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welcome to Magic City (Rated M)

Working a Nine to Five wasn't for me. I was that girl that always wanted the money, the cars, the niggas, the house. That's the life I wanted, and needed, I finally got it ! Btw why way my name is <a href="">kira</a> but I'm mainly known as "BabyKakes" and im from Atlanta, NO im not a porn star i am a stripper, i have some standards now aha. I know a stripper life is kinda on the edge and some of you may be thinking what the hell but i was comfortable with this life and im glad to be where i am and i don't plan on going back to where i was...maybe


FLASH BACK (age Nine Years Old)

"KIRA BRING YOUR ASS HERE!". I put down my book and slowly made my way down the Smokey, loud and crowded hall way and made my way to the living room where my so called mom was. "KIRA BABY COME HERE", i made my way to here as niggas and her female friends stared at me. And guess what they were strippers, i finally made it to where sge was seated as she pulled me in her lap. "kira i want you to meet Travis", she said as she smirked and as looked up at him while he bit his lips,"hey lil mama". My heart vegan to beat fast as a tear ran down my eye. "Kira go give him a lap dance for mommy", "but mo-", "KIRA SHUTUP AND GO DO IT!!". He grabbed my hand tightly as he placed some drugs in her hand and threw me over his shoulders as he took me down the hall into the empty room. I screamed and kicked as he slammed me on the bed and slapped the hell out of me. He then climbed between my legs and as a shocking pain hit me down below. All i could do was gasp in pain. "Damn b**** you tight", he trusted even harder and harder. I laid there as he took my life away from me, how could someone do this to me, i didn't deserve this. He finally finishes as i laid lifeless , he stood up and pulled his pants back as he laughed and walked out. BANG BANG BANG, gun shoots rung in my ear, as i tried to gather my thoughts and hide, but i couldn't because the pain was getting worse. My door busy wide open and there he stood a man...dark skin, tall and built, "damn! Aye someone come help me".

I heard more footsteps come down the hall, as another guy came in he was brown skin and average height. "Damn boss she's bleeding, she's worthless to me", "man she was me get her up". They both wrapped a blanket around me and carried me down the hall, as i laid my head on his shoulder as they carried me through the shot up house i saw my mom...dead...i didn't care she deserved it. My eye began to close as they put me the car, i was knocked out.



"kira wake up", i slowly opened my eyes and saw my friend sitting in front of me eyes wide opened. "girl if you don't get out my face", she smacked her lips and got up, "Come on! We gotta go". "look i don't have to go no where plu-", "oh yeahh you gotta get a day so from Quincyyyy". If you didn't know, "<a href="">Quincy</a>" is the guy who saved my life and the person who i love....I know it sounds weird but i love him...ALOT. "Quincy has no say so of whatever...hes my boss" (lies). "A boss you loves his employee". Sge laughed and walked out of my room. I looked at my phone and saw 17 missed calls from him. "s***"..



quincy is craaaazy..he gon end up killin her if she stay..especially if he finds out she been messing with chris..RUN IT!

Run It Plz!!!

damn hope she be good seems like she hav been raped seens she was lil smh that nigga q aint s*** he need his ass whooped run it

Nigga who the f*** does he think he is! Chris probably put it down better than Quincy. And oh, we hitting women now! Holy s***, what did I miss. Wait wait, why is she sinking in the bathtub and falling asleep. Don't drown! ¡Ay Dios Mio!
Run it

lol ill be adding more later <3

wtf....???! she needs 2 leave like asap. he the type thatll murder a bytch...n chrus needs 2 explain his damn self rns...i need another add--dat shyt done pissed me off!!!

Chapter 2: Whats in The Dark Will Come to Light

Morning came and Quincy still wasnt there. I rose up out of bed and took a shower and decided to make breakfast. 9 o clock came he still want here, like where the hell could he be, WHERE!?. I groaned and got up to put the pots and plates in the sink, thats when my phone started vibrating and it was Chris. I rolled my eyes and picked up my phone, i opened imessage and to my surprise it was a unexpected picture of him with a text saying, "you dont see anything lil do you?". I bit my lip and put down my phone, i shook my head and chuckled. "This boy is crazy", he then shot another text asking if i wanted to chill later, my mind began to wonder what would happen and should i go. <strong>maybe later</strong>, and i pressed send, then i receive another text except it wasnt from Chris....or it wasnt from Quincy, it was phone an unfamiliar , it had a picture of Quincy and it sad, "never trust your man".

