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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.



So a little over two weeks pass and today is Saturday and Zaira and I are moving into our new apartment today! We are both so excited!! As soon as we get to the apartment with our cars and rental truck, we get out and we start to unload the rental truck.

“Baby I can’t believe we are moving in together! I am so excited!,” Zaira exclaimed.

“I feel the same way believe we are going to christen almost every room in this apartment. Trust me on that,” I said.

“I know baby and I can’t wait.” Zaira pecks my lips and then we continue to unpack our cars and the rental truck. Once all the boxes are in the apartment, we start to unpack. Zaira is in the kitchen and I am unpacking in our room. I love the way that sounds, our room :) As I am unpacking one of the boxes, I notice a stack of papers. I don’t really pay them much mind, until I notice the local correctional facility address on them. I look at them confused and I look through the stack of about 10 envelopes. I open one and I see a handwritten letter. I look to the bottom for a name and I am shocked when I see Travis’ signature. I look through all of the letters and they are all from Travis. Why is Zaira writing to him? I don’t understand. I skim through some of the letters and they are kind of intimate letters. Travis is spilling his feelings for Zaira and he is saying how thankful he is that she forgives him for what he did. What?!? Why would Zaira not tell me about this? We don’t have secrets so I am very upset right now. I take all of the letters and I go into the kitchen and I see Zaira unpacking dishes carefully. I throw the letters on the counter next to her and she heard the sound and she looks at me and smiles, but her smile quickly dies down when she sees my face.

“What’s wrong?,” Zaira asked.

“Do you want to explain these to me?,” I said while pointing to the stack of letters. She looks at me confused then looks at the letters and I see her whole demeanor change. She swallows hard and she looks at me and I just narrow my eyes at her.

“Julian.....please don’t be mad at me,” Zaira said softly.

“Since when do we have secrets? Huh?,” I asked.

“I just....I didn’t think you would want me talking to Travis.”

“You’re d**n right about that!! How can you talk to him?! He raped you Zaira! He brutally raped you, taped it, and gave you a STD. What could you possibly have to discuss with this man?,” I yelled.

“Don’t yell at me Julian.....all I do is write to him and that’s it. He is really sorry for what he did. He is incredibly remorseful. I don’t want to hate him, so I have forgiven him. He writes me because it helps. It helps the both of us.”

“How does it help you? Why can’t you talk to me about it huh? You know you can talk to me about anything!”

“I know that Julian and I tell you everything.”

“You didn’t tell me about these letters.”

“Well you didn’t tell me about your son,” Zaira rudely.

“Wow.....ok that’s a totally different situation. I didn’t even know if my son was dead or alive Zaira!”

“But you still could have told me.”

“Fine so what we’re even? I don’t think so. You talking to another n***a who happens to be the same man that raped you is a different situation. You could have told him in one letter that you forgave him and that’s it. Why are you writing back and forth to him? Huh?”

“Julian he just likes to talk to me that’s all.”

“Talk to you about what? About how often he gets his a** beat in prison or how awful it is there? What do you two talk about?”

“Julian....I cared about Travis. I loved him at one point and he loved me. He needs someone to talk to and he chose me to talk to. Should I have pushed him away? I don’t think so. I need to talk to him in a sense so I don’t grow hate for him in my heart.”

“He never loved you Zaira. How can you believe that? He cheated on you, made you feel awful for not having sex with him, and then raped you like you meant nothing to you. You meant absolutely nothing to him Zaira,” I said evilly. Zaira just stares at me in shock and I see tears fill her eyes. Wow now I feel awful, but I’m just so mad right now.

“ really don’t know how Travis felt about me. He hurt me, yes I understand that. I will never forget what he did, but I can forgive him. That is all I am doing.”

“Oh I don’t know how he felt about you? I remember him slapping you across your face. He treated you like trash and now you are acting like he’s your friend? Don’t be stupid Zaira.”

“Julian stop. I am not doing this to hurt you. I am doing this for myself. I need closure too you know.”

“How does writing to him give you closure? He is going to get in your head and try to convince you he’s good when he is evil!”

“I....I don’t know how to explain it Julian.”

“There is no explanation....I can’t believe this.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I knew you would act like this.....and it’s not like I need your permission to do anything. I’m your woman not your property.” That was a low blow.

“You’re right you don’t need my permission to do anything ....but I thought we were special to each other and I thought you could include me in every aspect of your life. But I see I was wrong.”

“Julian don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what? Don’t do what Zaira?”

“Don’t be mad at me about this....I’m sorry ok? I should have told you. I should have and I’m sorry I didn’t. But I didn’t want to make you upset.”

“It’s kind of late for that Zaira. I’m pissed to be honest.”

“Julian I’m sorry....I don’t like it when you are mad at me.”

“....I want to understand this, but I don’t. I don’t and I honestly won’t. That man.....broke your heart and your spirit and now you are taking out time to write to him? I just don’t get it.”

“....I’m sorry I can’t explain it to you. I wish I could but I can’t.”

“It’s fine. You want to continue writing to him, I really don’t care.”

“....You don’t care?”

“Did I stutter? I don’t care. You do what you want. I don’t want to control you. You’re a grown woman.”

“....Are you mad at me?”


“Julian don’t lie....I can tell you are mad at me.”

“I’m not mad....I’m going to finish unpacking.” I shake my head as I walk to our bedroom. I sigh as I continue to unpack. I’m just scared that I might find something else I don’t want to. A few minutes later, Zaira comes into the room and she sits on the bed and looks at me.

“Julian I know you are mad at me...I’m sorry for what I did ok?,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“I don’t know why we are still talking about this because you don’t think you did anything wrong, so what’s the point?,” I said.

“Julian I said I was sorry.”

“Ok Zaira I heard you. You’re sorry I get it.”

“Julian don’t do this to me.”

“What am I doing?”

“You’re pretending you aren’t mad when you are. I know you too well for this.....let’s just resolve this now ok? I don’t want you mad at me.”

“Ok I’ll be honest.....I am very mad at you....why didn’t you think you could tell me? That hurts Zaira.”

“I’m sorry baby I just thought you wouldn’t want me to do it.”

“So you rather keep a secret from me? Is that better?” Zaira just looks at me and then looks down.

“Ok you’re right Julian. I was wrong is that what you want to hear?,” Zaira said while looking up at me.

“You know what? I’m going out for a drive,” I said.

“No Julian don’t leave.”

“I need to get some air....I’ll be back before my mom comes with JJ and Alexis.”

“Julian, please don’t. It’s our first day in this apartment and you just want to leave? Don’t do that. I just want us to unpack our new place together....if you don’t want to be around me right now I can understand that. I will go unpack another room.”

“Yeah you should do that, because I don’t want to be around you right now,” I said harshly. D**n that was really rude of me, but I’m just so angry.

“....Ok Julian I’ll leave you be,” Zaira said softly. She wipes her tears and she quickly stands up from the bed and leaves the room. I just sigh heavily and I plop down on the bed. I’m just hurt that Zaira could keep a secret from me. I just can’t understand why she would want to talk to someone that hurt her so deeply. Travis hurt Zaira so bad. He always made her feel like less of a woman because she would not have sex with him, he slapped her, cheated on her, raped her and gave her an STD. I just don’t understand how she could even want to talk with him. I will never understand that I know that much. I stand up from the bed and I continue to unpack me and Zaira’s belongings. I make up our bed with our new bedspread and I get our room pretty much settled except for Zaira’s clothes. I go into the living room and I start to unpack a few things. I look into the kitchen and I see Zaira unpacking pots and pans. I can see the side of her face and I can see tears rolling down her cheeks. The last thing I wanted to do was make her upset, but I’m upset. I know I can be very stubborn it is one of my flaws I have been told quite often. I sigh and I go into the kitchen and I get a glass of water. I rest against the counter as I drink the water and watch Zaira from my side view. I see her take a deep breath and she stands right in front of me and looks at me and I look at her.

