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Don't Judge Me ...(Teenage Pregnancy)

"Baby we need to talk"<a href="">Chris</a> said slurping up his last milkshake at steak&Shake.. My nerves hit me when i heard those words. Me and Chris has been dating for about a year and i didn't wanna lose him.

" About..."

"I love you honestly i do. And i feel like thing are taking to turn in our relationship...." He said as my heart dropped. "Into something more intimate" He said as i lifted my head and looked at him.

"Wait you don't wanna leave me" <a href="">I</a> said as he chuckled.

"No, why would you think that i love you girl" He said as i smiled "I'm just ready to take things to the next level". He said as i scrunched up my lips

" I don't know Chris. I'm nervous about this. Im only 14" I said

" You neverous about how you'll be? I know your a virgin so you already gonna be bad in bed" He said laughing as i pushed him "No but take the time. i want it to be special for you. I'll always be here for you no matter what" He said which made me smile.

"Pinky promise?" I said holding out my pinky.

"Pinky promise" He said locking pinkies. He paid for the food and helped me up i sunt <a href="">Rsven</a>Raven a text

<em>Ummm. Is teesh home? I need to talk to her about sex</em>


Hmmmm this sex scene sounds awful familiar
lmao jk...this is good but who am i.?
Run it.!

thanks i have another update this afternoon... got school tho

keep running it!!

LMAO at that sex scene, she thought she had to go to the hospital tho lol.... Aww at least Chris never once got mad or frustrated during it. He respected her and even agreed to stop, well I hope tomorrow when they try it works out better. I do think 14 a little young and I figured Chris was older because what 14 YR old has a car. Hmm hes a sweetheart tho. Cant wait to read more. RUN IT!!!

@HowIFeel I'm happy that you read the story. & Iyanna is 14. But Chris 16.

I Feel Their Tooooooo Young I Mean A 14 yr old Wouldn't Have A Car or Would Go Shopping At A Lingerie Store.,I Think More 16 yr olds Do That.,Just My Opinion Which You Told Me To Give:)))

That sex scene went from great to horrible. When he told her to get on top -____- hell to the naw. That made it worse. Poor baby, i hope tomorrows attempt will be better. Run it. :)

I hope she doesnt regret it!!! Run it shawty!!

No runs :(

I stepped into Chris house as i heard him <a href="">singing</a>. I looked at the rose petals trailing up the steps. <a href="">I</a> cover my mouth in awe. Not beleiving this was the day. This was the time. It was NOW. i followed the petals up the stairs into chris room. before i opened the door. i just sat and listened to chris sing. I loved his voice.

I opened the door and seen his <a href="">bed</a>. Tears started to fall from my eyes as i seen a paper lay in the middle of the heart. i picked it up and started to read

Chlamydia. Negative
Gonorreha. Negative
Herpes. Negative
Trichomoniasis. Negative
Molluscum contagiosum. Negative
Mucopurulent Cervicitis. Negative
Pubic “Crab” Lice. Negative
Scabies. Negative
Syphilis. Negative
HIV/AIDS. Negative

After i finish reading the paper i felt <a href="">Chris</a> hands wrap around my waist as he kissed my cheek. I turned around and kissed him on his lips.

"I love you" i said as he smiled

"I love you more" He said pecking me again

" I can see" I looked around admiring all the work Chris put into this

"Well now let me show you" He said kissing me as he layed me down on the bed. The kiss started to deepen as he pushed his hands under my shirt.

He then moved his lips to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe as i moved my ear to my shoulder and giggled. he lifted my head kissing me once again as i felt his tounge trying to prive through my lips. i gladly open my lips.

Chris bit my bottom lip moving to my neck. It felt soo good as i opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. FOREPLAY! Chris was giving me FOREPLAY. i thought as he lifted my shirt. And see my <a href="">corrset set</a>.

"Wooahhh. You den up and got sexy on me" He said as i blushed

"You like it?" i asked while he was looking at me biting his bottom lip

"Hell yea let me take a picture. " He said taking off my shoes and pulling down my jeans "DAMMNNNNNNNN" He said looking at me laying in his bed as he pull out his phone and took a picture. "Okay all done"

he climbed back on top of me kissing and licking on my coller bone. he moved to my right shoulder bit the strap and took it off.. than he moved acrossed my chest to the left shoulder and did the same thing.. He was taking his time with me.. and i was enjoying every moment.

