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Calling all Chrianna fans!!!!!

Are y'all stupid or something???

Like I don't understand why y'all so pressed to see them together. if their relationship didn't end the way it did I might want them to to try again but I feel like it's to dangerous. I want them both happy. whether chris is with Kae, Draya, me, you or the next b****. I just don't think it's healthy for them.

But this is where I feel like yall are wrong....
why are yall constantly bashing Kae calling her all types of names and saying she's better off dead and no one will miss her. I bet Chris will smh. it's just mind blowing to me how a group of people can be so disrespectful to someone they don't even know. some of yall are so stuck in the past and what their relationship was before you know. but that's not how it is anymore, move on from chrianna. Can someone please explain to me how Kae is a gold digger when she has her own money from modeling and now her own clothing line. how is she a rebound when chris went with Draya and Jasmine before her and they were together for two years. and how are Chris and Rih together but every other day/week he's with Kae smh .

Lastly this s*** is a f***ing PR stunt. if you couldn't figure that out on your own then believe the shawty in chris' entourage because she pretty much put it on blast.

here's the <a href="">link </a>

I'm just saying *shrugs*


Nah Jazz, people talk recklessly bout anything that don't concern them
It's just the way they have somehow wired their brains...
Stupid really, but it's life.

Praise Jesus!! someone that understands and see's what I see.

sometimes I feel like i'm surrounded by ignorant trolls that don't think before they speak. people just talk so recklessly when it comes to those three

take it back... i was looking at the wrong thing *covers facee*

it's my bedtime lol

i'm not too keen on the clothe line really... all those stuff look like what i'd wear in the house to chill...

think i've grown out of that sort of style really..

i guess if these came out about 2yrs back, i'd be liking them.

p.s. harlee can u check my story pls... Title: Love Too Soon

holii I didnt know THE KILL was Kae's clothing line lmaoo.. I so want some of those gears

Well ..

I don`t like the new Chris.. *shrugs*

To all those hating on Kae.. back TF off her!! I like Kae, you b****es should understand for the 10months + she was with Chris she was loyal AF .. She did what was needed for her man!! .. And yeah.. C will miss her if she died .. Hating ass b****es..

Anywaysss Lmaoooo ...

I agree.. PR stunt all day.. why do we know? cos wtf.. in every pic.. Rihanna is ALL over Chris.. and he's just there?? ..

Yup! I think we should have a protest to get the old Chris back
I will gladly fly to America for it lol

Thank you Toya!!

I miss care free Chris. All I want from him is the music.

all ima say is... i miss the cute days of Chris
dude has talent
and that's all...

good pointS from u though hun
agree with ya 100%

Lmaaooooooooo !!! Ohh b**** you did that !
The shoes and dress are yours !!!! Haaaa! *slaps knee*