“Julian I cannot stand it when you are mad at me,” Zaira said wearily.

“I don’t understand why you are writing to Travis, but you are going to do it regardless, so why does my opinion even matter?,” I said.

“Why are you so stubborn?!,” Zaira yelled in frustration. I just look at her in shock and she just takes a deep breath again.

“I’m sorry that I have a problem with the woman that I love writing to the man that broke her heart more than once! I’m sorry for caring so much about you that I don’t want to see you get hurt! Excuse me for caring Zaira!,” I yelled.

“I know you care Julian but you are wrong! You have no right to be mad at me! If I want to write to Travis, then I should be able to write to him!”

“I don’t have a right to be mad?! You kept a secret from me! How can I trust you? How do I know you haven’t kept anything else from me? Everything you have told me so far could be a lie! Your parents could still be alive, you may have never gotten raped the first time, how do I know what to believe huh?”

“How dare you. How dare you Julian! How dare you say that I would lie about any of those things! I would never lie about such hurtful things! You can be a real a**hole!,” Zaira yelled as tears ran down her cheeks.

“If I’m so stubborn and such an a**hole then why are you with me then? Huh?,” I asked rudely. Zaira just looks at me in shock. I know I should not have just said that.

“How can you say that to me? How you can look me in the face and say some s**t like that?,” Zaira asked angrily.

“I just don’t understand how you can keep anything from me. I thought I could trust you but maybe I can’t,” I said.

“ are blowing this way out of proportion.”

“Am I? How would you feel if I was writing to another woman behind your back? It would hurt you too if I didn’t tell you what I was doing. I’m not trying to control you; you know I don’t want to do that. But I’m your man and you’re my woman so I want us to be able to discuss everything. I just don’t get why you would keep anything from me. And you know how I feel about that n***a Travis. It’s disrespectful Zaira.”

“Julian....I didn’t mean to hurt your or disrespect you, but I knew you would have acted irrational like you are now.”

“Maybe if you would have told me straight up and not hid it from me, I wouldn’t have to act irrationally.”

“I’m sorry Julian....what else can I do?”

“You know what? You don’t have to do anything. You do what you what you want, you have been doing that anyway,” I said rudely. I grab my keys off the counter and I turn to walk towards the door.

“Julian where are you going?,” Zaira called out to me.

“It’s a secret,” I said while turning to look at Zaira. She just stares at me with a look across her face, but when I am hurting I hurt other people.

“Julian I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay.”

“Well I don’t. I don’t even want to be in the same area as you right now.”

“....Are you really that mad at me?,” Zaira asked softly.

“Yes!,” I yelled. Zaira just looks at me and nods her head.

“.....Ok. I can understand that you need some space right now.....just know that I’m sorry for what I did. I never meant to hurt you. I love you Julian,” Zaira said. I just turn around and I leave the apartment without saying anything else to Zaira. I get in my car and I speed off. I’m just so angry right now. I do not like the fact that Zaira couldn’t tell me she was writing to Travis. I don’t want Travis to get in Zaira’s head and hurt her, because I know that is what he is trying to do. He is a sociopath and that is what they do. Zaira just has too big of a heart to be mean to anyone and even if you hurt her, she can forgive her. I respect and love that about her, but I could not stand to see Travis hurt her again. Travis could use Zaira’s letters as evidence to get his sentence shortened or some s**t like that. I just don’t believe that Travis has pure intentions with this. Zaira should have told me that is all I am saying. I drive a few blocks and stop at a stop sign. I look both ways and I continue on. Suddenly I hear loud honking of horns. I look to my left side and I see a car coming straight toward me. I just gasp in shock and the next thing I know everything goes black..........

I told ya’ll good things don’t last forever ;)! But don’t be mad and tell me what you think!!

Dammit don't say that! LOL Run this girl

Oh and to comment on the last two updates....I'll just keep it PG13 that was too hot for words.

Run iT! <3

I'm glad you think Zaira and Julian are so cute together but.....good things can't last forever ladies ;) *evil laugh*

Ugh they are just too cute

Run it

Already knew Z had some freak in her lol

Loved It...
Run It....

Lord Julian done turned Zaira out lol. They went hard that night. Then again that morning lol. It was sweet of them to spend time with the kids too. Lol at J.J and Alexis liking Cameron and Angela. They too much. Julians mom could tell they've been intimate haha. Never thought Id see the day when Julian would be saying he wants only one woman and wants to get married Zaira changed him for the better. Those freaks did it in the car tho.... Smdh lol. Freaks freaks freaks. Loved the add. Run It

i love zaira annd julian!! and jj and alexis are hilarious..flirting with cam and angela..RUN IT!

Aww I love them together they are so damn cute it


I wake up the next day, Wednesday at around 10:30 am. Zaira and I decided last night that we would play hooky from class today. We stayed up until damn near 3 am. Last night.....was absolutely amazing. I have no words. Zaira is a freak which I always knew. Her perfect to me. She is thick where I like it and I could not get enough of being inside of her. She feels f***ing amazing. Her p***y is so damn good I am already addicted to it. I couldn’t get enough last night and I don’t think I ever will. Making love to the woman that I love touched me so deeply. I know I spilled all my feelings for her last night. It was emotional, but in a good way. It was beautiful actually. We were so in tuned with each other and I felt like we were one person last night, which was amazing to me. I’ll never forget a single moment of last night. I look next to me and I see Zaira lying on her back sleeping peacefully. I just smile; she is so beautiful. She is draped in the sheets and I know that she is naked underneath. I smirk to myself and I lift up the sheets and admire her naked body. I look her up and down multiple times. I love her so damn much, it’s scary. I see her squirm a bit and then I see her legs open and bend towards her chest. I look up and I see Zaira awake smiling at me.

“You want some morning sex baby?,” Zaira asked.

“Hell sure you can handle it? You started to run from me last night,” I teased.

“I’m energized now. Now put on a condom and get inside of me,” Zaira said sensually.

“Oh I have turned your ass out I see. Yes ma’am,” I said obediently. I quickly put on a condom and then I get on top of Zaira and she wraps her legs around my waist. She loves this d**k ;) I lean down and peck her lips as I gently rub her womanhood. I need her as wet as it was last night. It feels so good. She is so tight and wet, she just feels perfect around me.

“Mmm baby,” Zaira moaned in my ear. Her moans are the sexiest sound I have ever heard! I love it when she moans in my ear that turns me on. Once she is wet for me I slide right in. She feels so good!! I swear every time I slide right into her, I just want to cum simultaneously, but I can’t do that to my baby. I like to take my time with her anyway. I look down at Zaira and she is looking at me, while making a slight face of pain.

“You ok babe?,” I asked.

“I’m fine.....can you take it slow?,” Zaira asked.

“Of course baby.” I peck her lips and then I slowly slide in and out of her while looking at her. She smiles a bit at me and she pulls my chest to hers and wraps her arms around me and holds me tight. She is so loving and passionate and I love that about her. Her hands roam up my back and she rests her left hand on top of my head and runs her fingers through my small curls. I love it when she does that. I inch deeper and deeper inside of Zaira and she grips my back in pleasure and throws her head back and lets out a loud moan. I smile to myself and I continue a slow but deep pace. 25 minutes later, Zaira and I both reach our climaxes. Her p***y is so good!! I don’t even want to use a condom ever again, but I know we have to for a while. I pull out of Zaira and I lie down next to her and she turns her head to look at me.

