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A Cry For Help

<a href="">I</a> watched as <a href="">Yanna</a> took the needle and shot up the heroin in her arm. I just sat there and sighed. She wouldn't give that s*** up if her life depended on it, and in this case it does. She nor I had enough money to keep using this to cope with our problems. I'm all she has. I should've left the first time she stole from me. But what type of friend would I be? Not a very good one. I try to get her off, but she always finds a way to get to it. Our mom isn't any help either, she's addicted too. Our dad.....he's not in the picture. I just need help, I can't leave her like this. I just can't.

I only need like 3-4 girls.

Age: 17-19:


Nicki so sweet!
I got to see my Mommy and Daddy!
Run it!

Nicki so sweet!
I got to see my Mommy and Daddy!
Run it!

Awww Bre got to see her family
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Run it! :-)

I just realized I had Trey in this story and he isn't famous. s***, just roll with it. Thanks!!

Bre's POV

<a href="">I</a> was waking up in bed and when I reached to my left Nicki wasn't there. "Not this s*** again." I groaned out loud. She always left without saying goodbye. But she did leave the sweetest notes, and she knew I hated waking up, if it wasn't by myself. s*** I was a big- soon as that thought came into my mind it immediately left. I sniffed the air and smelled the most delicious smell ever. I raced down the stairs to see <a href="">Nicki</a> cooking. My mouth dropped and mimicked me and stretched her arms out and puckered up her lips. "I don't get love." She pouted. I ran into her arms and kissed, she slid her tongue in my mouth and I moaned making her smile. She loved it when I do that. "I love you." She cooed. I looked at her like she was crazy. Most of the time I had to say it first. "What'd you do? Or what the hell do you need?" I asked, she smiled and kissed my cheek. "I need your love." She sang in my ear. "Why are being so sweet?" She raised an eyebrow. "You want this to stop?" I shook my head no too quickly, I almost broke my damn neck.

After breakfast, me and Nicki cuddled up and watched a movie just to chill and kill time. Then there was a knock at the door. "Who dat?" She shrugged, what the f*** was wrong with her. I couldn't see through the peephole because it was too high so I looked through my window and almost broke down. I hurried to the door and was greeted with a warm hug, a warm fatherly hug at that. "Babygirl I missed you." <a href="">He</a> said hugging me once again and kissing my cheek. "Where's Mama?" He rolled his eyes. "You know how your mom is." He simply replied. God knows my mom likes to take her sweet time. Just as I was about to walk outside, <a href="">she</a> strolled in the house crying her eyes out. "My baby!" She exclaimed. I hadn't seen my mother in a few months so I I don't know why she was acting like it had been a few years or some s***. "Aye bae, your mom wanted to go out tonight." Nicki took struggled to take my parent's things upstairs. I got up to help her, but my mom got up before me. "So what's been up with my precious daughter-in-law?" I heard her ask Nicki, I knew she was smiling and blushing. When they came downstairs Nicki had a picture in her hand, oh no! Not this picture. Just as I was about to get up and run, she came and plopped down beside me. I rolled my eyes. "Baby, you were so cute!" She cooed, snuggling up next to me. I looked at the <a href="">picture</a> and looked at the picture and smiled. Thinking, "Man, that nigga was always between a girl's legs." I chuckled to myself. I totally missed my arrogant little brother. I wonder what he was doing with his life.

Patiently waiting mamas =0)

It's okay boo!
Aww He walking!

@Bre, sure thing boo!! Sorry for being so late, Adrian finally started to walk, boy had me paranoid as hell. Lol, sorry to bother y'all with my problems. There'll be an add after I take my nap though.

Rissa boo!
I love you!
But where da add at!
And do some more Nicki and Bre!
Run it!

Run it.

Run it.

f*** Wayne Hun! He can go eat a d*** and overdose on shrooms... *evil laugh*

Lmao I might have to start fantasizing to pass my U.S. History class XD

RUN IT!!!!!!!

Lol well damn tht dream helped him out
Run it

Run It!

Trey's nasty dream helped him out with his math lmao
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Wayne is an official b****!
I love Chris and Rissa relationship!
Trey had that vivid dream!
Run it!

Trey's POV

<a href="">I</a> was sitting in the school library, working and waiting on my tutor. I was having some problems with math. These damn fractions were f***ing with my mind. "What the f***!" I cursed. "Aye, watch that language young man." Somebody said, "Man, how about you just shut the fu- Toni?" <a href="">She</a> smiled at me. "s*** bae, I thought you were that annoying ass librarian." I said loud enough for the lady to hear. "Damn, them tight looking sexy on you." As I was about to kiss her, she pushed me back. "Nope. Not now, I'm here to tutor you Not f*** you." She sternly said. "s***, we can do both." I mumbled. "I heard that." I smirked at her. "Now turn to page 90 and we'll talk about multiply and dividing the A and B's by the C's." I scrunched my face up at her. "Okay now....." After that I spaced out.

