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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.



run it!!!

run it

I knew the baby wasnt his! ever since that day at the game! like wtf. only person who really did t know is Chris! I'm ready to see what pop off in this ER tho!! Run it!

so chris didnt know??
man oh man its bout to be real the next add
run it!

Run it

Aww man thats messed up....
Run It...

her sister is just trif! run it

Riley and Maria are some low down dirty tricks. And chris is finna be heartbroken and I just hope and pray Paris is able to keep him calm. I don't understand why she would do some shiid like that to Chris smh Trey is crazy and outta his mind...
Run It!!!

I agree with Paris yasmine would have been holding her teeth in her mouth talking like she has real authority and Riley, scandalous just scandalous...

Saturday Night
"Girl if you don't hurry up!" Brooklyn said walking into my bathroom spraying her hair. We were going out with Terrance, since he called me a million times. Ms. April called and apologized, of course I accepted it but we'll never be as cool as we were. Trey has London for the weekend. When I dropped London off he told me that he wanted to have a sit down with me and Yasmine before he introduced Erin and London to each other. In agreed so he said he wanted to meet up tomorrow. He sure do know how to keep me pissed. "You talking? b**** you don't even have your dress on!" I spat back zipping up my. Brooklyn stuck her tongue out and finished applying her makeup. Chris has been a BIG help as far as taking my mind off of my "issues". He's been taking me out, talking to me and letting me take out my aggression on his punching bag. I'm so thankful for him. "You need to let loose tonight. f*** Trey and his whack ass baby momma, you need to live it up." Brooklyn said swaying her hips. I laughed as I put on my earrings. "Yea. I'll live it up tonight and then tomorrow I'll be beating Trey and Yasmine's ass... He think I really wanna deal with them? How the f*** can I look at her without wanting to spit in her face. She knew damn well we were together, I came to the office, she always spoke and gave me compliments on my clothes, that b**** wanted to be me." I said rambling. Brooklyn laughed "f*** her tho. What time is Terrance going to be here?" I looked at my phone and I saw a missed call from Terrance and then my door bell rung. "Now I guess." I said going downstairs and opening the door. "Dress on, hair did, face flawless, but no shoes?" Terrance said as he studied me. "Shut up. Come in we're almost done." I said opening the door wider for him to come in. He came in and sat down "Tell Brooke to hurry the f*** up." He said as I walked back upstairs. I told Brooklyn what he said but she continued getting ready at her normal pace.
An hour later
We were just getting into the VIP section of the club. It was packed tonight. Terrance didn't take no time ordering drinks. "And you sure this all on you?" He asked. I playfully punched his shoulder "No, I was just saying that so you would shut up." I lied. He replied with a blank face. After the drinks stated rolling in Terrance found him a girl to dance with. I sipped on my drink while Brooklyn went to talk to one if her employees. I felt someone staring at me so I looked over and I saw <a href="">him</a> . I looked away and then looked back. He smiled and my mouth dropped. "Oh My God!" I yelled as he made his way over licking his lips. His name is Alex, when I lived in New York he was one of the only people I kicked it with. He knew my story and I knew his, but after I moved back to California I kinda forgot about him. When he got close I stood up and hugged him. He hugged me back and chuckled "I thought that was you. Do you know how hard it is to find your ass? Since you moved from New York you changed ya number, you have no facebook, no twitter, no YouTube you just like a ghost." He said letting go of me. I smirked "Yeh, I know I've been hella busy. What are you doing out here?" I asked. "I live out here now. You made it sound all good and s***, I told you I was moving." "I didn't think yo NY till I die ass would actually come." I laughed. He looked left "Yeh, I