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A Special Client

Clients come and go all day. It's either day or night. Some are cheap,some are poor. But they all have one goal: to get a girl and have sex. I am a prostitute, my name is Kat but my girls call me Kit-Kat. I've been out in the streets for two years now and in three months it will be my third. All day is the same for me, I get at least four to six clients a day because i'm young and I got a good body. But one day there came a client who changed my entire life around. If I tell you would YOU believe me? Well it was Chris Brown.


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oh man ishh about to get real interesting!
i see mijo and chris gon be fighting over her...
but mijo met her first so dibs?
lol and maddy umm what is kit kat gona do?
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lol, RUN IT!

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Chapter 13:
Me and Maddy spent the whole day shopping. I literally had 10 bags on each hand. Also, I actually bought typical 'normal' clothing so that means i'm going to throw away all my other slutty clothing. Maddy dropped her bags twice already, which was pretty embarrassing.
"I am so hungry!" Maddy screamed.
"Fine. Their's a food court right there lets go." I said.
In the food court, Maddy ordered a salad and I ordered a burger. We found some seats and sat down.
"You have to start eating healthy. I don't think Mijo is going to like you if you're fat." she said.
"I don't think Mijo is going to care if i'm fat." I said in a voice trying to mock her.
She rolled her eyes and turned her head towards the exit of the food court. I turned too to see a bunch of reporters surrounding two guys, who obviously did not want to talk. Trying to see through the reporters and the wall of security I managed to see a familiar face.
"Aye, one of those guys looks a lot like Mijo." I told Maddy.
"OMG, it is Mijo! It's Mijo and-" she hesitated "Chris Brown!" she screamed out very loudly.
Everyone turned towards Maddy then where Mijo and Chris were and then started running and screaming.
"Nice move, idiot." I said.
"Sorry, you know I get nervous just saying his name."
I rolled my eyes. Then I suddenly got an idea.
"Maddy would you like to meet Chris Brown today, right now?"
"I wouldn't like, I would LOVE to meet him any day."
"Then get up and run."
We quickly got up and started to run towards the crowd. We got pushed a couple of times but I managed to get right in front of a security guard, about 5 feet away from Mijo. I pulled Maddy's arm and she was now standing right next to me.
"Ew, this guy is all sweaty." Maddy said.
The security guard looked down at Maddy and gave her a face. I started to crack up. I then pulled out my phone and called up Mijo. He answered.
"Hey babe, can this wait? I'm in a very bad situation here." he said.
"Let me guess, some girl screamed out Chris' name and now everyone is surrounding you guys." I said.
"Yeah! Wait, how the f*** do you know?"
"Cause I see you!"
"You're here? Where?"
I looked at Mijo to see him turning his head and tip-toeing. I pushed my hand under the security guard's arm. Then, I feel a hand pulling my arm. The security guard moved to the side giving me and Maddy some space to walk in the closed square. Chris looked up and down at me continually. I turned to Mijo to see him smiling. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. Chris stretched out his arm and I grasped his hand, giving him a bro hug. I turned to Maddy to see her face super pale and her jaw dropped down. I quickly hit it making her mouth close.
"Are you alright?" I said.
Before she could say anything Mijo got Maddy and gave her a tight hug.
"Oh, look at maddy blushing and s***." said mijo in a mocking way. He then started scratching her head rapidly as if she was a little puppy. She quickly backed away and turned towards Chris.
"Your Chris Brown!" she said stuttering at each word.
"Yes, I am." he said.
He then walked up to Maddy and gave her a long tight hug. He turned towards me and Mijo and winked at us. We started cracking up. After their long awkward hug I said
"Can we get out of here? Me and maddy left our bags in the table."
"Yeah, for sure. We just needed to buy some couple shirts. We were about to leave when suddenly some girl screamed out Chris' name and everyone came here." said Mijo.
I slowly turned my head towards Maddy. She gave me a face and I turned away. Mijo told two security guards to get our bags, making our little square smaller. We were now even more squished and almost unable to walk. Maddy kept on staring at Chris. I kept my head facing the floor. We walked towards the parking lot, the crowd of people and reporters getting smaller and smaller. Finally, when we were near the cars everyone left. Mijo and Chris said bye. Then went to Chris' car. The security guards went on another car taking our bags with them. Then me and Maddy walked towards Mijo's car and left.