Fire build up inside of me as i saw this and i wanted to scream, no i actually wanted to set this house on fire. My mind was racing and i all i could do was call chris, the phone rung a couple of times until he answered. "Heyy sexy, what you doing?", "um..i..i actually wanted to tell you that ill take your offer", he chuckled and did a deep sigh, "i see you made the right choice ma...good choice....i tell you me at the W in Buckhead...ill be waiting in the lobby..youll see me". "Ok sounds good, see you then".

I bit my lip as we both hung up satisfied for what was about to happen tonight...i needed it and damn sure knows he wanted it. I ran up stairs and took a shower, then through on a nice tight fitted dress and packed a night bag.If Quincy felt like he could do it, then i could to. I grabbed my keys, bags, phone and headed out the door.

I finally made my way to the W, and as i walked inside the lobby there he was waiting for me. He signaled me to come here and i did so. He brushed up against me and handed me a room card then whispered in my ear. "Meet me in room 503 in 10 minutes...ill lead the way". I nodded my head as his finger ran across my lips. MY body began to shake and pussy began to get tight, i needed him. He left me there as he stepped in the elevator and winked.

Thoughts of touching my body seeped through my head as i made my way to the room. I finally reach my destination and walked in, there he was waiting for me, he pulled me close to him as squeezed my ass and kiss my lips. I pulled away and pushed him on the bed, "ill be back", i stepped in the bath room and began preping my self up. I slipped on some peek a boo panties and a bra that i picked out from VS. I let all my hair hand down and stepped out of the bath room, all attention was on me and he sat up form the bed.

His eyes wondered my body and i could tell he wanted to do things. He motioned for me to come here and i did so. I placed my hands on his pants as i yanked at his belt as i kissed him slowly climbing on top of him. I worked down to his abs and kissed them slowly and began pulling down his jeans and briefs. Next thing i knew he flipped me and took control, my bra and panties were no where to be found, he spread my legs as he began to devour my pussy. I gasp form the pleasure i was receiving and i could tell he was enjoying from the smirk on his face. He then came up and kissed me, he began stroking his manhood as he kissed me some more starring into my eyes. "Are you ready ma?", i nodded as he stroked it again, he then pinned my legs up towards my shoulders and began rubbing the head against my clit, we both moaned at the same time as we starred into each other eyes. Thats when he entered me, my eyes rolled back as he pumped slowly inside me, stretching my pussy more and more. Each thrusts began harder and harder, he then flipped me over in doggy style as he pumped even more harder, i began throwing it back faster as he groaned smacking my ass. More moans filled the air as we moved in sync together, "damn im about to bust", he pumped even more faster, "ahhhh", we both came together as he slowly slowed down his pace. There we were satisfied and tired from what we did, he pulled me closer to him as he kissed my lips.

The next morning he was gone, I greeted my teeth as i picked up the note he left on the breakfast cart.

<strong>Goodmorning beautiful, sorry i had to leave some things came up, but i promise ill make it up to you later on. Ill call you and tell you more about it, enjoy breakfast and ill see yolu later! , - Chris</strong>

I ran my fingers across the letter and smelled his cologne from it. I smiled and placed it back on the cart. My phone peeped as i stood up and it was Quincy, i pressed the button and read the message. <strong>Where are you?!?!?!</strong>, i smacked my lips and through my phone back on the bed. I wasnt worried about Quincy after what i saw on that picture its whatever. If he wasnt to Play me, he can get played to, I cleared my mind and stepped into the shower. I finally finished and through on some sweats and a shirt, i grabbed my begs and let the hotel. I made my way back home to see Quincy sitting the living room knocked out on the couch watching football. I snuck up the stairs and quickly placed my stuff inthe closet, i stood up and felt arms wrap around me, i quickly jumped to see him looking at me all crazy.

