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I Wanna Be

“Just a few days before our first day of college, you excited?” Omari asked looking over at his girlfriend of one year and best-friend of seven.

“Yeah…I guess.” Dominique mumbled looking out the window

“Baby please don’t be like that, I know you wanted to go to UNC but USC is a really good school too.”

“Omari I could care less about the education because I’m going to get one regardless, I just had my heart set on being a Tar Heel ever since I can remember. Playing soccer for them was a dream and now I’m going to be playing for a school who isn’t even ranked. So could you please let me sit over here and mope?” she asked looking over at him.

Omari let out a sigh as he got off on the very next exit. He pulled off to the side and put the car in park.

“And in other NCAA sports related news Christopher Brown has officially been taken off of U of A’s roster. This is a complete shocker to the college basketball world! A definite shoe-in for the NBA has literally disappeared off the face of the planet. We’ve tried reaching out to the university but…”

Omari cut the radio off and looked to Dominique.

“Babe forgive me if I’m trying to put you in a better mood, but USC was the best choice for me. I swear to God I appreciate the sacrifice you made to be with me. But sweetie I want to go pro and this was the very best way.”

“Omari you were the number one running back in the nation, you put every single personal stat and national record to shame. You could’ve went to a school that had a class size of only the football team and you’d still get drafted!” Dominique explained irritated.

“But you’re the number one midfielder in the nation, so why not put your skills to use and get USC ranked?”

“Please leave my ego be.” She said rolling her eyes.

“What I gotta do to make you happy?”

“Keep driving and let me adjust to this at my own pace.” She said reaching in the back to grab a pillow.

Omari watched her turn in her seat towards the window while snuggling up to the pillow. He sat there for a second and let the guilt eat at him. She was right, he could’ve went to any school especially UNC who was also throwing offers at him, and he would’ve been drafted. He knew she knew he was bulls***ting her about great opportunities. In all honesty he wanted to move from the country. Austin was cool but not where he wanted to be, he wanted the glitz and glam the City of Angels had to offer. He wanted that celebrity feeling he knew he’d get playing for USC. He wanted her right there by his side to experience it with him. Two national number ones on one another’s arm would’ve been a good look for them. Constantly on Sports Center, sharing the cover of ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazine, the sky was the limit for this power couple. But above all else he loved her and couldn’t imagine them an entire country apart from one another. Omari would’ve absolutely died if she were to fall in love with another man, especially if it were his fault and selfishness had anything to do with it.

“Baby” he said reaching over and touching her shoulder.

“What Omari?” she grumbled half asleep into the pillow.

“Come to the back with me.” He said unbuckling his seatbelt and moving to the back of his Range Rover.

She rolled her eyes as she did as he requested. Omari was leaning up against the window with his legs stretched out and Dominique climbed in between them and laid up against his chest. They sat there for a few minutes in silence.

“Dominique I love you with all my heart baby and it’s killing me that you’re unhappy because of a decision I made and begged you to make. I need you sweetheart, I mean I could do this without you but nowhere near my fullest potential. I’d probably get my scholarship pulled from how horrible I’d be playing.”

“It’s ok Omari, I just need some time to adjust. I’m sure I’ll be happy here, I just have to get over the fact that my mascot is a damn condom.”

“It’s not a condom baby, it’s a Trojan.” Omari said laughing.

“Well when I think of Trojan I think of the condom.”

“I don’t see how.” Omari joked grinning.

“Just cause I don’t f*** don’t mean I don’t watch TV Ishmael. All of those ridiculous commercials it’s hard not to notice.” She said irritated.

“I’m just kidding baby, chill with the Ishmael.” He laughed again knowing that he was upsetting her from her use of his middle name.

“Whatever, so why we back here anyways?”

“Multiple reasons main one being that I just wanted to hold you for a little while. Secondly I’m a little tired from all the driving.”

“Who wanted to drive though?”

“Me but I just wanted to spend more time with you on this little road trip. If I’d of known you would’ve been acting like this I would’ve had my s*** shipped too and dealt with you on that short ass flight.” Omari teased through laughs.

Dominique quickly spun around in his arms and kept hitting him in his arms and chest. Omari was laughing the whole time while trying to contain her arms.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just kidding baby.” He said still laughing.

“You play too damn much.” She laughed straddling his lap.

“But you still love me so deal with it.” He said leaning forward with his hands on her hips.

“Keep it up with that smart ass mouth of yours and I’ll be loving you from North Carolina.”

“Don’t play babe.” Omari said getting serious and making Dominique laugh even more.

He knew this to be true because just the day before they left UNC was calling her to make sure that she was completely sure about her decision.

“Now it’s your turn to stop tripping cause you know I ain’t leaving you.”

“You bet not break my heart like that.” Omari said leaning forward kissing her lips that were formed into a smile.

After a sweet make-out session the two sat there holding one another, having meaningless conversation and sharing laughs. The two were content with one another’s presence.

“Ok you, it’s time to go.” Dominique said getting off of his lap and making her way to the passenger seat.

“But I was enjoying myself.” Omari complained from the back.

“I was too but we gotta go baby, we’re only 6 hours or so out.”

“You say it like it’s not a long time.” Omari said making his way to the driver’s seat.

“It’s not” she said snuggling back up to her pillow but this time facing Omari.

“That’s because you’re not driving.” Omari huffed.

“Then maybe you should’ve listened when I told you we should fly.” She teased laughing.

“f*** you man” Omari laughed.

“Maybe one day.” She grinned.

Omari nodded his head while gazing at her.

“Given your past I know that this must be hard for you, but I really do appreciate your efforts and how patient you’re being with me.”

