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Tunnel Vision

Life has many unexpected ways of unfolding. I’ve never been the smartest in my class, nor did I ever have the longest hair of all the girls I’ve ever came in contact with. No, I don’t have a big backside that made guys double take whenever I walked pass. I don’t come from a wealthy background but, I do have two loving <a href=>parents</a> whom support me in whatever I do. I drive a 2009 Nissan Altima; in which I’m leasing. This is my senior year of college; I’m a major in Fashion with a minor in Business. I also currently reside in Chicago “the windy city.” So if you’re looking for some fairytale story where everything is predictable and life is easy I suggest you search somewhere else, because this is a real as it gets. As told by <a href=>Carrington</a> Weathers.

It was one of those days, you know when it feels like you jumped out of bed and somehow forgot to bring your body. You know my mama always said that the way you set your morning off plays a huge part in the way that your day shall play out. Well if that was true then my day was going to be doomed. I woke up later than expected this morning due to the power going out in the middle of the night. So when I finally did open my eyes and noticed the blinking inaccurate numbers on my clock I hurried to get dressed. Grabbing my book bag and racing out the door and making my way down two flights of stairs I hurried to the parking lot. Getting in my car I swiftly placed my key in the ignition only to discover that my battery was completely dead. Surprisingly, I wasn't as irritated as anyone in my shoes would be, but that soon changed when I had to call my mom for a ride to school and she had twenty-one questions as to why I didn't have a boyfriend yet. It’s not really a touchy subject for me, but the timing was so unnecessary and quite mind bottling. Thanks Mom, this is exactly what I needed; along with the stress of mid-terms I now have to make room for relationship issues.
The modestly spacious lecture room sat about sixty students. The room was filled with an intimidating silence; only thing could be heard was the timer that the professor set and pencils marking away at various rates and speeds. Reading over my paper to make sure I had dotted all I’s and crossed all T’s I felt very satisfied with my finished product. Standing to my feet I pulled my Hello Kitty graphic tee down, grabbed my book bag off the floor and swung it over my shoulder. Once I was packed up and ready to toss the deuces up to this place for winter break, I quickly grabbed my paper and the test booklet and turned it in. Once I let the glass double doors close behind me I glanced at my pink g-shock and decided that I should go see my academic advisor before I leave campus.
You could hear the keys to the keyboard from down the hall as I made my way to the door which happened to be open. I knocked once to announce myself as Mrs. Flowers looked up at me. “And what do I owe to this visit Ms. Weather’s?” She asked as she pulled her glassed down to the tip of her nose and looked at me. I walked fully into the room and took a seat in front of her wooden desk after placing my things on the floor next to me. “I just want to turn in my paper work,” I informed her as I unzipped my book bag and pulled out five sheets of paper. One of the requirements to graduating was to apply for internships. “Wonderful, hopefully by the time we come back from winter break one of these companies will have responded. By all means, while you’re off on break keeping applying for other internships. Trust me; employers will be looking closely to see what experience you have; now day’s degrees aren’t the only thing that gets you the job of your dreams. “I nodded my head to let her know that I understood what she was telling me. She continued studying the sheets of paper that I’d handed her for a brief moment before setting them down on her desk and looking back up at me. “Make sure your final edit of your student portfolio is finished and emailed to me by 9pm tonight, other than that Ms. Weather’s I want to wish you a very safe and productive winter break.” She smiled. “Same to you Mrs. Flowers and I will have the email sent in tonight I promise.” I said as I stood to my feet and gathered my things.
“For a person who wants to dedicate their life to fashion, you sure don’t own anything worth borrowing.” My cousin <a href=>Terra</a>, whom I shared an apartment with, huffed closing my closet door and plopping down on the huge beanie bag in my room. “Good! You don’t return anything anyways.” I retorted as I hit the send button emailing my portfolio to Mrs. Flowers. Terra rolled her eyes as I closed my laptop and fell back on my bed. My mind was totally fried and sleep was the only thing that sounded like ecstasy at the moment. “Oh no you don’t missy” Terra scolded “get your butt up Carri and get dressed.” I rolled over on my stomach and buried my face in my pillow shaking my head opposing to her persisting attitude. Terra smacked her lips and stood on the side of my bed for a minute before speaking, “if you don’t start getting dressed instagram, facebook, and twitter will know what you look like with your footed pajamas on.” She threatened with all sincerity in her voice. My headed instantly snapped up and in her direction; in which she was strutting out the room feeling accomplished. She always had some trick up her sleeve and I would be a fool to think tonight would be any different. Trust me I know my flesh and blood.
Here I was staring intently at the screen stuffing my face with popcorn right when the unexpected happened causing the whole theater to erupt into a scream. Terra leaned over close to me “girl Trey Songz look so good! Hopefully they give me a 3D visual of my boo.” She whispered. I smiled and shook my head “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” Tonight was the premiere of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 3D and being the Trey Songz fan she was Terra insisted on coming to see it. I’m not a big fan of horror movies but I was kinda into this….ok maybe I was kinda into Trey. Lol. Anyways, after the movie was over Terra and I decided to grab something to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings which happens to be my favorite restaurant. “So I’ve been thinking,” I said after taking a sip of my huckleberry lemonade. “About?” Terra asked looking up from her phone and at me. “After graduation I want to pack up and move. I don’t know where but, anywhere beats here.” Terra laughed “aunt Lorraine will have a heart attack and you know it.” I rolled my eyes “True, but I’m not living my life for nobody but me. Hell, I’ve been cooped up in the nest for way to long as it is.” I didn’t even have a chance to hear what Terra’s response was because my heart rate instantly sped up while my palms because extremely sweaty. There he stood with a group of friends laughing and talking, his smile was still heart melting because I know for sure mine’s was melted. I grabbed the menu and quickly propped it up on the table hiding behind it. Terra frowned as she found my behavior odd and looked behind her towards the entrance. “You have got to be kidding me?” She said with disbelief oozing from each syllable. She smacked the menu down from the table and looked at me as if I had four heads. I instantly felt insecure and vulnerable in a sort of sense. “I know you’re not hiding from that weak minded, butt f*** over there,” she fussed pointing over to the crowd and not giving a care who seen her. That same gesture is what attracted his attention over to us and somehow are eyes connected. I quickly looked away and tucked my hair behind my ear before taking a sip of my lemonade; I was nervously thirsty. “Terra, could you try not to embarrass us tonight?” I pleaded. Hatred was an understatement of how she felt about him. If she could have had it her way she would have been the Ohio Bus driver and he the Ohio passenger…..can you say FINISH HIM! Sadly to say an upper cut was the least of the pain that she wanted him to endure, but it was all for my defense. My mind was going a mile a minute trying to process the fact that we were in the same room together after all this time that I hadn’t noticed that he had made his way over towards our table. “Carri h-“he was cut off by Terra. “That’s Carrington to you.” She said looking him up and down in disgust. “Matter fact, don’t say s*** to her you foul piece of sh-“ I cut her off before her voice became a high pitched. “Kavon,” I simply addressed him. He glanced at Terra whom held a grim look on her face with her arms folded across her chest and then at me playing with my straw. “I just wanted to see how you were doing. Umm, well…it looks like life is treating you well,” he admitted while shoving his hands in his pockets before glancing over at his friends who were now being seated. “Babe, come on” a female shouted over at him. Terra and I both passed a side glance at each other and then back over to him. He rubbed the back of his neck “so I’ll see you around sometimes?” he asked. “Hopefully not!” Terra snarled. I nodded my head and avoided any eye contact with him as he walked away and headed over to his table. Once he was out of ear shot I pushed my plate away from me and into the middle of the table. “My appetite is ruined,” I admitted. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t get up and whoop everybody ass at that table,” Terra asked seriously. “Because your ass will be sitting in somebody’s jail cell until my refund is uploaded onto my debit card.” I stated blandly. “In that case, let’s go before I don’t give a f*** and tear this whole place down,” Terra spat as she tossed some money on the table. “Yeah, I’m sleepy anyways,” I said covering the fact that I was an emotional wreck at the moment. Seeing the man that I had planned to spend my life with having fun and smiling with the chick that he cheated with made my blood boil. After a year of finally getting over him….he pops back up as if nothing happened leaving me questioning myself and strength. I knew my day was bound to be doomed….as of right now all I wanted to do was climb back into bed and cry myself to sleep.

