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chris brown's dancer Hefa Tuita

you have seen him right? how could you not of noticed that cute exotic dancer with the long braids or his hair is usually down. if you do not know who i'm talking about his name is hefa leone tuita. he is from spanish fork utah but resides in los angeles. hefa tuita is a star too. he ethnicity is of mixed hertiage. his mother is causcasion and his father is tongan. tonga is a island out in the pacific by hawaii and samoa. hefa and his two brothers soane and niua tuita are awesome . they sing and dance recently last year have been on dancing with the stars. but hefa tuita was on that show nekolodeans dance on sunset in 2008. also hefa tuita was in highschool musical 2and3 for disney. hefa tuita has many oppertunits opened for him. sense he has been danceing for chris brown, he has alo danced for neyo, janet jackson and j-lo. i think hefa tuita will go far in life and in his career. i just hope he stays grounded and humble he seems like a good person. so if any of you ever go to a chris brown show be on the look out for hefa leone tuita.