“It’s nothing ma, I love you and if you want to wait to make love then I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. Even if you want to wait these next four years until we get married I’ll gladly do it.” Omari smiled meaning every word he said.

“Trust me it won’t be that long.”

“No?” he smiled.

She smiled back and shook her head no.

“Can I get a round about time frame so I know when I need to be ready?”

“Nope, it’ll just have to be a surprise. Hold up…what you mean be ready?”

“Well I don’t want to disappoint you so I’ve been practicing to keep myself up to par. High five!” Omari said reaching out with his right hand.

“Eww baby that’s gross.” Dominique laughed shoving his hand away.

“No it’s not, that s*** is natural.” Omari said putting the truck in drive.

(((7 Hours Later)))

The two arrived in Los Angeles and looked around impressed with what they saw. Omari followed the directions his navigation gave to the USC campus. They pulled up in front of a building that the navigation led them to and out front were a few students. They looked older as if they’d been attending for at least a year or two. They held a certain presence about them that screamed confidence. Only a few things could give off that feeling without words, popularity, money, or athletes. In this case it was all three. Omari rushed around to the other side of his truck to help Dominique out.

“Omari Grandberry and Dominique DeLorme it’s a pleasure to finally have you here.” One of the guys greeted smiling, descending the steps.


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Run It Girl...

damm they sure act hella immature for some older heads like seriously ? and zoe and raily shouldnt have took it to offense cuz they know how Dom is and she wouldnt diss em like that -___-
i sure hope they can work it out without it being awkward on her olympian team or her usc team
run it!


Awww s*** they den started sum s*** smh run it

soooo much to take in! RUN IT!

Omg!! this update was worth the wait!! cant wait until the next add ^_^ run it!!

I hope they tell dom what hope and Tasha said because that was mess up

Your back!!!! Aw thats sweet of CHris and Dom but Hope and Natasha are just freakin mean. Finna cause a problem
Run It


Her friends just need to tell her what they heard and if them b****es are older than all of them they need to act like and dude your punch lines are gold! She stay clowning b****es and s***ting on niggas! I love it!

Run It!

Lemme find out you are.from Denver tho!! That's my.home town!!! Ok back to.reading lol.

Alright ladies, I left ya'll a HUGE add! I hope you like it and laugh as much as I did while writing it. As always let me know what ya'll think please. Enjoy!


“Yes ma’am….no I’m not busy….actually pretty close….ok I’ll see you in ten minutes.” Dominique answered.

“What’d the Dean want?” Chris asked already knowing who it was by her greeting.

“I don’t know but she’s excited about something. Where you gonna be in half an hour?”

“Somewhere with the peanut gallery, I’ll text you.”

“Ok” she said kissing him then standing to her feet and walking away.

“Everyone is chilling in the student dining hall, let’s roll.” Trey said hitting Chris on his shoulder.

“What’s that got to do with me?” Chris smirked standing to his feet.

“Nothing but I figured it’d be better than sitting here counting down the seconds until Dominique comes back.” Trey laughed.

The four of them laughed as they made their way into the lively dining hall.

“Hey his royal Omega-ness.” Someone said grabbing Chris’s wrist just as he was passing by a table of AKAs and their prospects.

“Do I know you?” Chris asked gently removing her hand from his wrist.

“It wasn’t really too long ago, but I guess it kinda was. Applebee’s, Nichole aka Nicki is my big sister….., Victoria…Vicki…ring any bells?” she asked smiling.

“Can’t say that it does” he replied honestly.

“You said I was too young to f*** at the moment.”

“Oh yeah, you….well Victoria is it?”

“Vicki” she smiled.

“Vicki in case you didn’t remember I was just being an a**hole because I felt like it. I wasn’t serious and even if I was I’m in a relationship now.”


“You really are just like your sister.” Chris said before he walked away from her and took his seat, which wasn’t far from the AKA table.

As time passed more and more people crowded the dining area. More and more females found their way somewhere around the Omega and Alpha table. No one could deny that the men looked good, perfect even. But Chris was the main attraction. A good twenty minutes had passed before the attention of all the males shifted towards an entrance where a red boned, light skinned, long haired, gray eyed female came bouncing through.

“Someone seems happy” Drake laughed.

“I am!” Dominique said as she stopped in front of Chris, smiling extra hard, holding a piece of paper in her hands.

“What’s the good news?” Chris asked.

“I might have to drop out of school!” she said excitedly while doing a happy dance.

“What?!” Her friends shouted in chorus.

“It’s a good thing, be happy for me.” She said continuing to smile while straddling and sitting down on Chris’s lap, shoving the paper she was holding into his chest.

His eyes lit up as soon as they focused on the paper’s header and after a few brief seconds he was on his feet, Dominique’s legs wrapped around his waist, his arms around her body, holding her tight, and celebrating.

“That’s my GIRL!” Chris shouted.

“What the f***?” Shaffer asked confused.

Chris handed him the paper as he happily accepted Dominique’s affection via her lips.

“Oh my God! Dominique! You got invited to try-out for the Women’s Olympic soccer team!” Shaffer read aloud.

Their friends crowded around Shaffer so they could read it for themselves. Once they did they too began to shout and celebrate. It took a few minutes but everyone finally calmed down.

“So why you might have to quit school?” Trey asked.

“Someone’s rules that I’m not familiar with. I just know that I can’t play for the school and be contracted out to play for someone else.”

“You’re coming back though right?” Riley asked.

“Of course I am, but I gotta make the team first before you start worrying about this kind of stuff.”

“What excitement seems to be going on over here?” Omari asked sitting down in the chair he dragged to their area.