“I love it when we make love Julian,” Zaira said.

“I love it too baby I really do. I think I am addicted already,” I said while smirking.

“Me too. I love you inside of me.”

“And I love being inside of hungry babe?”

“Yes starving! We had to have burned thousands of calories with all of the sex we have had,” Zaira said while laughing.

“You’re probably right about that.....want to cook together?”

“Yes baby.” I smile and I peck Zaira’s lips and I get out of the bed and I hold my hand out to Zaira. She smiles and stands up from the bed and I slap her ass a few times and she giggles. Her giggle is sexy as f***, damn. I kiss her forehead and then I walk over to the dresser and I hand Zaira one of my white t-shirts and she puts it on. I then take off my condom and then I put on a pair of boxers. We go into the kitchen and we both wash our hands very thoroughly. I take out eggs, and bacon from the fridge and Zaira takes out grits from the cabinet. I set the food on the counter and I watch as Zaira moves around the kitchen getting pans and pots to cook in. When she bent over to get the pot for the grits I slapped her behind hard. She stood up and set the pan down and turned around to look at me.

“Julian you need to behave,” Zaira said while laughing a bit.

“You act like you don’t like it when I slap that round, firm, perfect behind of yours,” I said while smirking. Zaira just hits my chest and I kiss her all over her face and she just laughs out loud. She walks to the stove and I laugh a bit because she is walking incredibly funny. She heard me laugh and she turns to look at me.

“You laughing at me?,” Zaira asked.

“Yeah you’re walking funny babe.....but I know why, it’s my fault,” I said while grabbing my manhood.

“You are disgusting,” Zaira said while laughing.

“You weren’t complaining about that last night,” I said. Zaira just sticks out her tongue and I lean in and suck on it and Zaira slaps my chest to get me stop. I stop and she laughs at me.

“Stop messing with me....and wash your hands again,” Zaira joked. I laugh and I wash my hands again and then Zaira and I cook breakfast together. I tried so hard to not mess with my baby, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m just so in love with her, that I want to spend every second of my time with her. I don’t want to smother her though; I don’t want to be that kind of boyfriend. With our new found intimacy, it’s just hard for me not to touch Zaira. I just can’t keep my hands off of her. Once breakfast is ready, we sit down at the table across from each other. We say our blessing and then we start to eat.

“Baby do you want to do anything today?,” Zaira asked.

“Besides you tonight, yes. I was thinking that we could surprise JJ and Alexis and pick them up from school and take them out for an early dinner. I miss them both so much. What do you think?,” I asked.

“Aww baby that sounds so sweet, I love the idea. I think they both would really like that....can we bring Cameron and Angela? I told them I would see them today and Angela wants to meet JJ and Alexis since I told her all about them. She LOVES children so much,” Zaira suggested.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all, sounds like fun. I really like Angela and Cameron they’re a real good couple.” Zaira just smiles and nods her head and she leans over and pecks my lips. Once Zaira and I are done eating, we clean the dishes and then we take a shower. Of course we had a round in the shower ;). Once we are done in the shower, we get out, dry off and I help Zaira lotion her body, almost causing another round between us, but I controlled myself. After that, we both got dressed. We went to the living room and we got some homework done. At 2:30 pm I called my mom and told her my plans with JJ and Alexis and she loved the idea. I asked her if she wanted to come, but she said she will pass and stay at work a little later than usual so she can get some extra work done. Zaira and I stop by the store to get two car seats for JJ and Alexis. Safety always comes first. By 3:30 we arrive at JJ and Alexis’ school. They do go to the same school and the school is about 20 minutes away from our campus; it’s about midway between my mom’s house and the campus. I park in front of the school and Zaira and I get out and we see kids coming out. 5 minutes later, we see Alexis and JJ coming out of the school holding hands. I can’t help but smile when I see them, they are adorable. They look around and when they see me, they both gasp and wave. I smile and they run to me and I kneel down and I hold them close.

“Daddy!!! I miss you!,” JJ exclaimed.

“I missed you too JJ,” I said.

“Juju! What are you doing here?!,” Alexis asked in shock.

“Zaira and I wanted to surprise you! We are going to dinner with our friends and you two are coming with us,” I said.

“Yay!!,” JJ and Alexis said in unison. I pick them both up in my arms and I kiss the both of our cheeks multiple times. I walk towards Zaira and JJ and Alexis smile when they see her.

“Hi Zaira!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Hi handsome,” Zaira said. I hand JJ to Zaira and she hugs him tight then kisses his cheek. Zaira then holds out her free arm for Alexis and I hand her to her and Zaira kisses Alexis all over her face while Alexis giggles.

“Are my babies ready to go eat?,” Zaira said cutely.

“Yeah!!,” JJ and Alexis said excitedly. I smile and I open the car door and I strap JJ in his car seat and Zaira straps Alexis in hers. Zaira and I then get in the car and we drive to the local Applebee’s, which is where Angela and Cameron are meeting us. Once we park, we get out of the car. I hold JJ’s hand while Zaira holds Alexis’. As we are walking to the door, we see Angela and Cameron sitting on the bench outside the door. When they see us, they smile and wave. Angela gasps when she sees JJ and Alexis and she walks over to us.

“Oh my goodness....these have to be two of the most beautiful children I have ever seen,” Angela said. She squats down and just admires JJ and Alexis.

“Hi handsome you must be JJ. I’m Angela,” Angela said sweetly to JJ.

“Hi’re pretty,” JJ said while smiling big.

“Your son is just like you, so flirty,” Zaira whispered to me. I just laugh and nod my head.

“Hi pretty girl you must be Alexis,” Angela said while smiling big.

“Hi Angela. Nice to meet you,” Alexis said while smiling big.

“Nice to meet you too,” Angela said. Angela looks at Cameron and he walks over and squats next to Angela.

“Hey lil’ man, I’m Cameron,” Cameron said.

“Nice to meet you,” JJ said. JJ holds out his fist and Cameron laughs and daps JJ’s fist.

“Lil’ man’s cool,” Cameron said while laughing.

“Hi I’m Alexis are a cutie,” Alexis said while giggling.

“Thank you gorgeous, you’re a cutie yourself,” Cameron said while smiling big.

“Thank you. Can I sit next to you for dinner?,” Alexis asked sweetly.

“Of course you can, I would like that,” Cameron said. Alexis just giggles and leans in and kisses Cameron’s cheek. Julian and I just laugh and shake our heads.

“I sit next to you Angela?,” JJ asked.

“Of course cutie pie,” Angela said. Cameron and Angela stand up and Alexis quickly grabs Cameron’s hand and JJ grabs Angela’s. I just look at Zaira and she laughs.

“I think your niece and son both have a crush,” Zaira joked.

“I think you’re right,” I said while laughing. We all walk into Applebee’s and we are seated at a six person table. Angela and JJ sit together, Cameron and Alexis sit together, and then Zaira and I sit next to each other. We all start to look through our menus.

“Daddy I miss you. Can we do dinner all the time?,” JJ asked.

“I miss you too JJ. I wish I could see you every day,” I said.

“Me too, can’t I live with you and Zaira?,” JJ said.

“You will eventually I promise you JJ,” I said.

“Ok....I love you daddy,” JJ said.

“I love you more JJ,” I said. JJ smiles and Angela gently rubs his cheek.

“Juju I want to live with you and Zaira now. It would be fun,” Alexis said.

