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Once Upon A Time

decided to let y'all know how me and trey met.
some of y'all WILL be popping in and out of this so
be on the look out.

<a href=" ">Before the fame</a>

I was with him before the fame
Before everyone knew him as Mr. Steal your girl
I was there when his first mix tape wasn’t s***
When he gave up on music
I was there before he was the panty man
Hell I was their when he didn’t even have stroke
I was the first one to hug him when he got signed
The first one to sit all night in a studio till he got the song right
His first everything

Once he started making hits I was the only one he never told he was leaving. I was young and in love he was my first and only but he broke my heart the day he got on that air plane. I had to find out from his mother that he was on his way to New York. That day I cried myself sick I felt lost I was depressed hell I even stopped eating for a matter of time. For months I blamed myself was it me who f***ed up, was I not as supportive as he wanted me to be, could I have done more. But soon I just stopped kicking a dead horse and realized he was just a dude who never truly gave a care about what he had back home.

As crazy as it all sounds though I bought every last one of his albums downloaded every mix tape and watched every interview, anytime he was even mentioned on BET or MTV I was there hanging on his every word like a fan. It made me feel closer to him for some reason like I still had a part of him. Even though I hated him with every ounce of blood that dripped through me and the day I see him would be too soon.

I was stuck in Virginia and he was traveling the world doing things I said I always wanted to do, but couldn’t. Time just wasn’t in my favor I had the real world to deal with and that b**** was cold.

I sat in front of the mirror staring at myself as I tried to drown in Hennessey. If I didn’t get drunk this night would seem longer than I would have liked it and I would dread every second. I worked at a strip club called ‘Pure Pleasure’. I had been working here for the past six months but it’s only because I became that typical college girl who couldn’t see the light behind her tuition. So in the day time I went to class and at night I was here. Was I over qualified to work here f*** yea and so was the next b**** and the next b****. Hell all of these girls were on their s***, but responsibilities came first and that’s the one thing I guess we could all respect about each other. Other than that all these b****es could drown in a lake I didn’t give a f***.

“Kitty you’re up” I heard my name being called. It was my turn to shake my ass for change. Taking another huge gulp of my relaxer I closed my eyes and turned into the night freak they loved while shutting my true self out.

4:19 in the morning is when I made it home and my first class started at 9 a.m., you get used to it after a while though. Walking into my empty apartment I shut and locked my door making sure to pull my table in front of it. This neighborhood was getting bad. I just didn’t have the money to move anywhere else all the money I got from stripping went toward rent and school hell food even came last but I rather starve then live on the streets. As I stripped myself of my work clothes I hopped in the bed and snuggled up to Mr. Groove. Yea trey gave him to me almost 4 years ago I couldn’t let him go he was the only thing that held me when sirens rang through the night like midnights theme song and I needed that little extra comfort even if the person who gave him to me was a complete ass.

Turning my radio on to fight out the noise of the outside his voice rang out on repeat over and over I played the same song ever night ‘It would be you’. Why I loved that song I don’t know, he made it once we were over, but it did seem like words he once spoken to me or maybe words I wanted him to say right now. As my eyes drifted to his voice the world faded out and he became louder and he was the last thing that was on my mind once more.

My alarm clock contrasted with trey’s voice which caused me to jump up. Giving the clock a quick glance I groaned 8:15. Throwing the covers over the bed I made my way toward my dresser. Turning him off and switching on something more lively while making my way to the shower.

Dancing to the music in the shower I began to try to twerk to ‘Bandz” as the radio began to turn up. But on a failed attempt I almost bust my ass so I quickly stopped and finished the task I was originally in here for. Stepping out of the shower I heard the radio host come on and begin talking I wasn’t really paying attention I just continued to get dressed since I didn’t have much time left. Shimmying into my jeans I threw on a top, brushed my hair into a messy bun and clicked off my radio. Making my way to my kitchen I tried to see if I had anything to eat but I didn’t. I wasn’t sadden by this though it wasn’t anything new to go anywhere hungry for me I just waved it off and grabbed my keys. It looks like I was going to have to work extra hard tonight.

Once I made it to campus I felt out of place. Most of these kids where here on scholarships or loans. I was here from naked dollars; I always kept my head down ever since that one day some creeps choose a day to let the whole campus know who I was. So to avoid any problems I just kept to myself with quick feet.


Damn, Trey could have said bye or atleast told Ana that he was leaving. He is on some other s***, swear to Bob. Dang, he place burned down. Now she has no other choice to live with Ms. April. Its like God wants her and Trey to work it out. He really does I mean why else would that happen?

Run it

dont read yet still writing


It had been a whole week since I have talked to trey. I keep calling and calling his phone but I either get ignored or just plain sent to voicemail. I don’t know how many times I have left a message, hell I knew I was way over my texting limit but I hadn’t heard from him in forever and I didn’t know why. Things had been going great between us, we finally had gotten an apartment it isn’t much but hell it was ours. We hadn’t gotten around to moving in our stuff yet, well he hasn’t gotten a chance to move his stuff in yet, everything that belonged to me was already put up and I was waiting for him to put his man touch to the place.

Laying back on our bed I began to worry, what if something happened to him, what if he was hurt or worse. Rolling over I grabbed my phone from my dresser, and pressing the icon for his number. Only to have Ms. April buzz in on the other line “Hello” I said jumping out of my bed I was more than nervous what if she was calling to tell me he was in the hospital what if ughh don’t think like that ana “hi ana its Ms. April” “I know is trey ok” “look ana I really think you should stop by the house”. Beginning to feel myself about to cry I rushed and grabbed my shoes throwing on any clothing on I could find. “Is he ok please tell me he is ok” “ana I really don’t want to have to tell you this over the phone” “PLEASE” years seemed like they went by before she sighed and then spoke again. “Anastasia … trey is gone he took a flight about a week ago to New York”. Complete silence rang over the phone. “I didn’t want to be the one who told you Tremaine is so stupid I couldn’t begin to tell you why he didn’t tell you yet” I could hear tears in her voice but she was trying to be strong for me. But I was weak I was broken I didn’t know what was up from down. I couldn’t even get the other arm into my jacket before I had broken down in front of the door. He had left me without even a text message, I could honestly say I would have respected a damn text over this “ana he loves you he really does” I couldn’t listen to her I couldn’t so I threw the phone across the room letting it hit the wall and shatter.