“Who else but me.” Dominique smirked.

“Oh really? So what’s going on with you?”

“Hey O” Nicki and Vicki said in unison, while taking a seat on each of his legs.

“Sorry babygirl” he said wrapping his arm around them and pulling them back further so their breast weren’t in his direct view.

“Sisters dude, can’t and will not be mad at you.” Dominique giggled.

“Sure” Omari chuckled.

“For real, I remember that’s been a dream of yours. I think a congratulations is in order.” She giggled.

“Babe please finish this conversation so you can focus on us.” Nicki said.

“Let me find out you ain’t got your b****es in check O.” Dominique laughed turning her attention back on Chris.

“Hold up! You ain’t tell me what’s going on with you.”

“I’ll tell you later, I really don’t want to wind up in handcuffs behind one of them again.”

“Not like you won’t get away with it again.” Chris laughed along with a few other people.

“Seriously mamas, what’s up?” Omari asked again.

“She got an invitation to try out for the Olympic soccer team.” Nicki explained irritated as if it was something of little importance.

“Big deal” Vicki added with a roll of her eyes.

“Big deal huh? Well why don’t you show me your invitation to try out for an Olympic team that an entire committee of who knows how many people, sat around for hours deciding who’d be suitable for such an honor.” Chris said staring at Vicki. “Well?” he said after she stared at him without a response.

“Hold up….for real!” Omari said standing to his feet, leaving the girls to fend for themselves when they fought with gravity after his sudden movement.

“Yep” She smiled, standing to her feet, and holding out the paper to him.

Omari snatched it from her and quickly read it.

“Oh my God!” he said scooping her up in his arms and swinging her around. “This is so amazing!” he said after he stopped spinning, but didn’t release her from his grip. “When are try-outs?”

“Last week of November first week of December.” She replied happily.



At the same time people at the surrounding areas sucked in air through their teeth and shook their heads in disapproval.

“Yeah, I know.” She giggled.

“What’s so bad about Denver? Sure it’ll be cold but it’s not like she’ll actually be outside.” Vicki stated.

“You need to get to training Omari.” Dominique said releasing him and slightly pushing him away.

“Training?! I ain’t no f***ing dog!” Vicki shouted.

“Yes you are, you’re Omari’s new lap dog, one of his many b****es which is just another word for female dog. Notice how Nicki is trained to remain quiet while we’re talking?”

Vicki quickly looked over at Nicki to see her grilling Dominique but quiet just the same.

“Yes youngin’, you need to be trained. Because if you were smart you’d know that Denver has an extremely high elevation which makes it tremendously difficult to breathe and if you can’t breathe you can’t run. I need to be able to run and play the greatest I’ve ever played under these conditions. If you were smart you’d know that, if you were smart you’d of kept that comment to yourself. Seeing as you’re not smart you’re not allowed to talk. Omari can be quite persuasive and have results in a short amount of time. You’ll be standing there looking pretty with your mouth shut in no time.”

Everyone watched as tears came to Vicki’s eyes.

“You probably hate me by now and pissed off at Omari but I’m willing to bet even with all this anger within you he still hits, today, both you and your sister.”

“Dominique that’s enough! It’s her first day of college.” Omari said taking Vicki in his arms and holding her tight.

Dominique watched along with the rest of the Deltas’ and Omegas’ Omari’s struggle not to laugh.

“You’ll be ok babygirl.” He said rubbing her lower back.

“Can we please go?” she asked into his chest.

“Yeah, of course. Nicki take her over by the exit, I’ll be right there.” Omari said grilling Dominique. “Can I talk to you for a second?” Omari asked grabbing Dominique by her arm but not roughly.

“Hold up homie!” Chris said standing to his feet and following them.

Once they were out of view of everyone the three of them began cracking up laughing.

“Ok on the real Dominique I need a favor.”

“What’s up?”

“Can you please let me borrow your notes?”

“Of course, I don’t have a choice. I threw a challenge out there for you, the least I can do is give you time.”

“Thanks ma, see you later.” He said jogging away. “Let’s roll ladies” he said placing his arm around Vicki’s waist and taking Nicki’s hand. “I really can’t believe her sometimes.” Omari said still playing the role.

Chris and Dominique approached their friends still laughing.

“Did that really just happen?” Zoe asked.

“Yeah” Dominique giggled.

“Yo, you straight up ninja’d that girl’s brain.” Drake laughed.

“It wasn’t hard I assure you.”


“Tomorrow you start your quest of becoming a gold medalist. What are your thoughts as of right now?” Shaffer asked an exceptionally drunk Dominique.

“You…you don’t see how drunk I’m…I am.”

“I see” he laughed.

“I’m a nervous f***ing wreck!”

“Why? Out of everyone I’ve ever known you’re the only one that’s ever got an invitation to something like this. If you make it or not it’s still pretty amazing.” Drake added.

“Drake failure is not an….uhm”

“Option?” he chuckled.

“Yes that, not an option. I wanna make it on the team, I wanna play, I want a gold medal. I mean when you got your letter in the mail did someone tell you no matter if you or your team sucks and you don’t get a single ring it’s still ok because you’re the only person they know that was offered a sss…..full ride to USC?”

“Scholarship” Drake laughed. “And no, no one has ever told me that. But if they did I’d probably be just as irritated as you are right now.”

“Well what has you so nervous?” Zoe asked.

“It ain’t the running, cause as long as I have my inhaler I can run anywhere. The best of the best of the nation is going to be there with their A+ game. Not to mention…the vets too. I’m scared that some of them chicks will demolish me. Talk about your ego killer.” She said shaking her head before she took another shot.