“I know baby girl I know. I want you and JJ to live with me and Zaira too, but we have to finish school first so we can take care of you. Do you understand?,” I said. Alexis smiles a bit and nods her head. A waiter comes a few minutes later and takes our drink orders. Once she brings our drinks, we all order our food. While waiting for our food, we all talk amongst ourselves. JJ and Alexis both talk about school and I just admire them. These two little kids mean everything to me. I love them so damn much. I would do anything for them. I want to give them the world. 25 minutes later our food comes and we all start eating. JJ and Alexis really like Angela and Cameron, I can tell they will be close. JJ and Alexis definitely have crushes. It’s sweet in a sense. I enjoyed dinner with Zaira, JJ, Alexis, Angela and Cameron. We all had a really nice time. It was so good to see JJ and Alexis. I am really going to make an effort to try and see them more often, not just the weekends. They need to know that I love them, so I have to show them. Once we all are done eating, we leave the restaurant.

“Cameron can I see you again?,” Alexis asked sweetly.

“Sure gorgeous. I’d like to see you again. You let me know when,” Cameron said. Alexis giggles and reaches up to Cameron and Cameron picks her up and kisses her all over her face while Alexis blushes. Zaira, Angela and I just laugh at Alexis.

“Angela I want kisses,” JJ said. Angela smiles big and picks JJ up and kisses him all over his face and JJ laughs.

“I’m going to see you later ok JJ?,” Angela said.

“Ok,”’ JJ said. JJ reaches out to me and Angela hands him to me and I kiss his cheek. Cameron hands Alexis to Zaira and then Angela and Cameron say bye to all of us and they leave. Zaira and I put JJ and Alexis in their car seats and then we head to my mom’s house. Once we get there, we all go in and go into the kitchen. JJ and Alexis sit down at the table and pull out their homework. Zaira and I sit down across from them to help them if they need it. My mom comes into the kitchen and smiles at all of us.

“There’s my two beautiful grandbabies!,” my mom exclaimed. My mom hugs and kisses JJ and Alexis and they hug and kiss her back.

“How was dinner?,” my mom asked.

“It was fun....daddy’s friend Angela is pretty!,” JJ said.

“Yeah grandma and Juju’s friend Cameron is a cutie. He is fine!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“My goodness, you two are your parent’s children. So flirty just like your parents,” my mom said while laughing. JJ and Alexis just laugh and so do Zaira and I.

“Daddy how long you stay?,” JJ asked.

“Zaira and I will tuck you and Alexis in bed and make sure you both are sleeping soundly before we leave. I promise,” I said. JJ just smiles and nods his head.

“I want to sit with you daddy,” JJ said. I just smile and I walk over to his chair and I pick him up and kiss his cheek multiple times and then I sit down and I sit down with him in my lap. JJ continues his homework and I just watch him as he does so. He is very smart for his age; I know Krystal made sure of that. I help JJ if he needs help and Zaira helps Alexis if she needs help. I love this family time. Alexis and Zaira are becoming so close and I love that. I just watch Zaira and I can’t help but smile at her. She is such an amazing woman and I know how lucky I am to have her. I will not let her go. I love her so much. At around 6:30 pm, JJ and Alexis take their baths while Zaira and I wait in Alexis’ room. Once they are both dressed in their pajamas, Alexis lies down in her bed and Zaira holds JJ in her lap. JJ said he wants to fall asleep on Zaira’s cushions. I told him I wanted to do the same thing tonight ;) Zaira hit me playfully of course, but JJ just laughed. JJ rests his head against Zaira’s chest and Zaira gently rubs his back. I start to gently sing while I rub Alexis’s back. 25 minutes later, Alexis and JJ are knocked out. Zaira and I kiss Alexis’ forehead and then we leave the room, while Zaira holds JJ close. We take JJ to his room and then Zaira lies JJ down on his stomach and I tuck him in. We both kiss his forehead and Zaira rubs his cheek.

“I love your son so much baby. He’s so beautiful,” Zaira whispered.

“Thank you baby you’re let’s get home so we can make him a younger sibling,” I joked. Zaira just hits my chest hard and I laugh quietly. I kiss her lips and then I turn on the night light for JJ and then Zaira and I leave the room. We go downstairs to the living room where my mom is watching television. When she sees us, she smiles and stands up from the couch. She walks over to us and she hugs us tightly.

“You two are so sweet for what you did for JJ and Alexis today. They talk about the both of you all the time. They love you both so much and they want to see you as often as they can. Especially JJ....Julian that boy is so much like you it’s scary. He needs you and so does Alexis,” my mom said.

“I know ma that is why I did what I did today. I want to see them more than just the weekend. I want to show them that I love them. So once Zaira and I get settled in our apartment in the next two weeks, we will see them as often as we can. They can even spend the night with us if they want to. I would love that,” I said.

“I know baby and they would love it too,” my mom said.

“Ok ma we have to head home,” I said.

“Ok Julian you give Zaira a break alright? Don’t hurt her,” my mom said.

“Huh?,” I said in confusion.

“Julian you act like I was never young once....I saw how you and Zaira were all over each other today, I’m not blind. I know exactly what goes on between you two, even when you don’t tell me......I know you two have taken that special step in your relationship,” my mom said while smiling. I look at Zaira and she looks at me while blushing.

“Oh Zaira baby don’t be embarrassed one’s a beautiful part of being in love I understand that.....just no more grandbabies while you are in college I mean that Julian,” my mom said sternly.

“I know ma we promise,” I said.

“Alright. I love ya’ll drive safely,” my mom said. Zaira and I smile and say “I love you” back. We hug her and then we leave. We get in my car and we head to Zaira’s apartment. I rest my right hand on Zaira’s left thigh and I run my hand up and down it.

“Baby you just can’t get enough huh?,” Zaira said while laughing a bit.

“I can admit that I am addicted.....your body is my drug,” I said sexily.

“Mmm....I like it when you talk like that,” Zaira said while biting her bottom lip.

“Oh yeah.....want me to tell you what I am going to do with you when we get home?”

“Yeah baby.”

“Ok....but this is what you have to do. You have to play with yourself and imagine they are my hands.”


“Nobody but us do it.” Zaira nods her head and she unbuttons and unzips her jeans and spreads out her legs and slides her right hand inside of her panties.

“Now imagine you’re naked and your hands are my hands.....I’m gently caressing your does that feel?,” I said sensually.

“ feels good baby,” Zaira moaned.

“ I am caressing your pearl I’m sucking on your nipples. Swirling my tongue around your nipples. I’m licking, biting and kissing every inch of your breasts. I move my tongue down your chest, to your navel, and I keep going and I place my lips and tongue on every inch of your body. You like my lips on your body baby?”

“Yes baby I love your lips all over me,” Zaira moaned in pleasure.

“....You wet for me?”

“I’m so wet for you baby....I want you so bad,” Zaira said while looking at me. Damn she just made me rock hard. I want her bad.

“I want you too.”

“I want you now Zaira.” I drive to a secluded parking lot and I park and turn off the car and then I look at Zaira and she looks at me. She looks around and then back at me. It’s dark outside so most likely no one would see us.

“ want to do it here?,” Zaira asked.

“Why not? Are you scared?,” I teased. Zaira narrows her eyes at me and bites her bottom lip then shakes her head.

“I’m not’re going to have my attention anyway,” Zaira said sexily.

“Exactly the only thing you are going to be paying attention to is this,” I said while pointing to my manhood. Zaira just laughs and we both get out of the car and go into the backseat. I lock the car doors and then I look at Zaira. I grab her face and kiss her passionately. She takes my right hand and leads it into her panties and I feel her wet womanhood. She’s drenched just how I like it. I caress her gently as she moans in my mouth. This woman is beyond sexy. I cannot get enough of her. She unbuckles and unbuttons then unzips my pants and slides her right hand inside of my boxers and strokes my manhood. She moans as she does this and I do as well. I kiss down to her neck and she rests her free hand on top of my head.

