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Why do they do this to christopher??

He deleted his IG. First twitter then IG i swear people wont leave him alone!!!


Preach! @harlee u spoke my mind in that post. The media needs to f*** off and let Chris live!

omgosh same haha.. I thought him and Tyler the creator were the same person LOL .. and I only learnt about thinking about you from a cover..

Most fading out celebs use Chris to boost their careers straight up!

@Harlee... I feel that same way you do. To be honest I really didn't know who Frank Ocean was until his song Think About You.

I`m serious over society being stuck up a**holes to Chris, the s*** he has to continuously do to try and please them pisses me off..

I don`t see them hating on all the white men that beat their women.. s*** Charlie Sheen tried to slit his ex-wives throat!!

And when Nicholas Cage beat his wife, his story was a small caption in the bottom of the paper for a week and then disappeared.People will do anything to belittle an indigenous person :L

And what pisses me off even more is people forget that Chris was a child, a boy!! when he hit Rhianna.. s*** I`ve seen my friends get a worse hiding than that and ain`t no one doing s*** about it but me..

So I think all these hating ass b****es need to settle down and stop blaming a man that has shown the world that he made a change, bettered himself, and worry about their own BS..

In all honesty I think all these people that grew balls to hate on Chris are using that as an excuse to vent their frustrations for not helping every other domestic violence case they`ve seen.

They always push aside his greatest achievements and belittle him. && I`m over it


Exactly then the dumb nigga tweeted about it lol.
He probably have a crush on Chris and wanted to touch him and chris wasn't having it.LMAO

Lmao if anything chris should press charges on frank he started it

Yeah and I hope Frank ocean and his fagot ass don't press charges over some dumb s*** -_-

I know i feel bad that he has to go through that bs

Yeah the media is f***ed up...:(