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All In The Family

Author:Lexi Insane B.
Tittle: <a href="">All In The Family</a> / <a href="">All In The Family</a>

"mmmmaaaaa"<a href="">Chaos</a> screamed barging into our room."what is it"Kirk asked as <a href=",woman,curly,hair,hair,hair,inspiration,plaid,woman-9041af257ac51190ec2f862870a61e3f_h.jpg">I</a> buried my head under the pillow."tell Reven to stop touching my stuff she always in my s*** and never puts it back where its suppose to be"she said with one hand on her hip."stop lying i do too put it back"<a href="">Reven</a> said now charging into the room."whatever just tell her stay out my stuff i gotta go"chaos said rolling her eyes."and where are you going this time of night"kirk said pointing to the clock that read 11:20.Chaos sucked her teeth and said "i'm going to catch a midnight movie with <a href="">Tyler</a>,<a href="">Cairo</a>,And <a href="">Kingston</a>" Chaos said with an attitude."keep talking to me like that young lady and you won't be going back in this house no later then 2 and i mean 2 i will come looking for you if i have to"Kirk said waving her away."UGhhhhh!"chaos said stomping out the room."just for that go tell your sister i said she has to take you or else she can't go anywhere"Kirk said."okay"Reven replied skipping out the room happy "oohhhh Chaos"."why do you do that"i asked."do what...that child needs to learn to have some respect"he said laying back down wrapping his arms around me."i guess..but sending Reven with her isn't helping the situation"i said."i know its just for fun"Kirk said smiling into my neck.I shook my head and went back to sleep.

"hey guys"Chaos said walkign up to the group with Reven trailing behind."I see you brung Bratzilla"Tyler said poking fun of Reven.Reven just sticks out her tongue and starts txting."yeah i guess my dad was tryna be funny"Chaos said rolling her eyes."welp you not the only onw"Kingston said as <a href="">Safiyah</a>,<a href="">Levi</a>,<a href="">Haven</a>,<a href="">Mayleen</a> And <a href="">Pharaoh</a> walked up."damn! looks like we mobbing tonight"Chaos said as everyone laughed."well lets get on line"Safiyah said grabbing Levi's hand.We all stood online playing around and joking until someone bumped into Chaos."um excuse you"Chaos said turning around."your excuse bissh" The girl said making her friends giggle.Chaos took a deep breath and turned around and faced up."you okay"Asked Tyler."5,4,3,2,1"Chaos said balling up her fist taking deep breaths."just chill boo"Cairo said rubbing Chaos shoulders." that you"the girl said causing us all to turn around again."ugh! what are you doing her Jamie"c asked."tryna see a movie obviously why u gotta be so stuck up now tryna act hollywood for your lil hoe"Jamie said flicking Chaos hair."that's it!"chaos said punching the girl in the face,grabbing her hair throwing her on the ground."oh hell no"he r friend said trynna jump in only to get closed lined by thing safiyah ,mayleen and reven jump into the fight as well when the rest of her friends try to help out."DAmmnnnn!'all the boys says just sitting back watching the fight."um should we break this up"Pharaoh ask."unless u wanna get hit by accident i'd advise you not to"Kingston says.Soon the security comes and breaks up the fight throwing everybody off the line."mann now what we going to do"Haven says."i don't know but i want a round 2 b**** gonna wait till the security got me to hit me in the face like no b****"Tyler said getting loud."chill we gonna catch the b****es slipping no worries over here....lets go to the cheese cake factory"Chaos said causing everyone to agree.


yeah i know it was type short but i got s*** to do may add again later
but run it