“ you have a condom?,” Zaira asked. I nod my head and take my free hand and I go into my pocket and I take out a stack of Magnums. I’m always prepared ;) I pull away from Zaira and I slide my pants and boxers down to my ankles while Zaira takes off her pants and panties. I open the condom and I slide it on my manhood.

“You want me on top baby?,” Zaira asked.

“Yeah baby get on top,” I said. I slap Zaira’s behind and she giggles as she climbs on top of me. She straddles me and grabs my manhood and slides me inside of her womanhood. We both moaned out loud as she did this. I grip Zaira’s waist tight as she starts to bounce up and down on top of me. She looks at me and I look at her.

“Damn you feel good,” I groaned.

“Ahhh....I love you Julian,” Zaira moaned.

“I love you too Zaira. I love you so much.” Zaira smiles a bit and I lean in and I kiss her passionately as she picks up her pace. This is so amazing. After our 20 minute quickie and we both reach our climaxes, Zaira just wraps her arms around me and I hold her as we try to catch her breath. I’ve never had a woman make me feel the way Zaira does. I just want to spend the rest of my life with her. I don’t need or want anyone but her. My family is already complete in my eyes. I just close my eyes and I enjoy the embrace. I am so peaceful whenever I am with Zaira. Nothing could ever get me down when I am with her. Zaira pulls out of the embrace and she leans in and pecks my lips a few times. I open my eyes to look at her and she looks at me.

“Can I ask you something?,” I asked.

“Anything Julian,” I said.

“When you think about the future......what do you see?” Zaira looks down and smiles and then she looks up at me. She rests her hands on my cheeks and looks at me intensely as I look at her.

“Julian when I think about the future....I see you. I see you, JJ and Alexis. I see us graduating from college, finding jobs, getting married and living in a house with all four of us. You of my biggest fears is dying alone. Dying with no family or my own legacy such as a child....but Julian...I know that with you, I will never ever be alone. JJ and Alexis.....I feel like they are a part of me and I love them and you so much. You know that I have been without a family for a while now....but with you, your mom, JJ and Alexis, I feel so loved and cared for. You all are my family and I don’t ever want to let any of you go,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks. My baby has a heart of gold, I swear. I just smile and I wipe her tears and pull her into another embrace.

“Zaira I am here to stay. I promise you I am. I have never ever felt a love like the love I feel for you scares me, but at the same time I love it. I see you in my future too. I see us raising JJ and Alexis and any other kids we decide to have. You are a part of my family now and I love you so much. I truly believe you are the one God made specifically for me. I truly believe that. I know we have not been together for too long, but I know our love is strong. I know our love can get through anything. As long as we trust and love each other and communicate about everything, we are going to be fine. We can be together forever.”

“That is exactly what I want Julian.”

Found some motivation ladies hopefully you all enjoy this add! I love all the support :)

Aww Nicole, I knwo what ya mean, But the good part about writing is you can make belive it's your life and makeup stuff.

definitely LOVED this!!! they some freaky freaks!!!!! finally got it in..zaira was getting no all! glad they took it to that level tho..RUN IT

Ladies thank you all for your comments I really appreciate them :) I have to be honest and say I have zero motivation to write about a happy, perfect couple right now :/ let's just say relationships....can be very painful at times. Will add as soon as I find motivation though. Love ya'll <3

They finally got their freak on!!!! OW!!!!! Lol I'm so happy they could express their love for one another. And they've been through so much together. JJ and Julian are so wonderful together!!! I'm so happy he got his son back!! Love this. Run it!!

FINALLY hell they been trying to get some Julian & zaira time for the longest pple kept interrupting lol but I'm glad they are now at a stable place and have themselves figured out . Runtit ! *madeas voice*

Dam they some lil nasties !!! I loved how it wasn't just sex they expressed how they felt about each other and s*** she won't have any problem getting pregnant ! Gon be poppin kids left and right!
I'm so happy he got jj back and I'm glad he accepted Z even called her second mommy
I can't wait til they all move together :)
Run it

Yes!!! Finally they did the do, lol. Great add, I love when they share their feelings with one another. So cute! Run it!!!

Run It... =)

Loved the add. Run it

He'll yes I loved this add. It was sweet they spent the weekend with J.J and Alexis J.J cried cause he didn't want them to leave awww. Zaira went all the way out to make there first time together memorable.They are some serious freaks. Julian turned Zaira all the way out lol. My goodness that boys like the energizer bunny. Just keeps going and going and going lol. Theyre animals. This nigga done said he's gone marry her cause the pussy,cooking and brain is so good lol. Run It

Lol good add...
With they nasty asses

F R E A K S !!!! Lol


So three days pass and today is Tuesday. This past weekend with Julian’s family was amazing. It was so nice to see Julian interact with JJ; they are adorable together. Julian really loves JJ like he wasn’t even gone for two years. They picked up right where they left off. JJ is the sweetest thing. He is absolutely adorable and he is so sweet. He does remind me a lot of Julian. It was hard leaving Sunday evening; JJ did not want to let me or Julian go. He hugged us both for close to ten minutes and he cried a bit, my poor baby ;( I swear I love the little boy already. Julian and I promised JJ that we would be back this coming weekend. It was so great to see Alexis and JJ interact too, I can already tell that they are going to be close. I love those two kids so much, I feel like they are a part of me, as crazy as that sounds. Anyway, it’s Tuesday evening and I have a very special evening planned for Julian tonight. I cannot take it anymore. I need to make love to that man and I need him to make love to me. I just want him so bad physically that it is taking over my thoughts. It is all that I think about. Every time I look at Julian, I just imagine him naked. I have so many thoughts of us making love. I can’t even focus in class, so this needs to happen. Nothing is going to get in our way this time. So right now it’s 8 pm and I am waiting for Julian to come to my apartment. He had a study group tonight, so I was getting the apartment ready in the meantime. I put candles all around my room and I have a cd of slow jams playing. I am dressed in <a href="">this</a> along with red stilettos to match. Angela helped me pick out this outfit. I told it was way too revealing but Angela said that was good. She said that I need to be able to feel comfortable sexually around Julian and around myself. Right now I am looking in the mirror at myself and I actually do feel really sexy. I feel very confident that Julian is going to like my outfit as well. I hope he loves it! I want this moment to be so special for the both of us. I put on a bit of makeup, fluff out my hair and put on a sweet smelling perfume. Once I am done with my appearance, I go into the kitchen and I fix Julian his dessert, his dessert besides me ;) I fix him a plate of chocolate mousse cake and I put chocolate syrup on it as well. Julian told me this is one of his absolute favorite desserts. I get a fork along with the plate and I go into my bedroom. I set the plate carefully on the bed. I sit on the bed and I wait for Julian. 15 minutes later, I hear the front door open and close. I take a deep breath as I hear the door lock.

“Baby where are you?,” Julian called out.

“I’m in the bedroom babe,” I called out. I stand up from the bed and I face the door and less than a minute Julian walks into the room. When he sees me, he stops in his tracks, drops his backpack, and looks me up and down multiple times. I hope this is a good thing.

“Hi baby,” I said shyly.

“Uh....he-hey Za-Zaira......damn,” Julian said.

“Come here,” I said. Julian just looks my body up and down and I sit on the bed. He takes off his jacket and sets it aside and he sits next to me on the bed.