End Flashback

“Welcome to McDonalds would you like to try our angus burger today” I had to stop and get the cheapest thing I could think of hell I was starving that little encounter I had today stopped me from getting a plate “uhmm can I have a Mc chicken meal with a hi c no ice” “alright and is that all for you today” hell yea “yes” “ok and your total comes out to 3.35$ please pull around to the first window”. Digging in my purse I pulled out a hand full of ones and frowned to myself I definitely needed to cash those in.

Once I had gotten my food I didn’t even wait to fully pull off before my mouth found my sandwich while my hands dug in the bag for fries. “Great god almighty this some good s***” I said with a mouth full, paradise had nothing on this meal.

A block away from my house I began to have a strange feeling like my stomach had reached rock bottom, I didn’t know if it was because I ate that food super-fast or I just wasn’t feeling good but something wasn’t right. On my street flashing lights began to become noticeable and a group of people stood in a cluster in front of a fire truck. “What the f***” parking the car to the closet curb I could find I jumped out and began to walk toward the cop. “excuse me my names Anastasia I live in this apart” before I could finish I watched as flames engulfed my building higher than the roof itself. Guys in yellow jackets rushed to their trucks for hoses trying to calm the fire but it only seemed to become higher. Yells and screams came from every direction as if I was in a movie I didn’t know what to do I was paralyzed. Then it hit me, my house our house it was burning down to the ground. Trying to get passed the yellow tape I fought and fought but strong arms from a cop held me back as I kicked and kicked to get at my apartment. My life was in there everything I knew and loved was in that house, valuables, clothes, pictures everything.

Knowing I could no longer fight I broke down inside the cops arms and hit at his chest as if it was his problem like he did it like if I continued to hit him he could possible make it all go away. “Ma’am is there a place you can stay tonight, if not we have a shelter down the way that can house you” I seriously didn’t know what to think lord knows I didn’t want to stay in a shelter. It was more crack heads and hobos in there to start another new jack city. Backing away from him I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and called the one number I knew by heart.

“Hello ana” “mommy I need help” crying hard into the phone I began my journey back to my car watching the faces of children who had also lost their homes. That cracked my heart even more where were they going to go. “I’m here for you ana, are you coming back over” “Yes ma’am” I said climbing into my car and beginning to pull off. “Ok baby I’ll be up” I heard the concern in her voice and she didn’t even know the problem but she was there no matter what. “Ok” I said while ending the phone call and staring once more at my house. Looking dead at the window that just the other day I was laying under, it wasn’t much but it was mine well ours at one point of time.

I watched as Ms. April stood outside her house pacing back and forth she was stressing hard, and as soon as she seen my headlights she ran toward my car. Before I could fully even put it in park she grabbed me out of the car and held me while I cried. “I heard baby I heard it’s going to be alright ana please stop crying” but that was impossible I don’t know what it is about being inside of some ones arms when you’re getting comfort that makes you cry more. “Can I stay her-her-here please” I said between sobs already knowing the answer but still had to ask. “lord yes ana you don’t have to ask me anything like that, come on” pushing me into the house I kept my head down the feeling of eyes on me was more than making the situation worse.

“Ana are” “trey don’t” Ms. April snapped cutting trey off before he could even speak his peace but a part of me wanted him to say something I don’t know why but just that second his voice was like comfort, but just as quickly as it came it surely went. Walking into one of the guest rooms, I said I was alright to Ms. April only 500 times before she finally left than stripped down to nothing and climbed into the bed. A bed that once was very comfortable but tonight it was as hard as bricks.

New Reader.... I just Love Love Love..!

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yaaaaayyyyyy ! !!


if I don't add today I give you permission to cuss me out

All i gotta say is
I need to know how tf Trey make a comeback frm
this shxt.

Like Lauren cheated on you, she comforted you,
gave you her virginity then yall got together
&& you leave w/o telling her bcus that triffling
b i t c h that cheated on you was going to NY at the
same timee ???

. . . .He sound bout dumb as f u c k

I'm more than done right now
Like that sound like some f u c k s h i t

But umm . . . .
*looks arnd*
Nice sex scene though Annneeer gurl


The first add I missed:

I would hate to work in a strip club, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Ugh, Clyde seems so disgusting. Dumbass nigga. Oh okay, Mark seems like a chill dude from what i've read so far, kudos to him for basically being your angel in that dump. What the actual f***! This nigga tried to rape you! The whole time I was cringing and s***. I was like noooo! Someone come save Ana!! Then Bree's ass busts in the room and saves her. I was like whew. Thank you for her drunk ass! She went ham on that nigga almost killing him and s***. Now she is a b**** you wanna keep around. Noooo! Trey saw her in the strip club! OH MY GAH! OH MY GAH! What does he think of her. Oh gosh! This night just ended on a bad note.

Second add:

Bree would want you to hook her up! Crazy ass! Smdh. Hmm, why everyone staring at Ana like she got something on her face? Like boo! Take a damn picture. They all seemed sketch as f***! Look at Cole shutting Nani up! He would be able to do that! Why he acting sketchy tho? I seriously feel like Ana has every dude in the palm of her hands right now. Like she must look fly as f***! Ugh, ignorant dudes! I hate them so f***ing much. Lauren please go away, kay? Thanks. Look at Trey talking bout HIS Ana, and she shouldnt show herself because thats HIS, HIS, HIS! Nigga you wasn't thinking that she was YOURS when you left, were you! UGH!!!

Recent add:

I feel so bad for Ana. Like she is seriously a wreck since he came back! Why cant he just go the f*** away! Nobody wants you here Trey! I swear, Ms. April is a sweetheart. She worries so much about Ana even when she doean't have too. Once again people are staring her down! Take a damn picture and leave her alone! Seriously, who the f*** does trey think he is? Dont touch her nigga, you cant even ask her questions! You ruined her! I love how he'd tries to make up a damn excuse about not telling her! Not only that but he's back with Lauren. How could you do that? The f***? Okay so in that flashback, that s*** was steamy! Like whew!! Didn't know virgins could handle all that d***! He was so demanding and that s*** was sexy as f*** to me!

