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Scared of Beautiful

<a href="">Scared Of Beautiful</a>

<em>No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful
Scared of the good, more than the evil
Scared of the light, more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for you
I’m scared of you
Scared of beautiful</em>




OMFG!!! THIS STORY IS FINNA BE THE SHIZ-NIE-EEEEE!!!! When I tell you I'm sooo ready for this damn story!!!! Bobbi's friend was f***ed up for tht move she pulled. Tht was some keyshia Cole trust and believe type s***. I would've beat tht hoe ass. Jay was right though it is time to move on and let it go. She needs to forgive and forget. Stacie is the perfect example of a jump off. (Chris and Rih together??? #Eww #Next !!!) Donovan need to stop f***ing with her ass she gone be done burnt his house down trynna cook lol. Shane is stupid af lol. He stuck on tht baby topic lol. Ik Chris gone try to hook up with bobbi at this party and Im hoping for a love connection once this story get started!!! Run itttt:)))

Bobbi will be somewhere in the midst of this. RUN IT!

I am so weak at Shane and Donovan.
Especially when he said 'baby mamas are real'
I have feeling Stacy would poke a hole in his condom.
She seems like the type to do that s***

Run it

Lol last add for the night. I'm chilling after this lol. I'll add again after I add to FOAF tomorrow. :) Thanks for the feedback so far. Ya'll think FOAF crazy?? Wait till ya'll see how this develops. I don't have to base it off of Chris Brown's life at all :)

“Aye nigga. How I look?” <a href="">Shane</a> asked me in the most manly way possible as I looked at him while shaking my head continuing to count the money from the register.

He smacked his lips when he realized I was ignoring him, “You a b*tch ass nigga.” He sighed disappearing into the piercing room to look over his outfit.

Shane and I had opened our own tattoo shop in West Hollywood and business has been booming since we first opened. We were getting a lot of buzz and high end clientele, mostly referrals from when we worked in another shop downtown. Our old boss was a coke head and had no idea how to run a business. Lucky for Shane and I, we had been running that shop on our own since he started his nasty habit. Opening our own business wasn’t as difficult with the experience we possessed.

“Aye, why couldn’t Joi pick Shia up from daycare earlier?” I asked referring to my God daughter as I heard Shane growl in the other room.

“Man, just being a b*tch like always. Said she had something to do and needed to take Shia to her mom’s house. I swear she be pissing me off with that sh*t. Trynna be on some ol groupie nonsense when she has a daughter to raise.” He said coming out the back adjusting his jacket.

“She just trynna trap a ball player. Let her live her groupie dreams.” I teased as I put the money we earned into our safe deposit box. Shane crossed his eyes at me before he started locking up all the rooms.

“I’m just trynna find something to f*ck tonight at TiTi’s party.” He said after locking the last door and I nodded in agreement.

“Me too. I hope Stacy’s crazy ass don’t come. I don’t need no repeats of last time.” I sighed standing up from behind the counter and locking it behind me.

“I can’t believe you still f*ck with that crazy devil headed hoe. She’s definitely going to poke a hole in your condom if you not more careful.” Shane warned as I followed him out the door.

I chuckled, “Nigga, every story ends with somebody getting a b*tch pregnant. You scarred for life.”

“Bruh, baby mommas are REAL!” He said while locking our front door. I pulled the gate down to cover the front of our building and he locked the bottom of it. Our spot was in a nice part of West Hollywood, but we had a lot of haters. We were extra careful when it came to the protection of our business.

I followed Shane to his 2006 all black Chevy Impala and hopped in the passenger seat when he unlocked the doors. I opened his glove compartment and pulled out the blunt he always kept in there before digging in my pocket to pull out a lighter.

“I’m going to be faded as f*ck tonight.” I said sparking up the blunt, preparing to catch this flight.

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1: i love the fact bobbi is dark skinned im tired of the main character in a story being light skinned
2: i feel bad for bobbi thas that maury jerry springer type n it dies make u think nobody can b trusted
3: okae bobs its been two years... Thas a whole nother relationship.. I understand grieving but damn girl
4: jay seem super cool n supportive but also the family member that will tell u exactly what u dnt wanna hear but u need to hear it *respect* plus its omari fine self
5:don he gon b a character i can tell- one of them do as i say not as i do type- hes gone have to b broken in
6:stace: -__- anywho... Moving on...

I like how Bobbi's cousin aint sugarcoatin s***!
I love him for that, she needed to hear that s***
His attitude is sort of a turn on.
Minus the disrespect and stuff
but that kind of makes him attractive.
He fr fr has Stacie wrapped around his damn finger.
He knew exactly what he was talking about.

Run it

Jay is right. Bobbi needs to let go what happened to her!! She can't dwell on it forever, but it will be hard for her to trust people. I can tell. Donovan...MALE SLUT or just a nigga who gives no f***s. Wonder what's in store for him?? Run it!!