couldn't believe it either, but I'm here and I'm glad I am because I found you." He said grabbing my hand. Alex and I never dated. We flirted a lot and made out a bit, but that was it. "You crazy." I giggled all girly like. "I'm serious, I've missed you P" he said pouting. "Whatever." " I'm dead ass yo. We gotta catch up asap. You can come to my crib and we can order Chinese and stay up all night and talk like we used to. I just miss having you around." He said looking at me. I blushed and shook my head "Alex, we'd be up for weeks if I fill you in on my life." I chuckled. "I got time." He said smiling and staring at me. "Baby I'm so glad I found you." Brooklyn said walking over and wrapping her arm around my waist. I laughed. This was something we did whenever a guy was trying to talk to one of us. "Brooke it's ok. This is Alex, Alex this is my best friend Brooke I told you about." I said introducing them. Alex smiled "Brooklyn. I've heard so many things about you." He said shaking her hand after she removed her hand from around my waist. "All good I hope." She said smiling at him and he just laughed. "Well since your occupied I'm going over there." She said pointing at a table. I nodded and she moved close to my ear. "He's cute." She winked and walked away. I laughed and looked at her until she was seated. "You wanna dance?" I asked as some random song came on. He nodded and grabbed my hand and lead me to an area that wasn't super crowded and we began to dance.
The next morning I woke up the next morning because of my alarm. I had it set to wake me early so I could meet Trey. My eyes were still closed. I didn't want to get up I was still tired. I don't know what time I got in last night, or how I got home but I know it was really late. I opened my eyes and frowned my face. My heart rate picked up as I realized I wasn't in my house. I looked down and saw that I was in boxers and a white tee. I got up and grabbed my shoes and my dress. I took my phone off the night stand and exited the room quietly in search of an exit. "You leaving?" I heard a guys voice ask as soon as I touched the door knob. I looked back and I saw Alex. I sighed and let go of the door. "How the hell did I get here?" I asked. He laughed "Same ol' P. You got drunk and you insisted on leaving with me. You told your home girl that you wasn't going back with her and that dude. After like 10 minutes of trying to change your mind they left. You passed out in the car on the way here so I wiped you down and got you out of that dress. Your underwear are still on. I didn't see you naked." He smirked. "Thanks Lex." I said looking down. "Can you take me home? I gotta meet b**** ass." I said sighing. "b**** ass? I'm not even gone ask." He laughed grabbing his keys.
I met Trey at his house. His mother had London. Yasmine wasn't here yet so I just sat on the couch. "You thirsty?" Trey asked. I shook my head no. I wouldn't have taken it if I was. The longer I sat there the more my stomach hurt. I was just about to leave when the door bell rang. Trey got up and opened the door. Moments later he returned with Yasmine. She took a seat on the opposite couch. I looked at her but she never once looked at me. "Yasmine this is Paris, Par--" Trey started but I cut him off. "She know who the f*** I am, and I damn sure know who the f*** she is. Stop stalling and get to the point, I got s*** to do." I spat. "Well I just want y'all to get along for the sake if London and Erin. I want them to be close and I need y'all cool for that to happen." Yasmine laughed. "You need us cool?" Yasmine asked looking at Trey. He nodded. "Not gone happen. I don't trust you or this b****." I spat. "No need for calling names." Yasmine said finally looking at me. "You should be happy that my foot is not in you ass--" I sassed. Trey cut me off "Paris chill with that." "Ain't no Paris chill with that. You the one who called this whack ass meeting. You always want s*** you can't have. You wanted to marry me, you wanted to f*** her with out me knowing, you want me and this home wrecker to get along, you need to start thinking realistically. So let me tell y'all what it is. No matter what our daughters share the same father. Do I like