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A Summer To Remeber

Classes had just let out it was time for nique and her friends to start there summer. they didnt hav to worry bout college classes for sum weeksso they planed to go to cali for there summer break. nique rissa charli and kim was all paced and ready to fly off to cail the girls had one more class before they headed to the air port.

rissa (pov)

My bae legacy should be around here sum wer i want to see him befor we leave he mit be at his dorm ima go chec and see while the girls in there last class. As i gt close to his door i hear noises like moaning so i kindly open the door and sumn dat crushed me i thought my eyes was playn tricks on me my hart droped frm the pain i was filln.

nique (pov)

my last class had jus let out wen rissa came up to me cryn dis wasnt pose to be happn we pose to be happy its summer vaction no school for almost a month we pose to be havn fun now my homei gn be down cus she caught her man bangn another b**** in his bed smh i mite say sumn to his no good ass

charli (pov)

i was in class ready to gt out of here it was taken to lng i was ready to see cali


tick tock tick tock this class taken for eva its time for me to go im tryn to be on the beach

run it?


Up date soon tryn to keep the all updated

Aww, Ty feeling Nique! Oh, did he leave Char all by her lonesome??
Run it!!!

Niq pov

I woke to sumone holdn me n in a unfamiliar place i was bout to jump up til he spoke my hart was beatn fast as hell he sounded sexy as hell n the morning before i new it i was smilen he made me do dat yea we jus met bt i was really filln this dude he was so sweet

Tyga: baby lay back down im nt ready to let u go

Niq: ty (blush) i gt to go boo the girls must be worried n wondering wer im at

Tyga: no dey nt they no wer u at char gt locked out to so she stayed last nite to dis morning like at 9 she clled them told them yal was good so bring yoself here n lay wit me

Niq: lol ok

Char pov:

i had woke up early as hell wen no one was up n chose to go back to slp cus for one i was still slpy n two i wasnt ready to go so i made sure the girls new wer we was n wnt to slp now im back up n woke to no one next to me

Awwww they hittin it off pretty good glad my girl was there
Run it

Lol, she trust he won't do anything. But he shouldn't trust that SHE won't do anything. Lol
Run it!!!

Char pov

I gt to no j.c a lil betta as we walked the beach talkn n laughn he sweet n very sexy if i wouldnt hav neva gav him a chance i would hav been missn out it was startn to gt to late n my eyes was startn to gt heavy i guess he noticed

J.c: boo u ready to go back i cn tell u slpy

Char: (smiles) yea i am bt i think all the girls slp i mit nt beable to gt in i anit gt a key

J.c: o wel if u wnt u can stay at my place i promise nt to do nun

Char: ok

J.c pov

We gt to my place n we see niq there guess she couldnt gt in they must hav felt a lil releaved cus both of there nody langue changed n im glad cus i aint wnt her to fill uncomfortable cus i plan on maken her my girl yea i no dey dnt live here n they go to school bt so wat i can travel she was so sexy to me its gn be so hard for me to lay n hold her n my arms n nt do nun bt ima do it

J.c: so um if u wnt u cn take my bed n i can go slp out front

Char: ok bt no need u cn slp n yo bed its big enuf for us both i trust u wnt do nun

J.c: (smile) ok


Oh! Char! Mmm. You should be ashamed....horny ass. Lol
Run it

J.c: wat u think off me so far

Char: for the moment u seem ok

J.c: lol for the moment huh wel ima show u sum things ull like

Damn boy u jus dnt no i would like to show u sum things if u would let me lol

Char: o really like wat

J.c: if u keep me round lng enuf ull find out soon lol

Char: lol wateva ok if u say

J.c: cum on lets walk a lil

Char: ok

Ok update tonite

No T!!!!!!!! Don't do it. I haven't been on like I used to sorry.
Run it!!!

So theres no runs if nt ima dumb it

So theres no runs if nt ima dumb it

I havnt for gt bout yal srry for nt postn bt i will start back if yal want run or dump it

Update tomorrow

Run it :)

Tyga: ok yal do wat yal gn do cus me n nic bout to go gt to no each other betta lol

J.c: lol alrit

Niq: char u gn be ok

Char: yea im good ima sit for a min den head
Back i guess

J.c: she good niq i gt her

Niq: ok j.c

J.c: cum here charlie

Char: wat for im good wer im at

J.c: lol um i c u gtn smart i like you no dats wat turns me on u no charlie u sexy as hell n im really liken u bt i seem to gt this vibe that u dnt like me

Char: silent

J.c: ima take that hint n leave u alone dnt worry i wnt bother u no more

Char: wait j im srry i dnt mean to be mean to you thats jus me i dnt like to let ppl in realy guys like u