Run it

Run it!!!!!

As I read that sex scene, I started to picture everything and suddenly I felt a tingle lol. Gotdamn Tremaine was turning me on the way he demanded she look at him! GOTDAMN! I'm loving this s*** I SWEAR! Lol. But maaaaan... that was some phenomenal sex! Her first time? Shiiiit. She was taking that d*** like it was her 15th time but go on Ana.. I swear I am not a hater. I give people props when they f*** good. You are now inducted into the f***ing Olympics! You did your thang and I promise I'm not mad. Why Trey couldn't stay like this? He said all that BS about she's HIS Ana and he leaves her without telling her? And that b**** Lauren... Lazy eye ass ho! She can kick plenty of rocks, preferably boulders with no shoes or socks on. Ugh. Dumb b****. TREY know his ass something. Damn Ana, I thought you was making good money at the strip club. You couldn't even eat today? CHILEEEEE lol. I am so thankful for April though. She is a very nice woman. She's like a mother to Ana and that's wonderful. I like how Ana was standing up to his bean head ass too! And that b**** too. "Excuse me?" b**** YOU HEARD HER HO! TF you mean "Excuse me?" If she would've stepped up, she would've got KNOCKED down. Point. Blank. Period. Ugh, STILL Mad at Trey. He wrong. Ugh, where the hell Ana gon' do though?

RUN IT!!!!

Walking into my house that night I felt like I was hit by a bus, I didn’t know which way was up. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe like why was today so trying for me. Walking to my living room I turned on my stereo to Kendrick Lamar ‘b**** don’t kill my vibe’ and sat on the floor right in front of the window, wasn’t much s*** to see but hell the view was enough for me I guess.

“Everything happens for a reason” I said to myself silently but I truly didn’t know what that meant I mean if s*** happened for a reason who is to say what that reason was, could I be tripping should I talk to him and let him know how I feel, should I stay as far away from him as I can and leave it at that. Placing my head into my hands I sat confused my life was ok with him not being here if his stupid ass would have never came back than I would have been alright I’m over here stressing about if I can even wipe my ass or not without seeing him and its really taking my mind to places I don’t want to go.

“God I will leave this to you if you want this to be what it is, than keep him out of my life. But if you truly need me to speak to him I mean truly send the world’s biggest sign because I can’t god I just can’t do this anymore. It hurts it hurts so bad god” I said while tearing up and grabbing a pillow from the couch and placing it on the floor where I sat. Closing my eyes and letting the sounds and light coming from the window put me to sleep.

The sun came bright through the window the next day, which caused me to wake up in a slight sweat. Sitting up I could barely move without my stomach beginning to cramp up “f***” I screamed out I was more than hungry, reaching for my phone out of my back pocket I saw a voice message from Ms. April. Clicking on it I placed it on speaker and then walked back to my room “hey honey look I’m truly sorry about yesterday if I would have known he was coming I would have told you really you know that. But I was just calling to check on you I’m having a cook out today at 2 if you’re hungry stop by you don’t even have to stay ill have a plate on standby for you to grab and run if you need lol well ok I love you ana call me back bye bye” I turned off my phone then placed it on the dresser “is this my sign god” I spoke to myself knowing the answer.

As I parked down the street from Ms. April house I began to second think my decision to be here right now, did I really have enough courage to face him right now. I know he will be here I just know it, and that awkward feeling of being around him after what happened last night. “Ughh” I said to myself while placing my head into the steering wheel. “Bring your ass ana, you drove all the way out here you ARE going into that house” turning the car off I stepped out and pulled down my dress. Held my breath and began to make my way to the house. Scared s***less walking like I’m headed to the green mile or something, “you can do this ana eat and leave eat and leave eat and get the hell up out of here”

Once I knocked on the door I started counting Mississippi to see when they were going to answer the door. Crazy how when you’re nervous about something you notice the stupid s*** you do. After a good minute I was about to turn around when I heard Ms. April say my name. “Ana... oh ana sweetie you came” she said while grabbing me into a hug. “Why didn’t you call me the food isn’t ready yet I don’t have your plate ready” she said while looking upset as if it was her problem. “It’s ok really I’ll stay” “you will what” her eyes bugged out of her head as if she had seen a ghost or something which was the first thing all day that made me smile. “I’ll stay…for a little while” “you sure” please stop it you’re going to make me second guess myself “yes” ”yeah well come on in child” she said while pulling me toward the door. “Hey everyone this is Anastasia, ana this is well everybody” but I didn’t say anything my eyes landed right on him. As he stood in the kitchen door beer in his hand and confusion written on his face. His face still had that boyish charm I had fallen in love with but he was all man. Finally breaking the gaze I placed a fake smile to my face and greeted some of the people who said hello to me.

Making my way to the couch I felt his eyes never leave me which made me begin to get jumpy I had to take a seat and fast. “Ana honey, we will be out back if you need anything” Ms. April said while looking dead at trey. “And I do me anything” and with that the crowd slowly made its way toward the back while the tension stayed in the front just me and him a match even don king wouldn’t set up. Looking toward the ceiling I had realized I wasn’t breathing s***. He has me more far gone than I thought. Still facing up I felt his body over mine, I wanted to move I felt uncomfortable I wanted to cry shout kick and punch but instead I bit down on the bottom of my lip as I finally took my eyes off of the ceiling and on to his dark chestnut eyes, the ones I once was in love with. Damn I’m biting harder, placing his hand on my face his index finger ran down the side of my cheek then toward my lips.

“Still trying to put a hole in your lip I see” he said with a chuckle while pulling my lip out of my teeth’s grasp. I wanted to kick him in his ass who did he think he was. He had been out of my life for years and when he comes back the first thing he says to me is bulls*** mixed with a joke. “Look ana I” “don’t, don’t even try it with me I have been doing fine with you not being here, why did you even come back huh what’s here for you” “I just came through to visit moms plus I had a radio appearance, since when did you start working at a strip club” “since when did we say we could play 21 questions” I don’t know what was giving me balls right now because really I wasn’t this lippy of a person but I can tell you one thing the s*** felt great.