“Ain’t no one better than you babygirl so stop being so scared.” Chris said taking the shot glass from her and kissing her on the neck.

“I bet I am” a female said walking into their favorite spot at a party, the kitchen.

Everyone turned their attention to the extremely muscular female that led a pack of AKAs.

“Naw…no way…you ain’t got a man as fly as mine by your side and you have…pectorals instead of titties.”

“Men are intimidated by me and I’ve got tits you just see the muscles more cause I’m a fighter.”

“Men only get intimidated when they see something bigger than what they got going on. So please don’t pull your d*** out before you make my man insecure.”

Everyone started cracking up laughing but quickly stopped when the girl went across Dominique’s jaw and knocked her into Chris.

“Yo what the f***!” Riley shouted.

“Hold up….hold up….chill out ya’ll.” Dominique said standing back up on her feet. “Are you an AKA? I doubt it because the AKAs pride themselves on being pretty or at least….cute. But I’ll ask anyways.” Dominique asked wiping blood from her mouth.

“Make this worse on yourself too. You should’ve just went to sleep when you had the chance.”

“Then you probably should’ve hit me harder. I’m drunk, you have an advantage and still couldn’t lay me out. Ladies if you’re gonna spend money on someone that has to try doing something that you obviously can’t then spend some damn money. Granted it does smell like butterflies for some reason, but I’m still awake. So money not well spent.”

“Butterflies?” Trey chuckled along with a few others.

“Yeah butterflies. Now back to you, I see we have an issue and it won’t be resolved until one of us taps out or I have your baby. But I don’t wanna be a millionaire that bad 50.”

The girl swung and hit Dominique again and she fell into Chris again.

“Alright, come on” Dominique laughed standing to her feet, holding her cheek, leading the way outside.

“Dominique are you sure about this?” Zoe asked concerned.

“Zoe I wasn’t raised to run away from confrontation. If I get my ass kicked then I get my ass kicked. But look on the bright side, I won’t feel anything until tomorrow morning.” Dominique giggled as she took off her jacket. “Baby you’ll still love me if I get my ass kicked?"

“I’m impressed you’re willing to go through this at such a disadvantage. So yes, I’ll still love you, probably a little more too.”

Chris knew short of kidnapping her there was no talking her out of this fight. Because even if he did successfully get her away from that confrontation she’d just go looking for it again.

“Thanks babe, love you too.” She said walking towards the middle of the man-made circle. “Quick question before we get started, do you attend college?”

“Yeah, the university of beat a b**** ass.”

“I’ll take that as a no seeing as though that doesn’t seem like an accredited institution and I’ll also assume you know nothing about how the human body works.”

“Why don’t you tell me when you wake up tomorrow?”

“Or I could show you now.” Dominique grinned.

“Show me then” she said c**kily raising her arms up to her sides, leaving her wide open.

“Well…alright” Dominique said taking a step towards her and slightly stumbling.

The girl unexpectedly stepped forward and swung with her right. Dominique leaned back and leaned back again when she threw her left hand at her. Dominique jumped towards the girl and hit her as hard as she could with her left forearm at the bottom of her sternum and at the top of her abs then reached back and punched the girl in the same spot but harder than she hit her the first time. The girl stumbled back and began gasping for air.

“That’s your solar plexus, right now your diaphragm is partially paralyzed which is why you’re having trouble catching your breath.”

Once Dominique noticed her getting better she grabbed her left arm, held it on the girls own hip, and hit her in the back, in the same spot six times before she stopped. The girl fell to a knee screaming in pain.

“That’s your liver. The nice thing about the liver is if you hit it just right you get the vagus nerve which tentacles out to the rest of your body.” Dominique hit her a few more times before she began explaining what was going on again. “Your brain short circuits, your body shuts down, and you feel……terror. This is actually quite amazing to watch, I’ve only read about this.”

Dominique hit her in the same spot until she was tired of hearing her scream in agony and she began crying. The look in her eyes told everyone that this fight was over for her. Dominique stood to her feet and the girl watched her through tear filled eyes. Dominique raised her right foot up and brought it down as hard as she could on the girl’s back and enjoyed the sounds of her screaming one last time.

“That’s your kidney” Dominique said before she spit on her. “And there’s some DNA incase you need proof for the cops that a drunk person did this to you.”

“Damn did I miss it?” everyone heard Omari say as he made his way through the crowd with two females under his arms.

They watched his smile quickly drop when he saw Dominique with a bloody mouth. Then he saw a bunch of AKAs surrounding a large female who was balling her eyes out screaming in agony anytime she moved the slightest bit.

“s***” he heard Nicki mumble.

Omari put two and two together and looked at Nicki and Vicki with disgust. He let his arms fall from their shoulders and they both grabbed at him at the same time.

“Get the f*** off of me!” he shouted snatching his arms away, spinning around and grilling them. “How much you b****es pay that f***in dude down there to piss blood?”

That’s when everyone noticed the blood stain between her legs.

“Please don’t talk to us like that.” Vicki said in a meek voice.

“I’ll talk to you however the f*** I want to! This vendetta you have against Dominique is ridiculous! You’re putting her future in danger because all of you stupid b****es are petty! She leaves to try out for the Olympics tomorrow! What in the f*** do you think your father would’ve been able to do for you once the world found out that an Olympic hopeful was injured due to ya’ll stupidity? Dumb ass b****es. I’m f***ing done with all of you.” Omari said before he walked up to Dominique. “You ok?”

She smirked. He studied her eyes and they were their usual gray.