He took my corrset off and showed attention to each boob. nibbling, sucking, licking, biting gently. i was going nuts. in anticipation of what to come next. after he felt like he was done and my nipples was standing at full attention. he moved down to my belly button and played with it for a while.

He moved to my legs. sucking and bitting until he got to my pearl he moved my legs apart. so he can get his head inbetween and blew slightly on it which cause me to squwirm. he laughed and kissed my second sets of lips as i arched my back in approval. He slipped his tounge in playing with my insides sucking up body fluids.

He took his time talking to my pusssy. all i felt my legs shake, he moved his tounge faster inside of me. as i held his head. If this was sex i was too happy to experince it with him. I felt a whole bunch of fluid leave from me. i was breathing heavily as he lifted he head up as he smirked at me.

"You ready" He asked as he took his shirt and pants off. i look at the "thing" that suppost to be going inside to mean and my eyes grew big. He climb back on me with his lips pressing against my ear. he started to sing to me as he tried to push himmself in.

'AHHHHH" i said he kissed my cheek. he tried to push more into me as a tear dropped from my eye. What happen to the pleasure i was just feeling a second ago.

"bae it wont go in" he said wiping the tear from my cheek. "You wanna just stop" He asked as i shook his head. i didn't wanna dissapoint him. and there wasn't no turnning back now. "Ok get on top of me" he said as i did " we gonna count on 3 okay" he said as i nodded

"One...two....three" he said as he grabbed my hips and lower me on hips.

"AHHHHHH... OOOOOOUUUUCCCCCHHHH" I yelled as i grabbed the cover and ran to the bathroom. I was crying in pain as i heard him knocking on the door.

"Bae are you okay? Please come out" he said as i looked at his white cover and seen blood.

"OMG IM BLEEDING" I cried " Ima have to go to the hospital. And then my mom is gonna figure out im not a virgin anymore and she gon kill me" i cried even harder as i heard him chuckle on the other side

"Baby you not gonna go to the hospital" he said

"the hell im not Christopher. You gotta look at these sheets... im soo sorry" i said

" Baby i'll throw the sheet away afterwards it will be find. your not going to the hospital. I broke your hymen. which will cause you to bleed. it will be okay. your just not a virgin." he said as i shook my head " Can you come out please..We can try again tomorrow. i just want you to feel comfotable" he said as i opened the door to see him smiling at me

"It's not funny" i said pouting as he cracked up

" Yes it is.." he said picking me up "Let's just watch a movie"

Last add of the night on it way.!

Can i be in it? Please?

<a href="">Raven</a> and I was in our last class of the day- Art 1. We was suppose to paint how we seen the world. Yeaa that sounded touchy and all.. but thing is.. I can't draw, paint, non of that.

"I can't believe you and Chris is really going to the doctor after school" Rae said as i look at her painting.

"It was his idea. But idk why you so shocked... your coming too" i said as her eyes grew big

"Waaiiiit why am i going? i dont need to be checked" She said as i chuckled

"For supposrt. <a href="">Shawn</a> going" I said as her eyebrow raised.

"Ohh well that's a different story" She said as the teacher came around and looked at our painting. She stopped on <a href="">mine</a> to study it...

"This is how your world looks?" She questions as i nodded my head. "Very beautiful. Many people wish their world looks like this too" She said patting me on the back as she walked away..

"You nervous..." I asked <a href="">Chris</a> as he looked at me and chuckled.

" Hell yea.. Even though i dont have anything. i feel like a std just gon fly in and plopp on my diick" He said as everyone laughed. I grabbed his hand

" Bae it's okay. i know you don't have anything. I just love the idea that you wanted to come here for my protection." I said as he kissed my forehead. A lady came from these doors asking for Christopher Brown. As he got up and left. A couple mins passed and they asked for Shawn McCoy. Raven sat right next to me.

"You think the'll be okay" She asked as i looked at the door that they went through.

"They are big boys. They made they bed and had sex. i dont think they have anything.. but what ever happens honestly they have to lay in it. "


Acouple weeks have passed and we been waiting for Chris std results. I was Walking in the hall with Rae said i felt someone hug me from behind.