Awwww, I like this! RUN IT!

I'm loving this already...

Her supposed best friend is a P.A.B. And her nigga aint s*** either.

Dudes is trifling.

But she needs to not let that s*** consume her anymore. Its been 2 years.. She's gonna scare away something great...

Damn, Donovan show's no mercy to these hoes.. Smh.. lol

I finished unpacking and threw on some sweats before jogging downstairs. I cringed at my reflection in the hallway mirror. I had grown to despise the sight of myself.

I walked into the dining room to find Jay sitting at the table looking on his lap top.

“Hey, there’s a bunch of hospitals hiring around here. I sent some links to your e-mail.” He said while taking a bite of his cereal.

“Yeah, I’ve been applying. I’m just ready to put this degree to use.” I sighed as I joined him at the table. I just recently graduated college with a nursing degree and a minor in communications. I had been working as a Medical Assistant part time while working at Macy’s throughout school, so I was more than experienced.

“Well, the help is definitely needed.” He said smacking hard on his food.

“Do you have to eat like a nigga?” I groaned as he gave me a stupid smile.

“Don’t know how to eat no other way cuz.” He chuckled as I shook my head.

“But yo,” He said putting his bowl down and then closing his laptop. “You trynna roll to dis party with me tonight? My best friend Tierre is throwing it.” I quickly shook my head.

“I’m cool.” I said flatly as he smacked his lips.

“Come on Bobbi, you need to meet new people. This is the perfect place for you to do that. There’s gonna be hella people there. Her Labor day parties are ALWAYS turnt up.” He pleaded as I shook my head again.

“I don’t f*ck with people Jay. You know this. Why would I surround myself around a bunch of muhfckas I don’t know? Think about it..” I sighed as I pulled out my phone. I only had a phone for social networks and apps. No one ever called me.

“Because I know you’re tired of being by yourself. That lonely sh*t gets old and pathetic Bobbi. You need to stop using it as a crutch for niggas to feel sorry for yo ass.” He spat as he stood up and grabbed his bowl.

“I don’t care if anyone feels sorry for me Jay. I’m not asking for sympathy.” I shot back, more hurt than offended that he said something like that to me.

“You are. You’ve been playing the victim for two years. Yeah what happened was f*cked up. But you decided to leave him and her in the past. Now either stay there, or move the f*ck on. I was sugar coating this sh*t when it was fresh, but I ain’t about to deal with your attitude for the next few months. You too old to be pouting all the gah damn time.”

As much as I wanted to argue with him he was right. I was going to stop being a b*tch. To him.

“Well, can we go to the mall so I can at least find something to wear?”



I walked out of the bathroom to the smell of something burning in my kitchen. I raised an eyebrow before walking down the hall way to see <a href="">her</a> standing there cooking what was supposed to be eggs.

“What the hell Stace?” <a href="">I</a> asked as she gave me an apologetic glance.

“I’m sorry baby, I was trying to cook breakfast for you.” She apologized making a cute expression but I wasn’t feeding into that sh*t. I just needed to know why she was still here and calling me baby at that.

“Oh, well,” I pretended to look at my watch. “You know I gotta head to work here in a little bit. I don’t really got time to eat.” I said watching her smile fade.

She angrily snatched the pan containing the eggs off the stove, and threw the whole thing including the pan into my garbage can before storming past me.

“Yo, what the f*ck?!” I yelled following her into my bedroom as I watched her put on her shorts mad as hell.

“What is this Don? Huh?! You just want to f*ck me and kick me out by the time morning comes. I know you don’t have to be at f*ckin work right now, the shop opens up at 12, you ass!” She growled as she started searching the room for both of her shoes.

“Stacy calm your ass down.” I sighed as she tried to brush past me to get her other shoe but I stopped her by grabbing her by her shoulders. Stacy was cool, but she had the worst temper, especially when she didn’t get her way.

“No, I’m not going to calm my ass down Donovan. We’ve been doing this for f*ckin six months and you still just treat me like I ain’t sh*t! I thought last night was different because you let me stay the entire night. We woke up together and that never happens.” She said quieting her voice as I cursed in my mind.

The truth was, I passed out after we had sex because I was way past faded. I think she did that to me on purpose. I knew the second I let her stay the night she was going to think this was something deeper than it really was.

“I already told you. I don’t want a relationship. I don’t want you thinking that by you waking up with me that was a milestone for us. I still feel how I feel.” I sighed as I walked past her and sat on the bed.

“What can I do to even change your mind Don? Or is this how it’s gonna be?” She asked in a soft tone as I shrugged while grabbing my remote and turning on the TV.

“You either rockin with me or you not. If you won’t, the next b*tch will.” I said flatly as I felt my phone vibrate. It was text from my best friend and business partner Shane.