Chapter two:

“Ladies sit up straight Carrington,” My mom scolded me as I sat at the table with her and my dad eating dinner. I rolled my eyes and adjusted in my seat. “Keep rolling those eyes all you want, they’re going to get stuck one day.” She always had an adlib for everything which irked my nerves. “So, what’s been new kiddo?” My daddy asked as he sat back in his chair. “Nothing much, I hardly feel like I’ve been on break for the last two weeks being that any spare time that I had went to applying for internships.” I admitted while I played with my asparagus. “Hard work pays off in the long run pumpkin,” my dad was always a positive force in my life. He was the most optimistic person I’ve ever know these last twenty-two years of my life. “Indeed it does honey,” my mom added while taking a sip of wine. “Well, if you don’t find anything soon honeybee I could put in a word with Carl. I’m sure he would let you put in some work at the factory.” I smiled “Thanks daddy, but with all due respect working at an auto company will not help a fashion major.” “Understandable, but don’t forget that your minor is Business honey.” My dad debated. “Well stated daddy, so if worse comes to worse then I will take it. I just want to make sure that I have used all my resources first because Fashion is my main focus.” “Honey, you know we support you with whatever you do. Don’t stress about it I’m sure you will get the internship of your dreams,” my mom interjected while smiling at me. “I sure hope so,” I mumbled while slouching down in my chair.
Just getting home after visiting my parents for a couple of hours I knew that I had to start getting ready for school. My winter break flew pass so fast I didn’t even have a moment to dwell in it. Between volunteer work, applying for internships, and helping my mom out around the bakery that she owned I had no personal time. Walking into my kitchen I filled the stainless steel kettle up with water and placed it on the stove. While waiting on my water to boil, I went into my room and changed into some shorts and a tank and grabbed my laptop. By the time I was done unwinding the kettle began to whistle indicating that it was ready.
Placing my green tea gently on a coaster and curling up on my love seat I opened my Mac Book pro and logged onto Facebook. Scrolling down on my timeline was like logging onto a gossip blog. Relationship problems, arguments, break-ups, make-ups, and just down right outrageous photos. After spending sometime in the social media scene I logged off and decided to check my emails. Spam, junk mail, Facebook notifications, advertisements, and coupons were all I scrolled down to see. I let out a loud sigh and closed my laptop. All of the work that I had dedicated towards my future career and I have yet to get a response from any of the companies I applied for. I wanted to cry, shout, and throw things all around my room. I began to feel a large amount of failure fill in my heart. Maybe I should have stuck to the health care field; maybe then I would have snagged an internship. Fashion is something that I love and something that I’ve always been interested in, but it was also a career that the strongest achieved in. Three months until graduation and the only thing I was for sure about was that I might have wasted the last four years of my life for something that might never be. It really hurts when you feel that you have given something your all and the benefits seem to never dispense out as they should. I laid back on the love seat and threw my cover over my head dwelling in my own self-pity. Five minutes later I heard the door unlock and in came Terra. “Carri!” she called out loudly causing me to flip down my cover and look at her. “What?” I mumbled. “Ugh, why do you look so pitiful?” She questioned as she slipped off her shoes before hanging up her coat. “Because my life is falling apart,” I whined. “Yea, well if it is you’re the one speaking it into existence. The law of attraction will give you what you want every time so I suggest you change the way you look at things.” Terra preached. After reading some book called ‘The Secret’ she swears she the guru of the universe. “Yea well, tell the universe to send me an internship offer of my dreams,” I muffled as the cover went back over my head. Terra huffed and snatched the cover off of my head. “When you look at your career what do you see?” She asked randomly. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at her oddly. Taking a seat on the couch she sat Indian style and stared at me intently. “I don’t know,” I began. She shook her head “That’s your first problem. How can you want something that you don’t know anything about? You should first get a clear visual of what you want in your mind and from their work towards it.” “I do have a visual in my mind and I’m also about to graduate in the next three months for it. So what are you talking about?” I defended. “Mmmhmm, and so when you graduate how do you plan to use your degree?” She interrogated. “To be a fashion merchandiser, you know the people who buy all the clothing for the high end department stores, and create the looks for tomorrow.” I paused for a second, “I want to dibble and dabble in a little bit of everything. Ugh, I just don’t know Terra damn.” She frowned at me for a moment and without any words she got up and walked out of the room leaving me to question myself and the direction I was slowly going in. Moments later, she appeared back in the living room with two poster boards, scissors, tape, and magazines. By now I had sat up fully on the love seat and raised a questioning eye at her. “In the book ‘the secret ‘it talks about a vision board and how it can help you attract the things you want.” She explained. “A vision board?” I asked out loud still trying to figure out what it was. “A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life.” She informed me as she sat down and signaled for me to join her. “And this is supposed to help me how?” I asked. “Once you stop letting your questions amp you up with doubt the sooner you can make some progress in life by letting it unfold. Sometimes life can be sort of like tunnel vision, you are constricted to what you see but somewhere down the line and through the darkness there is a light waiting for you. It’s up to you to ignore the darkness around and focus on getting closer to the light.” I nodded my head as I got comfortable on the floor next to her and began to create a vision board.
I rolled over and hurried to silence my cell phone. Who in their right mind would be sending me something at 3am in the morning? Irritated was beyond what I was feeling right now. I grabbed my phone and opened one eye to only be blinded by the light from my phone. I opened my email to read this:
To: Carrington Weathers
CC: <a href=>Ugo Mozie</a>