~Toni was tapping me. "Bae, pay attention." She was in my face, so I grabbed her and pulled her on the table kissing her. She moaned in my mouth and started tugging at my shirt. I pulled it off and she started to lick over my abs. "Damn." I whispered when she tickled my spot. She worked her way back up to my face and nibbled on my ear. I stepped back and pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra. She smiled at me, I was drooling and I was caught in a daze. I grabbed one and stuck it in my mouth. She threw her head back. "Nah, look at me." I looked at her and she looked at me biting her lip. I worked my way to the left on and nibbled on her hardened nipple. She pushed me off and laid me down on the table. She straddled me and grinded from underneath me. "You know what you doing bae?" She nodded her head and went through her bag to get a condom. She unbuckled my belt and my pants slid down my legs. She slowly pulled my briefs down with her teeth. When they were all the way down. She laughed at my erected d***. She licked her lips and licked the lip of it. She started to bob her head up and down, then every time she went down, she would deep throat me. "Ssss, ahh." I moaned. "Bae, I'm bout to bust." I announced, she smirked and went faster and faster. While giving me a hand-job at the same time. I busted in her mouth and she played with it. "Damn Ton, I ain't know you had it like that." She giggled, turning me on again. "Your turn."

She got on the table and I kissed down to her panties. I took them off slowly and kissed up from her feet to her center. It was super wet making it glisten in the light. I licked it slowly and blew on it. She arched her back, and I sucked on her clit. "Ahh! TREMAINE!!!" She yelled. I was still wondering why the librarian hasn't showed up. Maybe the door being closed made it hard to hear her. I stuck one finger in and moved at a fast pace. She began to shake and she wrapped her legs around my neck. "Trey!! I'm bout to cum!!" She shook more and more. "Let it go." I simply replied. All her cream flooded out and she sat there shaking. I saw goosebumps appear on her skin. "Bae, are you still a virgin?" I asked she turned away from me. "No." She was lying. "Toni, don't you lie to me." I turned her face towards me. She nodded her head yes. "Why did you lie?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Ok. Do you want me to continue?" She quickly smiled and I did too. "I want you to look me in the eyes the whole time don't you close your eyes." I demanded. "Yes babe." She puckered up her lips and I leaned down and kissed them. "Here we go." I positioned myself in between her legs and slowly started to put myself inside her. I looked down to see her fighting to close her eyes. "Fight it baby. Do it for me." She opened her eyes and a tear slid down her face. I kissed it away and she smiled at me. I was finally all the way in. I started to stroke in and out of her, with each stroke I went deeper.

After about 10 minutes her whimpers turned into moans and screams. "Ahh!! f*** TREY!!" She screamed, She started to dig her nails in my skin. I started to go faster and faster. "s*** Ton, you hella tight." I moaned.~

"What the f*** are you talking about?" Toni asked me. I opened my eyes to see a fully dressed Toni. "You were just nake- Never mind bae, I'm buggin." She looked at me weirdly and looked at my paper. "Well damn. All that moaning got you to finally do your work correctly." I looked down at my paper to see all the problems worked out and done correctly. "What the f***? Who did this?" I looked up at Toni. "You did silly. Come on babe, that's enough work for you. I'm so proud of you boo." She cooed. "Now let's go see Rissa and Chris, they get out today." As we exited the school, I couldn't help but stare her ass. It looked so f***ing right in them tights. I rubbed my temple and chuckled. That dream was crazy as hell.

@Myluv4chrisbrown Sure thing!! Thanks for the runs you guys!!

What happen to Wayne? Glad to know that they are ok
Run it

Can you do more pov with trey and toni if it isnt any problem??
Run it!!!

Omg so did Wayne die?? How he find them?? That is crazy af omg I love that Chris jumped in to save her I love that

Omg so did Wayne die?? How he find them?? That is crazy af omg I love that Chris jumped in to save her I love that

Chris' POV

When me and Rissa got home, our moms weren't there. "Guess it's just me and you." She sighed and sat down. I sat in front of her just to make her mad. "Bruh, you know you got a big ass head! Now move that s*** out the way before I do." She warned. I stayed put. Then I heard a quick swift and I turned around and Rissa wasn't there. This is just like those scary movies, the pretty ones always die first. I looked towards the back to see the kitchen light on. When I got there Rissa was frozen and when I looked passed her I saw her mom and my mom tied up to a chair with some <a href="">nigga</a> pointing the gun at Rissa's head. "Aye, what the f*** is going on?" I asked, I wasn't afraid of him. I've been shot before. s*** hurt, but I made it. "Wayne, leave them out of this. Please! Just take me!" Auntie Rose pleaded. "Shut the f*** up!" He yelled and pistol whipped the hell out of her. That's when Rissa snapped and grabbed a knife and stabbed him. He fell to the floor. "Call 911." I told Rissa, she didn't budge. She just stood there with a smile on her face. That was until the nigga named Wayne, I guess, started to stand up. "Aww baby girl, don't tell me you turned against your own blood?!" He shot her, and I jumped in only to be shot too. There me and Rissa laid, hand in hand. Awaiting our fate.

