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The Perfect Stranger

18 years ago

"Parker how about you and Chris go play outside while I talk to Chris' mom." she said as she directed the two of us out the door.
"Ok." I said as the two of us ran out the front door. "so what do you wanna play?"
"Let's play tag." he said as he hit me in the arm and took off running and I took off running chasing him.

"How has Parker taken it?". " I haven't told her yet, she and Chris have been best friends since birth and they love being and playing together. She is going to be crushed that she is leaving her best friend." "I know what you mean, Chris asks me all the time when Parker can stay the night again, when we haven't even got through the current sleep over." "I know what you mean."So when are y'all leaving?" "Friday." "that's in two days." "I know I'm gonna tell her tonight, and I know she is going to want to see Chris tomorrow and Friday before we leave." "yeah I tell Chris tonight too." "well it's starting to be late, we better get going." mrs. Kyle said as she got up from the couch and headed for the door. "Parker, come on sweety it's time to go." she yelled out to Parker as she walked out the door. She turned back and gave Ms. Hawkins a hug. "I'll call you later and let you know how it goes." "ok girl."

"bye Chris." I said giving him a big hug. " I'll see you tomorrow." "bye." Chris said before letting me go.
"mom will I get to come back tomorrow." I asked as I ran up to her. "well that's if it's ok with ms. Hawkins." "mama Joyce can I come over tomorrow, pleasssssssssssseeeeeee." I begged as I hugged her leg. "of course you can baby." she said as she she patted me on the back. "YAY!!! I get to come back tomorrow." I yelled as I ran up to Chris. "cool, we can play games in my room, And maybe yu can stay the night this weekend." "yeah. Hey mom can I stay the night this weekend." I said as I ran up to her. "we'll see, but we really must be going." she said as she grabbed my hand and we walked to the car. I got in and we backed out the drive way. I turned around and waves bye to Chris.

"baby I need to talk to you." my mom said as she walked into my room and we sat on my bed. "yes mommy?" I said as I looked up at her. "we are moving to California on Friday." "can Chris and mama Joyce come too?" "no, I'm afraid they can't baby, they live here and mama Joyce's job is here." "but she can get another job." "sweety I'm afraid that's not how it works." "that is how it works." I started crying, and my mom picked me up and sat on her lap holding me close. "shh." she said trying to comfort me. "baby we will come and visit whenever we get the chance, and we will call and write them letters." "you promise?" I asked as I looked up at her. "I promise." she said as she kissed my forehead. "now we have to start packing, so we will be ready by Friday." "ok" I hopped up and started to grab clothes, while my mom helped me.

"I can't believe you are leaving me." Chris said with a sad look on his face. "I know, I'm gonna miss you this much." I said as I stretched out my arms all the way. "I
Gonna miss you this much too." Chris said doing the same thing I was doing. "you made me a promise." Chris started as I looked at him. "I know." "we promised that when we got older we would be eachothers first kiss and first everything." "I know, and I'm gonna keep my promise, cause we are suppose to get married." I said as I gave Chris a hug. After I let him go, he kissed me on the lips. "I thought that was suppose to be for when we get older." I said looking at him funny. "I know, but what of you get a boyfriend, them I won't be your first kiss and if I got a girlfriend, you wouldn't be mine, so I wants to make sure we keep our promise." he said as we looked at eachother and smile.

"they are too cute. Me and Parker are going to miss you. But we will call and wrote when ever we get the chance." ms. Kyle said turning and looking at ms. Hawkins. "girl we are gonna miss y'all a lot too." she said as they both hugged. "well better get going, we don't want to miss our flight. Parker lets go." Joyce and Linda hugged on last time, as well as me and chris, before getting in the car and heading off.


Im New Here and Im Liking This Story
run it

Lol, good story.RUN IT!

lmao Rihanna pick your face up ggggiiirrrluh run it!!!

Run it!!!'