<em>Dear Ms. Weathers,
Your application has been carefully reviewed and I am very saddened to inform you that the position you applied for has already been filled. Furthermore, I have taken out time to review your portfolio and I am very much interested in your personal style, and creative eye.
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ugo Mozie, I am a twenty-one year old fashion stylist and creative director. I attended and graduated from Barbizon School of Acting and Modeling. From there I have worked on some of the best sets in today’s history such as Sex and the city 2, Dateline NBC, 51st Grammy Awards, Diddy – Dirty Money, and at the Tribeca Film Festival. I am currently the fashion editor at large at 360 magazine, the New York fashion editor of Ghubar magazine, and fashion contributor at WAD magazine in Paris. In February of 2010 I launched my own clothing line called Ashton Mozie and later went into fashion styling for big names including Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Kelis, Lil B, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, and Omarion, plus on Elle, Nylon, Vibe, XXL, and Paper magazines.
Even though the magazine has filled the position that you have applied for I want to offer you an internship as my assistant fashion stylist. If you are interested on taking up my offer please email me as soon as possible so we can further discuss your position.</em>

I read that email over and over and over until my mind wrapped itself around the fact that I what I was reading was real. Without warning I jumped out of bed and began screaming for joy. Terra came seconds later with her baseball bat in her hand and her hair all over her head. “What’s wrong?” she yelled frantically. “Ugo Mozie wants me to be his assistant fashion stylist,” I squealed. Terra ran up to me and gave me a hug “Congratulations boo! But, if you ever wake me from my sleep as if something is wrong and it’s not, I will use this bat on you understood?” I laughed at her and rolled my eyes. I Carrington Weathers had just landed my first entry position in the fashion world and I was beyond ecstatic. I could not wait until I told my friends and parents which I knew they all would be excited for me.

Chapter 3
I tossed and turned throughout the night; my nerves were eating me up inside. It had been three weeks since Ugo and I had come in contact with one another and after an interview via Skype I accepted his internship offer. We emailed each other almost every day just keeping in touch. Oh and did I mention that he was offering me a paid internship….can you say major score. I sat up from bed and took a sip of the water I had placed on my night stand and ran my hands over my face. In less than five hours I would be loading a plane and flying to LA to chase my dreams. That wasn’t the nerve wreaking part, but being on my own and in a foreign place for the next three months was the part that was killing me. These next three months depended on my life (if I didn’t successfully complete my internship I would not graduate). I opened my laptop and logged onto twitter.

<em>@CarriSweeterThanA Cherri: LA Bound In five hours. Wish Me Luck! #Dreams</em>

I waved goodbye to my parents and Terra as I walked through the tunnel and onto the plane. Placing my carry-on bag over my seat I plugged my Dr.Dre beats in my IPhone and shut the world out. Only the sounds of Miguel singing could be heard by me as I looked out the window and took a deep breath. Moments later the stewardess came on the loud speaker with a list of boarding instructions before we could depart. I buckled my seat belt, fluffed up my pillow, and became very comfortable since I hadn’t got much sleep last night. Before we got up off the ground I sent a tweet:

<em>@CarriSweeterThanACherri: Beats, Miguel, and my snuggie! #FourHourFlight.</em>

I walked into LAX airport after my departure, which happened to be beyond crowded. I saw a gentleman about six feet tall, large shoulders, dressed nicely in a suit holding my name on a white board. I approached him quickly “Hello, I’m Carrington,” I introduced myself holding my hand out to him. He smiled “Hello, I’m Walter Ms. Weathers,” he said shaking my hand firmly and maintaining eye contact. “I’ve already retrieved your luggage all you have to do is follow me ma’am,” he said signaling for me to follow him. Boy ol’ boy was LA different from Chi Town. The way that the sun rays beamed down from the clear skies made it seem so much different from the way it shined at home if that makes any sense. The weather was great being that I had left home the 20degree weather along with a foot of snow and welcomed the 70degree weather of LA. I sat in the back of the Lincoln towns’ car as Walter drove swiftly down the expressway. I was in totally awe with everything that I was seeing….I had never really traveled much except for going to Detroit to visit family, or the New York shopping trip my mom takes every year to buy school clothes. This was a change that I was excited to embrace. “So where are we going Walter if you don’t mind me asking.” He smiled “No problem ma’am, Mr.Mozie wanted me to take you to the condo where you will be residing and around 1pm I will be arriving to take you to your meeting that’s scheduled at 2pm.” I simply smiled, sat back in my seat, and texted my family to let them know that I made it safely.