Hey guys! Thank you, once again, for all the support and i'm glad you are all enjoying the story. About that updating daily thing, it's not going to be possible. But I'll update twice a week. :)

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aww how cute

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aww how cute

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Awe yay! Their cute together



Chapter 12:
I woke up at 9:05 with the sunlight hitting my face. I opened my eyes to see Mijo opening the blinds in the living room. I gave out a loud yawn to show him I was awake. He turned towards me.
"Good morning beautiful!" he said.
I smiled. "Good morning Mijo."
He walked towards the couch where I was laying down and pecked my lips.
"I'm about to leave in a minute, i'm just waiting for Chris to call me up. I already left the money in the counter."
I nodded and started to walk towards the kitchen.
"Did you already eat breakfast? If you want I'll cook you some eggs real quick" I said.
He smiled. "No, I'm going to eat with Chris at this restaurant. But thanks."
Mijo's phone rang. He answered.
"I'll be right there." he said.
He hung up and looked up at me.
"Take my car." he said.
He then got his car key from his pocket and gave it to me.
"Thanks." I smiled.
He then leaned in to give me a passionate kiss. I then put my hand on his head to deepen the kiss. Oh, how I loved Mijo's kisses they made my whole day. Then he backed away, licking his lips. He turned towards the door and left. I looked down at the key in my hand. I was startled by Maddy's voice.
"OMG! You guys are official?"
"Were you spying on us?"
"It doesn't matter! Answer my question."
"I don't know yet, it's kind of complicated."
"So, what did you guys do last night?" she had a grin on her face.
"We cuddled. Mijo's different than any other client. I think before we have sex it should be official."
"But you guys already had sex."
"That was before I met him, it doesn't count!"
"Whatever floats your boat,man."
She then walked to the kitchen and got a bowl and filled it up with cereal.
"How much money did he leave?" she said with a mouthful of cereal.
"I don't know."
"Do you think it's more than a thousand?"
"I don't know and I don't care. At least he left us something which was very genuine of him."
"Eh, you're right."
After we both ate breakfast we brushed our teeth and took quick showers. We took at least 40 minutes to get ready. After, we got the money, the keys and left. Maddy was driving so I started using my phone. I called up Mijo. Then he said something that surprised me.
"Aye, Kat since you like me and I like you, don't you think we should make 'us' official?"
"Well, I would love that. But are you sure?"
"Well, yeah. You're special and I really like you. But why you ask?"
"Paparazzi, rumors and hate. That's why."
"Who cares about that? Cause I sure don't, do you?"
"Okay mijo. Yes, we should go out."
"Wooo! Okay I'll see you in a while. Enjoy shopping... babe."
I smiled "Thanks baby."
I hung up.
"Congrats best friend!"
"Oh, you nosy!" I started laughing. "Na, i'm playing thanks."
During the whole car ride I couldn't stop smiling.



