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I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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I absolutely LOVE this story!

Run it!

run it!

It's about time they finally getting it together and that she came out with the truth. I loved to poem!!! Run it!!!!!!!!!!

So sorry I haven't been responding buuuuut I'm here now :D


Just wanted to say that that last post bout made me cry when she did her poem!! I'm so glad that they are getting there. I was mad at her for ignoring him then I was mad at him for laughing in them hoes face when she texted him to meet her but I quickly got over it.

Next Question..

Are things about to get hot between them or what?? :D


Glad yall enjoyed! We about to experience Chris and Alikay overload. Be ready. I love the feedback! Where my cast tho? And please NO SILENT READING! Even if you just put Run it its appreciated.

Run it!

I'm so happy for her :') *wipes tears* lol
I love group hugs, them is crazy xD
Run it!

Awwww!! How cuteee!runnnn

Girl that poem is the truth! Im glad Alikay testified, i hope she and Chris relationship stay positive.
Run it mamma!

Chris is sooooo good to her. I'm glad she told her story(very good poem, give yourself a pat on the back:]). Hopefully she can move on and have a great relationship with Chris now:))) run it <3

She needed that.....real bad.....she needs peace....and I'm happy she's seeking it....and that she has great friends and family that's helping her along the way....and Chris.....they're saving each other.

"Look what the cat dragged in." Shad laughed as <a href=>Alikay</a> and his <a href=>Mom and Dad</a> walked in.

"Boy, lucky we going to church or I would have popped you across your face." Mrs. Moss teased

"What ya'll doing home early?" Ircolee asked as she put her coat on.

"I gotta be back at work on Monday." Mr. Moss replied

"Vacation seemed short lived. Its only two days after Christmas." Bre'Na said putting on her coat.

"Hi to you too Ms. Bre'Na." Mrs. Moss laughed "I heard you are getting married soon miss lady. Just let me know if Laith get out of line. I'll put him back real quick." Mrs. Moss teased

"C'mon ma! You know I know better." Laith defended as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Is everyone ready for church?" Mr. Moss asked looking around

"Seems like we are only waiting on Jazz?" Alikay answered

"I'm coming, I'm coming! I had to change, I forgot we wasn't in L.A. anymore." Jazz laughed running down the stairs.


Alikay whipped her hands on her dress for the 15th time. They had just got to <a href=>Church</a> (THIS IS MY DADDY REAL CHURCH lol)and She was so nervous, as she tried to catch a short blessing from the praise team. She was sitting next to Mrs. Miller cause Pastor Miller randomly put her on the program. She was use to doing a lot of things in church from helping with the children's choir to preaching on Young Adult Sabbath but what she was about to reveal scared her beyond compare.

"It's gonna be okay Alikay." Mrs. Miller smiled at her.

"Thanks." Alikay replied as she returned the smile.

Alikay knew what she was about to reveal would put her parents in shock and she just needed some real support. Alikay pulled out her phone and scrolled through her contacts. Almost with automatic response her fingers landed on Chris' name. She knew she treated him like s*** earlier but she needed him.

Hey can you meet me by the bathroom in like 2 minutes?

Like pressed send and looked back to where the crew was sitting. 30 seconds later she saw <a href=>Chris</a> pull out his phone and look at it. In swift movements she saw him get up walk out of church. She smiled as she saw that.

"Hey Mrs. Miller, Ima run and use the bathroom real quick."

"That's fine sweetie." Mrs. Miller responded

Alikay excused herself and got up to go the bathroom. She looked at her mom as she walked outta church. She mouthed to her mom that she was going to the bathroom and she nodded her head. Alikay almost ran to the where the bathrooms were located and seen to females talking to Chris. She was already irritated and felt her eye begin to twitch, but she wasn't about to act jealous. She def wasn't about that life.

"Hey Kay." One of the chicks said

Alikay felt the caddiness in just that one greeting and wasn't about to entertain it. She just nodded her head and waited for Chris to say something.

"Oh do you need to talk to him? Wait your turn Alikay." The other chick responded

Alikay wasn't even about to entertain this mess. She swore to herself she wasn't go back to that hating people stage and she was going to turn her back on that promise cause of some caddy hoes. Alikay smacked her teeth and turned to walk away mad she even texted Chris and not Ircolee or Bre'Na.

"Kay wait..."

Alikay turned around with a mug that kill and seen Chris tryna catch up to her.

"What?" Alikay spoke

"Sorry, but now you know how it feels to be ignored." Chris responded

"Yeah okay. Thanks for proving your point." Alikay sighed as she turned to go into the sanctuary.

