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Red flames engrossed my eyes sight while black smoke filled my lungs. The dry coughs that came from my mouth begged for clean oxygen. But my heart begged for Taylor. I glanced up at the burning ceiling. How could I let this happen? I promised her nothing would happen. I raced down the hall and found her lifeless body stuck under a burning board. I did my best to get it off from her not caring if I injured myself in the process. The only pain I felt was knowing that she was hurt. I heard voices. I didn’t care. I picked up her body bridal style and carried her out of the burning house. My ears where ringing because of the explosion. I looked at my crew, my family, they were covered in soot and making sure one another was okay. I don’t give a damn about them. All I need is her. I laid her on the ground away from the shattered glass and debris. I heard the voices but I couldn’t focus on just one. I caused this girl hell. I killed her mother, I kidnaped her and her siblings and made her feel like s***. But im in love with her. If i ever got the chance to tell her after this I will. I will worship the ground she walks on and pray to every God that human knows thanking them for letting her live. My life is a battlefield. She is my holy ground. My sanctuary. My everything.


Hey guys sorry about not updating. My girlfriend moved away and I was dealing with tha. Thanks for understanding. And if you dont then... well i have no words for you lol. Enjoy the add!

Taylor’s POV
I opened my eyes to someone shaking me. it was Riley. He was the nicest one ofut of the bunch.
“Hey you guys should wake up,” he smiled softly at me.
I would have returned the smile but in all honesty there is nothing to smile about. I nodded my head still not meeting his eyes. When I looked up he was gone. I sighed and gently woke my sister and brother up. They were both scared out of there minds but in knew as long as I kept my cool, they would too.
“Taylor, are we going to die?” Malik asked me with curious and frightened eyes that looked as if they would fill with tears. Before I could answer someone else did.
“No,” it was Chris, “unless you get on my nerves.” he smirked right at me. I fought the urge to groan and roll my eyes.
“Why are we up then?” Malik questioned.
“ Oh my f***ing God kid stop with the questions!” Chris yelled. Malik’s eyes watered and he buried his head into Cassidy’s arm who sat there silently just looking around the room. Chris must have felt bad because he sighed and shut his eyes while rubbing his temples. He looked up and coldly stated, “we are going shopping. Let’s go.” And with that he started to walk up the stairs.
We walked up the stairs a little later after washing our faces and rinsing our mouths out with mouth wash that Riley gave to us last night. When we got up the stairs we saw all the guys eating Breakfast. We stood there quietly until Chris asked if we were ready.
“I cant wear this to the mall,” I stated while looking down at the shorts and tank top I had on. Chris rolled his eyes and groaned. “well what the f***, does it look like I have girl clothes?” he asked in a ‘Duh’ tone. Then Nick raised his hand, “ I do.”
Caleb spit out his orange juice all over Moose’s face, and then Riley started choking. Chris raised his eyes and I think I saw Malik turn his head slightly to the side and Cassidy giggled.
“They are Olivia’s you ass holes.” Nick explained
“Well you say it like we know what you do on your days off.” Moose said still laughing.
Nick rolled his eyes and ran upstairs to, I guess, get the clothes that he was talking about. When he came back down he had a Yale sweatshirt with some black leggings and a pair of old sperry’s. I wasn’t really into the whole wearing other peoples clothes, but they smelt clean and I would rather go in this than what im wearing now. I excused myself and walked into the bathroom that was near the front door and changed into the clothes. I tried to fix my hair up a little but there is only bit so much I can do. My hair is naturally wavey and I don’t have a hair tie so I put some water on it hoping to tame the frizz.
When I walked out of the bathroom my siblings looked relieved and the boys were laughing, well everyone except Chris and Moose who liked like he was pouting. Cassidy came and stood by me and asked me to help her take her hair as well, I smiled down at her and put it into a better ponytail. I put a little water on Malik’s hair as well.
“Are you guys ready?” Chris asked in his usual annoyed tone.
I nodded my head and grabbed Malik’s hand and nodded my head to Cassie telling her that it was alright to follow Chris out the door. Then I stopped Chris and told my siblings to walk on. he had a confused and irritated look on his face. But do I give a flying monkey? No sir, I don’t.
“ Look Chris ill make a deal with you,” before I could even finish senior ass hole cut me off.
“And why the hell would I make a deal with you?”
I ignored him. “ ill be the perfect little angel at the mall. I wont cause any scenes or scream bloody murder and I will keep my siblings in check. But you have to let me invite my best friend. Please Chris.”
He looked at me with a face that just read ‘oh hell naw’, but then he nodded his head yes. I smiled at him and held my hand out for his phone so that I could call Nicki. I have so much to tell her. She is probably freaking out.

