least by that. 10 mins passed and Alikay was just chillin, smoking and dancing to the music.

"Hey." A voice softly said in Alikay's ear.

Alikay smirked and turned around and faced Chris.

"What up boo." Alikay said lowly

Alikay didn't even wait for an answer. She just kissed Chris. This wasn't no normal kiss either that the both of them was use to. Alikay kissed him hard. Chris was taken back but he was so turned on by the kiss he didn't stop it. Boss by Tinache and Honey Cocaine flowed throughout the club and Alikay didn't break the kiss but she landed in Chris' lap and began to slow grind on Chris. The kiss and the grind began so intense and they both didn't stop. Chris' hands found themselves resting on Alikay's ass and Alikay's hands were tightly wrapped around Chris' neck. Moments later the song was ending and Alikay pulled back from the kiss.

"The name is Stone." Alikay whispered in Chris' ear as she licked it. "Remember you're my b****."

Alikay got off Chris, feeling herself, pulled her dress down and walked off into the crowd.

Good way to close up her life in kc, bonding time with fam. I hope L.A. treats her good. Run itttt:)))

run it!

Run it!!!

Run it!!!

Run it love!

Run it guysssssssssssss I'm tryna add again but I need some more love first!!!

I'm liking Chrikay lol now I'm ready for her to throw the cookies at him lol run it!!!

New reader!!!
I will admit it took me a sec to start reading this but im so glad i did
I am absolutely in love with alikay i love her attitude shes so blunt and thugged out- i loved her mindset when it comes to niggas cuz i know i feel like that too she got me whn she made that statement about the compliments Jesus if aint the truth i dnt know wht is
I feel for her and how she feels about her friends suicide ive gone thru something similar and still kind of feel responsible for his death and i still talk to his mom till this day
I just hope that when something does happen between them alikay doesnt go back to her thuggish ruggish bone ways and try and push him away but either way im pumped and excited and ready to see what happens


Aww run it!!!!

"Alikay are you sure this is what you wanna do?"

"Yes, dad. I just feel like its time for me to move on. Start fresh, remember I still have a life outside of what happened." Alikay spoke

"We are so sorry we weren't there for you baby." Mrs. Moss spoke softly

Alikay sighed as she looked at her parents. The rest of the crew had made their way back to L.A. except her and Shad. They needed to have a family moment.

"Mom, its my fault. I didn't include you guys. I didn't include anyone. After Leyla died I died too. That's how I felt." Alikay confessed

"Do you wanna press charges?" Mr. Moss spoke

"Honestly daddy I want nothing more than to do that, but I don't want it to stop my life."

Mr. Moss nodded.

"We are gonna miss you baby." Mrs. Moss smiled as tear streamed down her face.

"Come on mom, you know I'm a flight away. You need me to hop on a redeye just to wash the dishes, I'll be here, on Shad's dollar." Alikay said laughing

"I don't want you two out there acting foolish. Keep ya head on the praise." Mr. Moss spoke

"Dad you raised me to be nothing more than the best." Alikay said as she dapped her dad.

"Shad take care of your sister." Mrs. Moss stated

"Of course mom, and you know the crew looking out for her too." Shad said

"Now tell me about this boy Stone." Mr. Moss said looking at Alikay

"What boy?"

"Chris. Yall dated?"

Alikay looked at Shad as she seen her brother laughing.

"We are just tryna take it slow. Just see where it goes. I'm giving myself that chance."
Alikay smiled. "Just giving myself that chance."

Sorry for the short add. Gotta run!
Run it!
Feed back please!

Love it

Yay she's letting him in. I hope he stays faithful to her (when they get there and I'm sure he will) run it

Run it!!!

Awwwww that was soooo effing cute!!!! Who the hell was that in that restaurant tho.....Chris was ready to end dude.....I'm glad Ali has decided to move to LA and give Chris a chance....they're both a work in progress.

Yo can we make it to 200 runs by the end of today?

They are so f***ing cute!
And Yay!
She moving in La!
Run it Ma!

"Only yo indecisive ass would have me at RedBox freezing out here." Alikay said sniffing then crossing her arms.

"Go sit in the truck and I'll be there in a minute Kay. I just haven't seen a lot of movies in a LONG time. I'm tryna catch up." Chris pleaded

Alikay smiled and rolled her eyes at Chris. She liked him a lot, and though she did appreciate time with the whole crew, she loved the alone time her and Chris had together.