Me and Chris have been on 5 amazing dates since I decided to give him a chance. But everytime we go somewhere during the day together there is a kagillion cameras and paparazzi. It's so annoying cause it's like we can't have any privacy unless we are kickin it at the crib.
"do you wanna come to the mall with me. I want some new shoes." Chris asked as he walked into the kitchen. "you already own damn near every pair of shoes there are. Besides I don't really feel like being part of the center of attention for all the paparazzi." "babe, all that just comes along with having me. I gotta know that if we are going to he something then your gonna be able to deal with all this, and everything they try to make up." I looked him as he say in the chair next to me. I really did like him, and I wanted there to he am us. "yeah, I'll try to deal with." "good." he said kissing me on the lips. "now let's go. I want some shoes." "fine." I went up the stairs grabbed my stuff and put my shoes on then we left for the mall.
While we were at the mall Chris has stopped by a few clothing stores, and all these females were giving me this dirty look. When Chris had walked into the dressing room one female on particular walked up to me. "I hope you know, that this little thing you guys have ain't gonna last long." she said as I turned around to see who it was talking to me. "who the f*** you think you comin at me sideways yo. I knew Chris way before you did. Besides aint nobody stuntin on you. Cause you ain't s*** to me. So what you need to do is take ya fake ass and walk right on out of here, cause I ain't afraid to beat the s*** out of you. And we both know you can't fight considering you got to ass beat already." she looked at me with her jaw dropped and her eye widen. "what b****, do you want that ads whoopin cause I will gladly serve it to you on a platter." I just stood there for a few seconds speechless before walking away. Then Chris came out the dressing room staring at me. "what?" "so girls a f***in thug now." "oh baby I've always been this way. So don't get it twisted if you ever come at me sideways, I will beat the black off you." he looked at me and giggled. "don't worry, I will never give you a reason to have to do that." "good." I said as we left the store and went to get the shoes he wanted.

"yo so Parker I heard you was thugging in Rihanna at the mall." Terrance said walking into the living with a big ass sandwich in his hand and a soda in the other. "hell yeah, I had to put a b**** in her place. I don't play that s***, ain't nobody bout to come up and disrespect me, I don't give a f*** if you famous or not. To me she ain't s*** but another regular personnel everybody. And I will beat her ass like I beat all them other 'REGULAR' b****es." "yous a f***in thug Parker, I don't think Chris can handle you." he said jokingly. "what did she say to you anyway?" Erin asked sitting next to me on the couch. "she said this 'thing' I have going on with Chris won't last long. That b**** don't know me, and I sure as hell knew Chris way before she did. So she needs to pump her breaks, and watch her back." everybody started laughing. "to Chris you better watch your back. Cause this girl don't play." Terrance said nudging Chris in his arm. "I know dude. She too thuggy for me." he joked as everybody laughed.


aww is she going to keep the sex promise?? Ruuuuun iiiiitttt

Awwwww yayyy!!!

Run it!!

Aww she decided to give him a chance....Run it!!!

"aye T can I talk to you for a min?" I asked t as I say on the couch. "yeah what's up dude?" "it's about Parker. I'm really startin to feel her." "are you sure you want to go down that road and risk ruining y'alls friendship that you worked so hard to get back ?" "that's just it, I don't even think shes feelin me the way I'm feelin her." "you wante to talk to Erin and see what she can get out of her." "yeah, cause i don't want to go for and make her feel uncomfortable of she ain't feelin me te se way and is only lookin at me as her friend." "alright well I'll text her and see if she'll talk to her." "thanks dude." "but just know you better be ready for what ever she say, and if she say she feelin you then you better be ready to take the risk of f***in up y'alls relationship."