“I made dessert for you babe, would you like to try some? It’s your favorite, chocolate mousse cake,” I said. Julian just swallows and nods his head. He is making me so nervous right now! I can’t really tell what he is thinking; I just hope it’s good. I take a forkful of cake and I put it to Julian’s lips. He just looks me in my eyes and I look him in his. He opens his mouth and I feed him the cake. He chews it and swallows while looking at me.

“Is it ok?,” I asked nervously.

“It’s delicious, but it’s missing something,” Julian said.

“What’s that?”

“You.” I just look at Julian confused and I see a small smirk across his face. He takes the fork from my hand and he takes a forkful of the cake and then he looks at me. He runs the fork down my chest, in between my breasts and gets the cake all over me. I just look at him and he sets the fork down. He rests his hands on my waist and he scoots closer to me. Oh god this man is so damn sexy! I can’t deal! He looks me in my eyes and then his eyes roam down to my breasts and the area between them. He licks his lips and then he licks every last bit of the cake he got on my skin. His god, it should be illegal to do the things he does with his tongue. I couldn’t help but let a few small moans escape my lips as Julian did this. Once he is done, he licks his lips and looks me in my eyes.

“That tastes so much better,” Julian said sexily.

“Julian....I want you so can do anything you want to me,” I said submissively.

“Anything?,” Julian said while raising an eyebrow.

“Anything baby.”

“I hope you know what that know I am going to tear you ass up right?”

“I know,” I said while biting my bottom lip.

“f*** you are sexy as s***......stand up for me.” I nod my head and I stand up in front of Julian and he looks me up and down slowly.

“f*** Zaira you are so damn beautiful....turn around for me,” Julian said. I turn around and I can feel Julian’s eyes on my ass and I can’t help but smile to myself.

“Bend over babe,” Julian said. I slowly bend over and I feel Julian gently caress my ass.

“Let me see my beauty,” Julian said sexily. s*** he just got me so wet. When he says things like that, I have no control. I move the lingerie piece to the side, exposing my bald pussy to Julian.

“Play with it babe,” Julian said. I take my right hand and I start to gently caress my pussy as I can feel Julian watching.

“You’re wet for me huh?,” Julian said.

“Yes baby....I want you inside of me so bad,” I said through moans.

“I can’t wait to feel you baby....can I try something?”

“Anything baby.” I start to stand up, but Julian slaps my ass and I gasp in shock.

“Stay just how you are baby,” Julian demanded. I just nod my head obediently and less than a minute later, I feel Julian spreading the cake all over my thighs. Why is this man so freaky? He gets down on his knees under me and he licks every inch of my thighs, while he gently rubs my clit. Damn I am dripping wet now! f***! He sucks, licks even bites every inch of my thighs, while cleaning them completely of any cake remnants.

“Ahhh Julian,” I moaned in pleasure.

“Damn you are f***in’ sexy....stand up and turn around for me,” Julian said. Julian sits back on the bed and I stand up and turn to face him. He looks me up and down for the millionth time it feels like.

“ you like what I have on?,” I asked.

“I like it, but I don’t love it. Know why? You would look so much sexier without it. Strip....and look at me. And keep those damn stilettos on. I can’t wait to have them up by my ears, while I am deep inside of you,” Julian said sensually. This man.....damn! Where does he come up with s*** like that? I don’t even care; I will do whatever he asks me to do tonight. I take my hands to my shoulders and I slide the outfit down off of my arms. I look at Julian as my breasts are exposed from my lingerie outfit. I see him look at them seductively and I bite my lip while watching him. I then slide the lingerie outfit down my waist, to my feet, and I step out of it, and throw it to the side as I look at Julian.

“I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful in my life....damn,” Julian said.

“Thank you baby,” I said. He stands up from the bed and stands in front of me.

“Do you want me naked?,” Julian asked.

“Yes baby. I do,” I said while gently biting my bottom lip.

“Come undress me then.” I just look at Julian and he smiles at me. He quickly takes off his socks, and then looks back at me. I move closer to him and I look him in his eyes. I tug the bottom of his shirt and he raises his arms up as I take off his t-shirt and beater at the same time. I look his torso up and down. Gosh he is so damn fine! I lean in and I plant kisses all over Julian’s neck and chest.

“Mmm I like that,” Julian moaned softly. I look up at him in his eyes as I run my hands up and down his arms, and then down his chest and abs. I unbuckle and unbutton Julian’s pants. I unzip them and I slide them down along with his boxers, and I cannot help but notice what Julian is blessed with. Lord Jesus help me!! This man is......highly blessed!! He is going to stretch me apart! He has to be at least 9 inches long and he is thick too! Julian steps out of his pants and boxers and kicks them to the side. I look his body up and down, especially his manhood, and I see it grow as he looks my body up and down. Enough is enough; I need this man inside of me.

“Julian....I’m ready. I need you inside of me baby. I need to feel you. Tell me how you want me,” I said eagerly.

“Lie down on your back,” Julian said. I nod my head and I lie down on the bed on my back. I open my legs and I play with myself while Julian takes a condom from the dresser. He sets it on the bed next to me and he gets on top of me and looks me in my eyes.

“I love you Zaira. I love you so much,” Julian said softly.

“I love you too Julian....kiss me,” I said. Julian grabs my face and leans down and kisses me passionately, instantly darting my tongue inside of my mouth. I moaned in his mouth as our tongues wrestle with each other. We both have our hands all over each other, we just can’t get enough. I pay special attention to Julian’s d*** and I stroke him with my right hand, causing him to become hard as a rock. Goodness I just want to feel him inside of me! Julian rests his body on top of mine and he starts to grind his hips against me, causing his d*** to grind right into my pussy. I just want him to put it in!

“Ahhhh damn....that feels I want you inside of me,” I moaned.

“Oh yeah?,” Julian teased.

“Yes baby please.....I need to feel you.” Julian just smirks and he surprises me when he takes the cake and spreads it all over both of my breasts. He is so damn freaky! He licks up every bit of it as he rubs my clit.

“Ahhh yesssss baby,” I groaned. Julian sits up and licks his lips and he takes the condom from the wrapper and then slides it on his long, thick d***. I hope I can take him, I don’t want to punk out. I don’t want it to be awkward between us either, so I am just going to take him with no regrets. He positions himself in between my legs and I spread my legs out wide. Julian looks me in my eyes and I look in his.

“Baby I am going to take it slow. If you are ever uncomfortable, let me know and I will stop. You hear me?,” Julian said.

“Yes baby I hear you,” I said. He nods his head and I smile at him. He takes his d*** into his right hand and he rubs his d*** gently across my clit. Damn!! He just got me dripping wet! I am literally drenched right now!

“Damn your wet as f*** baby,” Julian said.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. Julian looks at me and he slowly slides the head of his d*** inside of me. f*** this s*** hurts but I want this! I want this so bad! I just need to relax. I close my eyes and I relax my body into the bed. If I’m tense, he will never get in.

“f*** baby, you are so f***in’ tight,” Julian groaned. I open my eyes and I rest my left hand on Julian’s waist as he inches himself deeper inside of me. Damn it hurts, but this pain feels so good to me. Julian starts out at a slow pace and only thrusting a few inches at a time. After about 10 minutes, he starts to feel better and better with each push. I feel that my pussy is wet like a damn waterfall and I can hear it too.

“Damn,” Julian grunted while looking at his d*** move in and out of my wet pussy.

“Ahhh......ohh baby you feel so good,” I moaned in pleasure.

“You feel amazing babe.....s***,” Julian said.