The ride lasted for about forty-five minutes but I was able to site see so I didn’t mind. I even secretly pinched myself a couple of times during the drive to see if I was dreaming. Soon the car pulled up in front of a beautiful building displaying some very different yet magnificent architectural work. “Welcome <a href=>home</a> Ms. Weathers,” Walter said while turning off the ignition and opening his door. He then proceeded to get out and help me out of the backseat. “These are your keys ma’am. You’re on the second floor, left hand side.” He informed me as he began to unload my things out of the trunk. I was honestly like a kid in a candy store, running up the stairs and locating my door I hurried to unlock it. Once I heard the lock click, my hands gently turned the knob as I pushed the door fully open. My jaw dropped as I looked around at the modestly furnished apartment that I would be staying in. Was this really for me? I must have been standing in the middle room for a little longer than I expected because Walter clearing his throat caused me to snap back into reality. “Sorry to bother you Ms. Weathers but, I just wanted to inform you that I placed all your belongings by the door.” He announced. I smiled “Thank you so much a Walter I appreciate it. I really do.” I said expressing my gratitude. “My pleasure ma’am. I shall be returning at 1pm.” He reminded me before walking out the door and gently closing it behind himself. Once I was sure I was by myself I couldn’t contain the excitement that I was feeling any more. I raced around the house snapping pictures of the <a href=>living room</a>, <a href=>kitchen</a>, <a href=>bathroom</a>, <a href=>bedroom</a>, and one good shot of the city view from my <a href=>balcony</a>. I couldn’t believe I had my own private spacious balcony….this is was just like a dream. If it was, I sure didn’t want to wake up. After I was done snapping photos I sent them to my parents and Terra which I didn’t expect an instant response because of the time difference so I placed my phone on the charger and decided to do some much needed unpacking. First thing I did was unpacked my I-home because without music I could not function and that was a known fact. Once my I-home was plugged up I grabbed my cell and placed it on the deck and scrolled through my playlist. Soon, Nicki Minaj’s ‘High School’ filled the room as I began to organize my new home.
Two hours and five empty suitcases later I was completely finished. I glanced at my watch and noticed that I still had about a good hour before Walter was due back so I decided to take a nice bubble bath and get dolled up for my first day on the job. I’m pretty sure it would just be a long drawn out orientation and getting to know my duties. Once I was done doing my hygiene duties I got dressed in some black slacks, a nice flowy white button up, and a yellow canary colored blazer<a href=>outfit</a>. My hair was a curly mess which I didn’t have time to straighten it so I placed it in a neat bun and added just a little lip gloss to my lips and just like that I was ready with five extra minutes to spare. I grabbed my cell phone along with my clutch and decided to wait outside for Walter; it was such a nice day. Making my way out the house I was greeted by a few neighbors whom were on their way either in or out their homes. By the time I made my way to the front of the complex Walter was just pulling up. Perfect timing. He was about to make his way out of the car when I signaled for him to stay inside. I walked to the backseat and got in on my own. I was a city girl and had been doing things on my own since forever the last thing I wanted to do was to get accustom to being catered to. “Good afternoon Walter,” I beamed as I closed the door behind me. “Same to you Ms. Weathers,” he smiled “you know I could have really got that door for you ma’am.” He proceeded to say. I shook my head and glanced at him through the rearview mirror “I know, but I was already walking up. It’s fine Walter really. “I assured him. “Oh and by the way Walter please just call me Carri, I feel so old when you greet me all formal and stuff.” I giggled. He smiled and nodded his head “Sure thing Carri.” With that I laid my head back in the seat and waited to arrive at my new work place.
I walked into the glass skyscraper feeling like Anne Hathaway in the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’. Tons of people were walking in and out the lobby, phones were ringing off the hook and everybody looked so….Hollywood. I took a deep breath and mustered up enough courage to approach the receptionist area. “Hello, I’m Carrington Weathers,” The lady smiled and held her index finger up signaling me to hold on as she picked up her telephone. “Mr.Mozie, your 2 o’clock appointment is here,” she said in a very professional tone. “Ok, I will send her up,” She said before hanging the phone up and looking at me. “Mr. Mozie would like to see you on the 32nd floor. If you take the elevator on the left hand side of the wall right over there it will take you to your destination.” She said handing me a card that resembled a hotel room key. “By the way my name is <a href=>Brittney</a>, congratulations on your internship and welcome aboard.” She said waving at me as I walked away. “Thanks Brittney,” I replied as I followed her directions intently. I pressed the elevator doors and stood in one place nervously waiting on the steel doors to part. Once they opened I stepped on a went to push a button when I realized that there were no buttons at all just a little slot I’m guess where the card went. Placing the card in the slot the elevator took off full force and I arrived on the 32nd floor in no time. I took a quick deep breath again and swiftly stepped off of the elevator and walked down the hallway that led me to yet another receptionist area. There was a fair skinned guy sitting at the desk with a phone headset on, his hair was in impeccable not one strand out of place, and he wore a grey pants suit paired strategically with a black button down shirt. You could tell that whatever the name brand he was clothed in had to be very expensive because of the rich material and the unique stitching pattern that the outfit displayed. Leaning back in his chair there he sat talking a mile a minute on what seemed to be a personal call. “Girl he did not!” The guy gasped just as I approached his desk. He looked at me and smiled “Victor I will call you back the fish just walked in.” He said ending his call and looking up at me before standing up. “Hi,” I said warily. “Well, aren’t you the cute! You must be Carrington.” He said in such a welcoming way which made me relax. “Yes, how are you?” I said holding my hand out. He instantly took my hand but instead of shaking it, he flipped it over and looked at my nails. “You’re in dying need of a mani and I’m quite sure of a pedi. Oh and the ballet flats I will let pass for today but, heels are a must.” He said running it all down. Before I could respond to what he has just said another voice projected in the room. “Enough <a href=>Jason</a>, stop harassing my employees.” We both turned and seen Mr. Mozie standing by the door that I guess led to the part of the office that the public was restricted to go. Jason let my hand go and laughed “Ugo, I just wanted to have some fun geez.” I just stood there with a stupid smile on my face because I didn’t know what to do or say at the moment. Mr. Mozie walked fully into the room and greeted me with a hand shake. “Welcome, Ms. Weathers. I take it that you’ve already met my worse employee of the month.” He said looking over at Jason whom held his hand over his chest as if he was appalled. “Differently not the worse, just the most interesting thank you very much.” Jason said winking at me then taking his seat back at his desk. Mr. Mozie laughed and shook his head. “If you’ll follow me,” he said opening the glass door for me. Just before he walked in behind me he looked over at Jason “And no more personal calls,” he scolded. I laughed because those two I could tell were a trip. Mr. Mozie led me to a conference room where he instructed me to have a seat as he took one himself. “Would you like something to drink Ms. Weathers?” He asked. I looked around the room observantly for a quick moment and then shook my head “No thank you sir.” “Very well,” He cleared his throat “I would like to welcome you aboard to Mozie Enterprise, yet you will not be working here as often as you think.” I guess the confusion on my face was evident because he smiled and continued to further explain himself. “I’m a young guy and I know you were expecting to come to a long an drawn out first day, but that’s not my style. I looked over your application and portfolio last night again to refresh my memory about what sparked my interest about you in the first place. You have an acquired taste, but that’s a good thing in the fashion industry because who wants to blend in? The fashion industry is always on the prowl for new, refreshing, and unique looks. So what do you plan to do with your degree? What area in fashion is your main focus?” He asked me. I instantly thought back to the conversation that Terra and I had a while back and then looked at him. “Honestly Sir, I would love to have my hand in several different projects. I feel that it’s always something to be learned because of the constant change in fashions history and I want to be a jack of all trades.” I retorted as honest as I could. He nodded his head “If no one understands you trust me I do. With that being said do you have any questions?” “Yes, actually I do. You said I will not be working in the office often. What does that mean?” I asked. “You’re my assistant stylist, which means you will be out doing hands on work with me. We will be styling for photo shoots, video sets, fashion shows, movies, and award ceremonies. Ms. Weathers this is a chance for you to network and build your own name in the industry. By the time these next three months are up your resume’ will be the envy of anyone twice your age.” My eyes got huge it never crossed my mind that I would be working with celebs. I quickly changed my facial expression as I adjusted in my seat and went back into professional mode. “What do you expect from me?” I asked. “Professionalism, hard work, dedication, honesty, and being dependable are big things I look for. I don’t want to take you to a set with me and you’re in everyone’s face or hounding celebrities that’s a bad look on me and my company. Also, you will have to get use to not having your phone on certain sets because they will be closed and the artist doesn’t want to risk photos being leaked. This is a hard job Ms. Weathers only the strong survive. Flexibility is a must. You will deal with all kinds of people just keep a smile on your face, a polite attitude even when those are rude to you, and do your job because that’s all you there to do.” He looked at me for a brief moment “Welcome aboard once again,” looking at his watch and then back up at me “I will need you to take notes my 2:30 app. Should be in here soon.” He said sliding me over a legal pad and a pen. Just as I grabbed the materials I needed, Jason buzzed in the room and peeped his head in. “Mr.Mozie, <a href=>Mr.Combs</a> is waiting on you in the meeting room.” Mr. Mozie stood to his feet and signaled for me to follow him. I walked swiftly down the hall with him while the whole time my heart was banging out of my chest. Mr. Mozie reached the Oakwood double doors and opened them letting me walk in first while he proceeded to follow me in. “Ugo, what’s up boy?” Sean “Diddy” Combs said while standing up and giving him dap. “How are your doing kids doing man?” Mr. Mozie asked as they all took a seat. I on the other hand faded to the back, I wasn’t shy but I was in a sort of sense. As of right now all I wanted to do was be invisible and take my notes like I was told to do. “My sons all trying to break my pockets with all these expensive cars they want and the twins’ man, my girls are growing so quickly,” Diddy said shaking his head. You could tell the way he talked about all of them that he loved them very dearly. “That’s good,” Mr. Mozie paused and looked at me whom was all the way in the back of the room standing there looking like a fool and signaled for me to come have a seat next to him. “I would like you to meet my new assistant Carrington Weathers,” he said introducing me to a legend for heaven’s sake he helped Biggie become who he was. “Hello it’s nice to meet you,” I said holding my hand out to him. “Same to you,” he said shaking my hand. Once the introductions were done he and Ugo began to talk business while I jotted down notes. He was seeking Mr.Mozie’s help to revamp his Sean John collection for the spring launch. After about an hour of talking, laughs, and tossing around ideas Mr. Mozie informed Mr.Combs that he would create a story board of ideas and have it ready for him the next time they met. After the meeting was over Mr.Mozie took me on a company tour and introduced me to all the staff and showed me where everything was. About 7pm Walter was there to pick me up and take me home….I was exhausted.

