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House Nurse

<a href="">Charm</a> just finished talking to her boss about working from home because her lovely <a href=" ">boyfriend</a>,Myles, was hurt on the job. He was a simple cable guy but it paid well so she doesn't complain.

Anyways, today is the day a house nurse is coming to start Myles physical therapy on his leg, he fell down a flight of stairs.
She pulled up into the driveway and walked in.

"Baby, where are you!?" Charm yelled out.

"I am where you left me 45 minutes ago Charm." She walked down the hall to the guest room on the main level.

"You need anything?" Charm said putting her hair in a ponytail and stepping out of her heels.

"I need you to ride this d***." Charm rolled her eyes.

"I am going to make some cookies for the nurse. Whats her name again?" Myles reached into his nightstand pulling out his doctor forms.

"uhh Sasha Durant." He watched me run around in frantic cleaning things that didn't need to be touched. "Charm stop worrying. She is going to be great."

"I know, I know. I am just alittle uncomfortable with you having a female nurse."

"Charm, you know I only got eyes for you. I am just ready to get healed up like you should too." She sighed.

"You right! You wanna go to the living room while I start the cookies?" He nodded and they began working together to get out of the bed.

Once in living room Myles got comfy with his leg up and turned it to ESPN.

"Baby can you make me some chicken nuggets?"

"Already on it!" She quickly put the cooking dough on the sheet and nuggets on another placing them in the oven after.

Charm checked the time. Nurse Sasha is coming at 12:45 and it was going on 11. She had some time to rest after the things where done.

Charm plated his nuggets and put bbq on the side. Then put her cookies in a contanier so they can stay warm a little longer.

"Okay, baby its 11:30, I'm going to take a quick nap. I should be up by time she here."

"That's fine. Rest up, I ain't going no where." Charm pecked his lips and dashed to her bed. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

At 12:50 she was awakened by the doorbell.

"Why did we choose that loud ass bell!!?" Charm hopped out the bed. "Commiiinggg!!" She fixed her lipstick and hair. Charm headed for the door and opened it find this <a href=" ">strikeingly beautiful woman</a> standing there. She caught herself staring and welcomed her in. As she walked past Charm she couldn't help but to look down at her ample ass.

Charm lead her into the living room.

"Hello Mr. Stokes! I am Nurse Sasha. As you know I will be coming three times a week. The first few weeks we will start out small with simple streches. Cool?" Myles nodded. "Good, now I take it this is your beautiful girlfriend?" She asked allowing her eye to fall over every curve on Charm's body.

"Yup that's my baby!" Myles said proudly. Sasha slowly licked her lips.

"Okay, well first I'm going to show you guys some simple activities you can do at home and Miss ..???"

"Charm will try after I demonstrate each one."

"Sounds like a plan." Charm said. She sat next to Myles as Sasha set up her table and pulled out some gels and lotions. She helped him up to the table.
"Charm come stand next to me." Sasha took off his brace and put some lotion in her hand. She gave his leg a light massage. "Now you don't put to much pressure on the knee but it does need some. Charm stand in front of me. Sasha took her hands and helped her apply little to no pressure on his knee.

"How does that feel Myles?"

"Better than pain killers."

"Good we want you to kind of stay off the meds. Charm keep doing this." Sasha started rotating his ankle slowly. "Do not do this ankle exercise on your own. Charm step away please." Sasha lifted his leg slightly bending it. He grimaced in pain. "Too much?" He nodded. She lowered it some and straightened it out. Charm watched Sasha work but she is was attracted to this unknown woman and she couldn't understand why.

Charm sat in the kitchen alone as they finished up. She nibbled on a cookie until her thoughts were interrupted.

"Okay Ms. Charm I think we are all done for today."

"I will walk you out." They headed to the door. "Thank You Sasha! See you on Wednesday." Charm said opening the door for her. Sasha bit her lip looking into her eyes.

"My pleasure." She said with a sexy overtone. Charm closed the door.

<em>I hope this is a speedy recovery</em>



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DO NOT tell me this nigga slim. If so he need a hobby.

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<a href=">Kenyon</a> was dressed and ready for her business dinner with Chad. Her mom kind of forced her to agree with Chad.

"You look pretty mommie." Her daughter said to her.

"Why thank you Raven!" Key said picking her up and they kissed.

"Can I have gloss to mommie?" Rave asked.

