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Im happy now. Whatever.. Nevermind. :P

Sincerely, in unicorn land making a porno with Drake cause ima BOSS :)




Argh! Okay, how 'bout 85 an hour?
Hold up. Wait a minute. You make trey pay to eat?
Dany stop entertaing her unfairness! Lol


please.. i make trey pay to
open the fridge you think you can
slide lol

Nope get that money first ana.

Ana he's your nephew. He'll be on his best behavior (:

babysit.. uhmm
how much do i get paid???

Lol Sshhh! Nones supposed to know I'm a freak :D
Hmm.. Im a housewife. Im tending two kids. I have hives & they itch like a mother. & I need you to babysit.. I mean watch Levi while I go to the club tonight. (:

hey complicated ass eye brow lover
whats new other then freaky stuff

Eeeeehk! Pretzels are GROSS! Their so dry & salty.
Hey Ana! (:

I love pretzel. I think i'll use the fly swatter

Lol I hate pretzels man.

duck tape a pretzel stick lmao

I already stuck my moms spatula and she took it from me and smacked me.
*shrug* i tried.

im scared trey might get scared or laugh at my ass
dany you better put a hanger in that b****

im scared trey might get scared or laugh at my ass
dany you better put a hanger in that b****


My foot is itchy.


Trop go away -_______- lol

Aneer you gotta take risks. I growled at Tyga while he was f***ing me lol. He didn't say s*** but "Aughhh!"

lol dany it be like that sometimes
i be over hype at times and don't know how
s*** is about to sound coming out that is why
im afraid to say grrrr

trop scoop

Well Trop my cookie has been eaten.

Living life. I know you are not screaming while getting those goodies wet! What the hell you been doing?

Veey good question trop. Where have you been?

O_0 Dany, being nasty? Where have I been?

*walks in post being nosey*

One time my 'ahh' turned into and 'aughh' when De was giving me head.

i always wanted to grr during sex lol
but idk if it would come out right

No, you're not understanding my pain

Checkity check check check.

Grrr power Aneeer.

You must wait grasshopper...

For me too.

Bree i want it to heal faster.