“Yeah you’re ok” he chuckled. “What happened?”

“Is it not obvious, I got punched in the face.” She laughed as she began walking away back towards the house.

Once everyone made it back into the kitchen they found themselves watching Dominique’s every move. She went into the fridge, grabbed a Corona, popped the top, took a big swig, swished it around in her mouth, then spit it out. Everyone watched the beer that was now mixed with blood splatter in the sink. She then placed the cool glass against her jaw.

“You know you can’t really cut them off like that right?” Dominique asked taking a seat on the counter and placing the beer back up to her cheek.

“Like hell I can’t! Why would I continue to f*** around with b****es that constantly try to hurt you? Yeah sure f***ing the entire AKA house was fun and one for the books, but I’ll be damned if I’m associated with anyone that tries to put you in harm’s way!”

“If you care about me at all you won’t cut them off, not like this, not this abruptly.”

“Dominique you’re drunk, you have no idea what you’re talking about right now.”

“Omari they got what they wanted when we broke up, probably every pretty girl on this campus has by now but that’s beside the point. This has nothing to do with you. They’re mad because I keep humiliating their “I am all that is mighty” asses. They’re not used to challenges and I can’t seem to help myself when presented an opportunity. So in a sense I bring the s*** on myself. No big deal, but if you take yourself out of their daily routine because of me then they’re gonna be twice as pissed. Then guess who’ll still be on their radar?” she asked before she finished her beer and went back over to the fridge for another one.

Everyone looked around at one another in shock at how logical she was being at the moment.

“How much have you had to drink?” Omari asked grinning.

“More than a little and less than enough but I make sense don’t I?” she asked popping the top to her Corona.

“You sure you ain’t had enough babygirl?” Chris asked.

“I’m still standing ain’t I?”

“That means nothing! Someone punched you in the face twice and you’re still standing.” Chris laughed.

“Actually I fell both times but you caught me and both times a little more sobriety got knocked into me. I’m making full sentences now.”

“Does it still smell like butterflies?” Trey grinned.

“….Yeah, kinda” she giggled. “Maybe it is time for me to go home, but as soon as I get home all I’m gonna be thinking about is tomorrow (looked down at her watch) correction, today.”

“Maybe you should at least try to sleep off some of this booze.” Omari suggested.

“I should but how am I supposed to do that when I won’t be able to sleep.”

“I bet I could get you to sleep.” Chris smirked, slightly turning her around to face him.

“Well get to convincing with as few words as possible because I have the attention span of a goldfish at the moment.” she said drinking her beer.

“Relaxing music, candle lit bathroom, warm bubble bath, full body massage.” Chris finished watching Dominique down her beer.

“Bye guys” she said setting the bottle down and taking Chris’s hand.

“Hold up! Are you two…” Zoe started but was cut off.

“No!” Chris and Dominique said in unison.

“So ya’ll just be up in baths together butt ass naked and ya’ll don’t do s***?” Drake asked in an unbelieving tone.

“That’s none of your damn business.” Chris replied.

“You’re a much better man than I, cause there’s no way I could sit up in a tub with a chick naked and not get none. It’s too sensual.” Trey commented.

“One you’re right I am a much better man than you. Secondly the sensuality of it all is more than enough to soothe me. Lastly, sex or no sex I still get to make my girl happy and you obviously continue to forget that sex is not a big deal for us. Given my background I still don’t need it.”

“Ah! You just said you don’t need it which means you want it.”

“Who wouldn’t want to please their woman when she asks for it, especially when I know how to…many multiple times in one session? Worth waiting for.”

“You’ve been lied to.” Omari chuckled.

“And you’ve been brainwashed.” Chris replied.

“Ya’ll go enjoy your foreplay.” Omari said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

“Sure thing Omari, thanks for excusing us from this insignificant conversation. Cause now I can go take Dominique’s clothes off and look at her naked.” Chris grinned. “Quite the sight.” He said walking away with a giggling Dominique.

“You brought that s*** on yourself.” Shaffer laughed looking at Omari’s expression.

“I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Dom without her clothes on.” Drake said grinning.

“Your point?” Omari asked with attitude.

“I gotta know because I wonder about it from time to time when I see her. I don’t need a full detailed description.”

Omari sighed as he rubbed his hand down his face.

“Ever seen Swordfish?”

“When Halle popped those tatas out?! What straight man hasn’t? Gay guy for that matter cause ain’t no one that f***in’ gay.”

“Bigger and perkier, tight body that is still soft, and the perfect ass. Not too big, not too small, perfectly rounded. Plus she hates hair anywhere on her body other than the top of her head and eyebrows. Think of your dream girl naked and you might have Dominique.”

“Is he lying?” Drake asked looking over at Zoe.

“Huh?” Trey asked who was standing next to Zoe.

“He’s not talking to you fool.” Zoe giggled. “Drake I don’t know cause I don’t check her out in the showers.”

“Why you looked nervous a second ago Trey?” Omari asked.

“No reason” he said walking away.


“You gonna miss me?” Chris asked holding Dominique in his arms.

“You have no idea.” She smiled.

“Two weeks is a long time.” Chris groaned.

“Two weeks away from these arms, those hands, and that wonderful mouth of yours just might kill me.” Dominique admitted.

“Yeah?” he grinned.

“Yeah and I would’ve loved to have showed my gratitude for everything you did for me more than once last night. But no, we just had to cuddle.” She said with a roll of her eyes.

Chris smiled as his d*** started getting hard at the thought of Dominique blessing him with her skills.

“What I wouldn’t give to hook you up nice and proper before I leave.”

“What’s stopping you?” Chris asked with raised eyebrows.