"What you so happy for punk" I said before i kissed <a href="">him</a>

"I'm happy for friday "he said winking at me as my eyes grew big

"Wait THIS FRIDAY" i said as he nodded his head

"I mean only if your ready" He smirked at me

" Im ready" i said with confidence but honestly i was nervous as hell inside

"Good. i'll see you after school" He kissed me on the check and walked away i looked towards Raven

"Nigga we gotta go shopping" She said

"Took the words right from my mouth"

Run. This. NOW!!!!
I really wanna see how he'll react when he finds out she's pregnant!

Run it!! This seems like itll be good. Hehe

Next add in a hour or two..

give me some of your thoughts.. are they too young to be having sex.?

Should Raven's older sister be teaching 14 year olds about sex?

what do you think about chris and iyannas relationship?

should i run this?

"Wait wait wait which one of you wanna know about sex?" <a href="">Teesh/a> said as me and Raven pointed to each other

"Okay seriously i wanna know" I said as she laughed

" Well Rae what are you doing in here?"

"I mise as well know too don't you think?" She said

" No"

"Oh..." She said looking down.. "Well im here for support" She said as we laughed

" Well theres 3 parts to sex, the foreplay, the sex, the climax" She said blushing as Raven hid her face "The foreplay is basically the tease.. Honestly if the person you are planning to have sex with skips this part. One. he's not tryna make love.. Two. he's not tryna please you he just wanna get a nut off for himself. NOW in foreplay you usually kiss and suck on the neck go to the ear moved to the chest. just play with him" Teesh said as rae took out a notepad.

"Hold the hell up why you got a notepad for" Teesh said with her hand on her hips

"For notes" rae said as teesh snatched the notepad

"You better not be pinning the fact that Iyanna Wanna know about sex so you can get notes" She said

"I serious am the one that wanna know" i said as her eyebrow raised

"Why yanna"

"I think Me and Chris are ready to take that next step in our relationship" I said fiddling with my fingers

"are you sure?"

"I think so"

"Yanna if you have to think your not ready baby"

"I know he's the one i was to lose my v card too"

"Even if your 50 and married to somebody else you won't regret the fact that you gave it to him?" She said as i thought about it.

"No i won't regret it"

I layed in the bed tossing and turning as i look out my window. I couldnt sleep worth anything and it was 1:38 in the morning. I called chris as he answer the phone rasphy

"Bae the moon is up so why are you?" He questioned as i chuckled

"I can't sleep chris"

"What's on your mind" he said half sleep

"I don't wanna talk about it over the phone because i know you gonna fall asleep" He moaned disappointed

"You wanna talk about it in the morning?" He said as i looked at my phone

"CHRIS" i yelled as he cleared his voice

"Im omw" He said hanging up as i went to go put some sweat pants on. we lived in the 1 level house so i was simple for me to get in and out through the window. He texted me to let me know he was outside as i hopped out my window and ran to his car. As i closed the door <a href="">he</a> welcomed me with a kiss.

"What's wrong" He asked

"Can we go to franklin park" I said as he looked over at me and raised his eyebrow.

"You sure you not breaking up with me" He smiled driving to the park

"Shut up, i've just been thinking about our talk earlier"

"About sex?" he asked as i nodded. " look bae i don't want you to stress from it, cause when you lose sleep, obviously i lose sleep. I was just letting you know i was ready when you are" he said parking in the parking lot where the park is.

i opened the door and looked outside than back at him "I'm ready" i winked and got out the car

"When did you just pop up and get sexy" He said jogging from the car and grabbing me behind"

" Haha i know a lil something" I said as he just looked at me and shook his head.

"No, No you dont" he said as i pushed him as he grabbed my hands and pulled me to him.

"Baby how many girls you've been with" I asked as he was walking behind me through the park.

"4" I turned around and look at him like he was lying. "Seriously.. i mean don't get me wrong you ain't ask how many times. i got it in before i got with you. so im excellent in bed" He laughed as i rolled my eyes and started walking

" When did you lose your virginity" i looked at him as he smiled

"12" he said as my eyes got big " whaat bae. ima sexy ass nigga" he said laughing until he seen i wasn't

" If it make you any better, after school tomorrow i'll go get a test done so you won't have anything to worry about" He said as i smiled

"Really" i asked

" Yea... i told you.. i want it to be special for you" he said as he grabbed my hand as we walked through the park at 2:12am. The park where we first met.

Oooooooo Chris you better trey her right!
Run it :)

run it!!