"Wait Kay, I'm sorry okay. What did you need?" Chris asked grabbing her waist.

Alikay didn't even speak. She just laid her head on Chris' chest.

"Pastor wants me to tell me and Leyla's story in front of the whole congregation today." Alikay mumbled with her head in Chris' chest

Chris gently grabbed Alikay's face making her look at him.

"Its gonna be okay." Chris said as he pecked Alikay's lips. "You got this."

Chris couldn't understand what made him be so nice to Alikay after she played him but she had a tug on his heart and he reacted on ever single notion.

Alikay looked behind her and seen the two girls from earlier look at them with shocked b****y faces. Alikay decided to not even make notions to them two but noted that for a later date. But she did want to talk to Chris later about this PDA.

"I haven't even got a chance to sit down and tell my parents. They are gonna be so mad." Alikay sighed

"No they won't. I promise they won't." Chris reassured

"Will you sit with me?" Alikay asked

Chris just smiled at Alikay and grabbed her hand. They both made their way back into the sanctuary. Alikay and Chris walked to where Mrs. Miller sitting and sat down.

"And who is this handsome young man?" Mrs. Miller whispered to Alikay

Alikay laughed because the Millers treated everyone as regular people. Being a celebrity didn't phase them in the least.

"He is my friend Chris." Alikay whispered back

"Seems like more than a friend." Mrs. Miller chuckled referring to his arm being wrapped around her.

Alikay laughed at Mrs. Miller. She barely noticed that her and Chris wrapped his arm around her. Somehow it just felt normal. Alikay's thoughts were interrupted by Pastor Miller speaking. Alikay turned her attention to the pulpit.

"I would like to welcome everyone to the House of the Lord today and on behalf of all the members here at Bethel S.D.A Church we hope you enjoy your worship experience. Now everyone here knows I love testimonies. Testimonies are the thing that we can share after the test." Pastor Miller went on as the congregation said Amen. "Testimonies let us know that our Father is with us through everything and that joy shall always come in the morning. So today we have Ms. Alikay Moss going to share her testimony. Hear ye her." Pastor White smiled as he helped Alikay on the pulpit.

Alikay got up on the pulpit and got behind the microphone and looked out to the congregation. Alikay was nervous letting everyone here her and Leyla's story. The blood drained out of her face and her hands begin to sweat. Her eyes finally got to Chris and she saw his <a href=>smiling face</a>. Alikay smiled back and returned her attention back to the rest of the congregation.

"Happy Sabbath everyone." Alikay began

"Happy Sabbath." Everyone replied

"For those who don't know me my name is Alikay Moss, the title of this piece is My Testimony. Alikay spoke

"Can't nobody take nothing from meeeee, cause I'm over comer by my testimony. Ohhhhhhh the blood has set me freeeee, cause I'm a overcomer by my testimony..." Alikay sung to top off her <a href=>poem</a>.

Heart thump thump
Mines running a marathon race
I can't believe they put my body through a such a physical disgrace
Knowing this is real life but wanting more than to press backspace.

Defined as a criminal act of forced sexual relations against ones will.
That one act that didn't stop my best friend from taking that pill.
Now I'm ready to play deal or no deal.
And trust by then I was going in for the kill.

Mind spinning
The devil winning
I couldn't stop my soul from grinning,
While living in a dark misery.
Might as well been a penitentiary.
Because I was locked locked up and couldn't find the key.

Welcome to hell
Welcome to my humble abode called my soul.
Heart black as coal
Body physically yearning for some kind of fight control.

Beyond scared straight?
No I was beyond scared wrong.
Letting poisonous venom seeped out my veins and called it beyond strong.

But only joy comes in the morning.
Only joy comes in the morning,
And stops this mourning
No more tears no crying cause my God tells the ultimate love story.

His blanket of love wraps me up and rocks me til I healed.
And His grace and mercy are continually revealed.
Bright new mornings for this Proverbs 31.
So that I may shine bright as the sun reliving the acts of the one and only Son.

Who am I but a virtuous woman?
Ones of Gods greatest productions.
I was made from the dusk, given a rib, inhaled, and called beautiful.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14
Seeking God, faster than a coffee addict yearning caffeine.
My God is the one and only vaccine.

So Lord, help me rid myself of hate
And no longer be used as the devils bait
Cause I don't want him deciding my fate.

My name is Alikay Moss and I'm a a survivor of rape.
But more important a ex odious saved by His love and grace."