Awww their so cute


I love this story it's already juicy can't wait for the next update

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Chapter 11:
We immediately unpacked everything in our room, which used to be the guestroom, and organized it. Me and maddy are going to share a king bed, which I really didn't mind. The room we would now live in had a balcony, two big cabinets, a walk in closet, and a plasma T.V. Mijo's house had two floors. The two rooms were in the top and the kitchen and living room were at the bottom. We changed into our pj's and layed down on the bed watching T.V. We heard the door open and Mijo's voice. I quickly got up and Maddy followed.
"Here you go ladies. One key for each of you." he said as he gave us our keys. I grabbed my keys and asked
"How come it's more than one key?"
"Oh, one's for the house door and the other one is for your room."
"For my room? There's no lock?"
"Nope. So every time you go out if you want you could lock it with your key. My room is always locked."
"Oh, thanks Mijo! But I have a question."
"What is it Kat?"
"When your friends come over do you want us to stay in the room or leave the house?"
"Na, we don't hang at my house. We do that in Chris'."
Maddy let out a loud 'eep'.
"Does Chris sometimes come over?" Maddy said.
"Yeah, like once or twice a week if he has time." said Mijo
"Hold up, dieing." she said.
Mijo gave a questioned look.
"Once you get used to her you'll get everything she says don't worry. But thanks again." I said.
"Yeah, thank you Mijo!" she said.
She walked up to Mijo and hugged him.
"Goodnight!" she said.
Then she turned towards me and hugged me. She opened the door and left it open. I turned back to face Mijo.
"Goodnight." I said.
I hugged him and started walking to my room when he said
"Oh, tomorrow wake up at 10 please? You guys are going to go shopping, I'll leave the money in the counter, I'll be with Chris the whole day."
"Alright, thank you."
I walked up to him to give him another hug. I backed up and right at that moment he leaned in and started kissing me. His kiss was so gentle and sweet, I never thought of backing away. As we continued kissing, Maddy came out of the room and interrupted it.
"Oh, Mijo I need to tell you-"
She stopped. I quickly backed away, wiping my lips. I turned to Mijo to see him smiling.
"Yes, Maddison?" he said.
"Oh nothing. You guys could continue, ignore me." she said.
She ran back to the room and closed the door. He turned to me and pecked my lips.
"Goodnight, Kat." he said smiling.
"No, not yet." I said.
I pulled him towards me and we started kissing again. We started to walk towards the couch, lips never separating. Then he went to his room to get a blanket and we cuddled in the couch watching T.V. I was about to fall asleep when he asked me a question
"Kat, do you like me?"
"Yeah. I do, a lot."
He smiled and kissed my forehead. Then, we fell asleep.

Mijo is so sweet for takin them in! I can't wait to see how this plays out

Wow, RUN IT!!!

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I feel like there is a catch to what mijo is doing for them ...we will see
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Chapter 10:
I learned a lot of stuff about Mijo, he's a really nice guy. After we finished eating we left. During the car ride I asked Mijo a question.
"So where am I going to live now?"
He smiled. "My place. Don't worry about it, I live alone. Plus, you will have your own room."
"Whoa, this is way too much. Are you sure about this?"
"No worries, Kat. You have your own room and bathroom. I'll share everything with you like the kitchen, the pool and the basketball court."
"Thank you so much Mijo. I don't know how I can repay you for all of this."
"You can repay me by not breaking the promise."
"Oh don't worry about me staying off the streets. I guarantee to i'll stop."
Right that second, I remembered about something.
"Um, I know this is probably to much to ask for but do you mind if I bring a friend? Well actually she's my best friend her name is Maddison she's also out in the streets."
"I don't care, as long as she stays off the streets to and doesn't bring any niggas to the house." He laughed.
I smiled. "I'll make sure to let her know."
We finally arrived at the hotel.
"I'll be back." I said.
"Okay, baby." he replied.
I turned to him but he was on his phone texting someone. I shook my head and left. When I got there I told Maddy everything with full details, just very quickly.
"What are we waiting for? Let's start packing!" she screamed.
It took us about 20 minutes to pack, then we gave in the key to the office and got in the car.
"Hello! I'm Maddison, but you could call me Maddy. I really appreciate on what your doing for us." she said while shaking Mijo's hand.
It was a short car ride but Maddy and Mijo couldn't stop talking. We stopped in front of this beautiful house.
"You live here?" I said.
"Yeah, pretty nice huh?"
Maddy couldn't stop staring at the house. I nudged her elbow and she started to take out her luggage. After he opened the gate and the door Mijo said
"Welcome to our home ladies."
The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. Mijo showed us around, then he said he had to go get copies of the keys. As he left and closed the door me and maddy turned to each other and started to scream.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time, I was very busy. But from now on I'll try to update daily. Thanks to the people who are reading this story and enjoying it. I appreciate it. :)