"You sure can princess?" She put a little lip gloss on her daughter than put her down to finish up her hair. She picked her up again and headed downstairs to her car. They loaded up and she headed towards her moms.

"Mommie why is that guy always trying to get in omaw house?" Raven asked pointing at <a href="">Slim</a>.

"Because sweetie some bad people want to take advatage of nice, good people." Key said hating having to hide the truth from her daughter. But she couldn't let her know that her father was a drug dealing crackhead. She pulled in front her mom house and walked up to the door with Raven in toe.

Her mom opened up and shoo'd Key off.

"You don't need to walk in. You know what the hell my house look like. Bye child." Key laughed and kissed Raven good bye again and then her mom and walked back to her car. She huffed as she saw slim walking in her direction. He picked up his pace so he could talk to her.

"Can I see my daughter now?" He asked standing in front of her.

"Sure can as soon as you get out these streets and off them drugs no f***ing problem." Key said annoyed.

"I told you time and time again. I don't f*** with that s*** like that.. and you like my street money." Slim said rubbing her arm. She shoved his hand down.

"No I like legal money that is something you don't know how to make." Key said placing her weight on her right leg.

"Key stop all this I go hard s***. You know you love a nigga."

"I loved you until you left my daughter upstairs all damn day while you smoked whatever had you zoning." Key said walking around him to get in her car.

"Man f*** You and that ugly little girl. It probably ain't even mines." He yelled as she sped off. Key flipped him the bird.

She arrived at Chad's a complete neervous wreck. After her run in with Slim she wasn't sure if she waas ready to date. Not because she loved him but she didn't know if she could trsut another man with her heart and daughter. She called her mom.

"What child? Ain't you supposed to be in the house eating lobster and s***." Her mom answered.

"Yeah but I want you and Raven to go to the mall, eat dinner and then go back to my house. But go to the back entrance of my apartment building." Key said. Her mother sighed.

"Stop letting him control your life Kenyon."

"I am protecting my daughter. He ain't controlling s*** over here and you know that."

"Okay Okay. Go have a good time I can handle this." Her mom said and hung up.

Kenyon got out of her car and walked up the pathway towards Chad's door. The butler answered.

"Hey B!" She said stepping into the foyer and then followed B into the dining room. She was greeted by a <a href="">very simple yet romantic set-up</a>. She sat down and looked at the card that had her name on the front. She looked at B and he nodded for her to open it.

<em> I know you were expecting something fancy but I notice you appreciate the little things in life. :)</em>

<em> I have a surprise. Turn around.</em>

Key sat the card down and turned around and was greeted by <a href="">him</a> walking down the hall with his cane. She gasped and shook her head smiling.

"You are just determined to get back on that knee huh?" She said laughing.

"If I can walk short distances then why not walk'em" He said shrugging. "You look amazing!" He said as he stood in front of her and hugged her with one arm.

"You look pretty dapper yourself." She helped him over to his seat and then went to hers.

"You always give me a half of a compliment. But I will take whatever I can get." Chad said

"I know you will." Key said poking fun at him. "So why the dinner?"

"Just want to know you on a more personal level. Plus I like your company haven't had much of that lately." He said as some salads were bought out to them. She nodded.

"Well, I am glad. Now tell me mom about the girl that was playing you."

"I had known her since we were young, she moved away around middle school and we ended up going to the same college. We instantly clicked. Her mom had always been a golddigger but I never thought of her to be that way. She surely did prove me wrong or maybe I was just being blind to the truth because I loved that girl with everything in me." Key nodded as she listened.

"As soon as I went down on the court she was out. Took my car and rolled. I just saw that she was with a player from the clippers." He shrugged as he finished.

"Why didn't you bring your daughter tonight?" Chad asked.

"I didn't want her out passed her bed time." He nodding in understanding.

"Now what really happened to your baby father?"

"He really got hit by a bus." She said.

"Why so secretive?" He asked.

"Because you don't need to know everything." She said smirking at him. "Did you always know you were going to play ball?" She asked.

"Actually I didn't think it wouldn't take me past college. So, when I got drafted my last year I was like they bulls***ting me." He said and they laughed.

"I am blessed though me and my momma eating good and that's all I ever wanted." He said and Key smiled even harder.

"Who would have thought you had just a big heart?" Key asked.

"Only my momma know these things!" They finished up their salads. Key sipped on her wine as Chad drank some water.

"Was nursing always your dream?" Chad asked.