Alikay opened her eyes and saw she received a standing ovation. Her eyes looked to her mother and see seen tears running down her mothers face. In fact she looked around and seem many tears in the congregation. Alikay got down from the pulpit and took her seat between Mrs. Miller and Chris. Tears ran down Mrs. Miller's face and she hugged Alikay. Tears ran down Alikay's face as well and for the first time they were tears of relieve.


"You did good today." Chris hugged Alikay in the rare moment they had alone.

"Thanks. I mean, thanks for being there when I needed you. I know I haven't been the best to you and you really came in for the clutch today." Alikay said as she hugged Chris tight.

"I knew yall niggas liked each other." <a href=>Trey</a> said as him and Jazz walked into the kitchen

"Babe, let them have there moment. Kay I never got to tell you but I'm proud of you girl." <a href=>Jazz</a> said as she hugged Alikay.

"We all are."
<a href=>Shelly</a> spoke as she walked into the kitchen.

"GROUP HUGGGGGG!" <a href=>Bre'Na</a> yelled running into the kitchen

<a href=>Zira</a>, <a href=>Teek</a>, <a href=>Tramicia</a>, and Ircolee all came into the kitchen and joined the hug.

"Ummm, ladies can I finish my moment?" Chris laughed

"Nigga, when they get like this, they like Pringles, once they start this they never stop." <a href=>Omari</a>
said walking into the kitchen with <a href=>Tyga</a> and Shad behind him.

"Yeah nigga, they love having these "girly" moments yet act like niggas on a daily!" <a href=>Mijo</a> huffed

"Awww come on ladies, break it up." <a href=>Drake</a> yelled with <a href=>Laith</a> walking behind him.

The girls let go of the hug whipping their eyes.

"Oh lawd." <a href=>Shad</a> said

"Shad, please don't have to sleep on the couch tonight like last night boo." <a href=>Ircolee</a> said

"Damn nigga, you sleeping on the couch tho?" Laith said laughing

"Moving on." Alikay said trying to get attention off her brother and Ircolee's problems. "What are we finna do tonight?"

Alikay felt arms wrap around her waist. She smiled at the way Chris was treating her.

"Hey I know the crew wants to chill tonight but can I take you out to movie tonight? You know Redbox, popcorn from Price Chopper, Big K, blankets, pajamas and me?" Chris whispered in Alikay's ear.

Alikay turned around and faced Chris. He smiled at her and she smiled at him.

"I'd love that."

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Where's our add for today??? Run it:)))

Okay yall I just wanna tell yall I am typing now but this next add is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close to my heart, my poetry and my own church experience will be in the next add. SOOOOOOOO ill be back to post in a bit!

Addd like right now. Lol that was woww. Alikay do need to stop playin Chris. they should just get together ...

I will be adding again tonight but I need comments and feedback and I promise you get more of her and Chris, just needed to grab some background information!

Run it!

awwwwwwww chris realy filln kay smh she hurtn him

You always cut short the good part lol
Run it!!!

Good read. I'm ready for them to make up though..... run it.

I think them going to Church is something that they all need....especially Alli.....she needs to forgive herself.

<a href=>Alikay</a> made her way up the steps and proceeded to knock on the door. She almost forgot the most important thing being wrapped up in Chris and she didn't want to make it a habit.

"Hi Alikay. I see you didn't forget." A Caucasian woman said with her English accent smiling as she opened the door.

"Of course not Mrs. Miller, sorry I'm a little late though. My brother is in town." Alikay explained as she walked inside.

"You are fine honey, we still have company over. Lots of family are here and I told them about you. They think you are so sweet to come over ever chance you get to come and check on me and Pastor Miller." <a href=>Mrs. Miller</a> smiled with his same English accent

"Is that my dear Alikay?" <a href=>Pastor Miller</a> said coming down the stairs smiling

"Hi Pastor Miller." Alikay smiled as she hugged them

"How are you?"

"I'm doing well, my parents are out of town, but they told me to tell you hello and Mrs. Miller my mom said she will call you tomorrow." Alikay informed

"Of course your crazy parents go out of town. Your dad is always whisking your mother away somewhere." Mrs. Miller said laughing

Alikay smiled at the Millers. She loved them dearly. Alikay has known the Millers for over 7 years. <a href=>Leyla</a>
and Alikay became best friends in the 9th grade when Alikay first moved to Kansas City. The Millers had just moved to Kansas City from London because Mr. Miller mother lived there. Alikay will never forget the first day her and Leyla became friends. Freshman Orientation at F.L. Schlagle high school. Leyla was part of the few white girls at the school. Alikay was new so them both facing challenges in what most people called this "ghetto" school, they decided to face them together.