"oh my god nigga you scared me!", he squinted his eyes as he backed up. "Where were you kira?? i called i texted you didnt pick up!", "Well quincy i was busy", i pushed passed him and sat on the bed, "busy doing what Akira Smith?", i stood up and moved towards him, "I minding my business, just like you did Friday night and saturday morning".

He then moved closer to me, "Look dont get smart with me kira, when i ask you where you are you tell me dont get smart", I chuckled and backed away, "niggsa who do you suppose to be?", " Im the nigga that gave you your life, I MADE YOU". I began to clap my hands, "and bravo to you, i must say i turned out very well, but you dont own me, so shut the f*** up, if anything I MADE YOU AND I MADE MAGIC CITY, WITHOUT ME IT'LL BE s***!".

he squinted his eyes at me again and clenched his jaw, "what did you say??", "Quincy you heard what i say, MAGIC CI-". Thats when he hit me, I grabbed my jaw as i hit the floor, blood coming down my mouth. "b****...", he chuckled, "dont get it twisted, the same way i brought you into this game, i can easily take you out, remember that", he then grabbed me buy my hair and pulled me on the bed and began ripping off my clothes. He stopped and paused for a minute, "is that a hickey on your thigh?", i laid there and sobbed for plea, "b**** is that s hickey?". I still laid there not saying a word. He then grabbed my thigh and squeezed it hard until i screamed in pain, he slapped me again then flipped me on my back, "SINCE YOU WANT TO LET NIGGAS FEEL AND SUCK ON YOU IMMA TEACH YOU A LESSON". He then got behind me and made me get in doggy style, i sobbed more and more telling him to stop, he still wouldnt do it. I felt him entered me roughly as he pumped inside me slowly getting the head of his d*** wet. He then took it out and ramped it up my ass. I screamed in pain and he pumped harder and harder, he quickly wrapped his hands around my mouth and contine to go in and out, their i laid there lifeless.....lifeless like i did when i first got raped. After 20 minutes he finally stopped, leaving me bleeding, "NOW GET YO ASS UP AND CLEAN UP YOUR ASS"

I slowly stood up and tried walking but i fell back down, crying in pain, he laughed and walked out the room....just like the guy that raped me...i dragged myself into the bathroom and ran hot water, i slowly slid into the tub as the hot water touch my skin, it felt good but at the same time it burned. I sunk down further and further into the tub and cried my self to sleep asking why me?

When Chris said "ain't s*** little about me" I was like sho ain't! Lmao My mind is gonna get me in trouble.Quincy need to back back. Like forreal. He ain't bout it! Lol
Run it

"when u ready to f*** with a real nigga like me, let me know" got me thinking about they Trey Songz track "u should roll"...but yea Quincy old n shyt...but he crazy so if she leave him it ain't gone b pretty. Hopefully Chris can handle dat like a real nigga lol.

Run it!

"Gurllll you crazy , why would meek be on you??" I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "jullie what I have to lie telling you neek is up to not crazy". She laughed and plopped down kb my couch, "my girl pulling niggas and b****es damn Kira!". "man stopppp, im being serious", she stopped laughing and looked at me, "you really think she's up to something?" I nodded my head, "yeah....i really do, and im gonna find out."

Later that day I got a text from Quoncy he was telling me to stop by his place. I took a shower, through on some tights and a big sweater , uggs and headed out the door. I headed over to his place to see what was up and to my surprise as soon as I walked in there he was waiting for me with two glasses of champagne. I slowly walked over to him as he smiled and handed be a glass. "Hello miss Kira...i figures since you did alot for me and my club, that'll do something for you.", I raised my eyebrow, "is that right?". He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him as he kissed me. "mmhmm thats right....i want you to be my girl actually...its time to stop playing games, im getting older not younger Kira". I nodded my head, I mean I didn't know what to say....i mean he did save my life and also gave me this job....i owed him.