“O-ohh...I want you to go deeper.” Julian looks at me and his eyes ask me if I’m sure and my eyes give him all the approval he needs. He slides deeper inside of me until he is completely inside of me and I let out a gut wrenching scream as he did this! He looks at me worried and he starts to pull out, but I stop him.

“It’s ok baby. It’s ok, I want this.....hell I need this intimacy with you,” I said. Julian nods his head and he stares at me intensely as he thrusts in and out, deeply inside of me. Oh my god to say he feels good is a damn understatement. I have never felt anything like this. I could stay like this forever, I swear. Julian picks up his pace and my body....just has a mind of its own now.

“Ahhhh f*** baby!! Ohhhhh!,” I yelled at the top of my lungs. He feels so damn good, s***!!

“Awww f***’re so tight and wet, you feel amazing!,” Julian exclaimed.

“Mmmmm!” Julian rests his chest against mine and I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around him as I hold him close. He picks up his pace and I can hear his d*** splash inside of my pussy every time he thrusts in and out. I gently dig my nails into his back in pleasure. This is like heaven on earth to me.

“s*** Julian!!! Ahhh!,” I yelled out. I usually don’t swear at all, but what Julian is doing to me right now makes me want to swear every word! Julian continues this position like this for 15 minutes, but then he pulls out of me and lies on his side. He turns me on my side so I am facing the same way as him and so he is behind me. He pushes my top leg up towards my chest and he easily slides back into my open pussy and he starts drilling me hard!!! He is beating my s*** up!! Oh my lord!!

“Ju-Ju.......ahhhhhh!! Baby!!,” I screeched.

“You like this s***? Huh?,” Julian asked.

“Ye-yessss! Baby you’re so deep!!!” His balls are hitting my pussy with every thrust. It hurts but it feels so good at the same time!! Julian holds my leg close to my chest as he digs out my pussy; literally that’s how it feels. Oh no. I feel that weird feeling again. I grip the sheets tight as I feel pressure pushing Julian out of me.

“Ba-baby! I think........I.......f***!!!!!!,” I yelled. Julian rubs my clit and I scream as I squirt all over the sheets, causing Julian to pull out of me!! s***! My body is shaking uncontrollably. As soon as I stop though, Julian shoves his d*** right back in. Oh god I don’t think my body can take this.

“Julian.....oh god,” I said weakly.

“I love this s*** are going to soak this entire bed by the time I am done with your ass,” Julian said. Julian picks up his pace and he gently nibbles my ear as he thrusts in and out of me.

“ I can-......oh f***,” I moaned in pleasure.

“You’re going to squirt all over this d*** Zaira,” Julian demanded. I love how demanding he is, it turns me on!

“Mmm-ahhhh, Julian I....I....,” I can’t even finish my sentence.

“You want to get on top huh? Alright babe, let’s see what you got,” Julian said. Julian lies down on his back while pulling me on top of him so we are in the reverse cowgirl position. Oh gosh I hope I am not awful at this. I will do my best and I will just let my emotions take over. I rest my knees on the bed and I lean forward and I rest my hands on the bed on either side of Julian’s legs. Julian slaps my ass and I bite my lip and I start to bounce up and down on Julian.

“Uhhh I like this,” Julian said. He slaps my ass a few times and that just turns me on! He’s so controlling in a sense, but I don’t mind. I pick up my pace as Julian grips my waist tighter.

“Ahhhh f*** babe. Damn your pussy is so good,” Julian groaned. I grind on Julian’s d*** and I can tell he really liked it ;) I felt him tense up and suddenly he pulls me backwards. He grabs my legs and spreads them out as wide as they can go, and then he bends my knees so they are towards my chest. I hold my legs in place and Julian thrusts up and down as he rubs my clit. Oh s*** this feels amazing!!

“Fu-f***!!! Baby........ohhhhh!,” I moaned.

“You need to squirt for me,” Julian said. He rubs my clit faster and moves his hips up and down so he is hitting me in very deep places. After about 10 minutes, I feel that feeling again. Oh no. This squirting nonsense takes a lot of energy! I feel so weak afterwards.

“Julian.....I’m going to.......ahhhhhhhhhhh f***!!!!,” I yelled.

“You’re going to squirt? Huh?,” Julian said as he thrusts harder.

“Ye-ye-yessssss ohhhhhh!!” Julian pulls out as I squirt all over his d***, legs and the sheets. I shake as the climax passes through my body, but then I just collapse so my back is against his chest. I just want to close my legs and run to a corner right now. That s*** feels so good it almost hurts. But Julian can’t stop and I don’t want to either. He slides right back into me and he moves my hips up and down on him as I place my heels into the bed and arch my back slightly to give him deeper access.

“Oh baby,” I moaned.

“Woman I love you,” Julian said through groans.

“I love you too baby,” I said through moans.

“I want you in my life forever,” Julian whispered.

“ I’m not going anywhere.” Julian turns my head to face him and he starts tonguing me down. He runs his hands up and down as my torso as our tongues wrestle. This is so amazing, I love every second of this, I don’t want this moment to ever end. This intimacy is so special to me and I know it is for Julian too. This man means so much to me and I love him more than I could ever express with words.

“I want to see your face. Turn around and ride my d***,” Julian said. Why does his demanding ass turn me on?! Ugh!! But honestly this is kind of fun I have been missing out :)! I turn around on Julian, without letting him slip out of me, and I look at him and he looks at me. I lean down and I peck Julian’s lips multiple times. I position myself so my stiletto heels are in the bed and I rest my hands on Julian’s chest. I start to bounce up and down on Julian’s d*** while looking at Julian. He looks at me and bites his lip. He runs his hands up my thighs and grips my waist. He guides me up and down on him and he picks up my pace so we can both hear my ass slap against him every time I thrust down on him. Gosh he feels SO GOOD!!!

“Uhhh s*** feel so f***in’ good,” Julian groaned.

“Mmm! So do you baby,” I said through moans.

“I need you to squirt all over this d***.....can you do that for me? Huh?”

“Ahhh ye-yessss baby I can.” Julian’s eyes travel down to my pussy and he watches as he moves in and out of me and I see a smile form across his face. We continue like this for ten minutes and I feel it coming.

“Baby.....I-I.....ohhh!!,” I yelled.

“Hell yeah baby squirt all over this d***,” Julian demanded. He thrusts my hips up and down on him and I pull him out of me and he rubs my clit as I squirt all over his d***.

“AHHHHH!,” I yelled as I squirted. I cannot feel my legs at all right now. Even though they were shaking as I was climaxing, I couldn’t feel them at all. I collapse on Julian’s chest trying to catch my breath.

“Oh god,” I said weakly.

“I am nowhere near done with you woman,” Julian said.

“I know do you want me now?”

“Face down ass up.” I giggle and Julian slaps my ass. Once I catch my breath I sit up and I look at Julian and he licks his lips at me. I peck his lips then I look at him.

“Julian....I want you to cum now, so you can have me however you need me,” I said.

“Aren’t you sweet? It took everything to not cum the second I slide inside of you, but I wanted to wait a little bit. It would be no fun if I just climaxed automatically. I want to enjoy this and so far I am. Are you?,” Julian asked.

“I love it. I have been missing out.”

“I know that’s right,” Julian said while laughing. I get off of Julian and get on my hands and knees.

“Arch that back babe,” Julian said. I arch my back and Julian sits up and gets behind me. He slaps my ass a few times and I just giggle. He then caresses it gently and he leans down and plants kisses all over it. He rubs my pussy with a few of his fingers, to make sure I am still wet for him, which I am. Julian pushes my chest into the bed and he grabs my waist with one hand and slides himself inside of me with the other hand. He can get so deep inside of me this way. It hurts a bit, but I am just going to take it. It will feel better eventually. Julian grips my waist with both hands and starts to thrust in and out at a medium pace.