She smiled then began to giggle.

“Couldn’t let you go without seeing you off.” Zoe said approaching with most of the Deltas’, Omegas’, soccer team, and some of the football and basketball team.

Chris released Dominique and threw a small tantrum before he returned to her.

“What the f*** is wrong with you?” Stephen asked.

“All of you collectively have the ability to make me want to weep then die on the spot.”

“What’d we do?”

“Babe when you get back…”

“We’re gonna spend the weekend locked up in a hotel at a secret location.” She said cutting him off.

“I’m booking it as soon as you leave.”

“Do that” she said aloud. “Make sure the tub is big enough to fit all three of us.” She said into his ear.

“Three?” he asked pulling away. “Ohhhh” he said all smiles when he watched her glance down at his crotch. “Absolutely”

“Can we say our good-byes to our friend?” Riley asked gently separating the two.

“Ya’ll acting like I’m going on a journey to the Congo.” Dominique joked.

“Sorry but this is a pretty big deal.” Chantal smiled.

“It’s only an invitation to try out.” Dominique said.

“Whatever we still wanted to send you off right.” Riley added.

“We know you’re nervous so we brought a necklace with a cross pendant.” Zoe said opening the black velvet box.

“Cause it did so much for Jesus.” Dominique quipped.

No one wanted to laugh but they honestly couldn’t help it.

“I’m sorry, I’m just kidding.” She giggled taking it into her hands. “It’s beautiful”

“You know what to do with it right?” Zoe joked.

“Not completely, Chris still has some teaching to do.” Dominique joked back. “What ya’ll laughing at?” Dominique continued to joke. “Oh! You’re talking about the necklace. My bad, yes, very much so. Just let my nervousness go to the cross cause He can handle it for me.” She said putting the necklace on.

“Exactly, then all of your concentration can remain on the field.” Riley added.

“Ok so here my ride comes.” Dominique said as she watched a limo bus with other patrons pull up. “I’m the last stop so I don’t wanna hold everyone up. I’ll see you guys later, thank you so much for the gift and for actually waking up to see me off.”

“Bye/Laters/Good luck/Hurry back” was said by random people.

“I know you’re gonna be busy so call me whenever you have a second.” Chris said taking her into his arms as the driver loaded her bag.

“You know I will.” She said hugging him tight. “I miss you already” she said as they slightly released to kiss.

“I love you” he said as they pulled away.

“I love you too baby. See you in two weeks.”

“Good luck and have fun” he said kissing her one last time before she left to get on the bus.

The bus was completely out of sight when the females all gathered around Chris and hugged him when his eyebrows pulled towards one another, his mouth slightly tightened, and his shoulders slumped.

“Awe Chris don’t be sad, she’ll be back.” Zoe assured him rubbing his back.

“Yeah in two weeks. Since I’ve met her I haven’t spent this much time away from her. This f***in’ sucks.” He pouted.

“So that was your boyfriend?” a female sitting across from Dominique asked.

“Yeah” she replied while looking through her phone at pictures of him.

“And who were all those people?” Another asked.

“My Sorority sisters, frat brothers, teammates, and friends.”

“You seem sad, why? This is a chance of a lifetime.” The first one said.

“I know but I’ve never spent this much time away from my man since I’ve met him.”

Some of the girls giggled and snickered at how lovesick Dominique was. She didn’t bother to take any kind of notice to them to give them a little payback later. She only continued to stare at pictures. No one took Dominique serious so her actions were funny to them, almost typical. She was the youngest one attending and the least experienced when it came to time added up when playing soccer in larger more prestigious leagues. The only reason why they somewhat respected her was because she was given a chance though she was in college. Someone saw something in her or someone was trying to get numbers up to Denver just so they had someone to cut.

(((Training Day 1 6:00am)))

“Ok ladies this is Terry, she’s a native of Denver and one of the conditioning coaches for the U.S. Soccer team. She will be taking you on a four mile run. Two miles out and two miles back. She is merely the rabbit. All we need you to do is follow her lead, it is not a requirement to stay up with her. We urge you not to because most of you are not accustomed to running in this type of elevation. The ones that are will not be accustomed to running at her pace. We don’t want anyone to get hurt so push yourself but don’t overexert yourself. This is just to see where everyone is at physically. We will begin in fifteen minutes, stretch yourselves out.” The head coach Pia Sundhage announced before walking away.

(((30 Minutes Later)))

“You really shouldn’t be trying to prove yourself so soon.” Terry huffed as Dominique ran next to her.

“Not trying to, I’m trying to hurry up and get back inside. (puff) I’d appreciate it if you told me where you’re going or picked up the pace. I’m cold. (puff)” Dominique also huffed.

“You have asthma?!” Terry almost shouted.

“I’m about to have hypothermia too! Hurry up!” Dominique demanded.

Terry did as she wished and picked up the pace.

(2 Hours Later)

“I’m telling you Pia this kid is amazing! She stayed by my side the entire time!”

“Is she doing it to impress someone? The last thing I need is an ass kisser on my team.”

“No” Terry smirked. “She was cold” she giggled along with the rest of the coaching staff.

They all walked up to the window and while the other females were getting ready to begin practice, Dominique was sitting on the bench on the sidelines underneath a heater, with a beanie, scarf, gloves, hoody, and sweatpants on, arms wrapped around her body.

“I think I like her.” Coach Pia laughed. “Let’s get started.”

(((One week later)))

“DeLorme do you have a second?” Coach Pia asked catching Dominique walking through the lobby of the hotel.