“Well I kind of figured if you got to ask me something I would get to ask you something” “well you thought wrong Tremaine” “Tremaine huh ouch” he said sitting next to me. I moved over as far as I could I didn’t want to be near him I didn’t even know why he was sitting next to me in the first place. “Ana I truly wanted to tell you that I had to go” “if you’re going to tell me a lie at least ask if I want to hear it” he slid closer to me on the couch facing me trying to get me to look at him but I didn’t my eyes stayed fix on all his awards sitting on the fireplace. “I didn’t want s*** from you, you know that I was here before, before any of that s***” I said putting toward the fireplace. “I know ana” “So what the f*** was it, did I not support you enough did I not hold you down was I supposed to play cat and mouse with you to know it was real what?” “No and I...” but he was soon cut off by a figure walking into the room a face I couldn’t forget if I wanted to. “Hello Anaya” she said purposely getting my name wrong when I knew that b**** knew my name. “It’s Anastasia Lauren you know that” trey spoke, I could do nothing I couldn’t even speak, was that the reason he was tripping on me. “Damn” I spoke loud enough for them to hear but I wasn’t speaking to anyone specifically “Ana look I’m sorry years passed an Lauren, Lauren moved to New York the same time I was there and” “why are you explaining anything to her trey” he took a cold look at her but then it melted when his face landed back on me and saw the tear slide down.

Finally finding my mind I stood up wiped my face and made my way to the door. “Ana wait” “no f*** you trey f*** you how could you do this to me really. I was your ana I was here when s*** was scarce I was the one who planted your dream when you was down on yourself and you leave me and then run off with this bum b****” “excuse you” Lauren said walking toward me as if she wanted to fight but a war at this time was nothing that she wanted. “You know any other day I would love to throw down with the both of yall asses but today I can’t I am NOT fighting over trash” “ana please” trey said while trying to grab me but I yanked back and grabbed the door handle “stay the f*** out of my life”

With that I hurried out of the house I heard him yell after me I heard his mother asking what happened and I heard Lauren talking through her neck but none of that matter. “Thanks a lot god, once more you have set me up for failure”


I sat by the window while the rain poured down harder and harder. I had just gotten off the phone with trey who was more than pissed about finding out Lauren had cheated on him with some dude that went to school with us. I was pissed to and asked did he wasn’t me to fight her but all he said was no it wasn’t worth it. But to me it was, he was the sweetest kindest kid you could ever talk to he would do anything for anyone and she goes and f***s it up when someone else could have had his heart someone who could have cherished it. Walking to my stereo I turned it on, today was Sunday so that meant the slow jams were on. Me and trey always tuned into listen to them most of the time he would sing to me over the music and other times we would just sit back and listen.


I looked toward my door to make sure I didn’t hear my mother getting up then walked to the window lifting it up high enough for trey to jump in. He was drenched from the rain. Running to my closet I pulled out a pair of his basketball short and a beater and threw it to him. “what’s up babe” I asked wanting to know how he was taking all of this I mean he always smiled and today he wouldn’t take his lips from that straight line. “I hate that b**** ana and I don’t want to talk about it” he said while stripping in front of me it didn’t bother me much since he did it all the time but I still looked. Damn he was beautiful, as he turned up the radio he jumped in my bed and slid over holding the covers up for me to join him. And without hesitation I locked my door and walked to my bed placing my face in his chest taking in his scent. He was perfect why he couldn’t just find the love of his life worth all of his love.

“You were right ana she wasn’t s***, why can’t I just find that one you know like damn am I doing something wrong” I took my face out of his chest and looked up to his face to see sincere hurt, placing my hand to his cheek I looked him dead in his eyes. “You are perfect trey and any girl who doesn’t see that is blind and dumb” he grabbed onto my waist harder and pulled me closer to him god I loved him. “You trying to put a whole in your lip ana” “huh” I asked but then realized the pain that came after I took my teeth off of my lip. “Shut up big head” “Ughh ana why can’t all girls be like you” “cause then you would have millions of best friends” I said while wrapping my arms around him. “Best friend” he said as if to question it. In one swift movement he had me under him placing himself in between my legs and slowly letting my head fall on the pillow. “Be more than my best friend ana. Please” I didn’t know what to say I was speechless and confused “come on trey you just broke up with Lauren like not even five minutes ago” “I know but it shouldn’t have ever happened I was supposed to be with you, it was always you that was on my mind Anastasia. Not her you are my world not just my best friend. I would go to war for you please, be mine Anastasia please” I wanted to cry so badly but instead I began biting my lip again, while nodding my head.

Then his smile re-appeared as if all the worries in his life brushed from his face he smiled which caused me to smile. Slowly lowering his face to me he sat his lips on top of mine and waited for acceptance from me. Wrapping my hands around his neck I pulled him closer to me making the kiss deeper than was originally attended but I needed that kiss I was waiting for that feeling and know I had it and I was going to take advantage of that moment. As the kiss got more intense I started grinding on trey from underneath “uhmm damn ana” smiling I took that as I was doing a good job. Until he slipped his hands up my shirt and began massage me chest, which caused me to tense up. Don’t get me wrong it felt great but I have never had any one touch me like that so I was afraid nervous and uncomfortable and he could feel it. “Ana I’m sorry I just thought you were ready” he said slipping his hand out and about to get up but I held my hands around his neck tighter, while looking at him. “It’s ok trey please, I’m ready” I didn’t know what I was saying but my body and heart wanted this more than my mind and two out of three my mind was overruled. “Are you sure ana” but without and answer my kiss told it all.

