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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****




Awwwwww, RUN IT!


Maurice's eyes popped open as he woke up and realized what day it was. He sat up in the bed and looked over at lauren who was peacefully sleeping. He got up and walked down stair to the kitchen. Lauren was always the one who cooked for him and mimi but he decided today he he wanted to make her feel extra special, he wanted her to feel like a queen.

He heard a door open up stairs and realized it was mimi when he seen her coming down the steps one step at a time.

"good morning baby girl" he said picking her up and sitting her on the counter as she ran over to him.
"i want some" she said pointing at the bacon.
"here you go" he said handing her one."you like it?" he asked as she nodded her head and kept biting the bacon.

Once Maurice was done cooking he had Pancakes, Bacon, egg and Orange Juice. He put the platter off food out on the middle of the table and cleaned up his mess. He heard footsteps coming down the steps and turned to see lauren wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"i must be dreaming cause my man don't cook" she joked."good morning babe" she added as she walked over to him and pecked him on his lips.
"morning" he said back."and clearly, i do cook" he said turning her to face the table where the food was set up. He pulled out the chair for and waited for her to sit down.

He put mimi in her booster chair and made sure she was safly in before sitting down himself.

"who are you and what have you done with my boo?" she asked making him laugh.
"i can't do something special for my baby?" he asked as they began to load up their plates.
"i was just saying" she said putting a pancake, some eggs and bacon on mimis plate.
"yummy!" mimi said using her hands to eat.

"i got something planned for us later" maurice spoke.
"what did you plan?" he asked.
"you will see, later" he said.
"i don't like secrets" she said with a smirk.
"you'll like this one" he stated."trust me" he added.
"should i trust him?" lauren asked mimi.
"mmhmm" mimi said nodding her head.

"okay then" lauren said.
"so you listen to her and not me?" he asked.
"pretty much, she knows what she's talking about, she's like Dr Phill of babies" lauren joked as they both laughed.
"the Dr Phill of babies?" he asked.
"yuup" she said taking a bite of her bacon."or is Oprah better for you?" she asked.

"you're a fool" he said laughing.
"it's true she has a solution for everything" lauren said.
"okay" he said with a smirk as he watched her eat."i'm gonna drop mimi off at her moms for the week end soon, but i want you to start getting ready when i'm gone" he said.
"ready for what?" she asked."i need to know where i'm going so i can dress for it" she said trying to get him to spill the beans.

"dress casual" he said simply as he stood up from the table and picked up the plates to wash them.
"okay something is defiantly wrong on with you" she said watching him.
"everything is great now listen to mimi and trust me" he said.

After he washed the dished he took mimi to go get ready leaving lauren with nothing to do but relax. She laid down on the couch and turned on the TV.

"say by to lauren" maurice said as they came down the steps a few minutes later.
"bye lauren" mimi said running over to lauren and kissing her on her cheek.
"bye princess" lauren said as she rand striahgt out the door maurice was holding open for her.
"i'll be back" he said as he walked out the door and closed the door behind him.

Lauren a few minutes after maurice left to get up and get ready. She went up to their room and into her closet to look for something casual but cute. She put her outfit together on her bed and grabbed her towel to take a shower.

She sang in the shower as she washed herself and her hair. When she got out the shower she wrapped her towel around her body and stood in front of the mirror and blow dried her hair so that it fell straight down. She left he bathroom after doing her hair and went to their room to lotion up and get dressed.

"nice" she said as she looked at <a href="">herself</a> in the mirror.
"BOO!" maurice said popping out of nowhere scaring her.
"i should kill you" she said slapping his arm."i almost had a heart attack" she added.
"don't be a drama queen" he said laughing."these are for you" he said pulling his hand from behind his back presenting a dozen red roses to her.

"oh these are beautiful, thank you" he said as he handed them to her.
"your welcome" he said as she pecked him on the lips."i'll get ready quick and then we can leave" he said as he pulled his shirt up over his head.
"okay" she said as he walked away towards the bathroom.

When he was ready he grabbed his keys and lauren grabbed her purse as they both walked out the door. They got into maurice's car and he pulled out the driveway and down the road.

They pulled up to Pottery Place and lauren quickly looked over at maurice with a wide smile on her face.

"you're taking me to do pottery?" she asked.
"yuup" he said parking the car and taking the key out."if you don't mind i invited her mom, steph and keyanna" he said.
"why?" she asked with a laugh.
"ehh, just felt like it" he lied as they walked into the place.

