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All the stories i wrote that i had the patience to go find since i joined this site:

<a href="">Moon Light</a>

<a href="">First Impressions *A Short Tale*</a>

<a href="">L.I.F.E :What You Don't Get To See When The Camera Stops Rolling *New Story*</a>

<a href="">Past Lives*Short Tale</a>

<a href="">Fire && Ice</a>

<a href="">Poveglia</a>

<a href="">Don't Love Me*Short Story</a>

<a href="">Dreamstate:The Continuance</a>

<a href="">I Should Be</a>

<a href="">Twisted</a>

<a href="">Secret Blood Diaries</a>

<a href="">After The Storm*short Story</a>

<a href="">Snapped</a>

<a href="">The brown Family</a>

<a href="">Diary of a shattered soul</a>

<a href="">The princess and i</a>

<a href="">Where did he go</a>

<a href=""> Mythical Love</a>

<a href="">Born with this curse</a>

<a href="">Monster</a>

<a href="">1+1 desnt always equal 2</a>

<a href="">Motives</a>

<a href="">Chat Room LoveLine</a>

<a href="">U Used To Love Me</a>

there was one called "dont push me" but i can't find it
and there was one i co wrote with someone


Hello Sofeya lol...

wait i have to give you one

heyyyy sorimbria


yea buddy! keep on rackin' em up lexi!
you gon be in the hundred stories club
soon lol

heyyy brihanna and anastesthia

uhhh dont worry ill send ty to
get my snicker back later

Oh I'm sorry... I am supposed to be reading that. My bad lol.

yeaahhh that makes me want to go add
a snicker snatching lady told me to wait

*stomps little foot*

Yayyy okay... *Snatches the Snicker*

ill share my snicker if you forgive me :(

Yeah... uh huh... keep telling that lie...

my main mane

i had something uhmm or someone became a distraction
i still love you guys though

NOPE!! YOU LEFT US!!!! lol

hey ana banana

dont make me fall out bree cause you know i will


hiii guys :)

f*** your grr Ana lol.


lol i was adding off my phone

Okay... I got it down now... Let me bookmark some s***.... But those little ass paragraphs you were writing for 1+1. I can't deal lol.

ur in 1+1 thou

I just looked at Born With This Curse. I wasn't in that.

b**** u got tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many lmfaoo and i thought i put it up there but it was the <a href="">black dagger brotherhood</a>

and i think u were in born with this curse too

What about.... the one I was in... some s*** about a Brotherhood? lol.

Go find my stories lol