Pulling my shirt above my head trey was face to face with my bare chest. Placing his face in between them making light kisses until he reached my right nipple, sucking with emotion and love my head fell back but then he stopped. “Watch me the whole time Anastasia” eyes stuck on his I watched as he placed my nipple back in his mouth and sucked placing the other one between his index and thumb tugging hard. “ahh” “shh babe, I got you” grabbing the other nipple roughly I felt my body jerk, what was he doing that had me this high I couldn’t begin to tell you. Slowly I felt his hands travel my body till his hands landed on the top on my shorts. Holding my hips still so I couldn’t move if I tried he grinded his hips making me feel his hard d*** through our clothes. “Keep your eyes on me ana” I fought to close them but I did what he asked. Pulling gently at me shorts he slid them down with my panties and tossed them across the room with his beater. We stayed in that position for what felt like forever. Just staring at my pussy as if it was lost gold “god you are beautiful ana” lowering his face to my love he took a breath then blew it out of my swollen clit, how did he know that would make me feel like this. Moving around the bed my head fell back again but this time I was greeted with a hard smack on my thigh. “Didn’t I say watch me” and before I could answer he had my legs wrapped around his neck and face down in my pussy, licking and sucking like he was starving. Drawing his tongue and making the spit stretch and then sucking it up. “f*** TREY” I couldn’t hold it in I was hoping the music over did my moans but at the same time I knew I was hitting loud high notes. Sticking one of his fingers in my mouth I got the hint of what he wanted me to do and sucked it I ran my tongue up and down his finger as if it was his d*** and soaked it up with my spit. Before long he snatched it out and ran it over my clit. Then slid it down to my hole pushing it inside, I tensed for a slight second until I felt his tongue find my clit again. f***ing me with his finger at the same pace his tongue was moving I felt as if I was going to explode. I was confused on this feeling what was making this feel so good, who knew a finger could send you to ecstasy like this. Coming up he kissed my stomach and then my chest then my lips having me taste the sweet nectar that my body just released.

Pulling his shorts down he walked to his jeans that were across the room and grabbed a condom from the back pocket. But the whole time my mind was stuck on how big his erected d*** looked. I have seen trey naked in his boxers plenty of times but never have I seen that which caused me to shorten my breath I was terrified, where the hell was that about to go. Placing the wrapper in his mouth he placed himself back in between me and turned the music up just an inch higher. “Don’t take your eyes off of me Anastasia” watching him tear the wrapper and slide the condom on I was in owe he moved so effortlessly and that by itself was a turn on. Finding my lips he placed a small kiss than moved his d*** up and down my wet pussy lubricating the condom. I slightly moved from it. “Uhmm where are you going ana, don’t run from me take this s***” kissing my neck I grabbed around his neck tightly as he placed the tip to the front of my whole. Putting weight on his lower half he began to push himself inside. The pressure made me close my eyes tight, I wanted to cry it hurt that bad but he kept going placing kisses on my neck trying to take my mind off of the pain. In and out his hips rotated into my pussy spreading my once virgin walls to form around his d***, biting my lip hard I yelp out which caused him to stop and look at me. “Shh I got you ana I got you babe” continuing to move I began to relax and allow him to have my body.

Minutes passed and the pressure began to subside, in fact it had me on edge. I wrapped my legs around his waist tighter as he pumped faster. “f*** yes trey” I said facing the ceiling letting my voice bellow through the room. “Turn that ass around ana” lifting myself up from the bed I slowly turned so my ass was facing him, not sure what to do he stood on his knees and pulled my hair back far enough for me to see him from the corner of my eye. Shoving his d*** in my from behind I grabbed onto the headrest for support as he pumped faster slapping my ass with his free hand all at the same time. “Throw that ass at me ana” “f***” I screamed pushing my ass on him while he pumped forward I couldn’t handle the pleasure he was given pushing himself deeper and deeper my lower half was beginning to feel heavy. “TREY MY M-MY BODY” I said trying to get out what I was trying to say. “I got you baby” letting my hair go he fell down flat on the bed and slapped my ass causing me to turn toward him, he was beautiful in the moonlight, d*** in hand while the other sat behind his head. Crawling to him I watched his eyes stayed on my body one leg on each side of him I placed his d*** on my hole about to slowly glide myself on until I felt his body jerk up and meet me all the way. Sending my body to heaven I grabbed his chest for support while he f***ed me from underneath. “f*** me Anastasia… oh f***!” he said stopping his movements allowing me to rotate me hips on his d*** “FASTER” “AHHHH” moving my hips in circles I began to meet the speed he requested, he then placed his hands on my ass and picked up my cheeks causing me to bounce on his d***. “f***”I heard slide through his teeth which gave me confidence and I began to bounce and ride his d*** like I knew what I was doing. Soon the heavy feeling returned and I looked at trey. “Cum with me baby look at me the whole time ana look at me baby” grabbing my waist pulling my closer to his face he pumped from underneath while I still rotated my hips making the force become stronger. “Let go ana” that was all it took causing my body to shake uncontrollably about to close my eyes and ride the wave he grabbed my face and made me watch him, as both of our bodies shook like crazy while cuming.

“You are my world Anastasia no other b**** will ever take your place you hear me” trey said while pulling me into his chest I was beyond tired and my body was sore.

Taking the condom off he threw it into the trash than grabbed my shorts and his boxers, placing the shorts back on my weakened body he then pulled the covers over us while I began to drift off to sleep. “I love you Tremaine” “I love you too Anastasia” and with that we fell asleep. Knowing we belonged to each other we were officially a couple and all other bulls*** didn’t matter.

End of flashback

awww thanks guys *tear*
should be adding tonight..

Bree ole drink asx lmao

J cant shut me up ! !
i aint scared of him lol
hmph he is sexxyyy though :)

anyhow damn the transformation of
Trey to Trigga has taken =placee
&& from wht i read that transformations was
HIM ! lol
J better watch out lol nah jk

damn i likee how Ana just stood there
&& int even havee to say much
Trey F U C K Lauren dirtyy asx
<em>YOUR</em> Aneeer is bck soooo
uuuuh makee tht shxt happen

i aint likee how homeeboyy was talking abt
&& to Anner naah gotta kill tht shxt
but Treyy shut it down real quick

This <strong>"I wasn’t supposed to show myself to anyone else I was HIS ana."</strong> was a VERY powerful explanation

it sayys a lot about whyy she ran
&& didnt want him to knw tht she was working there
it all makes sense . .. . .
. . .. She's HIS Ana . . .

*sighs* Aaaaaahhh ! !
the sweet smell of ownership && Lovee

<strong><em>Ana, I must say you been sleeping on yourself because your writing is really, REALLY, really good ! I do lovee the wayy you writee ! just thought I'd share that with you. </strong></em>


why tf Mark hadda takee off !
but i think Clydee told him not to comee in
&& set tht shxt up
*gives him side eyee* idnt trust his asx

damn . . .i lovee Waka . .
i cant liee lol
BUT he was wrong for tht shxt
how tf he gon tryy && rapee her
thts . . . . wrong

didnt think i'd ever sayy this
im glad she helped her out bcus nobody else would
which is sad but . . .

how did ik Treyy was gon be there
its a strip club he loves those things lol

but damn ik you was alreadyy humiliated
him seeing you likee tht aint even help
damn i wonder what he gon sayy abt tht


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Ana !