3 Months Later~~

I heard somebody talking and whispering when I fluttered my eyes open. "Oh my God! Doctor Samuel he's up!" I heard my mom's voice. I couldn't move. What did she mean I was up, and who the hell was Dr. Samuel? "Well then, I told you all he was going to pull through just fine. Now the other one. Alejandra, I just don't know." I jumped out of my bed and ran to the door. "Rissa! Rissa!" I screamed, only to be grabbed by nurses and other doctors. "Whoa, slow your road! You don't wanna fall back into a coma." The doctor said. "Now, later on. One of the nurses will take you to see her, would you like that?" He asked me. I clenched my jaws tight, the thing Rissa used to love because it made me look sexy. "I wanna see her now." I demanded. "Okay okay. Let me at least give you your medicine. Then we can see her." I nodded and took my medicine. After about 30 minutes the nurse said she would help me up and take me to go see Rissa. I jumped up and started to sprint to the door. Where all this energy came from? s*** I don't know, but I was glad it was here. "Mr. Brown. I have to roll you down there." I smacked my lips and sat in the chair.

When she finally got to what was supposed to be Rissa's room I stood up. "You mind waiting out here." She smiled at me. "Not at all, young lovebird." I smiled back and walked into the room. When I saw Rissa, my heart dropped, all these damn machines hooked up to her. "Chris, you look like absolute <a href="">s***."</a> She whispered. I chuckled and my side started to hurt and I made a weird face and she laughed. Why was I hurting and she wasn't. "So, where did my Bone Thug get shot?" She sort of tilted her neck and you could see her gauze, there was yellow liquid dripping from it, it looked nasty. "What about you Thuggie?" She asked, handing me a bottle of water. I pulled up my gown and mine looked just as bad, possibly worse. "Damn, put your shirt down before I throw up this damn satan food they got here." I laughed, this time forgetting the pain. "Come here." She said, patting the spot next to her. Without hesitation, I got in bed with her. "Baby, even in a hospital you look beautiful." I complimented her kissing her neck. I nibbled on her ear and a slight moan escaped her mouth. She forced our lips together, I was getting harder by the second. Just as we were about to go to the next level there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Rissa moaned while still kissing me. "Whoa, was I interrupting anything?" I opened my eyes to see the doctor. "Baby, let the doctor talk." She pulled out the kiss, I knew she was mad at me. "Yes, Dr. Samuel?" She huffed irritated. "Umm, well. I just came to let you know in about a week, you can leave. All the test have came back okay. There will be future checkups, just in case anything ends up triggering. Like nervous breakdowns, or just physical or mental things. Oh, you know I can combine your rooms for you. Since the both of you will be here for the same amount of time." Rissa kissed my cheek and smiled. "Thanks doc." He smiled waved bye and left.

"Wassup b****es and niggas!" Nicki and Bre yelled coming into the room. "Where everybody else?" I asked. "You know these damn hospitals only have a two person limit." Bre rolled her eyes. "So, how'd it feel to be shot, does it hurt as bad as b****es make it look on TV?" I shook my head Nicki. "Not at first, but soon that s*** hurt bad as hell!" Rissa exclaimed. "You don't look hurt." Bre examined her closely. "You look high, what did they give you?" Rissa started to whine. "I don't know, but the s*** is wearing off!" I jumped up in pain, but ignored it. "Chris where the hell are you going?" Nicki and Bre rushed after me. "I gotta get the nurse." I answered in the "where the f*** you think I'm going" tone. "Well s***, buy me some snacks from the vending machine." Nicki shouted. I stuck my middle finger up at her. "I only do girls." I shook my head laughing. Those girls are crazy as hell.

Somebody watching them. I hate niggas like this mystery man, they think they can get back when they prolly the reason they broke up smh fall back

Run it

Who is the mystery person thinking they better then Chris?
Run it

Forgive me for not commenting I've been forgetting to!!!
But anywho i wanna know who this mystery creep is plottin on rissa and chris!

Run It!!!