I was sitting in my room when I heard a knock at the door. "hey Erin what's up?" I said as she walked in and sat on the couch. "nothin really, just came by to see what you were up too." "oh well I ain't really doin nothin, just sitting I'm my room watching tv." I said as I say next to her on the couch. "so what's up with you and Chris?" "what do your mean? We're just friends." "is that all you think of him. Do you not see him as anything more?" "I've never looked at him like that, I never even looked at 'Chris Brown' that way. Yeah he looks amazing and has a great body, but te thought of us being more than just friends never crossed my mind. Besides I would never want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship." "well he is feelin you and I think you should at least think about it, because y'all would make the cutest couple ever. Besides y'all know everything about each other, y'all are just alike, y'all already know each others moms. What more can you ask for. Besides didn't you make a promise for him to be your first everything." "well in my defense I was 5 and didn't know what everything was." "girl just give it a chane." "fine, I'll talk to him about it." "thank you. Well I'm out cause all I really came by to talk to you about. I'm about to go meet up with Terrance now. She said as she got up hugged me then walked out the door.
I went back to my room and laid on the bed and flipped through the channels as I called Chris.
"hello." "hey, I was wondering of you wanted to come over, I'm here by myself and I'm bored." "yeah, I ain't doin nothin, I'll be over there in about 10 minutes." "ok sounds good to me. My front door will he unlocked, so you can just walk in, but be site to lock before coming back to my room." "alright cool see you in a min." "Kay." we hung up and I started flipping through the channels again. A few minutes later I heard the door open and close. I knew it was Chris so I didn't bother to get up. Then I saw him walk through my bedroom door and close it behind him.
"hey, what you watchin?" Chris asked as he came and sat next to me on my bed. "Friends. This show is hilarious." "your wack." he said grabbing the remote from me. "you need to be watching a real show, like espn." "eew no," I said snatching the remote back and changing it to something I know we both like watching. "so what were you doing when I called" I asked Chris as I set the remote on the night stand." "just chillin in my room playing with my phone. What were you doing?" "nothing Erin I had just left to go meet up with Terrance, and I didn't want to be here alone." "what she come over for?" "to talk....about you." Chris' eye widen as he turned his attention from the tv and looked at me. "yeah, she was pretty saying that I should give us a try already than friends because you was feelin me, and because we know doich about each other, and cause we would make the cutest couple ever. "what did you tell her." I moved closer to him putting my face right in front of his. "I said..." I started but paused. "you said what?" "this." I leaned in and kissed him. "so does this mean we're gonna give us a try?" "well I did make a promise, and like I said I keep my promises." I told him before turning my attention back to the tv.

Run it!!!!

Sorry it's short, but I wanted to add a little before going to sleep. Gotta get up early for work.

6 weeks have gone by and Chris and Parker have been hanging out almost everyday becoming the best of friends again.
Me, Erin, T, and Chris were all hanging out at Chris' place by the pool. We were all laughing, joking, and listening to Chris' iPod.
"I'm starving, I'm bout to go in here and make something to eat, do y'all want something?" I asked hoping everybody would say no. "no I'm good." Erin said turning back around and looking at T. "I'm Gucci." T said playing like he was about to throw Erin in the pool. "I want somethin." Chris said turning snd lookin at me. "really, haven't you ever heard of an open gesture?" I joked as Chris sucked his teeth. "come on Parker make me a sandwich please." Chris begged. "fine boy." I said as I walked into the kitchen.
I got everything out and started to make me and Chris' sandwiches. As the music played from outside I heard freeze by Chris brown and tpain come on, and I started singing and dancing to the beat while Iade both the sandwiches.

I got up from the pool and walked inside to see what Parker was doing and why it was taking her so long. As I walked through the door I heard her singing so I slowly walked into the kitchen and watched her ding and dance to the some that was playing outside. After a few minutes she noticed me and got scared.
"what the hell Chris, you scared the s*** outta me. How long were you standing there?" she asked as she walked to the fridge to put stuff up. "not that long. But it was pretty damn funny." "whatever." "what was taking you so long anyway?" I asked as I walked to the counter and grabbed my sandwich. "i wasn't even taking that long jerk." she said as she hit me in the arm. "I'm just messing with you dang." I said as I rubbed my arm where she hit me. "you are such a punk." I looked at Parker as she laughed and put the rest of the stuff away. She was really beautiful, and she had an amazing smile. I think I'm actually starting to fall for this girl. Iean these past six weeks hae been amazong and Ive had a lot of fun with her.But I know she ain't feelin me the same, we just became best friends like back in virgina. And I'm sure that's all she wants. So I followed her to the pool and sat next to her as we continued to talk and have a good time.


I'm glad she apologized because she was overreacting big time. Run it!!!!