it? He'll no, but that's not the point. I have no problem with Erin. It's not her fault that her slutty mother let an engaged man bust nuts inside of her--" "Paris!" Trey yelled as Yasmine rolled her eyes. "I'm ok with London and Erin being cool, but I don't want you around my daughter." I said looking at Yasmine. "Sleepovers at your house, not happening.So tell Erin not to ask." I added. "I don't see why you acting like that. They're sisters Paris." Yasmine said. "You act like I'm saying I don't want London around her at all, because if I wanted that to be an option, it would be." I replied. "No it wouldn't. They have to meet, I want them to be close." Trey said as I rolled my eyes. He kept talking but my buzzing phone distracted me. I looked down and saw 3 missed calls from Chris and 3 from Ms. Joyce. "Are you listening?" Trey asked. I looked at him and a crying Yasmine and I shook my head no. "The f*** she crying for?" I asked. "She apologized to you." Trey replied. I sucked my teeth. This b**** was putting on a show. My phone buzzed again and it was Ms. J. I held up one finger and answered the phone. "Hey Ma." "Where are you?" She asked worried. "I'm at Treys house, what's going on?" I asked. "Christian" she said and then she got quite. "Ma... Ma... Ma?" I said getting up and walking away from them. "Yea...we're at the hospital." She sniffed. My heart dropped "Whats wrong with him?" I asked tearing up. "All we know is Maria called and said this is where he is... They're not letting us see him" she cried. "I'm on my way." I said hanging up and walking over and grabbing my keys. "You're leaving?" Trey asked. "Yeh. Next time you wanna have a meeting do that s*** on Skype cause we accomplished nothing. Stupid whack ass meeting." I spat before leaving.
At the hospital Ms. J came downstairs to meet me. I greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She looked soo hurt. "How's Chrissy? Any word?" I asked. She shook her head no as we walked to the elevator. "Maria and Riley requested a Spanish speaking doctor so we don't know what's going on." I shook my head as we entered the elevator. "How's Chris?" I asked as she pressed the floor number and the door close button on the elevator. "He's pissed that Riley's leaving him out of it." She replied as we got off the elevator. Riley and Maria were on one side of the waiting room and Chris was on the other with his elbows on his knees a d his hands on his face. I walked over and he stood up and hugged me. I kissed his cheek twice. "I need you to listen to what the f*** they're saying. I swear to god Ima end up f***ing your sister up. The doctor hasn't even said anything to me." He said. I nodded and walked over to Riley and Maria. "What's going on with Chrissy?" I asked. They started talking in Spanish like I didn't understand. Maria asked what I was doing here and Riley replied that I anywhere Chris is that I'll show up. "So are you going to answer me?" I asked. Riley rolled her eyes and looked back at Maria. Maria asked Riley if she could tell me but Riley replied no. "Familia Brown" A Spanish nurse said as we all gathered around. "Que son los padres?" She asked. "Soy la madre. su padre está llegando." Riley replied looking down. My mouth dropped. The nurse asked who were the parents and Riley said she's the mother and his father was coming. I felt myself become very angry and hurt. The nurse said that she'd wait until his father came and she walked away. Maria and Riley walked away and started talking in spanish again. Chris and Joyce looked to me for answers. I dropped my keys and ran after Riley I planned on f***ing her up. I grabbed a handful of her hair before she screamed and Chris grabbed me. "Paris let her go! This is no the place for this." He said but I held it a little longer before letting go. Riley leaned on Maria for support and Chris walked me back over to the waiting room. "What happened?" He asked. I blinked twice. How do I tell him that his son isn't his son? I didn't want to hurt him. I looked at Riley and then Joyce and then Chris and I shook my head. I opened my mouth but the "ding" from the opening elevator doors cut me off. We all looked over and there he was... Christian Browning.