Sorry for all the mistakes!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Trey's POV

I was playing the basketball game with <a href="">Toni,</a> and she was beating me by 10 points. I wasn't letting her win either. I covered her face up and took my shots and tied up the game when the clock was at 3 seconds. She took a shot with my hands still over her eyes and made it. "What the f***!" I exclaimed. "Boo, you know I got that magic in me. Now who the best? I am!" She said, rubbing it in. I poked my lip out. "Aww, my baby sad. Give me a kiss." I smiled and kissed her lips. "I hate that you're so much taller than me." She pouted. "I don't. You get t listen to my heart, which only beats for you." I saw her eyes water. "Quit saying corny s***. Making me cry." She sniffled. "Okay babe, calm down. I love you T-Bear." She looked me in my eyes and smiled. "I love you more." I kissed her temple and we walked around looking for more games.

Chris' POV

Me and Rissa were playing a racing game, and of course she was beating me. "Stop cheating!" She demanded. I was pushing her arm off of the handle so she would slow down. "What you mean? I don't cheat." She mugged me from the corner of her eye. "I don't like you." She whined. I laughed, "But I love you." You could tell she wanted to smile, but she didn't. I stopped the game and picked her up. "Put me down Christopher Maurice Brown!" She yelled. I put her in the photo booth and closed the curtain. She crossed her arms and groaned. "I'm sorry." She looked at me and smirked, but quickly let it fade. "Rissa baby, I love you." I cooed. She laughed and pulled me closer by my ears. "I love you too, Munchkin." I had a huge smile on my face and she started to crack up. "Aye! Rissa move. I wanna take a picture!" Trey said, pulling back the curtain. "Ok ok, don't mess anything up." She got out and me and trey took one <a href="">picture.</a> "Ughh! Y'all ugly!" We heard Toni say. "I'm sexy as f***, I don't know what you're talking about." I argued. "Nah nigga you ugly." Rissa chuckled. Me and Trey popped out of the booth and grabbed them both and started tickling them. "Ahhh! Okay, stop it.!" They shrieked. "Say, we are the sexiest beast alive." Trey commanded. "Y'all are the sexiest beast alive!! There!" They shouted. We let them go and they were gasping for breath. Me and Trey were laughing so hard, we turned red. Well I did, he turned a purple color.

Mike's POV

I was sitting on the stool watching <a href="">Tramicia</a> whoop her older brother <a href="">Leo</a> in Just Dance. "Haha take that Leoni-" She was cut off by Leo putting his hand over her mouth. "Aye, don't nobody need to know my govt. Iight." She nodded her head. Soon as he let go she screamed out. "Okay Leonidas!" I busted out laughing. "Michael that ain't funny." He was getting mad. "Yeah it is." I got myself together and Tramicia sat down beside me. I pulled onto my lap and she smiled. "Who are you Santa now?" I nodded. "Yup. And I wanna put this big gift all up in yo stocking." She almost chocked on her drink. "Ok now, stop being freak nasties." Leo said. "You know she can't handle all this." I joked. "Boy you can't handle this. I like to get you real har-" "Aye aye aye, hold on now." Leo interrupted her. "Man, she was just about to tell me!" I pouted. She took one hand and rubbed it over my pants. I instantly got hard. "I like to do that." She whispered in my ear.

Nicki's POV

Me and <a href="">Bre</a> were playing the motorcycle game, and we were racing two other <a href="">guys.</a> "Aye, so you got a man?" The one with the glasses on asked me. "No." I smiled at Bre, but I guess he took that as a good thing. "What about you Ms. Bre?" The other one asked Bre. She shook her head no and started to giggle. "Wanna chill with us?" They asked. "Naw, we taken." I said, "But, you just said you didn't have a man." He said, confused. "That don't mean she doesn't have a woman." Bre answered for me and she kissed me oh so sweetly. "Ohh, baby you can get it when we get home." I slightly moaned. I turned back to see them both with their mouths dropped. "Bye boo." I cooed. We walked hand in hand to the group smiling from ear to ear.

Mystery Person's POV

I watched as Rissa laughed with her new boyfriend Chris. He was taller than me, but he had nothing on my sex game I bet. I know he wish he was me right now. Damn, Imma get that ass she better watch out. Man, I swear, Imma make her mine and only mine. She's gonna regret leaving me. All after I handle that Pretty Boy.

Shawn's POV

"Damn Tiana, move that fat ass out my way before I bite it." I warned. She was putting her butt in my face so I couldn't see the game, she was basically cheating. "Mmm, I like the sound of that." She whispered. Chills ran down my back as she rubbed on my neck. <a href="">She</a> her hands up my shirt and I stopped her. "Man, I was just about to get to feel on your abs." She whined. "Okay, just once." She grinned at me and felt on my abs, but she went lower and lower and she quickly stuffed her hand down my pants and I almost jumped out my seat. "Aye, I know your not small now." I winked at her and she grabbed onto my cheeks and kissed me. "Damn, I could get used to that." I admitted. "Well, get used to it." She smiled at me again and I swear my d*** throbbing.