<strong>Open up for me. I gotta drop Shia off to the BM.</strong>

I huffed a little as I went to text to him back. I felt Stacy’s ass straddle me while I did so. I knew she’d get over herself quick.

<em>You owe me nigga. You driving us to TiTi party afterwards then</em>

Stacy began to place soft kisses on my neck.

“I won’t trip no more baby.” She whispered before nibbling on my ear. That was a good girl.


That is some bold ass s***.
How the f*** you do some grimy
ass s*** like that ro your bestfriend.
I feel so bad for her. I hope she really does
find peace and serenity starting off new.

Run it

Damn they did her sooo f***ing cruddy!! I can't believe the heartache she had to go through!! That had to crush her. smh Hopefully LA is kinder to her. Run it!!

That's my anthem for every morning! I'm absolutely sure this story will be great just like all the others. Reading now!
Run it

Will add more TONIGHT after I get a few more comments. I'm so excited for this :)


<em>“Erick, can I go home? I’m not feeling too well..” I complained as I held my stomach. My supervisor looked at me, slightly turning his nose up. He never believed me when I said I was sick.</em>

<em>“<a href="">Bobbi</a>, this is the third time you’ve gone home sick in the past two weeks. Do you want a job or not?” He asked looking at me sternly as I frowned a little. We had a good relationship and he knew me better than that, I was just going through some things that I needed to clear up.</em>

<em>“Ok, I don’t need to go home completely. I just need an extended lunch break.” I worked in the Macy’s at the mall not too far from my house. I just had a hunch about something and had to make sure I was wrong. I prayed I was wrong.</em>

<em>“You have forty five minutes. Don’t bullsh*t me.” He said brushing me off as I nodded and went into the break room to grab my keys.</em>

<em>I sped walked to the parking garage and checked my phone. Still no reply from Jo. He had the day off and was at home not doing sh*t. It just didn’t make sense why I wasn’t getting a reply.</em>

<em>I pulled up in front of my apartment complex and tried to calm my pacing heart as I got out of my car. My hands trembled as I put the key up to my lock, trying to quietly open the door, until I realized it was already opened. It wasn’t like Jo to leave the door unlocked, unless he had just let someone in.</em>

<em>I quietly opened the door and tip toed my way into my own damn house. I looked around and noticed that he wasn’t sitting on the couch playing x-box like he normally was if I came home on lunch. I continued to look around for anything out of the ordinary till I heard noises coming from the bedroom.</em>

<em>I slowed my steps down and tried to listen more intently, and made out the noise to be soft moans. Not from a porno…but from real life.</em>

<em>I felt a knot in my throat as I rushed to <strong>our</strong> bedroom door and swung it open. I could have vomited at the sight.</em>

<em>“Are you f*cking kidding me Tashay!” I screamed as I witnessed my boyfriend Jo getting the ride of his life, from no one other than my best friend.</em>

<em>I blacked out.</em>

My thoughts were interrupted as the cab approached my Aunt Lisa’s house. She was giving me a chance to start over and make a better life for myself here in LA with her and my cousin Jay. I had spiraled into a deep depression after finding my boyfriend of three years sleeping with my best friend. The even crazier thing about that whole situation was that a week prior she had told me she was pregnant, and my dumb ass was happy for her not knowing it was his.

Watching it all unfold hurt my soul and I had attempted to overdose not too long after. I spent my birthday in a mental hospital, being watched like I was delusional. I haven’t been the same since.

Auntie and Jay suggested I get out of that city and start fresh. Meet new people and see some fresh faces.

I didn’t care to meet anyone though; people were not to be trusted.

The cab finally stopped and I saw <a href="">Jay</a> standing out in his driveway looking like a f*cking fool.

“What’s up cuz?!” He yelled putting his arms up as I opened the cab door and rolled my eyes.

“Yeah you look too “busy” to pick me up. F*ckin dck.” I spat as his smile quickly faded before he pulled me into a hug.

“Shut up. Don’t start yo b*tchin so early dawg. I just woke up.” He said wrapping his arm around my neck as the cab driver opened the trunk to grab my two suitcases.

Jay looked at the two bags I had brought with me, “This is it? This is all you brought?” He asked paying the driver my tab.

“Yeah. I gave away a lot of my stuff. Material things shouldn’t hold so much value.” I said running my fingers through my hair as he turned up his nose before grabbing both handles to my bags.

“Here you go with that hippie sh*t. You’ve changed cuz. I need to get you back to your roots.” He scoffed as I smirked a little before following him up the driveway. I looked around at my new neighborhood. It was quiet and peaceful. I just prayed I would find serenity here.

I like the song!! Run it!! I wonder where this is gonna go.

Listen to the song. Tell me if you like it! I'll be back with an add.....