<em>@CarriSweeterThanACherri: Important people and Important tasks #Starstruck</em>


i found it!
please add! leave us hanging! lol
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loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittt please adddddd!!!!!!!!

New reader!
You were right this ain't like other stories
I love the club scene where she let loose
I was hoping Chris came to his senses when she put him on blast
The Chris and her dancing than sleeping together was cute
I liked how he insisted that she ain't like him than at the club he like see there you go lying again you like everything about me
Why she ain't give mijo a chance ? :( poor dude pulling all types of moves to get with her :/
Run it !

yay hopefully she's gonna get a 2nd chance at her dream :) watch chris b n ny or something smh

run it!!

Mijo is a decent dude she need to give him a chance
Run it

Run it

awww, why she won't just give Mijo a chance? I mean her daddy loves him..that's always a good sign.she should just take the risk. I hope New York got something good for her.

Why she doin mijo like that. I can't wait to see wats gonna happen in NYC

These few months has been a total blur. The only memorable moment was graduation and I did that on one wing and a prayer. Luckily enough Brittney; my angel is disguise pulled a couple of strings in the HR department and had then write a outstanding report for my internship. My professor never lied when he stressed the importance of networking. I had been home four months now working at the factory with my father as a manager. I'm reminded everyday that I come in that place I call a job that I made a terrible mistake.

I rushed into the living room with Terra with the bowl of popcorn in my hand and two cans of sodas tucked in my arm. "Look at Ms. Kelly Rowland, girl is wearing that dress!" Terra said obviously impressed. I quickly sat down placing our snacks on the coffee table and nodded my head. "Yes, I loveeeee that," I agreed. We continued watching the red carpet discussing fashions. "Girl, what the hell do Adele have on?" Terra asked covering her mouth and giggling. I studied her outfit for a while and then shook my head "it's not's Adele. Take it or leave it." I shrugged. "Yea, I'll leave it for 100 Alex," she retorted causing me to laugh. Just as quick as my laughter started it stopped. The cameras just had to acknowledge the douche. I rolled my eyes as Terra looked over at me. "You give him too much energy," she said shaking her head and picking up a soda. "Girl please," I said waving her off. "Aw s*** look at my b**** Ri-Ri," Terra said hype. I smiled "She looks cute," then instantly my heart felt a little bad because I knew Kae was somewhere out there knowing that he showed up to the Grammy's with Rihanna. "I wonder if him and kae offically over," I said thinking aloud. Terra frowned at me "why do you care? Clearly the man is screaming his love publicly for Ri." "Yeah and next week we will be spotted having lunch with Kae," I snapped under my breath. Terra snickered "Bitter much?" she said looking at me sideways. I just bust out laughing along with her. "Speaking of have you talked to your boo lately?" Terra asked as the commercial rolled on. I blushed at the thought of Mijo. Yeah, Mijo.....that's my buddy. We started out twitting, upgraded to oovoo chatting, he's even came to visit for a weekend. No we are not sexual....he slept in my room and I slept with Terra. "I talked to him this morning...that boy is crazy." I laughed. Terra smiled "I like him he seems like he has your best interest at heart. Plus, your dad loves him which is a plus cause you know uncle does not play when it comes to his only child." Terra pointed out. "True, but we are just friends." I stressed. Terra rolled her eyes "well does he know that?" She asked. I shook my head "Yes, and he hates it because he wants to be more. I just see us making a mistake by being together it fun to think about , but we are just better off in the friend zone. You know?" I explained while glancing at the television here and there. "I don't but I will pretend I do," Terra huffed. "Dont be catching attitude hussy." I said rolling my eyes. She flipped me the bird and smiled. We continued our little Grammy night with laughter and partial good performances.

Later that night I had just put my pj's on and was climbing into bed when my cell rang. "Hello," I sang into the phone. "What you doing?" I heard a familiar voice say. I smiled "Just getting into bed. What are you doing?" I asked snuggling into my covers. "s***, playing the game with Hood." Mijo responded. "Wassup big head," Hood yelled from the background. I smiled "tell that fool I said hey," I giggled as Mijo relayed the message. "So I was calling because my birthday is in two weeks and we throwing a big ass party. I want you to come." Mijo couldn't contain his excitement. I frowned and looked around the room "Boo, I would love to come, but I'm going to be busy." I said trying to sound disappointed. "Doing?" He asked sounding kind of sad. I bit my bottom lip and tried to think of a grand excuse. Just as I was opening my mouth to say something my other line clicked. "Boo, hold on for one moment." I hurried and clicked over. "Hello?" I said letting out a sigh. "Hey girly," Brittney sang into the phone. "Hey yourself! What's going on?" I asked clearly excited to hear from my good friend. "Quick question," Brittney said talking fast which meant she was in planning mode. "What?" I asked slowly. "Do you want to work?" She asked. "What kind of work?" I questioned still confused. "Look, book a flight to New York for next monday. You will be meeting me and Jason at the airport around 9:00am. Put your A game on." She spoke quickly. I frowned "Brittney what are you talking about?" She sighed "Carri honey just know that when I told you I was going to help you get where you was destine to go I ment that. Now I will email you details later as for right now I'm two minutes late from lunch." I smiled "Bye." "Mmmhmm Chow," she said quickly as she ended her call. I clicked back over "Hello?" I sang into the phone again. "Yea, so what you gone be busy with?" He questioned me. s***! This again. I sighed "I'm gonna be in New York." I truthfully said. "New York?" He asked a little annoyed. "Mmmhmm, me and the old gang planned this a long time ago." I lied. He sighed "Well, okay. You better come see me next time." He admitted. I smiled "Promise." With that we ended our call and I laid back thinking about what New York could have in store for me.

chris f***in sux...but she shouldve thought b4 she spoke in order to keep her job...its a sticky whats next??

run it!

Ugh man that sucks that she has to go back home but hey....when one door closes another one opens. What god has for u, man can't stop it hun. I wouldn't have kissed Chris ass either. He's a douche bag and was dead wrong for coming at her like that. It would have been nice if her and mijo could have formed something though

Dang.all bcuz chris wana be a butt head. Run it Www

Ugo shouldnt have fired her because she still did her job well. the only reason she got fired was because of Chris being a a**hole ans since she does not kiss ass she was let go because of that which is unfair thing to do. Hopefully when she is Chicago she will get a call froma celeb to style them and start her own business of styling for the stairs or open a store and expand.