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Oh HELL to the f*** NO..... These are some dirty ass niggas in that club.... Clyde is an ole sneaky, shiesty ass nigga.... He gon' give her that damn venomous ass grin.... Smh... Then Flocka ole dirty ass could NOT touch me. Ugh, I read all of this part and it felt like I was actually there with Ana. Like I pictured everything. I must say that Ana was shaking that ass lol. I am SO not mad at her. Make that money Ana. Show 'em what yo ass twerking with. I heard her about not being able to turn down money. No matter how rough or broke the damn customer is. THAT'S STILL potential money so you just can't give that up. I'm mad that I pictured Waka touching on that damn girl like that. YUCK. And Bree(my)crazy ass came on there swinging on that nigga. Go head Bree lol. Damn, she just took all of her frustration out on him. HE DESERVED ALL OF THAT s*** and MORE. He just absolutely trifling as f*** for tryna rape that girl. And I would sue the tf out of that ratchet ass club. Smh. No gotdamn security and s***... BUT OMG... TREY SAW HER TOPLESS!!!!! lol he's there... OMG... OMG..... WTF GON' HAPPEN?

Oh wow. Lol at me asking all them damn questions. And telling her to get me a celebrity nigga. Yes, do that for me. You already KNOW who I want Ana. Make that happen. But that pool party was awkward af. It seems like Cole the only muhf***a that can shut Nani's ass up. Haha. She needs that s***. She absolutely talks too much as it is. SHUT YO ASS UP GIRL. Lol. But they were acting very strange as Ana was approaching the place. Why all eyes on Ana? Snap a few pictures b****es if it's that gotdamn serious. Like y'all are doing the MOST. All in this girl grilled. We know she sexy now. And that trifling, disgusting jerk that was shouting out nasty s*** need to get a life. My heart was beating when I read that Lauren b**** ass was sitting on his lap. And lol @ Ana keep referring to her as b**** and then saying I mean girl. Nah, you had it right the first time. Trey slipped up and said that she was HIS Ana... Mmmmhm. "Gimme a hug girl." This is making me wanna slap Trey even more. He allowed the gotdamn fame to get to his f***ing head. Just a few years ago she was YOUR Ana and now it's like you forgot about her ass. Ugh. I KNOW they will run into each other again... I just can't wait to see what will happen.


Ana don't add no more lol.

I'm reading now...

Grabbing all of my stuff and throwing it into a bag I rushed to leave but was stopped by bree who was more than curious on what had happened, and I figure if anyone she deserved an answer, and plus I didn’t want her to get the wrong impression and try to fight trey to. “Yo what the f*** is up you and trey mother f***ing songz know each other on a first name basis and you run out like a mad woman” if she only knew “it’s a long story bree” “ok ok hell I don’t yell at dead dogs, so I won’t push the subject any more but one day you will tell me and in return for listening to a long dry ass sob story you will get me on with one of his celeb friends deal” she said swaying back and forth from the toxic juice in her system, holding out her hand in a shake motion I could do nothing but smirk at this crazy girl I had grown a bond with in such short amount of time “deal” I said shaking her hand and rushing toward the door. I didn’t want to be seen by any one especially trey, he was the last person I thought would show up in my life and all at once I just couldn’t take this.

Rushing toward my car I fumbled with my keys a habit I just figure I had since he had come back into my life. Taking a deep breath I finally got the door to unlock looking behind me I noticed no one was there which made me relax some but then again that might mean he is still in there looking for me, and now that he knows where I work he might come back.

Flash back

Nani and I walked to the swimming party with high intentions on showing the f*** out. It had been a while since I had a good party. In and out of court dates with my so called mother Sasha had turned my junior year of summer into a nightmare. I barely got to see my home town of Petersburg since all of the court dates were in High land springs, but now I was back and ready to get to see my best friend and trey too. Word around town he had switched up his swag and was pulling hell of b****es hell trey was always attractive to me but if he had grown up to be even more I don’t think having sleep overs is going to work out with us anymore. “I can’t believe you came back a week before summer ends you have missed everything and when I say everything I mean s*** has been going nuts around here” “I know man I’m so pissed, but that s*** took longer than I thought it would” “so who you staying with during the school year” nani asked pulling the hem of her shorts “well we agreed I could stay with Ms. April until my mother finds a home here since other schools would mess up all of my grades and stuff due to the other districts” I said smiling but nani took it the wrong way “so that means you can stay with Mr. Trigga trey himself” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing “who the hell is trigga trey” “girl your trey he done grew up these past months and looking mmm girl jay got completion now” I couldn’t help but wonder what he would look like I mean honestly how much can one person change in a few months.

Walking in front of the pool center I began to get butterflies I didn’t give a damn about seeing anyone else but trey. Not being able to talk to him for those few months really put a toll on me, I didn’t think it would honestly but he was my everything, at times when I had nothing and I missed that. “All s*** what the f*** is up sis” jay asked while pulling me into a tight hug he was always like an older brother to me. I never told him a lot or like spent a lot of time with him like I did trey but whenever I needed him he always had my back. “Hey jay I missed you dude” “uhmm” we turned and as we heard nani clear her throat trying to get the attention on her, and as soon as jay eyes landed on her and then her body I saw his eyes light up. What the f*** was that about I knew they always had a thing but nani never went passed go with him on a count we were all just friends. “hello gorgeous” he said with a smile on his face “heyy” she said all shy. I must admit jay was the ONLY person I knew who could shut nani up. “hey jay is trey here” once I spoke trey into existence jay’s face changed into a more serious look “uhh yea he is uhh he is around here somewhere you know how he is” with that him a nani looked at each other speaking words through their minds but never spoke them out loud “ok strange people I’m going to go find him ok” “ok” they both said at the same time “okay weirdos”.

