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why are you such a fighter and bad role model

I am seriously trying to understand why you fight over the most trivial things. Are they threatening your life or families lifes. No, is the answer, why can't you learn and grow up?


well chris has NEVER let me down and i am a SUPER SUPER fan! as there are some not only me... but anyways i am soo proud of him and his succsess he is changing and helping the world your dumb ass just don't see it so STFU and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!

I agree with Harlee'. You never know the circumstances or what really goes on. You only know what you see and that's the thing, the media has brainwashed most people like you to think that Chris is this bad person and that he is nothing but a troubled negative individual. But let me tell you something he's really not. If anything it's the people that can't get over HIS past and shoot negativity towards him that get him down most of the time. Chris is always doing postitve things but it's the reaction from the people and the media that don't think that whatever he does is good enough that makes it seem like he is a piece of crap. I know that Chris doesn't make the best choices at times and it's not all of the media that is doing this to him but most of the time it is and he is stressed out. He is trying but there is not enough people to give him a chance. Not everyone grows up at thte same time and he is definately not gonna grow up at the snap of y'alls fingers. Let it it go and let him live. Good day.

wa tha f? suck yahh madda

You don`t know his struggles, so you should`nt judge his life!

an impotent in death as a wife to satan

Is it lack of confidence or poor choice in your support group? Talent like yours does not need fake support and there are people that would love to help you get past your anger and be the artist you should be. I have TM'd the best and you have opened for us and I am worried for the whole attitude of your generation. Please address this issue and succeed for your generation. You keep letting your fans down. The fans trhat enjoy your fighting are punks and not friends.