“Ahhhhh s***.....yes.....gosh you feel amazing,” Julian moaned in pleasure.

“Mmmm baby I want you to cum for me,” I moaned.

“Oh I will babe, I will.” Julian picks up his speed and I just yell into the bed. This man is going to tear my damn pussy apart! I then throw it back at Julian and he smacks my ass hard!

“Uhhhh f***,” Julian groaned.

“Ahhhh yes baby. Yes,” I said while rubbing my clit. 20 minutes later, I can feel Julian tense up inside of me.

“f***!! I’m about to cum!,” Julian exclaimed. I throw it back on Julian as hard as I can.

“Uhhhhh!! f***!!!,” Julian said as he climaxed.

“Ohhhhhh!,” I moaned out. Julian pulls out of me as I squirt again, causing liquid to flow down my thighs and soak the bed in the process as well. I turn over on my back to a dry spot of the bed and I look at Julian trying to catch my breath and he narrows his eyes at me.

“What is it?,” I asked somewhat out of breath.

“I just can’t believe’re smart. You can cook, you have a heart of gold, and you have fantastic pussy. I didn’t think I could find a woman that literally has everything you could ever want, but I guess I was wrong. Best believe I am marrying you,” Julian said in a jokingly tone. I just bust out laughing and Julian laughs too. He stands up from the bed and takes off his condom and throws it away. He looks at me as he puts on another condom. I just bite my lip and I spread open my legs and I gently caress my pussy while looking at Julian. I guess I don’t even get a break, but I don’t mind one bit ;).

“You ready for round two?,” Julian asked.

“Yeah,” I said while biting my lip. Julian smiles and he gets on top of me and he kisses me deeply while playing with my pussy. He kisses down my neck and I can feel him leave me a love mark on the right side of my neck. I moan softly as Julian did so. He runs his hands up and down my chest and stomach and he kisses down and he leaves me a love mark on each of my breasts, and both sides of my hip. He is marking his territory, which is me. Once he is done with that, he hovers over me so his face is over mine and he looks me in my eyes.

“Baby put your legs on my shoulders,” Julian said. I nod my head and I lift up my legs so they are resting on Julian’s shoulders. Julian slides right into me and pumps in and out of me slow, but deep. f*** this feels so good. I already know I am going to be addicted to this, it’s so amazing. 30 minutes later, Julian and I both climax again and Julian takes my legs from his shoulders and lies down next to me. Once we both catch our breath, we both look at each other and smile. Julian sits up and he gets in between my legs. Is he trying to go for round three already?! This man is a sex machine! I don’t think I can handle anymore right now. He spreads out my legs and leans down and looks at my pussy.

“What are you doing to me? You make me never want to leave this bed ever again. I love you,” Julian said to my pussy. I just laugh hard at him; he’s so crazy. He leans in and kisses my pussy multiple times and then looks at me.

“Oh but you don’t love me huh?,” I joked.

“Oh no I love you too baby. I love you so much....I just fell in love with your pussy tonight that’s all,” Julian said while smirking.


“I know you are not talking to me about being a are too. You’re nasty too.”

“But not like you.”

“True, but I’ll help you get there don’t worry.”

“.....How was tonight for you? I hope I wasn’t awful,” I said while laughing nervously.

“Awful? Hell no. You were f***in’ amazing Zaira. You took my d*** like a pro and you rode it like one too. It didn’t seem like it to me that it’s been a while since you had sex.”

“I was shocked myself baby. I mean with just bring out something in me....that I can’t describe. I wanted to make love to you for so long, so it just felt....right. Everything felt natural to me.”

“You’re so sweet babe.....I know what I bring out, I bring out your inner freak, that’s all.”

“I guess you’re right,” I said while laughing. I sit up in the bed and I stand up and I start to take off my stilettos, until I feel Julian smack my ass hard!! I gasp in shock and I turn around and look at him and he sits up in the bed and throws his feet over the side of the bed.

“Did I tell you that you could take off those stilettos?,” Julian asked.

“N-n-no,” I said while stuttering in fear. His aggressiveness turns me on!!!!!!!!!

“Then you don’t. I’ll let you know when you can.....go face the wall.” I bite my bottom lip and I walk to the wall and I face it and rest my hands on it. I spread out my legs and Julian comes up behind me and he grinds his d*** into my ass.

“Ahhh f***,” I moaned lowly.

“You ready for round three?,” Julian asked.

“Yes baby.” Julian bends his knees and he slides up inside of me. He gently turns my head to the side so my left cheek is against the wall and then he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight as he pumps in and out of me.

“How you like this?,” Julian whispered in my right ear.

“I love it baby. I love feel so good inside of me,” I said as I close my eyes.

“It feels so good to be inside of you.....I love you so damn much.”

“I love you too baby.”

“.....I swear your one of the reasons I breathe. My heart is you Zaira.” Tears just form in my eyes because what Julian is saying is melting my heart.

“ you’re so sweet. I love you so much. You mean everything to me,” I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

“You mean everything to me,” Julian said as tears ran down his cheeks. I put my hand up to his face and wipe his tears and he wipes mine and then he gently kisses my lips. Julian is so passionate and I love that. I love that so much. 15 minutes later, after Julian and I both reach our climax, Julian pulls out of me and turns me to look at him and we look each other in the eye.

“I’ve never felt this way before about anyone Zaira.....I have never loved a woman to where.....I feel it so deep in my soul. I have love for you in my heart, but I have love for you in my soul too Zaira. My love for you is so deep. You stimulate me emotionally, mentally and physically and I have never had that before. You are what I have dreamed about and been searching for. I didn’t think you existed, but here you are, standing right in front of me. You are a dream come true. I can honestly say that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I need you in my life. You literally complete me. I am not letting you go,” Julian said compassionately. Tears run down my cheeks again and Julian wipes them away. I wrap my arms around Julian’s neck as I look at him.

“Julian baby....I don’t think you understand how much I need you. are such an amazing man. You are so caring and loving and passionate. I love everything about you....I never thought I would ever meet anyone as amazing as you. You have helped me get through some very rough times, and you didn’t give up on me. I can never thank you enough for that. I just thank you for supporting me and reminding me that you love me. I love to hear you say you love me; it makes me feel so good. It warms my heart. I just know that I am always happy when I am with you. We could be sitting in complete silence, but there isn’t a place I rather be than with you.....I cannot wait to see where we will go. I see a future with you and JJ and Alexis. Your family is my family baby and I love you all so much.....I just know that whatever happens in life, I have you and that is enough for me,” I said passionately. Tears fill Julian’s eyes and I just smile and I hug him tight and Julian wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me tight. We hug for what seems like forever. Tonight was very meaningful to the both of us. We finally were able to make love and it was beyond amazing. We have unlocked a whole new level of intimacy and its remarkable how much closer I feel to Julian at this point and I know he feels the same way about me. His actions proved that. After a five minute embrace, Julian pulls out of the embrace and kisses my forehead multiple times. He then steps away from me and looks me up and down.

“You can take off your stilettos now,” Julian said.

“Oh thank you, finally a break,” I said while smiling.

“A break? Naw, you just can’t wear the stilettos in the shower,” Julian said while smirking.

“Huh?,” I asked confused. Julian laughs a bit and he changes his condom and then looks at me and I look at him. He walks towards the bathroom and once he is at the door he turns to look at me.

“Let’s go baby. Don’t keep me waiting,” Julian said. Well, I guess it’s time for round four!!! ;)

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