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I get so damn tripping... out my mind I go blank -juicy j

"turn up b****" I heard my best friend yelling as I climbed to the top of the pole. My hair was going wild as I bounced on the pole, quickly I slid down dropping to the splits making my ass cheeks jump at different times all I saw was money.. as soon as the song came to an end the security was already escorting my bestfriend to the back with two bags I already knew it was my money. I made my way to the back.

"b**** you stay showing out" we busted out laughing.
"f*** you mo" I said still giggling. She continued the task at hand, bundling my money. Goin over to my phone I checked my missed calls. I had none. Checking my messages I had a few but only one caught my eye. my stomach dropped.
I opened it first:
12:24 am
hurry home babbbbyyyyyyyyyy I hate sleeping alone.

relieved I smiled and replied
Omw love :)


O max gn be happy as hell lol run it

I like it
Ohh they both gota watch out somebody secret gona slip up
And max gon be hella cheesing it when she asks him
I've done that before , reject reject than finally I asked him out lol
Run it

Grab a basket boo" i said as mo walked towards the carts. "so what are you making mr iron chef himself" mo asked. "i figured i just keep it simple steak shrimp and pasta. Our faves" i said glancing at her as i made my way towards the fruits. "and what you need strawberries for" i smirked at her "dessert, its definetly one of his favorites." i said laughin and she mean mugged me "anyways nasty tramp, so i was thinkin about what we talked about at lunch, you know about max". i looked at her like yeah b**** as i was pickin out some meat at the deli. " well i was thinking about stepping out the box and asking him first." i rolled my eyes " yeah f***ing right you know you not about that life" i said now laughing " im serious ju jug" my nickname she had been calling since forever because of how big my boobs are. now paying attention mo was indeed serious. as i made my way thru the aisle i paused laughing again. " what juju please stop being so immature" i gasped playfully " me immature, im simply tickled at how you just wouldnt give this nigga the time of day and now you want to take him on date" i looked at her flashing a quick smirk " i been knew you wanted him to knock the dust of that " she pushed me laughing "what ever, its not even like that" she couldnt contain the laughter after i hit her with a stale face " ok b**** i was feeling hime just a little" " i already knew its been in ya grill since i introduced his high yellow ass" I said bringing us both to laughter. " but come on we been in here playing i still need to get pasta noodles" " okay boo, lets walk and talk you still havent gave me the go on should i ask him" i continued scanning thru the noodles lookin for the ones i needed never looking up " i think you should definetley go for it, when do you plan on putting this into action" i said now headed towards the check out " tonight" she said barely above a whisper " so call him now then" she rolled her eyes " man up mo youre already this far, do the damn thang" i said crackin a smile as i waited for the lady to finish ringing me up "your total is 76.15 mam" Fumbling around in my purse I pulled out my wallet pulling out cash. handing it to the lady. "you really should get a credit card or some type of bank card , I hate carrying cash" mo said helping me grab the bags. "colby is not having that he says what you want them people holding your money for so he bought me a safe" I said putting my bags in my trunk. "he silly" I laughed with her " so you gon call max " I smirked " a little later. love you waynch she said walking towards her truck. " details later love you more trick" I speed of checking my watch it was 4:11 I was on perfect timing.

Hitting up the westside first I went to pick up my money. pulling up to the trap I put the code in. "lets be quick you got plans tonight" max laughed I ignored this fool. we got out the car. walking thru the door I made my way towards the back to the "spot" . opening the door I was greeted by my main men <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">robert</a> and
<a href="[IMG][/IMG]">che</a> (shay)....king pins. my father passed the business down to me after my mother begged him to retire. I could do it alone but these are my guys since jr.high it was only right. 25 and wealthy. the laughter broke me out of my trance "f*** is funny let me in on the joke" I said sarcastically max "you nigga" "lets count this money so I can go" che laughed "nigga what" "what you in such a rush for" cause my lady made plans for us tonight so lets hurry up hoes" "whipped" max said counting and bundling money "you just mad cause my baby bad, get you one" we all chuckled.."f*** you" . we counted the money 5 grand a piece "not bad at all" I said as we all walked out the house shaking up we all parted me and max.