J.c: wat u mean guys like me

Char: (smile) the cute sexy conceded guys that think they cn gt any and every girl they wnt n let it go to they head

J.c: lol thats nt me at all baby

Char: wel thats how i c u

J.c: so u think im cute n sexy huh (smiles)

Char: (smiles blush) yes j i think ur cute n sexy ur happy now lol

J.c: lol a lil bt no cus u stil dnt wnt me cus u think im conceded wen im nt

Char: lol im srry j ok ill gt to no u a lil betta den now u happy(smiles)

J.c: (smiles) yup very boo

Char pov

Damn j.c smile is so sexy man i cnt stop lookn
At him or blushn the s*** maken me mad lol cus then he gn think he can smile at me all the time n ill fall for it

J.c pov

We make it to wer the gurls was at and they was shocked to see us there the whole time i couldnt take my eyes off charli that girl was to sexy i no she felt me wachn her she seemed like she was the shy one wen i first saw them bt ima break her out of it

J.c: so char wats up wit u why u aint talkn u letn yo girl here tel it all

Niq: lol she shy yal gt let her gt to no u a lil

J.c: i no she shy i saw it writen all ova her face and i wnt her to gt to no me


Lol, Tyga tryna get him some. Awww, Trey feelin me! I love you to Trey-Bear. Lol
Run it

run it

Chris: ok trey man wats up why you lookn down and s*** its cus of ol girl aint it she gt u gn man u really filln her huh

Trey: man yea yall aint see the shock on her face wen he slaped her or wen we me and tia punched the s*** out of him den her face wnt blank and wen i looked at her and she wouldnt look at me i saw she was embarrass she aint want me to see her

Chris: well trey all i cn say is give her a lil time then go ova there you no wer they stay we will see them again

Trey: yea u rite i no man ima jus giv her sum time alrite guys im bout to go chill till i fall to slp

Tyga: a j.c look nique and charli goin to the beach we should go out there wit them....

Ima up date tomorrow

Update lata or tomorrow

Amazing, but hard to read through the topic tho hah!
totally forget about these forums. check my fresh fanfiction! > first rihanna with chris brown fansite <3

aww they feeling each other :)
run it

Oshyn pov:

As soon as we walked out the club and was head back to our place i looked at rissa n saw the tears forming in her eyes to no she was hurtn like that cuz of the dumb ass guy she fal for smh that s*** made me mad i neva would hav thought legacy would sumn like this

Oshyn: awww rissa its gone be ok

Rissa: (crying) i no it's jus i cant believe he put his hands on me like dat and embarrassed me i cant show my face wat if we see those guys again and i was really liken trey

Nique: then rissa why you didn't giv him yo numb

Charli: and why did you run away wen he was tryn to help you hunny i think he really like you he looked very sad wen you walked out without sayn anything to him

Rissa: i no ( crying) i wanted to say sumthing but i didnt no wat (crying) im jus go lay down until i fall to slp

Chris pov:

My dude trey been lookn down eva seens we left the club rissa ex gt up after she left ain't say s*** either lol the whole time we was ther they was wachn us so trey wanted to leave bt i no why he worried bout rissa he aint even get her numb good thing j got charli numb even doe lil do the girls no our place is next to theres he'll hav his chance to get her number

nope she cant leave with out exchanging numbers at least with one of her girls so he can check in with her
and dam oshyn that my type of girl down ass one would throw a hot one
fuk legacy and his boys what they gon do
run it

Nique pov:

Before i turned my head to tel legacy a few words trey and oshyn punched the s*** out of him it happen so fast i was speechless like i aint oshyn would do dat lol that nigga was laid out for a good min his boys came ova after they saw him gt knocked out

Nique: damn oshyn gurl u ok u aint break yo hand did u

Oshyn: naw im good wat bout you trey

Trey: im good

Trey pov

The way rissa was look i new she wasnt ok and that bothered me i aint like the way she was lookn this s*** was crazy anyway cus dude jus had to pt hid hands on her n now his niggas want to cum ova here like they gn do sumn

Trey: rissa bby is you ok, let me see yo face,ohh baby let me get sum ice for yo face

Rissa:trey im ok i jus wnt to go come on gurls

Girls: ok rissa it was nice meetn you guys bye

o_0 Did this nigga, just call me a hoe and slap me. Oh hell to the muthafhuckin no!!! Who the f*** is he to be calling anybody a hoe. Nigga just hit me. f*** that s***, its going down. I know Taebo b****!
Run it

WHIP HIS ASS!!!! How dare he try to talk bout her bring a hoe smh run it sis :D