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<em>Loosely based on the song <strong>Overdose</strong> by Jamie Foxx</em>

<strong>Main Characters</strong>

<a href="">Amani</a>

<a href=" ">Daryn</a>

<a href="">Clayton</a>

<a href="">Liam</a>


<em>Looking up at the white ceiling seeing fluorescent light after light pass by, I knew something wasn’t right. “Check his heart rate!” a booming voice commanded. Soon, the moving stopped and I was lifted and put onto another bed. Trying to look around I noticed that all I could move were my eyes. “He’s responding!” a woman shouted. What does she mean responding? I can’t move anything! I looked around and saw all the bright lights and masked people. It brought me back as to how I even got here. “He’s fading out of consciousness!” another female voice shouted as a machine beeped.</em>