"i reserved a room my names maurice brown" he told the receptionist.
"go right straight down its room 101a" she said as maurice helped laurens hand and headed to the room where they were greeted by everyone else.

"hello everyone my name is lilly i'm your instructor for today" the lady spoke."everyone take a seat at a machine so we can get started" she said as they did what they were told.

"this gonna be so cool" keyanna said.
"i'm excited" steph said as they both were giddy.
"girls, calm down!" her mother spoke.

The instruction began as they all tried to create the same bowl as the Lilly. Maurice looked over at lauren who was all into making her bowl perfect. He looked over at the instructor, laurens mom, cousin, and best friend as they all looked over at him with smiles on their faces. He stopped his machine and sat behind lauren putting his hands on hers and heldping her make her bowl that one the most romantic scenes from her favorite movie.

As his hands stood on the outside of the bowl her hands when in trying to shape the inside of the bowl but was stop when she felt something at the bottom of her bowl.

"wait" she said stopping her machine.
"is there a problem?" lilly asked.
"theres something in my clay" she said pulling it out and seeing it was a small box.

Lilly gave her a wet rag to wipe of her hands and the box. She also gave everybody else wet rags to wipe off their hands as lauren opened up the box to see a ring. She made a confused expression as she looked up from the ring to see maurice on one knee.

"what are you doing?" she asked.
"i know our situation was not like many others but from the moment i saw you something clicked. We've had our up, downs and losses but you means the world to be and i never want to be without you. All i want to do for the rest of our lives is put a smile on your beautiful face. Will You Marry Me Lauren?" he asked as everybody else in the room squealed.

Laurens eyes were watery as she looked eyes with maurice. Her dimples popped as her smile grew wider on her face.

"yes" she said nodding her head as a tear dropped. Maurice put the ring on her finger as they both stood up."i love you so much" she said wrapping her arms around him as he did the same.
"i love you too" he said pecking her lips.

"awww" everyone said at the same time.
"this is going on youtube, just thought i'd let you know" steph said recording them as they all laughed.

(this story just like Her Room will soon come to an End :( i'm sad)


That is a pretty ass ring and expensive... Maurice has good taste fo'real. Aww he asked her mom for permission to marry Lauren that was so sweet and very traditional. Big ups. LMAO at Steph and Keyanna tryna keep there excitment from Lauren so she doesn't know somethings up lol. Maurice is so happy and Giddy he's gonna give himself up lol. I love that he's so excited to propose to Lauren, and I like his ghost idea, that'll be cute and different. That hoe Kat better fall back, that's why Maurice made her feel real dumb in 2.5 with his clowning. Loved the add tho. RUN IT!!!

thats right chris! tell her
im excited about the proposal!
run it


i love it lol. i cant wait to see how lauren is gonna react when he pops the question

Run It....

run it!!!

ugh people need to shut up about stuff that they know nothing about! anyways I cant wait for the proposal! she is gonna be so it!!


As weeks passed Maurice was unable to come up with a way to ask Lauren to marry him. He sat at the kitchen table and just sat in his thought for awhile as lauren came down the stairs.

"whats wrong baby?" she asked standing behind him and wrapping her arms around him.
"just thinking" he told her.
"about what? maybe i can help" she said sitting on his lap.
"nah this is something i need to work on myself" he said.
"okay" she said shrugging as she just up and walked to the other side to get juice from the fridge.

"whats your favorite movie?" he asked her as she turned around to face him.
"thats random" she said."texas chainsaw massacre" she answered as he shook his head and laughed.
"what about your favorite romance movie?" he asked.
"i would have to say Ghost with Patrick swayze and whoopi goldberg" she said as he nodded his head."why?" she asked.
"just thinking" he answered leaving her with a confused expression as he stood up.

"you are weird" she laughed as he walked up the steps.

He went up to his room and pulled out his laptop. He searched online for pottery studios remember a certain part in ghost that he could used to as lauren to marry him. He found a place near by, dialed their number and called them.

"hello this is pottery Place how can i help you?" a woman asked.
"hi i wanted to sign up for a session" he said.
"okay, i need your name, number of people and date" she said.
"Maurice Brown, 5 people and May 2" he told her."also i'm planning on purposing to my girlfriend there so i need a little help.." he added.

Lauren stood down stairs in the kitchen making her self a grilled cheese. She was humming a song as she felt maurice walk up behind her and wrap his arms around her.