Thanks dolls <3

Run It....

run it

I feel like she did the right thing!!! Stop that shiid early because if she didn't he would feel like he can keep goin at her weakness and use it against her and thats not cool at all. If you love someone you wouldnt go there period tryin to hurt them...
Run It!!!

nooo im not ready to let this story go lol
dam all of this is hella emotional i have nothing to say
but im eager waitin on what u got planned
just paris remember what rick said dont shut trey out that will lead u to the two paths he doesnt want u go down on
i wonder if trey in the future gona say stay with his BM#2 ...
run it!

I'm just pulling up to Ms. April's house. I got out of the car yawning before I closed the door and walked over and knocked on the door. I looked down at my nail waiting for someone to open the door. About 30 seconds later Nana opened the door. "Good morning baby!" She said smiling brightly. Her smile was contagious. I smiled back "Morning" I said hugging her before she invited me in. She lead me downstairs to the basement. I followed her to a room and inside was Trey. I rolled my eyes. She was trying to fix us. "Nana I appreciate you trying to--" I started. "Paris sit down." She instructed pointing at the chair adjacent from Trey. I looked at her for a second and took my seat. She took a seat off to the side, but with in our view. "You both know why we're here." She said looking at back and forth between the both of us. "Now I don't know what happened, but you both need to set your differences aside and fix it." She used to do this when we were younger. Our arguments were petty back then, like over bubble gum, or who the last cookie belonged to, but this was massive. I don't think this is going to work. I played with my finger nail polish as it got quiet. "Somebody better speak up!" Nana roared. "Nana, this is not going to work." Trey started. "Bull s***. I don't want to hear that y'all asses better get talking." She spat. "I agree. This is not going to work. Were not 10 anymore. There're boundaries that's been crossed. And I don't see no coming back from it." I said looking at her. "Talk it out." She replied. I raised my eyebrow and shook my head. "Ok how did this start." She asked. "With April. She said thing to me that I didn't want to hear and I snapped." I replied. "Things about what?" Nana asked. "About Erin." Trey spoke up. "Who the f*** it Erin?" Nana asked. "His daughter." I replied. Nanas eyes shot to Trey. "You mean to tell me you got another daughter that I know nothing about." She snapped. "Nana I just found out." "Just found out my ass. If she knows I should know." She looked disappointed. "Y'all don't tell me s***. Ok we're not here for me, we're here for this f***ery that's going on between the both of yous. Proceed." She said looking at me. "He called me with bull so we went back and forth, I came over to fight him, we argued the next day and we're here." I said summing it up. She made me feel like a little ass girl. "So you're telling me that you're arguing with her because of your mother?" Nana asked. "She said some disrespectful stuff nana." Trey replied. "Like what?" Nana asked. "She brought up the situation with pops and she said she was going to punch my mommain her face." "No, No. I said she made me want to punch her in her face. I never said I'd do it. Get your facts right. You wasn't even there." I sassed. "Whatever. Either way you was talking about putting hands on my momma and that s*** won't fly." He snapped. I was about to let him have it but nana started before I could. "Well maybe somebody need to put hands on April. It might've been wrong for you to bring up that situation, but in the same breath it's almost the same. I remember helping April through that paternity scare. She was devastated. So if anyone should know what it feels like, it should be her. I understand her wanting to be happy, but she should've taken her happy ass somewhere out of Paris face." She remarked as I smiled internally. "As for you Trey. You should've listened to both sides before going in on her. I know you have a nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty--" "Nana!" Trey interrupted. "My bad. You have a nasty mouth so I can only imagine the things you've said to her. In the future listen to both sides and stop being up under ya mommas tittie, she ain't always right ya know. And Paris you don't need to have yo ass out here all times of the night trying to fight him. What example are you setting for London? I know he probably deserved it, but you're a woman and at the end of the day that not lady like." She said looking at me. "Can y'all squash this mess?" Nana asked looking between us both. Trey sighed and nodded. "Yeh, I can." Nana smiled and looked at me. I shook my head no. "I can't. We got to the bottom of the situation but that don't take back the s*** you said to me. I know you were mad, but you attacked me like I was your worst enemy. You knew my weaknesses and that's where you attacked me. If it ain't got s*** to do with London don't f*** with me." I said getting up. I was mad that he acted like everything was ok after his nana came around. His b**** ass. "Paris." Nana started but I cut her off. "Nana I can't. I love you but he's dead to me." I said walking upstairs. I couldn't allow myself to cry. I was to angry. I walked in the living room and I saw April brushing London's hair. Their backs were facing me so they hadn't noticed I was there. "Grandma what's court?" London asked. "Why sweety?" Ms. April asked. "At the mall. I heard my daddy say he was going to take my mommy to court." London replied. "Court is where adults go to settle problems." Ms. April answered. "Is my mommy mad about Arron?" London cooed. My mouth dropped. How'd she know about Erin? "Londie. What do you know about Erin?" Ms. April asked. "I heard mommy at my party. She was really mad that you throwed Arron in her face." London replied. I cleared my throat not wanting Ms. April to say anything. "Mommy!" London said running to me. "Hi Londie love" I said bending down and picking her up. "Mommy missed you." I said kissing her cheeks. I heard the the basement door close. "I missed you to mommy. Is daddy going to take you to court because grandma throwed Arron in your face?" She asked looking at me with those big hazel eyes. I couldn't answer because I didn't know. "No, daddy's not taking mommy anywhere. Daddy was just mad. So don't worry about that ok?" Trey asked. London nodded. "Grandma no more throwing Arrons! It's not nice... Daddy what's a Arron?" She asked looking at him. He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face and looked at me. "Erin, little is your little sister." Trey replied. London shook her head no "I don't have a sister." "Yes you do." Trey said taking her from me. "Why can't I see her." London asked. "Because she lives with her mommy, but I want you to meet her really soon." He said nodding. London looked at me and her face went from curious to sad. I hadn't even noticed the tears streaming down my face. I quickly wiped my tears and smiled at London, but it was too late she had already picked up my vibe. "No, daddy. I don't want to see Arron's. I want to go with my mommy." She said pushing him away and coming over to me and hugging my leg. "I think it's time for us to go." I said grabbing London's hand. London and I both hugged nana and Ms. April hugged London and kissed her cheek. She looked at me and she hugged me. I didn't hug her back but she held me for about 10 second longer and then she let go. "I should be settled in my house next weekend so you can text me when you're ready for me to come get her." Trey said rubbing the back of his neck. I didn't even reply, I just left the house with London trailing behind me.