So glad she apologized bc that woulda sucked. I would've loved to wake up by CB lol RUN IT

" did it go?" Erin asked running through my front door. "it went good, but then I fell asleep while watching a movie and woke up in his bed next to him." "oh so that's why you didn't want me to go. But did y'all do anything." "no when I woke up I freaked out on him, saying he should have woke up and I could have just came home." "the f*** is wrong with you? That not was trying to be nothing but nice to you and you get mad and yell at him for no reason. You are so over dramatic. Y'all use to be best friends, and I'm sure that's all he wants is to have his best friend back." I just stood there and looked at her. I knew she was right and I completely acted stupid. He was my bestfriend and how he treated me last night is the same way he treated me when we were little. So I picked up the phone and dialed his number.
"hello." "hey Chris." "hi." "I was just calling cause apologize for this morning and how I acted towards you. I guess it just freaked me out to be sleeping next to 'Chris Brown'" "but that's just it, what I do hasn't changed who I was to you all those years ago. Parker I had love for, and I told my mama and your mama that I would protect you till the day we die. You were my bestfriend and all I want is for us to be that close again. I cried for days after you moved away. I thought I had lost my bestfriend and that I was never gonna see you again. But my ma told me everyday that me and you would meet again, and that we would become attached at the hip like we use too." "I know. You were like my brother, always trying to fight off the boys that would come around messing with me. Of course you never won those fights." "what you talkin bout I beat them niggas up." "no them niggas beat you senseless and I had to run and get ya mama every time." I said as I laughed and could hear him giggle a little. "whatever, I bet I can beat a niggas ass now." "females are not niggas Chris." "f*** you Parker. Thats old news and I publicly apologized for it." "I was messing with you." I said as I could hear a litle anger in his voice. "aww poor Mickey. He is a litle upset." I said as I heard him a giggle at me calling him Mickey. "whatever, so when are you gonna come over and give me a do over for what happened this morning." "umm, I'll come over tomorrow." "ok, well I'll see you tomorrow then." "I'll see you tomorrow." "bye Minnie." "bye Mickey." we hung up the phone and I went to take a shower while Erin just sat on the couch and watche tv.

"so what was all that about." I heard Terrance say as he walked through the kitchen door. "it was nothin dude, I was just talkin to Parker." "ain't that the girl that flipped out on you this morning." "yeah, but she apologized for it and she said she would give me a do over tomorrow to make up for this morning." "I guess dude." Terrance said as he looked through the fridge for seething to eat. "nigga don't you ever eat at yo house." "yes. I be hungry everywhere I go." "you just a fat ass muthaf***er." I said as he shot me a look and I just laughed at him. "f*** you man. Just cause I like to eat dont mean I'm fat." "whatever, I'm bout to hop in the shower don't eat all my s*** up." I said as I got up and walked up to the bathroom.

"so do I get to go with you this time? You said if you go a second time I could go." Erin said practically begging. "yes you can come this time." I said as Erin started prancing around the room. "will you sit down." "sorry, just a little excited." "well I think we should all go see paranormal activity 4 tomorrow." "yeah I love scary movies." "alright I'll tell Chris." I texted Chris my idea and waited for a reply.
Chris- yeah that sounds like a good idea, I'll tell T and see if he wants to go too, so it's not just the 3 of us.
Parker- alright that sounds cool
Chris- I cant wait
Parker- me either :)
After texting Chris me and Erin went to the gym to work out.

"aye nigga you wanna go see paranormal activity 4 tomorrow?" I asked T as I walked through the kitchen to see that he was still eating up my food. "what the f*** nigga, I been in the shower for 30 minutes an you still eating up my damn food." "whatever dude....yeah I'll go." he said as he was taking a bite of a huge ass sandwich he made. "ok cool. Well Parker is going to call me tomorrow t let me know what time it's at.

Right!! He didn't try anything..she need to chill out

I can see that she's uncomfortable but dang she acting like she had sex with him smh
Run it!!!!!

"So when are you gonna go over there." Erin asked as she looked at me intently. "will you back up, s***!!! I dont know when I'm gonna go over there, but when I do your not coming." I said as she looked at me disappointed. "the f*** you mean I'm not coming?" "you do too much, and your not gonna give him any space." "that's not true." "yes it is and we both know. You can come if I go over a second time." "oooo, you haven't even gone over there a first and your already thinking of a second." "shut up." I said as I looked back at the tv.