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“I miss you guys,” I mumbled as I looked at Brittney and Jason whom I was doing an oovoo session with. “We miss you too,” Brittney cooed. “Yeah, you know I’m not whole without both of my judies,” Jason replied. I smiled and then let out a sigh “guys Ugo is going to be pissed,” I admitted. “I know,” Brittney mumbled as she rested her hands in the palm of her hands. “You need to get off that high horse Ms. Carri and make things right before you leave. You’ve worked too hard to flush things down the drain that easy,” Jason replied. I shook my head he was right. “Listen, you know we got your back. I’m going to start making a plan b. I won’t sit around and let you fall flat on your butt….we are your friends and we have to do something.” Brittney said getting into her super woman mode. “Damn right, who else am I going to gossip with? Brittney works on the first floor.” Jason added. “You guys are the best,” I admitted. “Listen, you’re going to go and apologize to that man. I’m not saying that your wrong, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get where you need to be. This is not the time for your ego to be jumping in the way.” Jason preached. “Agreed, Jason you’re on to something,” Brittney added. I frowned I wasn’t feeling this even though he was right. “Apologize, kiss his ass, do something! When you get back you better still have a job or else,” Jason warned. “Okay okay,” I said not really wanting to discuss the issue anymore. We talked for a little while longer and then I called it a night because we were heading back to the states in the morning. Once I closed my laptop I fell back on my pillows and let out a sigh….what was I going to do? I could go and apologize, but I’m more than sure he’s going to be a douche about the situation. All this thinking was giving me a migraine so I took a hot shower and got in bed.

As I walked into LAX airport I noticed Walter standing there looking around for me. I smiled; it sure did feel good to be back into a familiar area. “Looking for someone?” I asked in a deep voice sneaking up behind Walter. He looked over his shoulder and greeted me with a warm smile. “Nice to see you Ms. Carri.” We began to walk towards the luggage claim “Nice to see you too,” I said weakly as the false reality that I was creating began to decay. In reality I knew that I was on my way back to that apartment to pack my belonging and take my ass back home. I did the crime now I had to do the time; as my grandmother would say. Walter grabbed my belongings as I followed him out of the airport with my back pack hanging on my left shoulder. He opened the door for me and I jumped in and instantly slouched in the seat. My last ride. Walter loaded my things into the trunk quickly and before you know it we were on the road. The ride was peacefully silent except the sounds of the smooth jazz that blared out of the speakers. Moments later we arrived at the complex and in a routine motion Walter and I gathered my bags and filed into the empty apartment. The end of my luxury.

Waving goodbye to Walter I closed the door and let out a sigh. I knew what I had to do; I began packing everything I arrived with. As I was lugging my things into the living room I noticed my telephone ringing. Quickly grabbing it off of the table I answered not bothering to look at my caller ID. “Hello,” I grumbled into the phone. “I’m excited to hear your voice too,” I heard a familiar voice say. I shifted my weight to one leg “Mijo?” I asked. “Expecting someone else?” He asked with a slight chuckle. I sighed “Ummm, Im kind of busy. Is there something I can help you with?” I asked kind of rudely. I wasn’t really in the joking mood. The phone fell silent for a moment. “I was..ugh…Well, umm, would you like to hang out sometime?” He stuttered. I looked around the room and then down at the phone. Was he asking me out on a date? “I mean you live in L.A. and so do I and umm, well since we was cool on the tour I was thinking we could continue our ummm, friendship.” He babbled like a school boy. I rolled my eyes as if he could see me. “Mijo….that sounds like fun, but I’m actually about to leave and go back home.” I explained honestly. “Home?” He asked unsure of my explanation. “Yes, Chicago.” I confirmed. He was silent again “Umm, cool maybe next time. Hey if we ever in Chi town I promise that we are going to hang out.” He sounded hurt. I smiled “Sure,” I said silently as I ended the call and looked back at my then possible but now demolished future. What was I going to do? Mr. Mozie had already informed me that my position was no longer and I had failed not only him , but everyone that believed in me. Chicago here I come.

Yay u added. Mijo like Carrington nd chris an ass hole. Run it

Chris is such an a**hole...smh.

Run it!

Yaaaay I'm so happy u finally added!!!!

Omg!!! Chris is really blowin me right now. He doin to much for me. He feel like his s*** don't stank and he feelin hella salty cause baby told his ass the truth about hisself. I love Carrie and her attitude even though she might get in trouble but at least she ain't gon kiss no ass or put up with his bull.

The cool wind blew gently allowing me to soak in its crisp freshness as I sighed deeply, seeing my own breath in the air. Folding my arms and pulling the cardigan that I wore closer to my body I continued stubbornly walking along side of the highway. The moonlight was my flashlight on this ever so dark night. I cursed myself silently under my breath for even losing my temper now I have jeopardized my whole career that could have been for some immature person that will continue to make his money regardless of what happen tonight. How could I have been so reckless? I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t of had just taken his words with a grain of salt. The more I thought of it the more I just wanted to get as far away from that bus and the reality of my adolescent actions. Moments later I heard quick footsteps coming from behind me. “Carri!” I heard Mijo yell out as he jogged up to me. I kept my pace acting as if he wasn’t next to me. Grabbing my arm and forcing me to stop my stride he turned towards me as I turned my focus on the ground. “Calm down, just come back to the bus and we can all work this out.” He said softly. “No thank you,” I mumbled as I turned on my heels and brushed past him and continued walking to where? I didn’t have a clue. Mijo sighed as he reached out and grabbed me again. “Look Chris be tripping that’s just how that nigga is. We aren’t going to let you just walk out here in the dark let alone another country.” He reasoned. I sighed again and kicked the ground “I’m going back to the second bus, can you bring my belongings over please?” I asked while walking away before I could get a response. I walked quickly to the second bus and past the two bus drivers whom were having a smoke break and I’m guess discussing the little fiasco that just happened. I stepped onto the second bus getting side glancing from some of the dancers, but I put on my game face and brushed past everyone and returned to my bunk. Moments later Mijo brought my things over and left ….once again we got back on the road.