"Chris you already have 3 movies. I'm sure I'll passed out before the third one."

"Girl, I'm staying up all night and you are too." Chris said as he finally decided on the last movie.

Chris opened Alikay's door and ran to the driver's side and slid it.

"What, no roll over move today?" Alikay said laughing

"Girl naw, I would bust my ass on all this ice." Chris said smiling

"We got popcorn, candy, pop..."

"You mean soda?" Chris interrupted

"I'm from the KC, we say POP around these parts." Alikay defended

"Well I'm from Tappahannock and we say soda."

"Oh yeah and what you gonna do about me saying POP?"

Chris smiled at Alikay and gently leaned over and kissed her lips.

"And there's more where that came from." Chris said as winked at Alikay

Alikay laughed and shook her head at Chris.

"You coming to L.A. for New Year's?" Chris asked while grabbing Alikay's hand



"What are you doing for New Year's? Shad and Ircolee having a party or something?" Alikay asked

"CB always has an after party for New Year's. I got a concert first." Chris informed

"I'll probably pass then."

"What? Why?" Chris asked confused

"I just rather not watch the thirst of the evening." Alikay plainly stated


"Come on Chris. You know your fans, the industry hoes. They all want to be apart of Team Breezy."

"What if there only one spot on Team Breezy?" Chris asked seriously

"I hope whoever gets it gets treated nice then."

"What if its you?"

Alikay didn't answer she just looked out the window

"Gimme a break Kay, every time we have a serious conversation pertaining to us you shut down. Why?"

"Chris, I don't want to confuse this with titles right now." Alikay pleaded

"I'm not asking you to be my girl right now. I understand that being Chris Brown's girl is a challenge that I create out of pure selfishness. I'm just asking that you let me in." Chris said

"What if I move to L.A. and become your manager though?" Alikay asked. "Is whatever this is gonna work then?"

"I don't see why not. Seems perfect in my eyes. Someone I trust running my business and has my best interest at heart." Chris confessed

"You got this all worked out huh?"

"I won't say all that. I will say that I do want to love you past your pain though. I want to get to that point ma."

Alikay looked at Chris and searched his eyes for sincerity.

"Look, let's take this slow. It's developing REALLY fast, and that scares me. I do want the job as your manager when I finish school. I just don't want to mix business into this. Don't bring your work to me if this has nothing to do with business."

"Whatever you say boss." Chris said smiling.

Alikay laughed at Chris. His company made her happy.

"But seriously. " Chris began. "L.A. with your boy? Please babe?"

"Oh now you calling me babe and s***. I must be more special than I thought." Alikay said smiling.

"Babygirl you should have knew you was special when you dragged me out and you left with them koolaide pajamas pants on and I'm being seen with your ass." Chris said laughing

"Oh, turn down 18th. I wanna let you try this burrito from this place called Tapatio. Everything in there is good!" Alikay said

Chris turned down the street, turned into the shopping center and parked.

"Should I stay in the car? I don't want people mobbing me." Chris stated

"Just put your cap and hood on. Plus this is Mexican village. They rarely care who comes in the shop." Alikay informed

Chris nodded his head and did as told. He exited the car and jogged around and opened Alikay's door.

"You know Chris you don't have to open my door." Alikay stated getting out the truck.

"But its the gentleman thing to do." Chris said

Alikay smiled and grabbed Chris' hand. They walked in and Alikay ordered the food. While they were waiting a man walked in. Alikay nor Chris couldn't see his face cause he had on a cap and a hood like Chris but the moment he spoke Chris noticed Alikay's sudden mood change.

"Babe what's wrong?" Chris said holding Alikay's face looking directly in her eyes.

Alikay couldn't speak. She dared not speak cause she knew if she did words of hate and rage would go past her lips and she was past that.

"Ali, is that you?" A voice boomed throughout the eatery.

Chris turned around and his eyes met the face behind the voice. He knew something wasn't right.

"My name is Alikay. Ain't no Ali, ain't no Kay. Alikay." Alikay spat as she walked in front of Chris.

"Same ol attitude, I see. How you been girl?" The man asked as he chuckled.