The Millers and Alikay went downstairs in the basement and sat down on the couch.

"So tell me, how are you holding up?" Pastor Miller looked at Alikay

Alikay blinked fast to stop tears from falling down her eyes. She hated crying in front of the Millers. That was THEIR daughter, Alikay was just the friend.

"I should be asking you guys that." Alikay spoke as she cleared her throat

"Alikay, we are okay. I promise honey." Mrs. Miller smiled

A tear dripped down Alikay's face. She still couldn't help but blame herself. It was her boyfriend at the time that raped Leyla.

"Alikay, we have noticed for years how bitter you have become. Stop beating yourself up honey. It's not your fault I promise its not. We love you like a daughter. Yes, we miss Leyla with every fiber of our beings, but we know God has a plan for everyone's life." Pastor Miller said

"How can you guys look at me with love every time I come here? It was my fault." Alikay spoke softly.

"It wasn't your fault sweetheart." Mrs. Miller said hugging Alikay "The same thing that happened to our daughter happened to you."

"Alikay when was the last time you been to church?" Pastor Miller asked

Alikay looked at him with sadness in her eyes. Her parents where in church every Sabbath but Alikay was upset and it kept her away.

"Alikay I'm not saying church is going to fix you, but its a start. Let God back in your life please. That's all we want for you." Mrs. Miller said

"Have you finally told your parents what happened?" Mrs. Miller proceeded

"No, I just can't. Tell you both was hard enough." Alikay protested

Pastor Miller looked at Alikay. He loved her like a daughter and even though his own daughter was gone, he still wanted the best for Alikay and seeing her like this, and blaming herself consistently killed him. All he and Mrs. Miller wanted was for Alikay to live in peace like they finally did.

"Alikay, Leyla was your best friend. You two were joined at the hip and even though you guys were totally different yall were one in the same. But tell me, do you think Leyla would have lived like this? Walking around, hating people, beating herself up?" Pastor Miller asked

"No, knowing her, she would have told our story, helped other rape victims...Oh my gosh, I'm so selfish!" Alikay cried and she put her face in her hands.

"Honey, stop. Please stop." Mrs. Miller looked at Alikay.

"I'm sorry." Alikay sniffed as she wiped her eyes.

"Alikay, all we want from you is to be okay, but at the same time help other people. God makes us all go through experiences and trials and tribulations that we all think we aren't ready for, but God knows best. He takes the opportunity to build our character and mode us into everything we are today and wants us to be and a hateful and is bitter young woman what God had in mind for Alikay?" Pastor Miller asked

Alikay shook her head no.

"Every year I think I'm okay, then I think about what happened and I beat myself up and everything and cry until my eyeballs are so dry they are hanging out of the socket." Alikay confessed

"And that okay. I still cry, I still looked at her room and her old things and wish my daughter was still her and I still ask God why but God knows I'm going to be alright, you know the Lord doesn't not slack, concerning his promise. I believe Him. Me and Mr. Miller still hanging in there." Mrs. Miller smiled

Alikay smiled at the Millers. She loved them and was thankful that God had placed them in her life to help her heal as they healed.

"I think I'm gonna do it this time Mrs. Miller. I wrote everything about the organization and everything down. The charity and the safe house and the help I got it all on paper. I'm going to put it into action."

"Now that's the Alikay we know and love." Pastor Miller smiled

They all got up and proceeded to walk back up the stairs.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Merry Christmas." Alikay said giving them each a small box.

"What is this?" Mrs. Miller asked

"Just know those things were Leyla's. I kept them, but I knew you guys would appreciate them more than I could."

Pastor and Mrs. Miller opened the boxes and it was Leyla's favorite charms.

"Thank you so much Alikay." Mrs. Miller said chocked up

Alikay nodded and gave each of them a hug.

"I expect to be in church on Sabbath young lady." Pastor Miller smiled

"I will be there, bright and early. But you will have a few celebrity guest in the audience." Alikay laughed

"You tell your brother to make his way over here before he leaves. I haven't seen him for literal years." Mrs. Miller said

"I sure will. I'll see you guys later. Love you!" Alikay said walking to the front door.

"Love you too sweetheart." Mrs. Miller said as Alikay walked out the door.


"Chris what the hell do you mean you don't know where Kay is?" <a href=>Shad</a> screamed at Chris as they finally made it home.