i will have an update ready by tomorrow. Had to hit the gym extra hard to work off my Thanksgiving food

Awww thts so sad this is good btw

Chris’s POV
I drove in silence. I cant stand this girl. Im not even sure what it is about her. I didn’t mean to yell at her brother , but my head is seriously throbbing. The kid continued to cry until he eased back into his sleep, while the younger girl silently looked out the window. The smell of weed inflated my nostrils and I sighed loudly while rolling down my window. Just another hour left Chris.
I pulled up to the driveway of the safe house and got out. I didn’t bother to wait for the guys because I told them I didn’t want any part in this. They want them in here they will carry them. I walked straight up to my room and closed the door. I didn’t bother locking it because my room is sort of the chill spot. Minutes later everyone walked through the door occupying themselves with nonsense. Everyone but Riley.
“Where is Riley,” I questioned.
All I got was shrugs and I don’t give a f***’s. just tehn Riley walked through the door and sat down on the bed next to me.
“What I miss?”
I shrugged, ”Where was you at?”
He shrugged, “I was helping that Taylor girl.” He said while rubbing the back of his neck. I looked back at him. “What do you mean you were HELPING her?!”
“ Look man, you should really be nicer to her. I mean come on, she is all on her own with her younger brother and sister. We obviously killed her mom tonight and by the looks of it she doesn’t have a father. I know how that feels to be all alone. I may be in a gang but I am not heartless.” Riley said to me with a straight face.
I rolled my eyes completely uninterested. I didn’t want them here anyway but to make him shut up I answered him by walking out of the room going towards the basement where I knew they had put them. I jogged down the stairs and I saw the three of them huddled in the corner. She cradled the little boy while he slept and the young girl leaned on her shoulder while sleeping. She must have noticed me because she quickly wiped her tears away and groaned at the sight of me. “Yeah well I don’t like you either.” I simply stated.
“Look if you are here to make my life worse, can it wait till the morning. I don’t think Malik can take anymore surprises<” she said softly. She looked so sad. I felt bad. But not that bad.
“I just came down here to tell you that I know how prissy you women can be, and there is a bathroom down the hall. It doesn’t have a shower but it has a toilet and a sink and a mirror. The room to the left has a mattress. You and your… family can sleep on it.” With that I made my way up the stairs.
When I made it back to my room everyone was gone. And I was glad. I was sleepy as hell. Tomorrow would bring problems and I just knew it would. I don’t think that Boss knew that this lady had kids, but then again I don’t really think that he would care. I ran my hand down my face and sighed. They would need clothes and food and ugh that little boy has to go to school. what have I gotten myself into.
I can honestly relate to their issues but I choose not to. My father walked out. f*** him. He dead anyway. My mother left my sister and I for some man. f*** her too she can go to hell. I had to make a living for my sister and I. that’s how I met Boss. He helped me and my sister get off the streets. But I worked for Boss while my sister went to school. my sister was my heart. She was 3 years old when our mother left us. She was the only thing in this world that could ever make me smile a true smile. No matter how busy with this life I was I always made sure I spent time with her. I would go days without sleep because I knew I had to be both her mom and her dad so I had to give her double the attention. I was 14 so I did my best. When I turned 18 she was 7. I didn’t have time to pick her up from school so she had to walk the 4 blocks by herself. But I worked the corner that was halfway to our apartment so she would walk right passed me. When she finally his my corner someone shot 4 times. 3 of the bullets went into her chest. That day she died, was the day that the real me died. I will never forgive myself. I should have made time for her. I made her a promise that I would always protect her. Alana was the only girl in my life. The only person I had to love and the only one who truly loved me. She didn’t care what I did because everytime I came home she ran right into my arms and said she loved me. It didn’t hit me until after her funeral. It was just me the boys and of course Boss paid his respects. When I got home I walked by her room. It was painted purple and Riley did the graffiti on her walls so that she had the Disney princesses on them. It hit home. I slept in her room on her princess bed for a month crying.
I shook the bad memory of Alana’s death out of my brain. I wish I could block it but to be honest I still had a few of her dolls that she loved to play with. I pray every night asking God to look out for her in heaven because she has no one else in that world or the next but me. that night I cried myself to sleep wanting for my sister to come back to me. I reached under my bed and grabbed her favorite doll and cried into it.

