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Scared of Beautiful

<a href="">Scared Of Beautiful</a>

<em>No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful
Scared of the good, more than the evil
Scared of the light, more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for you
I’m scared of you
Scared of beautiful</em>




Happy Belated! :) I love this story! Run it!

Oh gosh I hope this doesn't create even more bad blood between Don and Aaron...I'm loving that Bobbi brings out the best in Don and vice versa. This story is awesome. I need more!

Run it!

Run It!!


Aww Don is changing for Bobbi, slowly but surely. She has to be willing to give love or whatever this may be a chance. I'm glad Tierre is talking some sense into her. Aaron ain't too happy about it tho. We'll see how this all plays out. I'm glad they are hitting it off. I hope Don doesn't pull back to much, cu that gives her a reason to run. Bobbi running away is gonna give Don a reason to pull away so its a double edge sword with these two. Run it!!

i didnt start reading the story yet...i just picked it at random and as i started to read i noticed it was you writing it lol it mus be meant fr me to read you stories lol

Bobbi get with the program! T big ol mouth it!

Look....Bobbi better stop playing around before somebody comes along that's ready to give Don their heart. Then she fine be turning up her nose at the chick every time she's around. YOU BETTER LET THAT MAN LOVE YOUR ASS

I hope her and Donovan getting close won't be a problem for her and Aaron

bobbi gonna miss out on the good don all because she's scared . YOLO ! take a risk . you never know til you try . he kisses her in front of people , aka he's not ashamed & he's feelin' you . so stop with the BS and give him a chance . damn .

Oh and happy belated birthdayyyyyyy!!! I hope you enjoyed it:)))

Bobbi just needs to walk her ass over to that tattoo shop and tell don how she feel and that shes ready for this relationship. I mean she aint got no ride home so she might as well ride back with him.... I hope aaron's ass don't c**k block and let her know this is what she needs. Hopefully he'll be a good friend and tell her the TRUTH (tht she needs to get with don... like asap). I want to hear more ab aaron too. He been on the back burner in these last few adds. But back to bobbi and don..... They need to lets go with this s*** cause I'm getting impatient. Run it:)))

happy late birthday!
damm they gonna start fronting again!
i like the new change in Don!
i hella like how shad and tierre empathize on how he not like that!
bobbi hopp on it!
and dam Don sure do know how to read females! Bobbi is sure to be a freak!

run it!

Thanks for the birthday shout out too Andrea! I had a great day yesterday!!

thank you! more soon!!

Shane and I were closing up the shop after a long busy day. I hadn’t stopped doing tattoos and piercings since I walked in that morning.

“Yo, so what happened with Bobbi? Why ya’ll arrive together?” He asked me as I was wiping down all of the couches and chairs in the front room.

“I took her to get some food last night when we left Jays. And she uh..stayed over.” I said casually as Shane shot me a strange look.

“She what? You let her stay at your crib bruh?!” He asked to confirm as I nodded.

“Seriously?! So I’m sure you hit then right?” He questioned as I shook my head no. “The hell?! Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?!”

I shrugged, “I’m not the same when it comes to her man. I try so hard to act like I don’t give a f*ck when really I do. Something about her is different.” I said shaking my head as Shane did the same.

“She got you right where she want you.” He assured me as I nodded in agreement.

“She’s starting to. Which why I’m finna fall back. Bobbi ain’t ready for what all I was willing to give her. I need to know that she wants me too. So until she starts showing me that, I’m chilling.”

“You get that fine b*tch’s number earlier? That Yasmin chick?” He asked me changing the subject as I shook my head.


“Why the f*ck not?! She was willing to f*ck you outside!” He proclaimed as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Ain’t want her. She was sexy, but her approach was too obvious.” I told him as he gave me a straight face.

“Nigga. We LIKE obvious. Man Bobbi got you slippin. You finna be out here with desert d*ck f*ckin wit her.”

I smirked, “Nah not for long. Bobbi a freak.”

He scrunched up his face at me, “How you know?”