"In a way, yeah" She said.

"What did you really want to do?" He asked.

"I always wanted to open up like an art center for inner city kids just to give back and help others. But nursing kind of fell into my lap and I loved it. Someday though I will open it." She said looking him in his eyes unknowingly.

They went on with dinner and decided to just chill out in his den over dessert.

"Where are you from?" Key asked.

"Im just a pissy boy from the VA. You?"

"I am just a Texan." She said.

"Why Miami?" He asked.

"Mom's moved out here to get away from my family." He looked at her confused. "Waaaaaaaayyyyyy to much for a first business dinner?"

Chad laughed. "It is okay to say date." Key shook her head.

"No I don't want you getting the wring idea." She said.

"What kind of wrong idea? I thought this was a friendly gathering." He said shrugging her off. Key looked at him with her mouth open.

"You know you wanna date me and all my sexiness." She said. He laughed.

"No I think you got that mixed up." She lightly punched him in the shoulder. "Stop before you mess my arm up. Witcho strong ass." They laughed.

"Wanna watch a movie?" Key asked not ready to leave his presence. He shrugged and she got up to look through his movie selection and decided on The Avengers.

"Awww shiiatt! A girl who is into action flicks. I think I just made a new friend." Chad said as Key sat down laughing at him. twenty minutes into the movie Key fell fast asleep.

When the movie was over Chad woke up Key and told her it was going on 1 am.

Key left and headed home. She stopped at the nearest gas station to fill up. As she left she thought someone was following her but paid no attention to it until she got a little further and still saw the car in her rearview mirror.

"Who the f*** is this?" She said agitated and sleepy.

Run it Run it

<a href="">"she"</a>


<a href="">Christina</a>

How he gon b**** out like that, Sasha got game tho! Hey, I ain't made at her!
Run it


Run it!

Her nd chrissy bout to get it in...
Ihope they wrk it out tho

Kayy ! *hops,skip and jump to your post*

I wasn't even being a smartass Hmph! It was a simple request

But yeah go read and comment lol

I couldn't post with the damn links smart ass ! Lol

Can you use some damn links pleaseeee

Myles a b**** smh but I want them to work it out

Run it

Awwwwww s*** Nah..!


Run it.!

Charm sat in the hospital waiting for any news about Myles. Sasha called her boss letting him know that one patient may have overdosed and she needed all other calls to be cancelled. Sasha walked back in and sat next to Charm.

"Did you know that he did this to himelf?" Charm asked.

"What?" Sasha looked over at Charm.

"When you went to check on Myles and leave him to die so you could feel me the f*** up?" Charm said now staring into Sasha's face.

"What! Hell No. I had no idea. I looked in saw his eyes closed and heard faint snores and assumed he was just asleep. I left him alone and rushed back down to you." Sasha said in defense. Charm wanted to find fault in her explanation but just couldn't. She started crying again and Sasha embraced her in a tight hug.

"I just don't know what would make him do something like this." Charm said as she cried harder. Sasha rubbed her back in circular motion.

"It is going to be okay sweetie, I think we caught him befor he slipped all the way out of it. I am sure he will explain why he did this to you." Sasha said trying to comfort her.

"Family of Myles Smith." A nurse called out. Charm hopped up and looked back at Sasha.

"I will wait her for you.." Sasha said smiling lightly. Charm rushed over and rolled the nurse through the double doors. They passed a few sick elders and youngins until the nurse pulled back Myles curtains.

"Okay he is awake. Not opening his eyes but awake and talking but not for to long. He is still very weak so don't try to overwork him." Charm nodded as she softly held his hand and the nurse walked away. Charm wiped her lone tear.

"Why baby?" She said to him. He coughed.

"Baby ..... Another Woman .... I'm sorrry." He said fading out as he finished. Charm let go of his hand and cried tears of heartache as she looked down on her first true love. After five minutes of constant tears Charm straighten up and left him. She walked back to the waiting room where she lost it in tears again running outside to her car. Sasha quickly dashed out to catch Charm. Sasha was right behind her and grabbed Charm spinning her around.

"JUST GET IN!!!" Charm snatched away and climbed in the driver seat. Sasha did as was told and held on for her life as Charm did damn near 200 all the way home.

Charm got to her house and didn't even turn off her car. She just rushed inside. Sasha cut off the car and went inside to drop her keys on the table but when she walked in she heard things crashing upstairs.