Thank you, I will work on the pictures and you will find out Riley's story first. in time you will grow to learn about all of the characters. Thank you for your advice. Oh and Im Isaiah!

this is really good and i like it chris is such an ass the kid is clearly scared dang what made him so heartless i would really like to see pictures of all the people if u know how to post them if you dont u can make a post on the fan fiction and people will help you im nic by the way and i would like to know how they all got in the gang or thug life where are their families how did they get good at shooting and kidnapping

Taylor’s POV
I was being pushed into a black van by a big ass dude. I looked over my shoulder and saw them roughly push Malik. My blood boiled. I got in the van and positioned myself so that I was in between Cass and Malik. I held them both as close as I could while they both silently cried. I couldn’t cry. I wouldn’t. I don’t have time to be weak because now I have to work ten times as hard to keep them safe. At first it was just safe from my mom. But she is dead. I know she is. I hurt the sound twice. Now I have to protect them from 5 guys who are completely heartless. After about 20 minutes of driving I looked at my brother and sister. Malik had fallen asleep but he shook every now and then, Cassidy was just silently looking out of the window. She is very quiet and curious.
“So since you guys aren’t leaving anytime soon maybe we should get to know each other,” said a big guy with braids. He was quite gorgeous but the whole being in a gang was kind of a turn off. after I said nothing to acknowledge that he was even talking to me he turned around from the passenger seat and flashed a big smile. “Im Nick.”
“I’m Riley,” said the one sitting directly behind me.
“I’m Caleb,” said one with the pretty hazel eyes.
“I’m Moose,” said the guy while lighting a blunt before blowing smoke in my face.
I nodded while fanning smoke out of my face. I didn’t want to interact with them but he is right. They cant let us go, not without killing us that is. “My name is Taylor,” I said softly. All the boys nodded and turned there directly to the ass hole who was driving. That light bright monkey looking ass nigga. Nick smacked him on the shoulder and he made a painful and annoyed groan.
“Damn. My name is Chris,” he sated, “ but uh you will be saying it soon.”
I rolled my eyes, “ugh your so full of yourself. Don’t nobody want you.”
He smirked and rolled his eyes, “we will see about that babygirl.”
“Did you not hear me or are you deaf. My name is Taylor. Not babygirl. And while your busy staring at me through the mirror I suggest you keep yours eyes on the road instead of running off of it.”
That comment cause Moose to stifle a chuckle. Chris just rolled his eyes and focused back on the road while gripping the steering wheel extra tight. Then I felt Malik jump harder than he had been. I looked down at him and he quickly opened his eyes and looked around a little bit obviously remembering what happened. He started crying a little loudly while I tried to calm him.
“Shh baby it’s okay,” ii kissed his forehead and he cried harder. I tried my best not to strart crying b ut it broke my heart. He is terrified that something is going to happen to him. And I cant make any promises to keep him safe because in all honesty I’m scared too.
“Aye kid shut the f*** up!” Chris rudely yelled at my brother and rolled his eyes.
The tears slipped out of my eyes, “don’t you dare talk to him that way. He wouldn’t be so afraid if you wouldn’t have been such an ass to us.” At this point the tears fell on their own and I couldn’t stop them. I didn’t have the energy to try. My life just went from bad to worse. I never thought I would say it but I miss my mother. And these guys killed her. I swear if I make it through the night I will thank God for my life.