I was tired mentally which caused me not to get any comfortable sleep during the drive. The situation with me and Chris was weighing on my heart heavy and could have been avoided. No, I wasn’t sorry about what I said but all in all it was very unprofessional and tacky for me to carry on the way I did. My Ray Bans covered my sleep deprived eyes as I lugged the wardrobe in Chris’s changing room. I began setting up everything avoiding any type of contact with him…..I loathed being in his presence and after him calling me a female dog I wanted to decapitate him literally. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever,” Hood said startling me causing me to jump. He laughed and plopped down on the couch in the dressing room. “You scared the s*** outta me hood,” I mumbled holding my right hand over my chest. “Man, you should of seen how hard you jumped,” he laughed. I shook my head and went back to setting up everything correctly so I could avoid any arguments from Mr. Brown. “What you doing in here?” I asked out of the clear blue. “We bout to play 2k13,” he said as he opened his back pack and pulled out the xbox. “Ya’ll niggas ready to get schooled?” Scoot asked as walked in with the rest of the crew which meant that it was time for me to exit. I hung up the last two shirts as all the guys talked loudly and got their controllers. I turned on my heels and began making my way to the door “Ay, Carri where you going?” Mijo asked while smacking on some pretzels. I pointed to the door and in that same moment Chris walked in. I quickly diverted my attention to the floor as he walked in and went straight over to the couch. I scurried to the door when Mijo yelled out for me to stop. “Come have a seat. Now that we got the whole crew in one room we all need to talk,” he said taking control of the situation. “Talk? Nigga you trippin’ “ Chris said waving him off and grabbing his controller. I rolled my eyes and placed my hand on the handle to open the door. “Naw, f*** that! Carri come sit ya white ass down and your white ass gone pause this game so we can clear the air.” Mijo said seriously. I sighed and turned on my heels and came closer but in no way was I going to have a seat on the same couch as him. “Look, yall both said some foul stuff to one another and ya’ll both were wrong in our opinion,” Mijo said waving his hand to the crew as they shook their heads. “We a family, and at times family tend to fight and argue. Chris you don’t need the bad press and Carri this can make or break your internship. You two both have too much to lose at this point for yall to be acting like kids on the playground. Let by gones be by gones and make this last show the best.” Mijo preached speaking some real s***. “On that real, what this nigga spitting right now is real talk. Ya’ll can’t afford to f*** each other over.” Hood added in. Chris frowned “Ya’ll done talking?” He asked nonchalantly. I rolled my eyes and walked out the room at this point he could give me a bad recommendation. I wasn’t kissing his ass. No way.

I'm LOVING this story! Love the characters, and I can't wait to see how Carri handles this situation. Gonna be interesting to see how she and Chris interact from now on. She definitely told him the truth. RUN IT!(P.S I love that scene from the club. I love how intimate it was. It was classy. The fact that they didn't have sex that night made it even me anyway.)RUN IT!

I seriously dont even know where to start, I really like how you wrote that.. and keep that non-sexual type of thing..

Loving me some Mijo and Hoodz lmaooo .. I like how things are panning out, hope Kae and her become friends though and she shoulda justt told them..

Ugo reminds me of my boss hahaha.. like hardout...

please runnn thiss!!!

omgosh girl..
You definitely got me reading lmaooo long ass paragraphs..
which i am grateful for.. so I`m still reading lol...
I love it so far and will comment when I`m all caught up..

I`m happy someone writes longer adds than me hehe!!

RUNN it in advance

Ctfu she wildin lol. He need somebody to go off on his ass. He can't always have his damn way n treat ppl like he do esp when the reason he mad is his own damn fault. Niggas these

Run it!-

Lord I wish she could have popped his ass one good time lol
I love carri though
Run it!

Yo.... Drama!!!!
He should be happy someone is telling it like it is.
Carri is my girl, I love her attitude.

I opened my eye to my phone ringing. I pulled my headphones out of my ear and placed the phone in its place. “Hello,” I mumbled. “Yo’ come to Chris bus,” Mijo yelled in the phone obviously walking to the bus himself. “Why?” I asked not wanting to move. “You said you couldn’t sleep on that bus so I talked to Chris and he said it was cool for you to ride with us,” he explained. I sighed “thanks, but no thanks. I’m fine where I’m at.” I reassured him. Mijo smacked his lips “We got Wi-Fi and cable over here.” I instantly sat up “I’m on my way.” With that I hung up and grabbed my things. Not only was the guys bus bigger, but it was only seven people on their bus. As I was making my way out the bus with all my carry-on items some of the dancers gave me dirty looks. I know they are probably thinking some foul stuff about me, who cares though because they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. Hood came off the bus and helped me with my things. Walking onto the bus that resembled an apartment on wheels, I took a seat on the couch with my pillow and blanket. All the guys were around the table eating and talking about various things. I simply tuned them out and closed my eyes drifting into a heavy slumber.

I woke up and looked around at everybody was passed out sleep with the game still on. Mijo was on the opposite couch with the controller in his hand and head tilted back snoring. I shook my head as I grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. I then headed towards the bathroom. Making my way inside I closed the door and that’s when I heard Chris getting loud. I put my ear up to the wall and began to listen. “What the f*** do you mean a picture is worth a thousand words?” He yelled. It was silent for a moment and then he started back up “Rihanna is my friend and you are my friend Kae! What don’t you understand about that?” He as silent for a quick moment again “Kae do what you have to do! It’s your decision just don’t bring unnecessary people into this,” his said in defeat. I realized that his voice had become silent so I just handled my business and went back into the living room. I curled up on the couch and turned the television on catching Pretty Woman on. I was tuned in when I heard Chris walk into the kitchen. “Are you okay?” I asked before I realized that I had. He turned and sighed “why do you care?” he asked with an attitude. Instead of feeding the fire I ignored him and turned my attention back towards the tv as he grabbed something out the fridge and went back into his room slamming the door. He could have an his little b**** fit by himself because I was too tired to feed into that bull.

Antwerp, Belgium
The crowd screamed as Chris tore the stage up dancing to “Turn up the Music.” This was the wildest crowd thus far and I must say the energy was crazy. It amazed me how he could get on the stage and act like he didn’t have a care in the world when behind closed doors he was falling apart. Chris had been hard on us all day. His attitude was spiraling and it was all because of his reckless behavior with Rihanna earlier on in the tour. TMZ and almost every other blog site had announced her presence and they even had photos. Not to mention Rihanna had posted pictures of them herself on twitter. He finished up his set and rushed off stage as I gathered his clothing to change into. He walked into the room with the frown that I’d gotten accustom to and grabbed his towel. “I want to change up my last outfit,” he mumbled. I shook my head as I placed his outfit back on his rack “What would you like to change?” I asked. He rolled his eyes and brushed past me grabbing a leather jacket and some leather pants. Irritated I stood back with my arms folded and watched as he put together his own clothing. After he was done he quickly dressed and rushed to get back on stage. f***ing a**hole.

No after parties tonight because we had to hit the road as soon as the show ended. We had just all got back onto the bus and was settling in for the night. The guys all instantly started pulling out games and snacks while I on the other hand went towards the back to get in my bunk. Chris came on the bus last and once the doors shut behind him he walked into the living room calling everybody in there. Once everyone was settled in the living room he stood up and began to talk. “Tonight was the most unorganized night that we have ever had. I don’t know if yall not getting enough rest or not but ya’ll need to step up to the plate.” He fumed. I looked at him like he was crazy. Tonight was not as bad as he was making it and I personally was tired of his attitude. I was already standing in the kitchen, so I turned on my heels and excused myself out of the room and went to lay back down. Moments later he appeared in the door way looking at me crazy. I sat up on my elbows and arched my eyebrow "something wrong?" I asked. "Yeah, I know you might be new to things , but don't pull that disrespectful stunt again. I'm tired of you and your attitude quite frankly." He said bluntly. "I'm tired of you and your b****assness." I said before I could think about it. He frowned his face "what? You must not know who you talking to." He chuckled. I rolled my eyes "Actually, I dont give a f*** about you or this stupid as job. Just because you got a little fame and you the whole world knows your name you think you can treat people like s***. Well, I'm not one of those people. I dont give a f*** about how many cd's you've dropped, how many cars you drive, and what ever it is that you do. Dont be mad at us because you got yourself caught up. You made your bed now lie in it you filthy ass worthless ass nigga!" I screamed to the top of my lungs as I grabbed my things and began shoving them in my carry on bag. Chris just stood there with a stupid look for a mintue as everyone rushed to see what the big commotion was. By then I pushing pass everyone and making my way over to the driver. "Let me off now!" I demanded. "No! We are in the middle of no where," Scooter said rushing to my side. "I dont care Scooter, Im tired of him. I really am." I fussed. You could hear Chris in the back saying something to the rest of the group. I then turned and looked at the bus driver "Could you please let me off NOW!" I snapped. Mijo ran up front grabbing me "Carri, just relax come on it's not that serious." He said trying to calm me down. "Let her stupid ass off. I'm not catering to no b****!" Chris spat. My head snapped in his direction and before I knew it Scooter and Mijo was holding me down because I had started charging towards him. "b****?? I got your b****! Pull this bus over and let me out this raggedy ass s***!" I yelled feeling like I was losing my mind.