"Parker looked fine as hell. She really grew up a lot." I said to T as we were sitting in the game room playing 2k. "hell yeah, so was here friend. So do you think she's gonna come over?" "I hope so, I left her my cell number." "well maybe she'll call you tonight or tomorrow." "man I hope she calls tonight. I haven't seen her in years and I would love to catch up on everything. We used to have I much fun together. All the sleepovers and s***." "the f***, you actin like a girl dude." "f*** you." I said as I paused the game and got up to get a snack from the kitchen.

"girl just call him. He wants you to call and you want to call. Erin said handing me my cell and the piece of paper Chris gave me that had his number on it. I looked at the paper for a few minutes before dialing the number. "fine I'll call him." I said as I put the phone to my ear. It started ringing and two rings later someone answered. "hi, is Chris there, this is Parker." "hey parker it's me." "hey." "I'm so glad you called. So do you wanna come over tomorrow and hang out?" "um, sure why not." "cool we can do whatever you want." "alright well be over there around 5ish then." "is Erin not coming." "no just me." "ok cool, well I'll see you tomorrow then." "alright bye." "bye Minnie." he said before hanging up the phone. My eyes widen at what he had said. He hadn't called me that since we were little. Our moms called us Mickey and Minnie because we were inseparable and they were our favorite Disney characters. We did everything together. "so what'd he say?" "he said he'll see me tomorrow." "did he saw I should come." "no cause I said you weren't and I was serious." "you are being like the worst best friend ever right now." she said whining. "girl s*** up."


"I'm glad your here." Chris said as he opened the door wider to let me in. "me too." I said walking into the living room and sitting on the couch. "so why did you calle minnie?" "I always called you Minnie when we were little." "I know, but that's just it, you haven't called me that since then." "cause I haven't talked to you since then. So what's been going on in your life?" "nothing really, just living it that's all. After moving her I met Erin and we've been friends ever since. A lot of guys in high school tried to date me but I told them I couldn't because of you." "really?" he looked at me in shock. "yeah, and I see you didn't keep your half of the promise." "I know and I'm sorry. We were suppose to be each others first everything. I honestly didn't think you kept it, so I didn't and I ended up falling in love." "yeah I know. But from everything I read you seemed guinuenly happy with Rihanna." "I was. I truely was. But now all that's in the past." "I guess." "so why did you keep the promise after all these years?" "Chris you were my best friend, and I made a promise to my best friend. I wasn't going to break the promise I made to my best friend because that wouldn't make me that great of a best friend." "I guess that makes me a pretty s***ty best friend." "no, that makes you a man. Seeing a pretty girl and going after her." we sat around and talked for hours. "there is so much I missed in your life after you moved away." he said looking at me as if I were a stranger sitting on his couch. "same here." "you wanna watch a movie or something," he asked as he got up off the couch and looked at all the DVDs he had on the self. "ok, sure." he picked out a movie and put it on.

An hour and a half into the movie Parker was knocked out. I turned the tv off and carried her up to my room. I pulled her socks and shoes off, then put a pair of my basketball shorts on her, then tucked in her. I went to the other side of the bed fit under the covers then wrapped my arm around her. I kissed her on the head and looked at her. "goodnight Minnie." I said before laying down and closing my eyes.

I woke up the next morning, looking around. I looked over my shoulder and saw Chris laying down asleep next to me. "what the hell." I yelled as I jumped out of the bed cause Chris to wake up. "are you ok," he asked while rubbing his eyes and looking up at me. "what is this, why didn't you wake me up last night I would have went home." "you just looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you up". "why didn't you just let me sleep on the couch." "Minnie your my best friend." "no I was your best friend. I don't know this "Chris Brown" the big and famous one." "we use to sleep together all the time when we were little." " yeah when we were little. Chris we are both adults now, and don't know anything each other. Yeah we spent hours talking but that don't mean s***." I said as I grabbed my stuff. "I'll drop of your shorts later, but I gotta go." I walked down the stairs and grabbed my stuff. "Minnie..." "stop calling me that" I yelled out. "Parker I'm sorry Iade you uncomfortable." "I just gotta go." I said walking out the door and shutting it behind me. I sat in my for about 30 minutes just thinking to myself before driving off.