Thanks dolls. Im trying to finish this story up. Its almost been a year since I started this smh. That is too damn long. Hopefully it'll be finished before 52 weeks... guess I gotta get busy typing.
~Easha <3

nana clownin u tell em
run it!

Run It....

I really do not like Trey ass!! I really never have!! ugh! and Nana SEEM cool but ion know yet! Run it!!

run it

Trey is acting real foul like who tf acts like that he shoulda told his moms not to say shiid to her about Erin thats just wrong on so many levels. Him and his mom need to grow up. Chris is good for helpin her.
Run It!!!

Wat the hell goin on wit pairs n trey they need to get that s*** together fast run it

When we got to my house I went straight to the counter and downed my drink. Chris stood there looking at me like I was crazy. "Why'd you go fight Trey?" He asked. "Because he's a disrespectful little b****!" I spat taking off my shoes. "He better have London back on time tomorrow or I'm going right back over there. b**** ass! Ugh I hate him!" I vented. "You care to elaborate?" Chris asked. I sighed "We just found out that he has another daughter." I replied. "Trey?" Chris asked. I nodded laughing. "By who?" He asked. "By the girl that he cheated on me with. Her daughter is like a month younger than Lon and she looks just like London except London has lighter skin and Erin has dark brown eyes." I sighed shaking my head. "His mother was like when do I meet my other granddaughter and oh as a grandmother I'm happy and I want to be apart of her life and as London's mother you should want to be too. Like b**** come on. I don't want to hear that. I wanted to punch her in her face. Nobody did that to her when she found out about Mike." Chris shook his head. "Please don't tell me you brought that up." "You damn right I did. She was making me feel like s*** so I wanted her to feel like s*** too. Then Zoe and Maria got into it." I said drinking out of the bottle of voldka. "Zoe knows Maria?" Chris asked. I put the bottle down and nodded. "Zoe told the story about how Maria cheated on my father with his best friend and she got pregnant. She stole my fathers money and left me with him because I was a whinny b**** that my father loved so much." I laughed and put the back of my hand over my face. I felt like I was about to lose it. Chris just walked over and hugged me. "Man f*** Maria she ain't s*** anyway. You are way better off with out her hoe ass." He said kissing my forehead and holding his lips there as I tried to pull myself together. "I know, but it still hurts. She wouldn't even look at me. She's telling Zoe she's sorry for leaving her but do you think that b**** apologized to me? She's dead to me! Her and Riley! I swear to God the next time I see Riley I'm f***ing her up." I sniffed. Chris just listened rubbing my back. "Now back to Trey. He called me with some bulls*** about disrespecting his mother and you heard how that conversation went. I f***ing hate him!" I screamed and walked away from Chris. I grabbed the bottle of voldka again but Chris took it from me. "I'm not gonna let you drink this away." Chris said putting the top back on the bottle. "But it takes away my pain." I said looking at him. He shook his head no. "I know it do, but that's only temporary fix. When you're sober what's next? You're going to get drunk again? I'm not letting that happen. I will not let you become an alcoholic. You are strong Paris--" I cut him off. "Everyone keeps saying I'm strong, but I'm not. I just got really good at hiding my emotions." I sniffed looking down. "Look at me." He cooed. I couldn't. I didn't want to. "Paris look at me!" He demanded. I looked up into his eyes as he looked back into mine. "We're going to get through this ok." I didn't know if I could. I felt like I wanted to be done with everything. "Paris. I promise I will help you get through this. I hate seeing you like this. I'm hurt because you're hurt. You don't know the type of damage I'd do to anyone you name. I just need you sober baby." He said grabbing my hands. I looked down at our hands and more tears came out. My drunken mind was a terrible thing. "Chris I'm sorry. I shouldn't have never broken up with you." I cooed. He laughed and shook his head. "See this is why you shouldn't drink." "No for real. If I wouldn't have broken up with you I wouldn't be here now." "Yea and Christian and London wouldn't be here either." He said hugging me. "Yes they would, they'd just belong to the both of us." I said. "Lets get you some water and a bath." He said letting me go. He grabbed a water and opened it. "Drink it." He said handing it to me. "And meet me upstairs for your bath." He said walking upstairs.