I put my glass down and pushed him against the wall as we began to kiss. Clothes began to get removed, moans began filling the air also the smell of sweet sex. I must say I his manhood gave me the rifr of my life and I enjoyed it aha.

Morning came as sun hit me in my eyes. I sat up in his bed as to I realize were I was. I looked down and saw I was naked, "damn" I thought to myself. " I see you're up beautiful", he smiled as he came in the room holding a breakfast tray. " up", he sat down on the bed and pecked my lips, "im glad that your here Kira", "im glad too" I smiled and he kissed me some more.

Months went by and I was moved in with Quincy, thing were all gravy , even though jullie started acting funny. I didn't mind, maybe she was hating. But I played it all off, i called her from time to time and I asked her to come over but she didn't want to.

But more things began to happen...werid things. Like Quincy was getting a little to protective. I get that we go together but it was like he barely wanted me to go anywhere , only if he was there and if was the club. I began to believe this man was just crazy or did he just really love me.

Like while back we were at Magic City and I just got off stage. I remembered this tall light skin guy, his name was Chris. He knew Quincy from when he ran into some problems with someone. He came up to me and began to get a lil fresh. "hey what's up lil ma", I looked up from my drink and rose my eyebrow at him, "lil ma?, im a grown woman". He chuckled,and looked at my backside ,"oh I see". We both laughed but I played it all off with a sigh and I rolled my eyes. "So tell me what's your name beautiful", "my name is Akira...yours?", "well you can call me Chris, Chris brown". I nodded my head and took another sip of my drink, "I see your drink is almost gone Akira..let me buy you another one". I shruged my shoulders as he did so. We had a couple of drinks and some how I gave him my number. That's when Quincy came up, "hey man....whats up?". Quincy began looking at both of us and he wrapped his arms around me. "what's up big Q dawg! Haven't seen you in awhile". They both laughed and I sat there looking confused, "oh baby this is Chris, Chris this is Kira, Kira remember him from when he caught up with them fools in Riverdale?" My eyes grew big because I remember that face. I raised my eyebrow and nodded my head,"oh..ok well babe we gotta feeling kind of tired". Quincy smuled and dapped up Chris,"well it was nice seeing you playa", "iight see yall around". Chris eyed me as Quincy turned away, and whispered in my ear,"ill be calling you tonight", I gluped hard and walked away as I feel his eyes pierce my body.

I finally made it home because Quincy claimed he wanted to stay, I let him. I took a shower and through in some sweats and a short, then tight my hair up in the bun. I grabbed a late night snack and headed to the couch, thats when I heard my phone ring. It was Chris calling me. I picked the phone, "yes?", "um yeah Hey beautiful, what are you up too?", "I'm just chilling at home....shouldnt you be asleep little boy?", he laughed a little then smacked his lips, "baby girl ain't nothing little about me". "Yeah yeah yeah, so what is it that you want?",it was silence for a minute then he tool a deep breath,'i want you don't need a hold hag like Quincy he's not for you", "so im guessing you can take care of me, afford nice things? Dicl me down hood at night right?". He laughed some more and replied yes. "Well Chris...quincy is my man...i don't think it'll be right", he sighed and smacked his lips, "ok ma....when ypu ready to f*** with a real nigga like me, let me know". He hung up before I could say anything, I shrug and finish eating and nodded off to sleep.

Oh lawd!!! Kira got a man and a girl after her. That s*** cray!!!
Run it

So...neek is jealous of her or wants her for herself? Lol I'm confused...

Run it!


Chapter o01: The Beginning.

I picked up my phone and went through my miss calls and it was him. I hit call and he asnwered, i knew i was about to get cursed out for doing that. "Kira...where are you?", i sighed in relief that he didnt curse, "um im at home babe, i knocked out, you know im tired and all", "Yeah i know, but we need you to work tonight, you know youre one of Atlanta's favorites". I laughed a little and rolled my eyes,"i guess, what time?", "be there at 11 tonight, you're the main event". I nodded my head and hung up.