Chris just looked at Shad, he wasn't for this whole getting yelled for everything pertaining Alikay. He liked her but he wasn't her babysitter.

"Chris what happened?" <a href=>Ircolee</a> interrupted trying to take the tension out of the conversation.

"Nothing." Chris plainly said.

Chris didn't give a crap where Alikay went. He knew she could hold her own, but all he kept thinking about was how she played him hours before.

10 mins and more of Shad's yelling passed by and the front door opened and closed. Everyone's eyes were glued to Alikay except Chris.

"Wanna explain where the hell you been?!" Shad's voice boom throughout the quite house.

"I had to go see someone." Alikay spoke softly.

"Alikay Jayshon, think I give a f***??!!! You could have gave a heads up."

Alikay just stared at her brother as he spoke to her.

"Shad I'm 23 not 12." Alikay said as she walked past everyone up to her room.

Moments later everyone heard Alikay's door slam shut.

"Here we go again Shad. Damn cut the girl some slack. You swear you are her dad and not her brother." Ircolee said shaking her head.

Shad looked at Ircolee. This was the only way he felt like he could protect Alikay. He struggled with carrying the burden of blaming himself for what happened to Alikay.

"Lemme go talk to her." Ircolee said.

"No, she is my sister." Shad sighed. "I'll go."

Shad made his way upstairs and knocked on Alikay's door.

"I don't wanna talk right now." Alikay screamed over her music.

Shad opened the door anyway.

"Still love you some white girl music huh?" Shad smirked as Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie played in the background.

"What do you want Shad?"

"Let's talk Kay." Shad said pulling up a chair to the side of her bed.

"Shad I don't wanna talk."

"Please Kay, just talk to me. Tell me what's going on." Shad said sincerely

"I went to see the Millers." Alikay sighed "I go see them all the time. You know just check on them and everything. I owe them that."

"How were they?"

"Happy, well even though you and I both know happiness is temporary, they had joy and you know that's permanent Shad. I just want that. I just want peace in knowing that it wasn't my fault. Cause I can't help but blame myself." Alikay spoke as tears freely slid down her face.

“Kay, its not your fault. That nigga did that s*** to you and Leyla.”

“He was my fiance’ though Shad! I trusted him around the people that I loved the most.” Alikay cried

Shad got up and sat next to his sister and hugged her.

“One day you are really going to have to forgive yourself Kay. I mean, I've been blaming myself a lot these past days. I've had nightmares and everything and if you don’t believe me ask Ircolee. I feel like if I was an actual big brother instead of believing I was just Bow Wow, that wouldn't have even happened.” Shad confessed

“I owe you an apology too. I’ve blamed you for a long time. Being mad cause you were Bow Wow and not just Shad, my nigga of a brother. I just expected your fame to be different you know.” Alikay expressed

Just then there was a knock on the door and Ircolee peaked her head in.

“Come in here babe since you are hella nosey.” Shad laughed

“Sorry I didn't mean to mess up any moment ya’ll was having. Just wanted to see if Alikay was okay.” Ircolee stated sincerely.

“You can in Ircolee, you are finna be my sister in law.” Alikay smiled

Ircolee smiled and sat on bed next to Shad.

“Everything okay?” Ircolee asked

“Its getting better, just my own demons I have to work out. Oh yeah, Pastor Miller said he expects to see us, I mean all of us, in church on Sabbath.”

“Man, I haven’t been to church in so long.” Shad confessed

“Me either.” Alikay said

“Well that just means this Christmas is filled with new beginnings, cause we are going.” Ircolee stated

“Wait, we is the wedding?” Alikay said

“Whenever your brother decides he wants to marry me. Or when he dies from not having sex. Cause the kitty kat is cut off til the wedding night. Shad put this ring on my finger thinking this is some kind of investment plan. Like we have a Jim and Chrissy situation. I ain’t bout’ that life.” Ircolee said in her Detroit accent

“It ain’t even about that man. I just need to make sure we are set before all that.” Shad protested

“Damn, sounds just like a Jim and Chrissy situation.” Alikay said wide eyed remembering last week’s episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones.

“Honestly I don’t care, Shad has to decide when he will get his s*** together, and get we can confess our love for each other in a church before God.” Ircolee shrugged

“And as promised baby, you will get all that. I just need a year or two to...”

“A year or two?” Alikay interrupt. “Nigga stop being a b**** and marry this girl. Ircolee been here with your ass since who knows when, why do you insist on playing her?”