Thank you ladies for reading my story but I have to give credit where its due. my older sister helps me with understanding the female mind. Please let me know if Idont make it sound like a female mind. And if im not as sensitive as some females are. Give me honest feedback and i promise I will fix any areas to make me become a better writer

Damn... He just shot her like it wasnt nothing..

I'm kinda glad she's dead though and I'm pretty sure the kids are too...

I still cant believe she tried to poison her own son... Just pitiful...

Denise on some real s*** is a bad mother.
Like who the f*** let you have kids.
I hate people who are unfit to be parents.
Oh he a thug nigga huh?
I wonder what his story is tho?
He just shot they mama like that?
I feel no remorse, so its whatever.
I hope they atleast treat Taylor and her
younger siblings right.

Run it

Please excuse some of the errors I made, I didnt have time to proof read.

Chris’ POV
I absolutely hate when Boss makes me and the boys “work” on Fridays. Especially when he knows that we have plans. Yeah I’m in a gang. Build a bridge and jump off of it. Don’t judge me because you don’t know s***. And I don’t have to explain anything to anyone because you are irrelevant. I wouldn’t say I love what I do. But I will say that I love living and eating so I do what I got to do to make it work. Me and my boys are the best there is. No one can touch us. Our Boss is a lazy fat f*** who just orders us around, but the pay day is nice.
Right now we are on our way to kill some lady. She has owed Boss money for a while now and he is sick of her excuses. Me personally I don’t see what the point is because either way his ass aint getting paid. But oh well. Caleb will be happy, he gets trigger happy. Nick is our tech guy. He makes sure that when we go on our big jobs that we have eyes everywhere. Moose is himself, he just goes to look good and crack jokes. He tries to lighten the mood because he doesn’t like to be pissed all the time. And Riley is the one who disposes. As for me, im the leader, what I say goes. But these are my boys. We are like family.
“how much longer man im tired and hungry,” Moose complained. I just ignored him. Im getting a migraine. Between Riley and Nick arguing on who is hotter between Beyonce and Mariah Carey, and then Caleb and Moose’s constant complaining and smoking, It will make me go crazy. I rolled down my window letting in some fresh air.i don’t smoke. “Aww whats wrong Brown cant take a little smoke?” Caleb laughed. I cut my eyes at him through the mirror that caused the laughter to cease.
“NAw, I just like my lungs being clean,” I stated back in an annoyed tone. This caused laughter to flow through the car as well as an eye roll or two. “ That’s probably the only thing that’s on you that’s clean.” Nick commented after taking another drag of the weed before passing it back to Riley. Ill admit it. Ive f***ed around with a lot of girls. All protected. But I get tested all the time and I keep myself clean so they can kill theirselves.
Another 15 minutes went by and we where finally in the neighborhood where the b**** lived. Nick helped me navigate through the rows of houses until we found the correct one. it was a 2 story home, not really in a quiet neighborhood. But that was better for us. Gunshots are like doorbells on this part of town. We quietly got out the car after tucking a gun into our jeans. I looked in the window of the car and checked my reflection and licked my lips. Damn im fine, I chuckled to myself. My boys and I where ghost. We silently crept through the yard. 2 in the back 2 in the front and me, I went through the window. To my pleasure it was the room of the lady we were supposed to take out. Before she could even realize that she should scream I put 2 hot bullets in her brain. Job well done if I must say so myself. Then I heard noise coming from downstairs. I quickly jogged down and saw Riley holding a little boy around 5 or 6 years old, Moose holding a girl who was about 13 and Caleb holding a girl who was at least 18.
“Let them go! Let them the f*** go!” the eldest screamed while trying to break away from Caleb’s grip. All of them had guns to their heads and I became annoyed quickly. Golden rule on gang banging was leave no witnesses. But I already had a body count of one too man y and im about to add 3 more to it. The screams from the older girl really started to get on my f***in nerves so I c**ked my gun which caused all eyes to go on me.
“ Look babygirl you cute and all but your voice is really starting to get on my damn nerves.” I stated matter a factly. “Yeah well your presence doesn’t exactly excite me hun,” she said with a duhh tone. Oh no this hoe didn’t. I yanked the younger girl from Moose and put the gun to her head and watched the older one stiffen. “Aint talking s*** now are you?”
I got no reply. I looked at the boys and shoved the girl back at Moose and nodded.
“Wait!” Nick yelled.
I turned to him with surprise all over my face. He looked down, “maybe we shouldn’t kill them.” I looked uup at the ceiling hoping to keep my anger at a low frequency but he was making it hard.” Now why in the HELL would we do that? We let them go and they will run to the damn police. And they have seen our faces Nick. Damn you don’t f***ing think!”
“No we wont I swear,” said the younger girl. But I ignored her. Then Riley spoke up, “maybe Nock is right man. Maybe we should just let them live. But we can take them with us that way we know for sure they don’t tell the police.”
“For Christ sake if your going to kill us can you make it snappy, I mean damn I have an afterlife to live!” shouted the older girl. I rubbed my temples, this girl is really getting on my f***ing nerves. i stepped closer and got in her face, well being that she is kind of short she barely came to my shoulder. “Look im in charge of your life right now. I suggest you loose the attitude because I can just kill you and take the shorties.”
That statement caused the little boy who has been fairly quiet, to make a loud sobbing noise calling for someone named Taylor. Im guessing that’s little miss b****y’s name. I rolled my eyes becoming bored quickly with this scenery. “ Fine we will take them, but you guys are explaining this to Boss if he finds out. I want no part in this.” I said and walked out of the house before anyone could even reply to my previous statement. For some reason that Taylor girl bothers the hell out of me and I just may commit suicide from the sound of her voice. This is going to be a long ride home. No its going to be a long life, because I cant risk letting them go and telling on us. I have no time for that.