Alikay didn't say a word. She just stared at this site of disgust in front of her.

"Order up!" The cook yelled breaking everyone's thoughts.

In swift movements Alikay grabbed the food and Chris' hand. But on her way out she heard dragger stabbing words.

"Yo I'll tell Kev I saw you!"

Once they got in the car Chris said a prayer and was out. It was like he was reading Alikay's thoughts. He knew she was mad but he was proud of her but questions roamed his head. 10 minutes later Chris pulled up to the house and he noticed him and Alikay were the only ones home. He grabbed all the bags and got out and jogged to open the door for Alikay. She got out and grabbed Chris' hand. Once they got into the house Alikay was like Chris' shadow. Chris didn't mind it one bit. He promised to protect her.

"Talk." Chris said picking Alikay up and sitting her on the counter and standing in between her legs.

Alikay just shook her head no.

"Do you want to cry?" Chris asked as Alikay shook her head no. "Are you mad?" Alikay shook her head yes. "Should I tell Shad or your dad?" Alikay shook her head no. "Well I'm mad as hell if you didn't know. I wanna rip his muthaf***in head off." Chris huffed.

Alikay just hugged Chris. She didn't want to hate.

"Still wanna continue our date?" Chris asked as Alikay shook her head yes.

Chris smiled and slowly pecked her lips.

"When I told I would always protect you." Chris whispered in ear.

"UCLA." Alikay said as she finally spoke.

"What about it?" Chris asked.

"I want out. I wanna be in L.A. with people who care about me. You got my back. I need to go cause if I don't the hate will live in me forever."

Chris nodded his head. He was more than excited for Alikay to come.

"Was that one of them?" Chris asked slowly.

"No, but that was one of they boys who probably knows yet will deny he knows anything." Alikay huffed. "But let's change the subject. You thought about what type of songs you wanna put on your new album?"

"Not yet. Just thought of a name."

"And that is?"

"Fortune. Last album had the name F.A.M.E so this one can be fortune."

"I like it and even if I don't I gotta sale it." Alikay laughed

"My albums sale themselves. Team Breezy fans are loyal as hell."

"Oh I know. Team Bow Wow has shown me how 'loyal' fans can be."

"How is it to have a sibling that's famous?" Chris asked resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Honestly I have no clue. I was barely apart of Bow Wow life. I mean wiki Shad and it says my name but I lived here and Shad and my moms lived between Atlanta and L.A. People here know Shad so its no a big deal. Plus not even you knew about me, meaning I was ultra lowkey." Alikay shrugged

"Think it will be the same if we dated?"

"Boy please, hell no. Your fans are die hard. They see Team Chrikay and will have my neck. They still wishing for Team Chrianna back." Alikay laughed

Chris smiled at Alikay. Her just as a person made him happy. He leaned in and kissed her lips. She allowed Chris to part her lips and slip his tongue in. Chris groaned as the kiss got deeper and Alikay felt Chris' hands dig into her thighs. Alikay gripped Chris' neck tighter. This type of kiss was foreign to the both of them and they couldn't understand it. They had both been in love before. Why was they different?

Moments later Alikay pulled back from the kiss. Chris looked at Alikay and they both smiled at each other.

"Ughhhhh I hate this giddy side you bring outta me." Alikay said smacking her lips and crossing her arms. "Ima thug in dese streets no huss."

"Think I got time to be acting like a punk b**** nigga when I'm with you?" Chris huffed. "Ima f***in pimp out here!"

Alikay and Chris both busted out laughing.

"You are such a dork." Chris laughed putting the popcorn into the microwave.

"Yeah but you like this dork." Alikay smiled walking out the kitchen.

Hours later they were laying on the couch and Alikay had knocked out just like she said she would. Chris didn't mind as long as she was there it didn't phase him. He felt every breathe as she inhaled and exhaled. He was laying on his back and she was laying on top of him. He saw peace written all over her face and he loved that. Chris saw her curly hair all over her face and he moved it out the way. He grabbed her hand and kissed it as she grinned his hand for dear life. Chris had no idea he was gonna feel like this so fast.

"...cause with every kiss and every hug, you make me fall in love." Chris sung to a sleeping Alikay finally facing this reality.

Heck yeah now we're making some progress! She's letting Chris break down her walls little by little I'm so happy