"did you come to a conclusion with whatever you were thinking about?" lauren asked.
"i did" he said."i'm satisfied" he added.
"now can i know what it was that was on your mind?" she asked moving her food to her plate.
"nope" he said sitting back down at the table.
"why not?" she asked sitting down with him.
"court cases are classified" he lied.

"ohh it was a court case okay" he said taking a bite of her griled cheese."want some?" she asked.
"no" he said.

He watched her eat with a smile on his face as he thought about what he had planned. She looked up at him seeing his smiled and coulded help but smiled herself. His smiled was contagious.

"what is up with you?" she asked with a smirk.
"i'm just thinking" he said with his smile still stuck on his face.
"i would love to be in your head right now" she said.
"i'm sure you would" he with a chuckle.
"seriously you are creeping me out" she said laughing.
"my bad" he said."you wanna come with me to pick up mimi?" he asked.

"you want me to go with you? to ana's house?" she asked.
"yeah why not?" he asked.
"i don't know, i guess i'll go" she said
"cool and maybe we can stop somewhere to get some real food" he said looking at her as she ate the last bite of her grilled cheese sandwich.
"grilled cheese is real food" she said standing up and putting her plate in the sink.

"if you say so" he said standing up."you ready or you need to go get something?" he asked.
"i'm ready" she said putting her hair in a ponytail.
"alright, lets go" he said as they both walked out the door and hopped in his car.

They joked around as they drove up to ana's house. When they pulled up lauren seen ana sitting on the porch with another woman as mimi ran around and played with the other little kids.

"i'll be back" maurice said getting out the car.

lauren watched him as he got out the car and walked over to ana's steps.

"hello ladies" maurice said.
"hey maurice" ana's friend spoke.
"i'll go get mimi's bag, i'll be back" ana said getting up and going inside her house.

"daddy!!" mimi called out as she spotted her dad and went running towards him. He picked her up as she jumped in to his arms and kissed her cheek.
"were you being good?" he asked her.
"yuup, i'm always good" she said.

"is that th chick you left ana for?" ana's fried asked.
"kat please don't start, not today" he said.
"i'm just saying she's not even really pretty" kat spoke.
"lets get something straight i didn't leave ana for anybody i left her became she was a cheating theft, and that woman back there in that car just so happened to be there and helped me pick myself up" he told her as she stood quite.

"here you go" ana siad coming back out with mimi's bags.
"thanks, you two have a nice day" he said as he grabbed the bag and walked back towards his car.

"what did you say to him?" ana asked.
"nothing" kat lied.

Maurice put mimi in her booster seat and closed the door once she was set. He walked around to the other side of the car, hopped in and pulled off quickly.

"what were you saying to the other girl? looked like something serious" lauren asked.
"it wasn't anything important" he said as he continued to look forward.
"you okay?" she asked.
"i'm more than okay, i'm perfect" he told her and he grabbed her hand and held it.

"i love you" she said looking over at him in a assuring tone.
"i know" he said."i love you too" he told her.

(sorry for the short chapter i just got the biggest migraine ever and its painful to even look at this computer screen)


Run it

That ring is super pretty!!

Run It!!

run it!!!

yay I cant wait until he pops the question!!! RUN IT!


"hello, i'm Mark" the jeweler introduced himself.
"i'm maurice" he said sahking his hand and taking a seat. "i'm looking for something that says i love you, in a BIG way" maurice spoke to the jeweler.
"i got the perfect ring for you" mark said as he looked through his case."would you like to see a pink diamond?" he asked before taking it out.
"sure" maurice said.
"here we go" mark spoke handing maurice the <a href="">ring</a>.
"this is nice" maurice said holding it in his hand and looked at it closely.

"thats a 7 carrot pink dimond ring right there" mark spoke.
"how much?" maurice asked.
"100,000 dollars" he told him.
"expensive" maurice said looking at the ring."but its worth it, i want it" maurice said handing the ring back to mark and watching him place it in a box for him.

Lauren was back at the house with keyanna and steph who decided they wanted to hang with her. Keyanna got a text on her phone as she looked down and opened it up. She smiled at the picture she saw and showed it to steph.

"wow and it's pink too!" steph said admiring the ring.
"what pink?" lauren asked walking back into the living and sitting down.
"nothing just this dress key was showing me" steh said.
"so wheres your boo?" keyanna asked with a smirk on her face.
"i don't he said he had soothing work related to do" she told them as their smiles got wider.

"okay what is up with you two?" lauren asked looking at them.
"nothing girl chill out" keyanna said.