I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache. I sat up slowly and I looked around at my room. I stood up and headed to the bathroom. I handled my business and took an Advil. I walked back to my room and grabbed my phone. The time was 11:34. Trey must think I'm playing with him. I pressed his name and put the phone to my ear and waited for him to answer. "Hi Mommy!" London yelled in my ear. "Hi baby. How are you?" I asked. "I'm ok. I'm with daddy and uncle T. We're at the mall." She replied excitedly. "Oh? Where's your father?" I asked. "Right here hold on." She said before handing the phone to Trey. "Yea." He said loudly into the phone. "Did I not tell you to have my daughter back by 11?" I asked. "Last time I checked she was my daughter too Paris. You didn't specify am or pm so I just assumed it was pm." He replied sarcastically. "Next time don't f***ing assume just have her back when I ask or she won't be going with you." I spat. He laughed "Terrance take London into build a bear workshop I need to handle something right quick." He said it got quiet for a split second and then he started again. "Before you had her I told you I'd take your ass to court if to you ever try to pull some s*** like that." "And you think I give a f*** Tremaine? She lives with me, I have her shot record, I take her to school, I feed her, when she's sick I'm up in the middle of the f***ing night with her. Where the f*** you be at Tremaine? How long does it take for you to get to here? To f***ing long. We can go to court if you want to but If I was you I wouldn't travel that road." I roared. "No see that's where you messed up. I'm moving back to LA. Since I'm vp they're giving me an office here. I want custody London." I laughed. "You must be f***ing stupid." "Actually I'm smart. You're an unfit parent Paris. It runs in your family. You left our daughter at your ex boyfriends mothers house while you went to live it up on a yacht. You showed up at my mothers house after midnight drunk, trying to fight me. I have lawyers on my side." "And you think I don't ? Tremaine you know I'm lawyered up! Don't f*** with me. And for the record she's my step mother so lets not go there." "Technically she's not. In wedding vows it says 'til death do us part' sorry to break it to you sweetheart but your father has been dead... For a while now." "And you think I don't f***ing know that ?!" I yelled as tears fell from my eyes. "I know you know. I was just reminding you. Look were not going to get s*** accomplished by arguing..." He started but I cut him off. "You're right. You'll be hearing from my lawyers." I said hanging up. I sighed and looked up at the door. I saw Chris standing there leaning agains the post. "Trey?" He asked. I nodded wiping my face. "The s*** he's saying to me is uncalled for. Like I grew up with this nigga. He knows I'm sensitive about my parents and he's using that to hurt me... And it's working." I said wiping more tears. "How can you fight against someone who knows all of your weaknesses" I asked. "You know I'm not the most reasonable person but I'm trying to be for London. If London wasn't his child I'd handle him for you. Why are you trying to get lawyers involved?" He asked. I laughed. "He's moving back. He said I'm an unfit parent and he said he wants custody." "He ain't getting custody of s***. He's probably just saying that to piss you off." Chris said sitting next to me. "Well it's f***ing working. I wish I could strangle his b**** ass." I said strangling the air. "Y'all need to talk this out. Y'all are saying hurtful s*** to each other and that s*** is detrimental. Y'all are connected for life, y'all have to work it out." I looked at him and frowned. "f*** Trey. I don't want to work s*** out with him. I just want my daughter from him and that's it." "But it don't work like that Par." He said looking into my eyes. "London belongs to him too. I wish I could say he's a deadbeat dad, but when London's not talking about you she's talking about Trey. He's her father and she loves him. Imagine what that would do to her if you took Trey away from her." Chris was right. No matter how much I hate Trey we'll have to work this out. Going to court is messy but I don't know how to do it with out a mediator. I nodded. "Thanks." I said as I leaned in and hugged him. "No problem. Now lets go downstairs, I made breakfast." He said as he helped my off the bed.
10:30 pm