Taylor’s POV
as if on que Denise walks through the door. Her makeup looked between the lines of f***ed up and hoeish. Her naturally curly hair, that I admired as a little girl, was thrown all over her head like a wig that wasn’t brushed. Her eyes where bloodshot and she reeked of alcohol. There was no doubt in my mind that she was high off some drug. Malik scooted closer to my chest, obviously disturbed at the horrific sight that is his mother. Cassidy didn’t even look away from the tv. It was sad.
Looking back my mother wasn’t always like this. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, im not just saying that because she is my mom, but because its true. My favorite memory of her is when I was about 10 years old. We use to cook in the kitchen dancing around and singing to the music that would be known to me as old school but to her it was what music really was. Her voice was so beautiful and comforting. But now I like her a lot better when she isn’t home. After daddy died in combat while he was overseas she completely shut down. I use to wait outside of her door so that when she came out she would see me and feel better. To know she wasn’t the only one that was hurting. But I soon figured out that looking at me brought more pain to her. And for a long time I wished I didn’t look like my father. Just so that she would stop hurting. Because she spent all her time hurting I didn’t have time to. I had to care for myself and Cass. I even went to a parent teacher conference at the age of 12 because my mother was absent in our lives. When she got pregnant with Malik she started drinking more and doing drugs. And she didn’t care who saw. She even did crack in front of Cass. But by the grace of God, Malik was born healthy. Premature, but healthy.
“Why don’t I smell food,” Denise asked me. Well rather she yelled causing me to look up from my thoughts.
“There is nothing for me to cook Denise.” I said b lankly. Yeah I call her Denise to her face. I told you I refuse to call her mom.
“Ugh instead of wasting your time at school, maybe you should get a f***ing job so that we have food!”
I didn’t even reply to her. It wasn’t worth it. I looked over at Cassidy who was on the verge of tears. She knows how hard it is for me to be able to concentrate in school. But im making it. “Okay.” Was all I could manage to force out of my mouth. That seemed to upset her even more because she continued to yell. I blocked her voice out. Malik was lightly shaking, indicating that he was crying. When Denise finally walked away after calling my brother and sister a mistake, I told Cass to put her jacket as well as Malik’s jacket on. I walked up to my room and grabbed a 20 from behind my head bored where I saved more than a thousand dollars. It was emergency money that I had saved so that I cant us away from here as soon as possible. I walked down the stairs quietly so that I wouldn’t wake Denise up. I picked up Malik and grabbed Cassidy’s hand, and we made our way to McDonalds. I purposely don’t cook at home. Denise tried to poison Cassidy one time. We either ate out or we went to my best friend Nicki’s house. She is like a sister to me and she knows everything. Her family opens up there home to us. Well mainly just her. Her parents are never home. Ever. And to think… this is how I spend my Friday nights. Walking to McDonalds with my brother and sister in the cold. Man I miss my Dad.