run it i am ejoying this story

Lol he must've tricked her while she was drunk too funny. I'ma need her to learn to control greet liquor if she gone drink. Ready to see what's next!

Run it!

She know she want chris lol
Run it!

You know that moment where you in a wonderful deep sleep and you realize that you can’t hold your bladder not a second longer? Well, that was me at the moment. I rolled over eyes still shut and let my feet touch the ground as my body slid off the bed. Instantly my head began to pound and the room seemed to be spinning just a little. I walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet holding my head. I leaned over resting on the bathroom counter top as I handled my business once I was done I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Walking back into the room I laid back in bed and noticed that another body was next to me. I quickly sat up in the bed with the nights events replaying in my mind. My stomach began to feel queasy causing me to jump up from the bed and run right back into the bathroom. Emptying out almost everything inside of my body I heard a light knock on the bedroom door “It’s time to get moving,” his security yelled on the other side of the door. In front of the toilet on my knees I began to break out in a sweat as more vomit rushed into the toilet bowl. “Damn, you couldn’t close the door,” I heard Chris say from the room. Ignoring him I flushed the toilet and laid on the bathroom floor with my eyes closed. The room was silent as I heard him get up from the bed and yawn. His footsteps began to become closer as he walked into the bathroom and stepped over me. I heard some shifting around and then a stream of pee. “Yo, what the f*** is you doing my mans?” I said slowly because every little sound was making my headache worse. “Did I interrupt you when it was your turn?” He asked smartly. With my eyes still closed I grabbed my head “Do you have to yell,” I asked above a whisper. He flushed the toilet and stepped over me again so he could wash his hands. Once he was done he walked back into the room. He began shifting around again whistling which was irking me to death. There was another knock on the bedroom door and Chris Okayed the person to come in. “Last night was crazy bruh!” Mijo said extra loud. “Ughhhhhhh,” I whined holding my head. “Lightweight in there with a hang over,” Chris said to Mijo. I heard footsteps approaching the bathroom “did you take anything for your headache?” He asked me. I remained quiet and waved him off not really wanting to move. “I’m about to go get you something,” Mijo said a little more silent. I waved my hand again refusing to say a word. I heard him move away from the bathroom as I laid there silently. Soon Mijo walked back into the room giving me a StanBack and some Gatorade. After taking the medicine Mijo escorted me to my room. “You were turnt all the way up last night,” He said smiling. I shook my head “I’ve never been drunk in my entire life, not like that at least.” Mijo shook his head and chuckled “I didn’t think you had it in you. I mean one minute you was all in serious mode then next thing I know you was partying harder than everybody in the club.” I smiled “that won’t happen again,” I said matter-factly. By then we was at my door. “Aight I’ll see you on the bus,” Mijo said as I walked into my room. I jumped in the shower which was on point and then got <a href=>dressed</a>.

I walked out back and went to the second bus which I was assigned too. Some of the dancers and the backup singers were all getting settled in their cots. I placed my back pack on the foot of my bed and then climbed in and closed my eyes and went to sleep. The way I was feeling I didn’t want to wake up until we arrived in Antwerp, Belgium.

I opened my eyes and stared at the wall. I pulled my curtain closed and huffed loudly. Everyone was on this bus being loud as ever and they were getting on my nerves. That’s one of the things about traveling with people I don’t know I just couldn’t march out there and scream shut up. I pulled my phone out and logged into twitter.

<emp>@CarriSweeterThanACherri: I just want to sleep! #Noise #ShutUp #AngryBlackGirl</emp>

After my tweet I logged off and went attempt to go back to sleep. As soon as my eyes closed my phone began to ring. “Hello,” I mumbled into the phone. “What you doing?” Terra said smacking in the phone. “Trying to get some sleep and these basic b****es is being loud and obnoxious.” I vented to my cousin. “Whoa! You must be mad because the hood was all up in your tone.” Terra said shocked. I laughed “let’s just say that I haven’t been myself in these last 24hours,” I added. “Please do explain,” she said all ears. I told her my night leading up until the present moment. “I’m am sooooo jealous! I haven’t even seen you that drunk. I would pay millions to see that caught on camera.” She laughed in the phone. “Girl, I’m paying the price for that now because I feel like crap.” “You should drink some soda. Caffeine always helps me settle my stomach after a hangover.” She suggested. “Ok. So what have you been doing? I miss you like crazy.” Terra huffed “Nothing, I’m still single, working at minimum wage, and I haven’t made love to Trey Songz yet.” I died laughing at her statement. “Terra even if I did meet that man I’m a little afraid to bring him around you.” She smacked her lips “Why?” “Simply because you have stalker tendencies. I don’t have time to be going to court because that man has filed sexual assault charges against you.” I joked. “Once he sees all that I have in store for his sexy edible self he aint gonna never want to leave my side again. Thank you very much.” We continued our conversation for ten more minutes. After I got off the phone with her I pulled my beats up in my phone and played my music to drown out the loudness that had woke me up.

Fifteen minutes later I felt our ride come to a stop. I didn’t panic though because it was a normal pit stop. My curtain was pulled open and I seen Mijo and Scooter staring at me with stupid looks on they face. I took off my headphones “What?” I asked. “We were just coming to make sure you was alive,” Scooter blurted out. “Huh?” I asked. Mijo pushed him “We didn’t see you in the restaurant so we figured you might be still feeling sick,” he explained. “Naw, Im not really hungry just super tired. It’s hard getting sleep when everyone around you is wide awake.” I explained. Mijo nodded his head “Oh, that’s what you were talking about on twitter?” He asked. I shook my head and then frowned “How you know what I put on twitter?” He frowned at me “because you followed me and I followed you back.” He said in a duh tone. “Anyways we bout to go grab our food,” Scooter said as him and Mijo threw up the deuces. Once they left I logged onto my twitter account and seen that I was now following Scooter, Mijo, Hood, Keeis, and Chris. I rolled my eyes knowing that Chris was behind this somehow. I simply went to his page and clicked the unfollow button and then put my phone to sleep as I closed my eyes.

That was a twist... a good one though.