Sasha thought about just leaving and letting her do her thing but then realized that may not have been a good idea. She creeped up the steps and and quickly found clothes gathering in the hall and more being thrown out of the room. Sasha walked to the door and smacked in the face by dirty boxers.

<strong>"Young Chill The f*** Out!!!"</strong> Sasha screamed. Charm turned and looked at her with pure rage. Charm calmly walked up to Sasha getting all up in her face.

"Who the f*** do you think you talking to? b**** you in my damn house. I am paying you out of my damn pocket. Know yo damn place!!" Charm said looking at her waiting for some slick ass response. She was looking for a reason to beat the f*** out of somebody. Instead Sasha was turned on by here abger and out of her right mind went in for a kiss.

Charm tensed up but couldn't pull her lips away no matter how wrong she knew it was. There was a blanket of sanity that covered her and she never wanted to go away. Charm deepened the kiss as she walked backwards toward her bed. They collasped to together as the kiss got alittle more agressive and they started ripping clothes of and tossing around.

Out of nowhere Charm's house phone rang and she jumped frantic realizing what she was doing and rushed to find her phone.

"Hello." Charm said pulling a tshirt out of her drawer and put it on. She tossed one to Sasha and pointed to the door mouthing 'Get the f*** out'. Sasha huffed and waved her off as she left the room and on out the house.

"Girll !!! what do you mean myles is in the hospital?" Her friend Christina asked.

"Just come over ... It is so much I have to tell you." Charm said.

"b**** imma around the f***ing corner unlock the door." And with that Christina hung up.

Charm didn't even care to clean up her mess she just went downstairss and turned on her stereo playing <em> Not Gon' Cry</em>. She walked to her office and pulled out her stash. She chilled in the living rolling up and waiting for Christina.

As she was on her third <em>J</em> Christina barged in.

"What happened?" She asked plopping on the couch next to Charm.

"He got a baby and b****ed out tryna kill himself." Charm said simply as she inhaled and rolled the smoke around in her mouth. Christina sat in amazement at how calm she was.

"Okay what is the rest?"

"well.... You know back in college when we were pretty experimental and I was all into it until Myles came along and stole my heart." Charm said and looked at Christina waiting for a response.

Christina thought for a while about what was being said to her than it dawned on her. Christina gasped for a long time.

"Nooooooooo! Who?????" Christina asked in disbelief.

"Myles Nurse......" Charm whispered.

"Wait .. What?" Charm nodded innocently. "But you love him and your going to make it work right."

"I mean why should I. He didn't care enough to not sleep around on me." Charm explained.

"Well if you do that, Just don't go running into the arms of someone else. Plus you ain't no damn lesbian. We are grown now, we need to be thinking about families and being stable." Christina said.

Charm was to tired to defend herself so she just nodded.

"Do you want me to stay with you tonight?" Christina asked.

"Naww! I just want to be alone Chrissy." Charm shrugged.

"Okay well Imma see myself out. Call if you need anything or want me to come back over." Charm nodded as she was lighting another J.

Charm lounged around listening to all the depressing songs that fit her feelings and reached for her phone at 2 in the morning.

<em> Come Back .... </em>

Thrity minutes later she knocked at the door .......

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lele! I love my role in this story! You know to much of my old life! bahahaha! Grab the b**** a bretta! lmaoooo love it!!

Run it!!!

Ummm Ima need add real soon or we guna have some issues.

Run it baby!!

Okay I caught up
and i wonder if sasha has something to do with
the reason why Myles ain't responding.
Like I really thought that her and charm were about to get it on

I hope that Jessica can feel like the club
life is over without niggas being a**holes about it
and now she's gonna be rolling with sasha and key

oh and key and chad lol
he like "don't let this wheelchair fool you" lol
but I like him. (Chris sexy ass)
but Key is so rude like Chad said and I like it 2 lol
and who is this slim dude? hmm...

these nurses are interesting
I hope that Myles is okay :(

run it



Run Run Run Everybody Move Run..!

Let me see if you can Run it Run it !

Run it!

I wanna know what happened to Myles!

And slim!

Everybody is in their twenties ! Not everybody is getting backstories from the jump.

Ohh she wanna wife Charm. Lol, she took that blunt opportunity in a heartbeat tho.
Run it

How old is this Shaun anyway? And he got a club? I'm do confused I need some back stories.
They wild as s*** smoking in the parking lot hot boxing and s*** lol
Run it!!