They sat in the couch talking as mimi laid on the floor coloring in her coloring book.

"she a little cutie" keyanna said looking at mimi.
"looks just like her father" steph added.
"thats the queen around here, she runs us" lauren said laughing.
"uh hun you better put your foot down before she get to her teens cause then she really gonna be running yall" steph spoke.
"never that, she's a nice kid" lauren defended.
"but they get evil when their turn 13, i'm telling you" steph said.

"she's right lauren, she might be one of them girl on maury" keyanna said.
"shut up" lauren said pushing her."beside i'm not the one that birthed her i can't discipline her" she added.
"true, you got a point" steph said.

Maurice pulled into the drive way oh lauren's mother house and got out his car. When he walked up her steps her mother was already at the door.

"whats going on?" she asked."is lauren okay?" she asked.
"yeah she's fine, i came to talk to you" maurice said.
"oh okay, well come on in" her mother said stepping aside and letting him in.

They walked into the living room and they both sat down. Maurice took a deep breath before speaking.

"i love your daughter with all my heart and i know we had our ups and downs majority of them being my fault but all i wanna do is make your daughter happy from here on out" he began.
"what are you saying?" her mom asked.
"can i have your permission you ask your daughter to marry me?" he asked as her mother smiled.
"you want to marry my daughter?" she asked.
"yes ma'am" he answered."if thats okay with you" he added.

"of course its okay with me" she said."give me a hug" she said as they both stood up and hugged each other."don't hurt my daughter" she said.
"i won't" he said as they sat back down."i bought the ring already, do you want to see it?" he asked her.
"yes" she said smiling widely as he pulled it out his pocket and opened the case showing her the ring.

"oh my god it beautiful" she said grabbing the box. Her eyes began to water as she got emotional. "she's gonna love it, its perfect" she said handing it back him.
"thank you" he said putting it back in his pocket.
"do you know how you're going to pop the question?" her mother asked.
"not yet, i want it to be surprisingly special" he said."keyanna and Stephanie are going to help me with that actually" he added.

"those to brains together? i wonder how thats gonna work" her mother said as they both laughed.
"this will be interesting" he said."i should get going though" he said standing up as laurens mother followed.
"good luck hun" her mother said hugging him.
"thanks, have a nice day" he said as she walked him to the door.

"you too" he said as he walked out the door and down the steps to his car.

30 Minutes later Maurice arrived back at his house. He walked in and mimi ran straight to him. He picked her up and walked to the living room.

"hello ladies" he said to lauren, keyanna and steph.
"hey babe" lauren said standing up and pecking his lips.
"awwwwwww" keyanna and steph said as lauren rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth.
"we don't need a studio audience thank you very much" lauren spoke.
"ohhhhhhh" keyanna said as steph joined in.
"imma go upstairs, i'll be back" maurice said putting mimi down and going up stairs to hide the ring.


Welp that put a dooser on she and Maurice getting it in after the club, poor baby had a hangover afterwards too. Least the had a nice time. Steph and Lance hit it off good. Everybodys good. Aww she's was scared about the marriage idea. She loves him deep down though. I think when Maurice does propose he'll say yeah. RUN IT!!!

Run It....

Run it

awww how cute...

run it!!

Run It!!

aww dam he aint get none lol
I see him, already protecting the females here :)
oohh i hear wedding bells :)
run it

lol, RUN IT!


Maurice who was the designated driver sat back with his soda and watched everybody dance. Lauren sat next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder with her eyes closed.

"someones tired" maurice said wrapping his arm around her.
"i am, i wanna go home" she said.
"alright imma go get everybody you stay here" he said pecking her lips and getting up.

He walked towards Keyanna who was pulling her arm away from so dude trying to talk to her.

"damn why you being stuck up, its one night" the dude said as Maurice walked up.
"is there a problem here?" Maurice asked the dude.
"this your girl?" the dude asked.
"no she my cousin, is there a problem?" Maurice asked once again stepping in front of keyanna.
"nah no problem" the guy said.

"alright then" maurice said as he and keyanna turned around and began to walk away when maurice heard the dude yell something out.
"she aint the but an ugly hoe anyway" the guy said as maurice stopped walking.

once this about maurice was he was very protective over women he called family. He turned around and punched the dude in his face making him fall to the floor.

"yo we gotta go" keyanna said looking around and seeing security coming towards them."come on!" keyanna said grabbing his arm and pulling him away.

They went up to VIP got lauren and rushed towards the door and left the club. When they got outside they met up with steph and lance who were outside sitting on the hood of lance's car.