Feedback!!! Im trying to introduce everybody I promise this will be good.. xoxoBeautifulJune

O they both gt secrets im liken this story already run it

I think eventually he's going to find out her secret and be cool with it. Her finding out about his secret might make her leave if he lets her. On the other hand she might not.
Run it!


soon as I finished putting my shoes on I heard the door bell go off. "smoke something" he said as soon as I opened the door, he walked right in. closing the door going into the <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">livingroom</a> "nigga let me roll it you gon be all day"
"whatever mutha f***a" he said grinding the weed. soon as I rolled it we sparked up "you think ju cheating on me" I asked max out of nowhere. he couldnt contain his laughter "nigga did I miss something, clearly I missed the joke" I said giving him a stale face. " he finally stop laughing " youre serious right now huh " he asked I just looked at him yeah I was serious "mannn you know damn well she not" I started laughing "I know huh, but its definitely something different with her"
"like what"
"this coming in the house late s***, thats single people s***" I said letting him know that s*** was pissing me off
"I just feel like she hiding something from me bro"
he laughed "you sound like a female"
"ok mark my words"
"why dont you just ask her fool"
" not enough info but when I do make sure you there, I dont do the secret s***" I said standing up we needed to be leaving out.
" did you forget jacolby you are J.Lee aka the biggest drug lord and she doesnt know" he said laughing
"ah Im not tryna hear it she doesn't need to know that, she knows I make legit money or did you forget I'm also the most requested chief in new york" I said smiling
"ok just know whats in the dark comes to the light"
"until that day happens, lets go fool" I said grabbing my car keys walking out the door.