“Baby you know I love you I just got to...”

“Get cheating out of your system?” Ircolee said firmly

“Cheating?!” Alikay exclaimed

“Yeah, Shad has cheated. Twice. Not something I want to talk about right now tho. Sorry I ruined ya’lls sibling moment.” Ircolee said walking out the room

“Shad, seriously?” Alikay said shaking her head

“Both were accidents, and it happened when we first got together.”

“Hoes got you?” Alikay asked

“I guess, I swear I have done everything in my power to say I’m sorry.”

“Marry the girl. Give her that. What’s your deal on waiting so long anyway?”

“I’ve put Ircolee through hell and back Kay. What if I f*** up after we get married? She will divorce me. Meaning there is no room for her to come back. Like I really can’t fix it after that.”

“Then don’t f*** up Shad. You know dad taught your simple ass better than that. What if he did that to mom? You would be feeling salty as f***.” Alikay said bluntly

“I know Kay, I know.” Shad expressed

“And furthermore stop playing with that girl’s emotions!”

“Oh like you’re playing with Chris’ emotions?”

“What?! I am not playing with that niggas emotions.”

“Like hell you are Alikay.” Shad said smacking his teeth. “Everyone knows that nigga likes you and you give this nigga some play then you suddenly retreat?”

“Shad, Chris and I can’t even have a future. That nigga is Chris Brown for one. And if I take Chris up on his manager offer, if he still wants me to be his manager, we really can’t be together. I’m not going to go into this distracted with Chris on the brain. I’ll get over the fact I like him.”

“Kay, I understand all that. But seriously, give yourself the chance to love again. I’m not saying I see you and Chris together forever, but I am saying be able to take the risk and if you fall, just get up and try again. You was the one always talking about you want a love like mom and dad’s and them niggas been married for 26 years. Give yourself the chance.” Shad said

“Okay, but if I give myself that chance, you have to get over whatever is stopping you from getting married from my main nigga. Ircolee cool as f*** and you won’t f*** this up for me!” Alikay said.

“I got you. But talk to my homie Chris.” Shad said getting up.

Shad got up and dapped Alikay and walked out of her room.

Hours later, Alikay woke up from her unexpected nap. She looked at the clock and it was read: 3:28 A.M. Alikay tried to go back to sleep but she couldn’t. Alikay got up and went downstairs to make herself some tea. As she got down to the end of the steps she heard talking. She peered her head around the corner and seen
<a href=>Chris</a> sitting in the living on the floor with his computer in front of him.

“Yeah mom, I’m good. Sorry I didn’t make it home for Christmas. I promise once I get back to L.A. my next flight out is to Virginia to see my number one.” Chris smiled

“Boy please you know I got better things to do than to see your big head behind.” Ms. Joyce teased

Chris smiled at his mom, whenever he needed a pick me up she was there, no matter what time in the morning it was.

"How was your Christmas anyway? I know your in Kansas with the rest of Wizard of Oz. I just hope it is to cold for a tornado." Ms Joyce went on laughing

"This Christmas has been...Interesting to say the least." Chris said reminiscing on this weeks events.

"Every time something is interesting for you there are females involved. So who is she or they? Or furthermore what is she? A singer, a hoochie? What?" Ms. Joyce questioned

"Dang ma, why you assume there is a girl involved?" Chris sighed

"I just told you why. So who is she?"

"Bow's sister." Chris sighed. "She snagged me ma. Took me faster before I can say no and she doesn't even want me."

"You mean little Ms. Alikay?"

"Yeah, you know her?"

"I don't know her, but when Tazia and Tristan (Shad and Alikay's parents) came Tazia told me all about her."

"Well yeah that her and she has a story to tell beyond belief. One day she liked me and the next she ran from me ma. She basically called herself letting me down easy." Chris sighed again

"Chris, look whatever the reason is, I'm sure if you like her the way you say you do you will find your way into her heart however you can."

"I sure hope so..."

Dangggggggggggg that was cold. Just messed up. Nuh uh!!! Add now! !! Make it better! !

mad at that teaser. alikay needa stop actin like that smh

She bold!
I mean like really though!
Run it Boo!

Dang she did him dirty lol. Run it.

Don't treat him like that Kay :(
Run it!!!

Adding again later on. Run it!

Adding again later on. Run it!

Aww kay girl let him n he aint like yo ex s*** he really filln u and u jus hurt him like that smh run it

Aww man Kay.....what's with the wall just let it down a few minutes ago... what happened?