"whats going on?" steph asked.
"thats what i wanna know?" lauren asked.
"he punched this dude straight int he face" keyanna told them.
"for what?" lance asked.
"he was talking s***, grabbing all up on key i wasn't having it" maurice said clenching his jaw.

It was the first time lauren seen him really angry and she stared him finding his angry sexy.

"can we go home?" lauren asked.
"yeah i'm done for tonight" keyanna added."steph you coming back to my place right?" she asked.
"yeah but lance is dropping me off" steph answered.
"i can drop yall both off" lance said.
"that sounds good, lets go" lauren said grabbing maurice's hand.
"why are you in such a rush" he asked laughing as She tip toed to get up to his ear and whispered something.

"goodnight yall" maurice said quickly as he walked away with lauren.
"NASSSSTY!" keyanna called out.

When lauren and maurice got home lauren kicked off her shoes and sat up on the table. Maurice looked over at her as she had the most seductive look on her face he has ever seen.

"when your mad youre really sexy" she told him with a smirk on her face.
"is that right?" he asked walking up to her and standing in between her legs.
"mmhmm" she said pecking his lips. She wrapped her arms around her neck and deepened the kiss as she felt something in her throat. She pushed him away and ran up the stairs and grew up all the alcohol she consumed.

"dammit" maurice said as walked up the steps and into the bathroom to help her."you okay?" he asked her as he grabbed her hair and held it back for her.
"how do i..." she spoke before throwing up again."ughh you should leave, i don't want you see see this" she said pushing his legs.
"this is nothing" he said continuing to hold her hair.


the next day lauren woke up groaning and shielding her eyes from the sun light that came in through the window.

"here" maurice said sitting next to her. She sat up in the bed and took the two pills and bottle of water from him.
"thank you" she said popping the pills and drinking the water.
"how that hangover feeling?" he asked joking.
"shut up" she said pushing him."don't make fun of me" she added.
"i'm not, i was just asking" he said standing up.

"where you going?" she asked.
"gotta pick up mimi" he told her.
"what time is it?" she asked looking over at the clock to see it was 3pm."oh my god i've been sleep all day" she said jumping up then putting he hand on her head and sitting back down light headed.

"rest yourself baby" he said kissing her forehead."i'll be back" he said as he walked out the room.

Lauren sat back on the bed and picked up her phone and called keyanna.

"biiiiitch!" keyanna picked up.
"why must you be so loud?" lauren asked.
"you got a hangover?" keyanna asked.
"yes" lauren answered.
"HAHA!!" keyanna yeled.
" i ma going to kill you" lauren said as keyanna laughed.
"i'm just playing whats up?" she asked.

"did you guys get home okay, lance didn't take yall you an alley way or nothing right?" lauren asked.
"no, he's cool" keyanna said.
"i'm just making sure" lauren said."where keyanna?" she asked.
"on the couch with lance" keyanna told her.
"he stayed here too?" lauren asked.
"yuup" keyanna said.
"alright well imma talk to you later, i just wanted to check on you" lauren said.
"kay bye boo!" keyanna said.
"bye" lauren said as she hung up.

Lauren got up from bed and went down stairs and clean up a little bit. As she cleaned she thought about marriage and whether or not she want to get married. When maurice came back he came in through the door with mimi in his arm.

"hello princess" lauren said walking up to them and taking lauren from him. Mimi hugged lauren and kissed her on the cheek before lauren put her down and watched her run off.

lauren played with her fingers as she walked into the kitchen. Maurice watched her and knew she had something on her mind.

"talk to me" maurice said sitting down at the table.
"about what?" she asked him.
"whatever it is thats on your mind" he said."i can read it all over your face" he said.
"theres nothing" she said as he continued to stare at her."okay" she gave in and sat at the table across from him.

"i was thinking about what you said the other day" she told him.
"what was that?" he asked.
"marriage" she said giving him eye contact."i think if two people love each other enough to commit to each other they should even if it's only been a year" she spoke.
"if i asked you would you say yes?" he asked.
"possibly" she answered honestly as a smile spread across his face.

"you know i love you right?" he asked.
"i know" she said."i love you too" she added.
"you can relax i'm not gonna ask you right now" he said as she watched her body loosen up and laughed."when i do ask just know you won't see it coming" he said winking and standing up.

Run it

aww steph and lance clicked! cant wait to see more of them RUN IT! and I wanna know about Lances case..!

run it