“I can tell she’s the type of girl that likes to please her man. In every way possible. She’s already catered to me and cooked me breakfast. She definitely caters in the bedroom as well. I know what I’m holding out for. I won’t be disappointed.”

“So you really ain’t gonna have sex until you hit Bobbi?!” He questioned as I gave him a crazy look.

“I ain’t say all that! I just ain’t gon try her until she ready for me. I still got my needs. A nigga don’t like to use his hands.” I finished as my mind instantly went to Karrie.


“So….ya’ll ain’t f*ck?! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this.” Tierre asked for the fourth time as I chuckled and shook my head. Her shift was over and she was at the nurses’ station bothering me until Aaron came to pick her up.

“Nope. He held me. All night. Like a gentleman.” Her eyes widened at that.

“That just does not sound like Don in the LEAST. For one, you stayed at his house. He ain’t never even let ME stay at his house. And for two, he didn’t try sh*t. He likes you.”

I sighed, “I know. And that scares me.”

“Why?” She inquired as I let out another small sigh.

“Just don’t want to get hurt. I thought I did everything right in my last relationship and still got cheated on..Plus I really don’t think I’m his type.”

“B*tch, he spooning with your ass you’re his type. Stop dismissing yourself. He <em>kissed</em> you before you came over here. And he doesn’t kiss people. I know deep down, Don has the potential to be a good guy. And for whatever reason he wants to be that with you. Take the opportunity.”

I scrunched up my nose, “Don’t know if I’m ready.”

She smacked her lips, “Don’t expect him to wait around for you to be. Don’t be mad when you see another b*tch tuggin at his shirt. Just saying.” She finished up as Aaron walked up smiling at the two of us.

He walked over and gave me a warm kiss on the cheek before greeting Tierre.

“What ya’ll over here yappin about?” He asked as I kept my lips zipped. Tierre had other plans.

“Her and Donovan went out last night!” She blabbed as I shot her an evil look. “What?”

Aaron furrowed his brows before looking at me, “Donovan? Thought ya’ll hated each other?” He asked as I gave a small shrug.

“He’s not so bad..” I said in a small voice as he looked at me closely. For some reason I really didn’t want him to know about Donovan and I.

“Hm..guess we got a lot to catch up on then.” He smirked as I gave a nervous grin.

“Guess so.”

& i thought it would be Don to put his wall up... i was wrong! dam bobbi u know u wanna let him in!
run it!

Run It !

Run It !

come on bobbi dont act like that, u see that man wants u. stop being so damn stubborn

Girlfriend huh???LEMME FIND OUT:)))

Girlfriend? Claiming Lil'Bobbi already?!? How cute!!


Happy Birthday Nicole!

aha ! he didn't deny that ' girlfriend ' comment . idk how some girls can be that damn thirsty . it blows my mind . ugh , Bobbi do you always have to ruin a good momemt ? let that damn guard down and let him in . he's doing it for you , now it'syour turn . so shut up & kiss him ! shane c**kblocked all over the damn place .

Here bobbi go with this damn wall she keep putting up. She needs to chill Tf out and just let this relationship happen. Ik she feeling like its gone hurt her but she'll never know untill she tries..... run it:)))

awww!!! he ddnt deny the girlfriend word!!! this story is becoming my new addiction =)

run it!

They've both been hurt...Bobbi has to realize's hard for Donovan to open up too...but he's trying...and she has to try to...she really does bring out a different side of him...the good sweet side...and it's adorable.....umm..that Yasmin chick...yeah boo....he's off limits...and he just let you get ya tattoo and a sip of water for the dry throat..and remove yourself.

That was so sweet!! can she not fall for that lol


Awww I wish Bobbi would really open up to Don. He really likes her and I know she likes him too, she just needs to keep her guard down for good! I smiled so hard when Don accepted the compliment that Bobbi was his girlfriend, that just proves his feelings for her are genuine. I just hope Bobbi can truly see this one day! RUN IT!!!