My phone rang and Trey's stupid face popped up so I answered it. "Yea?" "Come get London." Trey said on the other line. "The f*** you mean come get London? It's 10:30." "Yea I know, I'm not coming to your house. We need to meet on neutral territory." He said calmly. "Your mothers house is neutral territory?" I asked. "Whatever have her ready in 20." I said before he could reply and I hung up. Chris had already gone home so I was on my own. I put on some sneakers and I grabbed my keys and headed to Ms. Aprils house.
When I pulled up Terrance was outside. I got out the car and he just smiled. "What you smiling for?" I asked. "I heard yo mean ass spazzing on people." He laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Where's Lon?" I asked. "In the house." He said lighting a cigarette. "Can you go get her?" I asked. He shook his head no "my NaNa here and she wants to see you." My eyes widened. I haven't seen their grandmother in years. She moved to Texas when Trey and I were in 7th grade. "Stop over analyzing it and go in." I looked over at Terrance and shook my head before I knocked and walked in. I felt death glares coming from Trey and his mother. I waved not wanting to be rude in front of NaNa. "Hi Nana." I said smiling at her. "Oh My Lord! Paris? Girl you better get over here and show me some love." She said with open arms. I walked over and fell into her embrace. She squeezed me tight and kissed my cheek. "Girl you don grew up!" She laughed letting me go and looking at me. "I see why Trey-Trey's so crazy over you." She winked. "Yea ight" Trey chuckled. "And what's that supposed to mean?" Nana snapped looking at Trey. "Nothing Nana." "Oh yeh it's something. I've been here since this morning . Don't think I don't hear you and yo momma talking. And I saw the dirty looks you both were giving her when she walked in." Nana pointed out. "Ma it's nothing really." April chimed in. "April stop it. You're to grown to be involved in whatever's going on. I raised you better than that." Nana said waving her finger at Ms.April. "Where's London?" I asked not wanting to be around Nana going off. "That chile is sleeping. Let her stay here for the night. I want you back at 8am. We need to talk." She said nodding. I was confused. She nodded again and I slowly nodded as she smiled. "You hungry baby?" Nana asked. "No ma'am. I need to be heading back, but it was good seeing you though." I said hugging her. "It was good seeing you too sweetie." She said squeezing me tight before letting me go. "Drive safe." She said smiling at me. I smiled back before I walked in to Treys old room, where London was, and I kissed her and fixed the covers on her. I quietly backed out and exited the house. "What you doing tonight?" Terrance asked. "Getting in my bed and going to sleep." I replied. "You should come clubbing with me." He said smirking. "The f*** I look like clubbing with my baby brother." I clowned pushing him. When we were younger I used to call him my baby brother because he was so much younger than Trey and I. He laughed "You'd look like Paris. Come on I know my mother and my brother is getting on your nerves. I ain't in that s***, we can just chill." I smiled. "Nice gesture Terrance but Ima have to pass, when do you leave?" I asked. "Next Monday." "We'll Saturday night I got you. Venus .11 o'clock. Drinks on me." I smiled. "That's what's up, you better not stand my ass up either, I know where yo ass live." He said hugging me. "You ain't gone do s***." I laughed. "Yeh, you right. Get home safe tho." He said letting me go. I nodded and walked over to my car. I got in and started the ignition before I headed home.

dammit easha u did it again with these adds girl im loving them
this was drama packed and whew was it much needed!
i bet now paris gona talk to chris
oohh i see chris pullin up his sweats bout to throw down
my baby knows whats up :D lol
whoa mike and trey possibly bros like whaaa??
the way paris handled that boy id hate to be april
and thats when riley and her momma should of gotten a beat down
ugh why do they have to be related
chris boy u know what u gotta do
p.s i caught his big ole grin at tthe doorstep thinking he gon get it in seeing london left her lol
but on the real he is a friend first :)
run it!

That add made me feel some type of way... for some reason all I could see was my face talking to him!!!! RUN IT!!!!

I'm weak!! that add was funny as hell, tremaine is a ass. never liked him anyway. ugh!

Yo trey is so outta line his moms is on some otha shiid like stop throwin that in her face she dont wanna hear abt a child that was created while the was together.
Run It!!!

lol she broke loose one him. she is crazy.n run it