“Uh…” she said looking at her wrist, the area where the complimentary breakfast was served, then back to Coach Pia. “Well you are the head coach.” Dominique said pulling a chewy granola bar out of her pocket.

“We can go in there if you’d like.” She giggled.

“Like? I’d love but we can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t want anyone thinking you’re playing favorites. If I’m going to be on this team then I want everyone to know I earned it.”

“As if everyone doesn’t know you deserve to be out there with a U.S. jersey.” Coach Pia smiled.

“Thanks coach, but I still got a week to prove myself.”

“Ok” she giggled. “I don’t want to keep you, I just wanted to know why you play so well? Some do it for fame, some do it for money. What drives you to be so good?”

“I honestly love the game.”

“That’s it? Love for the game?”


“You’ve been playing long enough for really good teams to be able to enjoy certain perks. None of that drives you even a little?”

“My perk was being able to tell a university hey I’m gonna come play for you, I want a free education, free cleats, and free uniforms.”

“Are you serious or are you f***ing with me?”

“I’m Baptist, my father wouldn’t approve of me acting any other way ma’am. I am happy and grateful for every opportunity I’m given. Know what….I guess the smile on mama’s and daddy’s face would be another driving force for me. It’s just something about making those two proud of me all over again. Feels good.” Dominique smiled.

“Wow DeLorme…I did not expect that. Well don’t let me hold you up, I’ll see you in a few.”

“Yes Coach” Dominique said jogging off towards a muffin she had been staring at for the better half of her conversation with her coach.

“So what was coach talking to you about?” Natasha Kai, a Forward, and Dominique’s roommate asked.

“Nothing really” Dominique replied as she continued to eat and Natasha and others sat down.

“No need in being shy about anything now, you’ve been showing out since you’ve been here.” Rachel Buehler, a Defender stated.

“How you figure?” Dominique asked cutting into her omelet.

“You go above and beyond all the time.”

“Sorry for playing to the best of my ability.” Dominique replied. “Last I checked though midfielders were responsible for a lot of s***. Keeping forwards away by keeping the ball at the other end of the field along with the forwards and helping get points on the board along with helping in any way to get the forwards to get even more points on the board. Are we really gonna continue to have issues?” Dominique asked irritated.

“I certainly hope not because it’s looking pretty good for all of us and if we’re teammates we can’t be arguing.” Hope Solo, a goalkeeper commented.

Rachel grabbed her tray, stood from her seat and went to a different table filled with anti-DeLorme company.

“What the f*** is her problem?” Dominique asked with a roll of her eyes as she swirled her straw through her orange juice.

“She is kind of right, you do tend to make it boring back there for us when we scrimmage.” Hope giggled.

“What do you suggest I do then?”

“Not a damn thang cause a boring goalie is a good thing.”


“Hey babe” Dominique answered.

“What’s wrong honey?”

“Apparently I’m still showing out.”

“You mad because someone else is mad that you’re good?” Chris chuckled.

“It’s not funny Chris.”

“I know you’re frustrated babe but you can’t let that s*** get to you. They’re haters ma, they can’t do what you do so they’re gonna talk. I bet most of they asses hating on you don’t make the team and the ones that do will love your f***in’ ass in the end. They’ll all learn the difference babe.”

“Thanks honey” she smiled.

“I miss that smile of yours.”

Dominique smiled even harder.

“Awwwwe” Hope and Natasha both teased.

“Who’s that?” Chris chuckled.

“Hope and Tasha”

“Tell them I said hey, but I gotta get to class. Call me later ok?”


“Love you”

“I love you too. Bye”


“Those chicks can kiss my ass.” Dominique said as she hung up.

“Is that so?” Natasha laughed.

“Yeah man, if they can’t appreciate heart and effort when they see it then they can go f*** themselves. I’m not here for them.”

“What does this man do to you where he can change your entire attitude in less than three minutes?” Hope smiled.

Dominique shrugged her shoulders and continued to eat.


As Chris walked across campus to his next class he was looking through his phone at pictures of Dominique when he bumped into a group of females. He wasn’t paying attention so he didn’t take notice to them just standing there watching and waiting for him. A few fell over and some dropped their books.

“s***, hey I’m really sorry ladies.” He said helping the few that fell up then began grabbing their things off the ground.

“Never knew Chris Brown was such a gentleman.” One giggled.

“More of a klutz if anything.” He chuckled as he continued to stack all of their books. “Here you ladies go.” He said holding everything up.

They began to grab at their things as it presented itself.

“I’m really sorry” he apologized again shoving his phone along with his hands in his pockets.

“It’s fine, really” one smiled.

“You in a hurry?”

“Yeah sort of, I got class in ten minutes.”

“But it’s only three minutes away.”

“How do you know that?” Chris asked with a curious look on his face.

“We’re all in the same class.” One smiled.

“Oh, guess I didn’t notice.”

“How could you when your girlfriend always has your full attention?”

“Guess I can’t” he said with a smirk and shrug of his shoulders.

“Since we’re all going to the same place mind if we walk with you?”

“Um…sure I guess.” He said walking off with them right by his side.

“What you got planned for this weekend?”

“That’s a secret” Chris smiled.

“Well can we get let in on the secret?” one asked thinking he was flirting.

“Not a chance” he chuckled, still giving off the impression he was flirting.

“Damn, Dom’s only been gone a week and you’re already up to no good.” Someone yelled.

“Shut the f*** up Omari.” Chris said without having to look.

“I applaud you, nice selection. They’re fun.” He laughed.

Out of nowhere a female grabbed a hand each and Chris stopped walking ready to cuss the females out. When he looked down he saw Riley and Zoe. He smiled, leaned down and kissed them both on the cheek.