Run it!!

oh run this!! I knew he wasn't going to keep any of his promises lol

Awww!!! Chris starting early.
Run it

"So <a href="">Parker</a>, you are 23 years old and you have yet to get a boyfriend or anything. Why is that." my girl <a href="">Erin</a> asked as she was on my computer trying to be nosey. "because when I was 5 I made a promise with my bestfriend that he would be my first for everything." I said as she quickly looked up from the co
Liter screen and shote a look like I was out of my mind. "The f***. That was 18 years ago. I'm pretty sure he didn't keep his promise." "Even if that is true, I always keep my promises even if I did make it when I was 5." I said as I plopped down on my bed and grabbed the remote. "So who is this best friend you made a promise too?" "His name is Chris. He still lives in Virginia." " how come you didn't move back there after you were old enough." "well me and Chris had only stayed in touch for two years after I moved, and we had stopped going and visiting. And besides I love LA. This is my home and this is where you are." "aww I feel so special." she said as she put her hand up against her chest. "that's cause you are."

"aye Chris." Terrance said as he walked up to me putting his hand on my shoulder. "you ready to go?" "yeah, let me grab my phone." I grabbed my phone and we headed out the door and too the car. Me and T were gonna go shopping on Melrose then go hoop at the gym with everyone else. "why did you want to go shopping anyway." t asked me as we walked into a store. "nigga cause I wanna get my mama something. I don't get to see her too often since she still loves in virgina." I said as I looked around for seething that just yells out my mama. "oh I guess. I looked around while T just followed like an obedient puppy dog. Then he started slapping my arm tryin to get my attention. "aye dude, they are fine." I looked up to see who he was pointing at. "yeah." I looked at one of the girls a little funny but stopped what I was doing and me and T walked up to them. "what up." I said as they looked at us. "hi." "hey." they said as they stood there just staring. "so what's your names." "well I'm Erin and this is my girl Parker." "Parker, I knew you looked familiar, I just wasnt for sure. How are you?" I asked as she looked at me confused. "umm I good." "girl you didn't tell me you knew Chris Brown." she said in excitement. "that's cause I don't, the Chris brown I know lives in Virginia with his mom." she said looking at me as I looked at her. "you really don't remember me." "remember you, I never knew you." she said as her and her friend walked off into the store to look at stuff. "ok when we were 5 I kissed you the day you moved because I wanted to make sure we both kept te promise we made to he each others first kiss." I said as she stopped and slowly looked at me. "OH MY GOD!! It is you." she said as she ran up and gave me a hug. "I told you." "what the f*** became a famous singer, moved to LA ad didn't f***ing tell." she said as she slappede in the arm. "damn girl." I said rubbing my arm. "after the age of seven we never really stayed in touch remember." "whatever." she said with a little anger in her voice. "I cant believe you are this big and famous guy. I still remember the funny looking kid I use to spend the night and take baths with." "I was not funny looking." "well my anymore your not, your hot. And you got a great body, I know for a fact you broke all the promises." "your are f***ing gorgeous too. It nt like you kept those promises either." "actually I did, because I'm the type of person who keeps her promises of you don't believe me you can ask Erin." she said as she pointed toward Erin. "it's tried, she's never had a boyfriend, she's still a virgin, and all that god stuff." "Wow, you really did keep the promises." "I told you. "well if its any consultation I haven't been married yet." "whatever." "Well I'm glad I got to see you, and I kinda need your help, I want to get my mama something, but I don't know what to get her." I said as we looked at everything. "how is ma Joyce?" "shes good, she's still in Virginia tho, what about your mom?" "she's good, I visit her every weekend, cause she moved down to San Francisco." "oh ok.thats cools,aunt I can come with you some time." "yeah, she'll like that." we looked around then finally picked something out for my mom. "you should come over some time, so we can catch up in all the years we didn't talk." "I'll do that." I gave here the address, then a hug and me and T left for the gym.

I almost cried.
First everything...
we'll see how THAT works out...
I really didn't want her to go.
They're sooooo cute.
But she has to leave :~(
Sorry, I'm all up in my feelings.


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