Walking around the pool party I had gotten plenty of looks from dudes and girls I knew they knew who I was but I hardly came to things like this so to see me here must have been shocking. Trying to weed out faces I soon saw the face of a god bright smile and beautiful body his lips had the pouty delicious thing going on and his eyes; omg that’s trey he was handsome. Making my way toward him I saw a girl sit on his lap and kiss all over his face. I don’t know why but that made me upset but I wasn’t about to trip he was just my friend.

Making my way toward him I stopped right in front and waited for him to speak “got damn you fine as f***” one of his ignorant friends spoke causing treys eyes to land on me, making his jaw drop and his legs to stiffen out straight making the girl on him damn near fall off. “Ana” he questioned as if it would have been any other person that looked like me “the one and only” I said smiling at him “wait you mean ana ana the one who lived up the block damn girl you grew the f*** up in like a month or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention like that but s*** I am now what the f*** is up” his friends spoke again making me uncomfortable and I could tell trey felt it too. “hey man watch your mouth, aint nobody looking at my ana but me” “your ana” the girl on his lap spoke while eyeing me down as if I wasn’t s***.

Silence sprung over that awkward moment until the b****.. I mean girl on his lap stood and walked away. “lauren LAUREN aw f***” trey said getting up and walking her way but not before stopping to stand right in front of me. Rubbing his hands on the back of his neck he took one more look at my body then licked his lips “you just gon stand there give me a hug girl” he said while grabbing my waist tightly and pulling me into him. My arms reached above his head and wrapped around his neck taking in his scent god what a few months could do. “for the record you are MY ana and I don’t like you revealing yourself, save that for me” half serious and half joking he gave an award winning smile and took off toward the lauren b**** I mean girl.

End of flash back

I wasn’t supposed to show myself to anyone else I was HIS ana.

I glad bree came she saved her life
Run it

the big ass part that is highlighted that i cant edit do to this site
still click on it cause it shows the pic of the guy.. hopefully
that doesn't throw you off though
for the most part it shouldn't though

The smoke of the club hit my nostrils and caused me to cringe I forgot how bad I hated coming out here I only did private and stage dances but I guess I’m still floating off my high from all that money that just rolled in. As numerous drunks and low lives tried to grab my hand I had to put on a flirtatious smile and keep moving, I needed a dude with money not someone who was welling to throw away a few dollars, cheap men like that were easy to weed out in this place. But we still had to be nice though because you never know when that low life will be your only client for the night.

Walking by the bar toward the V.I.P section I noticed a small crowd growing on the inside. The first thought that came to my head was that it could be a drug lord, celebrity or some rich white man willing to throw away his earnings on a couple of strippers, I became over excited even more but as soon as I made it toward the rope that opened up to the room <a href="">Clyde</a> pulled me to the side.

He was the owner of this dump, he was a lucky son of a b**** who grow up with s*** in a plastic spoon but came out a millionaire by selling us on a daily. How he came up with this scheme on his own we would never know but word around town is someone was looking for him to get their half of the cut, true or not it was crazy seeing him here right now he hardly ever leaves his office.

“Where you think you’re going” he asked but I wouldn’t entertain him like these other females with an answer to a question that if he just turned his head he would be able to see. “Naw you got yourself a private dance shorty follow me” he said grabbing on to the back of my panty set and pushing me toward the private dancer section. “Is <a href=" ">Mark</a> here today” mark was one of the security guards here the only one I really talked to on a regular and the only one I trusted to make sure I was alright in these private rooms because every other guard will leave you ass high and dry. With the dirtiest grin I think I have ever seen on his face he turned fully to me “I think he called off today, hell I can’t remember but you know how these things go baby you’re in good hands around here” he stated while pushing me toward the door. I was more than nervous I didn’t do private dances if mark wasn’t here that was my rule I set months ago. Females be getting raped beaten up hell ran through behind these walls just because the man they dancing with can slide the security an extra big face to be able to do whatever they want. But not mark he always had my back if I even was to hesitate on a hip roll his ass would be right there calling me off of him. And I had to say I highly appreciated that.

Palms sweating heavy and breath catching up to my chest I knew I had to do it you can’t walk out on money that would be super stupid and who is to say this guy behind this door isn’t a big roller. Thinking about that cash that I placed my locker I forced a smile, pushed my boobs up and opened the door.

Walking in, I met his dreads before I met his face. He was an ok looking guy but I would never date <a href="">him/a>, he just didn’t seem like my type at all. I saw on his wrist a chain that said “brick squad’ whatever that meant. I just pray that this goes smoothly. “So s*** you shaking ass or standing by the door” he spoke but you could tell he wasn’t from here, Virginia accents were more settle and smooth his was harsh and almost seemed like he had a heavy clog in his throat which caused me to cringe, you could tell a lot by a person with just there voice, and telling by his he wasn’t a bank teller. “How much you putting up” I asked knowing if I didn’t bring up the issue of money I might get played. “Depends on how good you pants burn this d***” “what” I asked confused “look man flocka aint got time for this s***” he said speaking in third person and pulling out some money with bands around it. “I got money you got hella ass make some moves” with every word he spoke I felt more and more like I was dealing with a dude with little to know education but he did have bread money that I needed more than anything right now. So flipping the switch on the side of the wall the lights shut off slightly and the random song played.

I said a quick prayer to myself than shut the door. Walking my cat walk towards him I watched as his greedy hands rubbed together in a prey vs. predator action which caused me to almost stop but I continued on toward him. Standing inches from his lap I turned and faced the wall making my ass clap in his face to the sound of the music. Slightly putting a dip in my back I began twirling my hips faster, sliding toward his lap I sat firmly while grinding my hips hard. I could feel his erection on my ass it was making me more than uncomfortable but I figure if he continues like this maybe he will catch blue balls and never have to come back. Setting my hands behind his head I spread my legs out onto the arms on the chair one by one in a split form to be able to bounce up and down on his d***. Feeling his hands slide down my breast toward my pussy I stiffened a little bit, number one rule was no touching. Looking at the door I knew no one was standing by it so I quickly grabbed his hands and placed them back on the arms on the chair. Again one by one I placed my legs back on the ground but this time turned facing him basically damn near in his grill. Straddling him placing my pussy inches above his d*** and winding all the way down until I felt it rub against my walls, I would lie and say it didn’t feel good but at the same time to look at his side ways smile and feeling his stare become more and more intense had me more than uncomfortable. Putting my hands behind my back I reached for my strap on my lace bra and gently tugged letting my full breast fall onto my bare skin revealing them, making them become face to face with him. Slowly I ran my fingers passed my nipples causing them to stiffen under my index fingers this caused his mouth to begin water.