I got up and went to my bathroom and showered then threw on some tights and a nice fitted shirt with some jays. Tied my hair in a high messy bun cause it was still wet, grabbed my keys, phone, purse and headed out the door with my home girl Julie. We headed to get some breakfast at the waffle house, as soon as we pulled up all eyes were on us. I rolled my eye and got out the car with jullie, i looked at <a href="">jullie</a> who was obviously loving the attention but i didnt love it. Yeah i was known but being known was all that. Everyone stayed in your business and it wasnt cool at all.
We finally got our food, ate and went to go look for some outfits for tonight. We headed to Lenox and found lots of things. I know i was only suppose to get one thing but quincy told me anything right?. Anyway we finished shopping and head back over to my place and got ready.


Tonight was "Body Paint and Shots tonight", so you know i had to do it on these hoes in atlanta. <a href="">I</a> walked in and all eyes we on me. "ALRIGHT WE GOT THE MAIN EVENT IN THE HOUSE BABYKAKES, NOW LETS GET THE s*** STARTED". I mwaved and made my way to the stage were Quincy was, which was the owner of Magic City. He licked his bottom lip and winked at me as i blushed to get on stage and be the host. "Damn kira...make a man wanna do something to ya body". I winked at him and moved closer by him as he palmed my ass, i knew tonight i was getting some of that good d*** and it aint no stopping us.

I did my little thing and headed to the back of the club which was the dressing roooms. Lets say PLENTY of "things" happened back here. I had my first three some with 2 other girls. i never thought that would happened but it did. I placed my bag on the dresser and began to get ready. "Oh well looky here, its miss The s*** is here", i rolled my eyes because i knew exactly who it was, <a href="">Neek</a>. She was one of top highest paid strippers of me. But she was in this game before i was. word is that she was with Quincy but then he cut her loose as soon as he found out she was pregnant but got a abortion. Stupid hoe, and now shes mad at because im taking her spot shes just another stretched out pussy stripper.

"you know what i want kira....", i stood up as my bra fell from my breast. she looked down at my breast and bit her lip, "well damn", i looked down and covered myself up, i could see in her eyes that she was up to something but i just didnt know what it was. " not going to do anything to do...i just want to say that youve worked hard". She smirked as she layed her hand on my arm, goose bumps went up my arm and side as she moved closer. "Lets make a toast for tonight", I raised my eyebrow as i looked down and took the class from here, "okayy....". We both drunk out shots, my throat began to burn from the gin, all she was wipe her lips and licked him as she stared more into me. "Well..kira i gotta go, i see your up next."She whipped her breats with towel and gazed into mys eyes as she did it. I shoot it off and got up to go on stage.

I slowly made my way through the curtains as the song "Practice began to play". I felt more comfortable than ever for some reason after i took that shot. I began to role my hips as i walked on stage and slowly made my way to the pole. From the corner of my eye i could see Neek starring at me on the side of the stage door. I moved more closer to pole and grabbed it as i slid down slowly as my ass cheeks spread between it. Neek still stared at me, but she started moving her hand down to her bikini bottoms, I looked away and spun around the pole then went up as i opened my legs into a split as i slid down again from the pole. I spinned around the pole again and saw that was she fingering herself as she watched me. It began to turn me on for some resason, and kept thrusting the pole, the faster i moved the faster her hand moved down in her bottoms. Then i did my famous finsih move and thats when the crowd went while and thats when Neek nutted, she took her hands out her bottoms and stuck her finger in her mouth as she licked it and winked at me. I walked off stage and made my way to the back of the dressing room and and then someone pulled me into the other dress one that no one uses.

i screamed until i looked around and saw Neek as she pulled me close to her shoving her tongue down my throat and as she slide her hand my bikini bottoms. My heart began to beat faster as she pushed me up against the wall and placed my legs over her shoulders as she went to work on my pussy. All i heard where moans and crys in the air. I finally came all over her mouth as she came back up and kissed me slowly. "See you later", she smirked and walked the dressing room, left me there butt ass naked as my legs still shook from the she did to me. I was lost and dumbfounded at the same time.....

I like it. Very curios to see what happens in her future.
Run it

Hmm. Im with Sunnye!
Keep it coming :D it!!!