Aw, shes a good older sister.
Her mom tho, I have no words.
She aint s*** if she aint women
enough to watch her own children.

Run it

He fell in love with the girl he kidnapped?
Not only that but he killed her family.
I need more of this.
I like how this is a story from a real males perspective.

Run it

Damn, he just killed her mom AND kidnapped her?

Her mom sounds like she doesnt deserve to live shoot, if she's not gonna act like one.

This is really good. Cant wait to read more.

*2 years earlier*
Taylor’s POV
I danced around my room while Trey Songz blasted through my speakers. Sometime I wonder if God out does himself because that man is just beautiful. I stopped dancing and glanced at my night stand. I saw the pictures of my younger brother sister. Cassidy my sister is 12. She can be a pain in the royal ass if you let her. And Malik who is 5. Every time I look at them I smile. They mean everything to me. I am like their mother. Our mother, Denise, isn’t much of one. she is a whore. I know it isn’t nice to call your mother that but that is what she is. I stopped calling her mom after Malik was born because that is when she disappeared. She is never home and when she is home she is rude as ever to Cass and Mailk. It bugs the s*** out of me but at the same time I know that I cant do anything because she is after all still my mother.
I knew that scream from anywhere, someone, most likely Malik, is hurt. I rushed down the stairs panic shooting through every inch of my body but it soon went away when I saw a flash and Cassidy on the floor laughing to the point that she couldn’t breath.
“What are you laughing for? Is Malik hurt?” I knew the answer to the questions before I even asked them but I had to in order to keep from going completely off on her. “Your face,” was all she said before going back into fits of giggles.
I rolled my eyes. I looked over onto the couch and saw Malik calmly playing with his LeapReader. He looked up at me with his chocolate orbs and smiled at me. I looked back over at Cass who had finally stopped laughing, she looked worried.
“ Are you mad at me,” she asked in a scared tone.
I shook my head no and smiled at her before bringing her into a hug. And I wasn’t. I cant stay mad at her. She looked up at me with the same big brown eyes that our father had.
This was an everyday thing, as annoying as it may get at times I wouldn’t change it for the world. After I pulled out of the hug I sat down on the floor with Malik in my lap and Cass on my side as we watched a Disney movie. I looked down at my watch and I knew that a good day would take a turn for the worst at any moment. Denise would be home soon, and that was enough to ruin anyones day.

Oh wow. Killed her family, that's sad. I'm speechless right now. Great job! This sounds so intresting!
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This is really good. And damn he killed her family though?

I need to hear more about this.

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