And after that all hell broke loose gripping my thighs firmly he turned himself and me over at the same time so now I was the one sitting in the car. Grabbing my hands that tried to push at his chest he held them above my head with a lot more strength then I could push out. “What the f*** man get the f*** off of me” I shouted while kicking at him but he placed his weight on my lower half not paying attention to anything I was saying to him which caused me to try and fight more but the s*** wasn’t working at all “alright I’m done, I’m done MOTHER f***ER COME GET ME” I screamed at the door but no one rushed in for my safety. Wetness then greeted my cheek, feeling his lips touch my skin was the nastiest feeling I think I have ever felt. Trey was the last mouth to ever touch my body and that was months and months and months ago. I was about to cry right here in front of this guy god wasn’t listening to me and security was nowhere to be found still trying to jolt my body from under him I felt him reach with one of his hands toward my pussy I tried to clench my legs tight together but he forcefully placed one of his legs inside my thighs and pushed them apart making my love front and center for him to do whatever he pleased. Beginning to become worn out from the war I was having with him even though it didn’t seem like much of a fight for him I did what I never wanted to do. I cried I let tears cascade over my face and fall hitting my body as the hard raindrops fell from my face over and over. Closing my eyes tight I was about to give up hell I had given up.


Not feeling his hands around my body not feeling his weight on me I didn’t move I was afraid to but that noise had me curious had one of the security guards come was it mark. Lifting my body up slowly I finally opened my eyes to see bree hitting the guy over and over with the bottle I let her sip out of. My relaxer bottle was the relief I was getting right now watching her swing over and over while he laid out on the ground trying to cover himself, which made me smile but the smile soon went away once I saw she wasn’t about to stop. Tears streamed from her face too and she looked at him with more hurt than a mad women “bree” I whispered to afraid to move up from my seat in case she had an episode and exploded on me too. But seeing her arm strength get heavier and his body beginning to get weaker I jumped up.

Grabbing bree I held her tight in my arms and pulled her hard away from him falling to the ground with her tight in my arms, but all she did was try and fight out of my arms but I wasn’t going to let go she was out for blood and I had no idea why. “Bree its ok BREE look at me please” I screamed trying to get her attention off of his body and to me so maybe I can calm her down. Two helpless attempts later to get out of my arms she silently spoke “that was for Trent b****” and looked toward me giving me the sign she wasn’t about to try and attack anymore. Slowly letting my hands go from around her she stood up and then stuck her hand out to help me up. “sorry about killing your bottle like that” she spoke as if she didn’t just attempt murder on one of my clients “its ok thank you for coming in here but how did you” “I didn’t I just wanted to tell you about your bottle before you got back to the locker room and got mad” she said while laughing which caused me to laugh with her, she was beyond crazy and I wasn’t stupid enough to question what the hell just happened, hell it could trigger her to act up again and watching what she did to that man’s body told enough of what she could probably do to me so for right now she was on my side. “Look he left us a tip” I said grabbing the money that sat on the table from earlier” “50 50” bree asked raising her eyebrow “50 50” I spoke while picking my bra up from the ground and walking out with her close behind me.

“dude I’m telling you we have to come back her next time we fly out” I heard two males speak once me and bree made it out of the door but I didn’t pay attention all I did was hook arms with bree until I heard my name being called, but not kitty. Turning toward the voice I became face to face with trey. As his eyes never left my face his friends traveled my body as I stood topless “see I told you that was shorty from your mom’s house earlier” letting go of Bree’s arm i rushed toward the back holding my chest so no one could see me and for the first time in a long time I felt dirty.

this s*** is too good!
Why would Trey leave her if he (from what I've read) loved her so much?! Wouldn't he want to fight for what they had? I can totally understand why Ana wants nothing to do with him now; hell, she was right for running away from him.
Let's hope that Trey doesn't find out where she works, because I know he will be pulling her ass of the stage lmao!
I really do hope that Ana takes his mother up on her offer, because I get scared for her everytime she goes home, yo! If she does, she knows that Trey will make it a habit to visit every chance he gets lol

My prediction: She will either see him again in the strip club when she goes back out on stage, or she will see him when she goes to visit/maybe move in with his mother......

run this!!!

Run it

damn im somee friend . .
. . lol i left you but i mean
you shldve camee with me !
we couldve thugged it out

damn her dad got locked up?
myy guess is tht hes still locked
up eeh??
smh so im supposing this is how Ana && Treyy
got together spending so much timee together
stayying with them

look at olee Bree tryying to shakee
a lil sum !
i see you girl lol
i bet Treyy in the club though
damn . . .damn . . . .damn . ..

. . . i cant wait DRAMA ! YES!lol

Daaaamn. Totally in love. Lol. But WTF type of s*** is this? Why everybody leaving her ass? Gotdamn. I know this must be hard on her. Damn her daddy locked up and her mama just bounced on her ass. Gotdamn wow. But it seemed like she had a good friend in Nani. Can't believe she just up and left her though to chase after a nigga... Damn. Hmmm. Well Nani and Jay still together and famous so good for them. Idk why but when I read Trey part I got mad lol. Like this Nigga talking all that s*** and left her! Ughh. But whoa so I'm a new dancer. All I can say is look at them titties on Ecstasi lol. But wow I will get better at it. Almost drowned that damn bottle. And Ana really killed it huh? Make that money Ana... Don't let that s*** make you! And now she got fans and money. FUUUCK yes! That's what I'm talking about!


Poor Ana, everyobody she loves just up and leaves her. Her dad got locked up and left her, her mama left her, Nani left her and Trey left her. She dont deserve this s***. But hey, look at Nani now. She got her boo thing Cole. Aw Trey was thinking about her when her daddy was taken away. Thats so sweet. Oh so Bree stripping too! What a newbie. Haha, she almost drank the whole bottle. Damn, Ana was making some bank there. Whatever it takes to pay the rent and keep your tummy full.

Run it