“There is a God” he said as they walked away from the upset females.

“Don’t trip, we saw everything so if Omari starts blowing s*** out of proportion or anyone for that matter we got your back.” Zoe explained.

“My ladies” he smiled.

“So next time you wanna boo love and stare at pictures of Dom on your phone, do it while you’re stationary. If this were a basketball game you’d of got a foul for charging. Cause their feet were planted and they watched you walk right into them.” Riley explained.

“I just miss her.”

“One more week dude.” Zoe said rubbing his arm.

They walked inside the class room and Shaffer was the first to start yelling.

“Oh hell naw! Let go of my girl!”

“You let Dominique borrow you last year now show Chris the same courtesy.” Zoe said taking a seat behind Shaffer and their crew.

Chris took a seat next to her and Riley sat down next to him. The females from earlier took a seat behind the rest of them.

“When does Dominique get back?” Shaffer whined.

“Late Friday afternoon so until then I’m gonna need their company.”

“Or you could let us fill that void for you.” One of the females from behind them offered.

“OR you could come hang out with me with your lonely ass.” Shaffer offered.

“Sorry honey no can do, the Deltas’ need him and have already called dibs. Big tests coming up and since we don’t have Dominique we need Chris to help us study.”

“Called dibs when?”

“Last week when Dom left, she said it was cool. All we have to do is make sure he’s fed and cheer him up from time to time in form of games cause turns out he’s a big ass nerd. You wouldn’t believe how good he is at Jeopardy.”

“Is that where you’ve been staying?!” Trey asked turning around in his seat.

“Hell yeah! Just like you did for Dominique by letting her stay in my room they let me stay in hers because it smells just like my baby. Besides that! You have no idea how good it smells in the Delta house all the damn time! If it’s not some sort of perfume wafting in the air it’s food. They take good care of me. I might have to pledge Delta.” Chris smiled placing his arms around Riley and Zoe.

“He doesn’t let anyone in Dom’s room cause he don’t want them taking her scent away.” Zoe laughed.

“I’m lonely I wanna stay in the Delta house.” Shad voiced.

“Boy please, ain’t no one trying to wake up next to you because you lost your way back to your room.”

“Chris might not show it but he has needs, things happen.”

“And when would he have the time? When we beg him to let us go to bed after studying for hours or when he’s on Skype with Dominique all night afterwards? Maybe we should let Chris go back to the Omega house cause ya’ll seriously lacking in the intelligence area.”

“s*** happens” Omari commented with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I love my girl and I love her very much, so no, s*** does not happen. Conscientious decisions are made then acted upon. Besides, all of them except Dominique are really like my sisters. That’s disgusting.”

“Yeah, real nasty” Drake said eyeing Veronica.

Everyone laughed aside from Omari who was heated from Chris’s statement.

(((Later that night)))

“I’m gonna grab a water anyone else want anything?” Chris asked standing up from his seat.

“Yeah, for you to take your damn time getting back.” Omari said while shoving his book away from him.

Chris laughed when he saw that everyone else agreed with him.

“YO!” was shouted, startling everyone. “Those ya friends?”

Everyone began watching Chris’s computer screen. Shad turned it so everyone could see better.

“Uhh….most of them yeah.” Dominique said quickly looking at the screen then running into the bathroom.

“Hey ya’ll I’m Hope”

“Hey” everyone said in unison.

“So who’s the goalie? Is she there?”

“Yeah…hey” Ashley replied with an unsure tone.

“You know you’re screwed right?” Hope smiled.

“Excuse me?” she asked with attitude.

“Yeah, sorry dude but it’s true. Dominique is still under the impression that she’s trying out. The girl made the team six days ago. For being so smart she sure isn’t always all there. But back to what I was saying, I’m her new goalie and I just wanted to make sure that you knew you ain’t getting her back.”

“What you mean?” Riley asked.

“I mean she ain’t coming back to play for ya’ll. No telling if she comes back at all.”

“Who you talking to?” Natasha asked coming in the room.

“Dominique’s old friends”

“Pssh, yeah good as gone ladies. Sorry. We’re her new friends now.”

“Bull f***ing s***!” Zoe said standing from her seat.

“We’re her new besties.”

“You’re new nothings, me and Zoe hold that title.” Riley assured her.

“They’re so cute, so young, in so much denial. It’s the Olympic team you don’t go back to your old teams after that. You stay on this level. Once she’s out of her contract with her school to come play with us, she not gonna renew the contract and there’s nothing saying she has to. The sooner you guys accept this the better it’ll be for you. Ask your coach, he’s already taken her off the roster.” Hope added.

“You b****es get on my nerves! Wait til I see you!” Zoe said slamming her hand down on the table.

“Deal with it kiddo.” Natasha said taking off her shirt and tossing it at Dominique’s computer, hitting the camera, then falling onto the keypad. “Not like she wanted to be there anyways. Straight from the horse’s mouth.”

“What the f*** is going on in here? Who keeps hitting s***?” Chris asked walking back into the room. “Oh hey Tasha, what up Hope.”

“Hey Breezy” they said in unison.

“Ok I’m here, what up guys.” Dominique said hurrying to the chair in front of her computer. “Where you guys at?” she asked pulling books out of her backpack. “Guys…what’s the matter?” she asked finally looking up noticing the looks she was receiving from everyone. “Babe?”

“I don’t know, I just walked up.” Chris replied.

“So you never wanted to be at USC?” Zoe asked leaning back in her seat crossing her arms over her chest.

“You already knew that, I told you when we first met.”

“What about now?”

“What ABOUT now?!”

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