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setting my phone down I looked up at
<a href="[IMG][/IMG]">Mo</a>
"where you headed lonely one" I asked mo
"f*** you Ju" she stated flicking me off. she didn't catch my humor. I walked over to my best friend of 11yrs, and sat on her lap "boo you know i didn't mean it like that but you know you choose to be lonely because you refuse to let somebody else make you happy". She patted my leg making me stand "Julia please not tonight I'm fine with sleeping alone, just let me handle moving on how I do. I'll catch up with up with you tomorrow for lunch cool" she said as she gathered her purse and handed me my cash "4,056 good night for only one stage performance" i kissed her cheek and gave her a stack "thanks boo see you tomorrow" and with that she left the conversation ended as quickly as it started my poor baby. i gathered my things and followed behind her out the door.
<a href="[IMG][/IMG]">home</a> is where it is
pulling <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">mycar</a> up the drive way I opened the garage seeing <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">hiscar</a>. I pulled up next to his and cut the engine off letting the garage down. I went thru the garage door automatically ending in the <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">kitchen</a> I was greeted to the flickering candles and smell of warm vanilla. I set the alarm, blew out the candles and made my way upstairs peeping the
<a href="
clock that read 245. I heard ESPN down the hall as I made it to my
<a href="[IMG][/IMG]">bedroom</a>. I opened the door to <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">this</a> . I walked over to the bed climbing on him, he had to be in a deep sleep "baby" I whispered in his face as I pecked his lips causing him to stir in his sleep. he didn't even open his eyes before he palmed my ass "ju bean" I giggled before I responded "who else nigga" now eyes fully opened. he flipped us over him now on top. he leaned down kissing me. I got more into the kiss right before he broke it. he kissed his way down my neck. stopping and looking at me "what" I asked looking back at him.. "nothing how was girls night?" he asked sitting up. "you know us dinner and drinks at the bar" I said making my way to the <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">bathroom</a> "that's it" he yelled behind me "same
ol thing" I shouted back getting in the shower.. ...
yeah I lied
getting out the shower I could only hope he was sleep or the conversation was over. after putting my love paris lotion from bath&body on my body I slid one of his tshirt over my head and walked out to see nothing he had turned everything off. quickly getting in bed I was hoping to be face to face only to be greeted by his back. I sighed rolling over. I felt the bed shift then his arm snake around my waist pulling me closer into him he kissed the back of my neck "I love you ju bean" he whispered turning on his back and pulling me closer. I slid my hand in his pants just resting my hand there. it was how we fell asleep every night. " you too colby.
Good Morning love.
i woke up to the sound of yelling from my back yard. i knew that voices and it was too damn early for the noise. i stretched getting out of bed walking towards the window. i moved the blinds up to see colby and max playing basketball. i lifted the window yelling " just because y'all decide to be up at 8 on a Saturday morning doesn't mean i want to". i said watching both of them look up as i slammed the window down, proceeding to the bathroom. After handling my personal business. i excited the bathroom pulling my hair into a bun, feeling refreshed.i made my way downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Opening the fridge i took out everything i needed. as soon as i closed the fridge i was greeted by colby. i kept a blank stare.
"good morning to you too grumpy" he said kissing my forehead and walking towards the sink washing his hands. " yeah a good morning it was thanks to you and you partner taking it to the hoop." i walked past him slapping his butt causing him to turn around "you better keep yo hands to yo self" i laughed as i started on the french toast i was making. "count me in for breakfast" max said walking past me. " well hey good morning to you too <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">Maximus</a> " he chuckled taking a seat " where my boo at tho" speaking on mo. " you know she not looking to be in a relationship, but you just go right ahead and keep on trying". i said meaning it genuinely. i know that max is a great guy. "you know I'm a good guy what she lesbo or something." causing all of us to break into laughter. " we strictly d*** around these parts" i said turning the stove off and bringing the french toast fresh fruit and orange juice to the table. "what you got going on for the day babe " colby said before pouring damn near the whole bottle of syrup on his french toast and fruit I really paid it no kind of mind he always did out.. on the other hand max couldn't believe it "dude you nasty" he said. colby just smacked his lips I laughed answering him " nothing much I need to find some bookshelves then lunch with molly" I said finishing up my food. "we going to bean" "no can do babe girl talk, me you dinner at home 8ish" I said more telling him then asking as I got up from the table he was hot on my tail as I walked towards the sink leaning up against me from behind "you know that mouth keeps you being spanked" he whispered
in my ear . i turned around now facing him I pulled him into a kiss, looking past him I saw max fake gagging I flicked him off pulling away from colby snatching my shirt back down that he tried lifting "you have company babe", I said walking off to go get dressed.
"whats on the agenda for today boss" max asked me I peeled a banana still hungry that peasant breakfast Julia made "I need to make a stop at the restaurant, stop by my mom house & then pick up that money from the west side" "cool I'm about to shower and get dressed hit me when ju leave we can roll up before we leave" max said headed towards the door "in a minute" I said closing the door behind him. I jogged up the stairs busting in the door hoping she wasn't dressed yet " ha too late " she said putting her hand in my face. "whatever, f*** you going with that on" i said now sitting on the bed pulling her down on my lap "there is nothing wrong with what <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">i</a> have on jacolby (ja-kobe) so don't" she said getting up grabbing her keys and purse. she turned back "don't forget about dinner babe" now on her tippy toes kissing my neck i snatched her up slobbing her down. smack her ass hard "nasty ass" she said walking away I laughed following her down the stairs "love ju bean. make something good tonight" I said as she let the garage up. " love you too coco" she said backing out and laughing at that corny ass name she be calling me. I just closed the door and went to get ready for the day it was 10:55 already.
As soon as i made my way from our neighborhood i pulled out my cell phone calling molly. i decided to skip the bookshelf shopping and head over for a spa day before lunch. she answered on the third ring. " good morning beautiful" i said singing in the phone. " good morning sunshine, whats for breakfast" she said moving around i assumed she was just getting out of the bed. " sorry babe breakfast time has come and went grab your ass a pop tart and lets meet at vivians i need a paint change on my nails and a massage", she sighed " blah you never f***ing feed me" i laughed at her whining " lunch on me today hurry and get dressed meet me there in 30 im on my way" i said not waiting for her to respond. i know i have rude ways sometimes . SUE ME lol. turning my music up i proceeded with my drive. 30 mins later i was parking next to mollys big as <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">truck</a>
. she hopped out, i went to greet <a href="[IMG][/IMG]">her</a>
to meet her hand playfully slapping my face.
" whats that for b****" i yelled. she busted out laughing "you know how i feel about being hung up on" she said grabbing my hand as we headed into the spa. as soon as we got in they took us to the back for the massage first. i immediately started the conversation once we were laid on the table.
" so this morning your lover boy was there" she knew i was talkin about max.
" thats not my lover boy he is my stalker, he wont get a clue im not looking for a relationship" she said not really wanting to talk about it but i didnt give a damn
"molly i never recalled him asking you to be his gf, he asked to take you out for some fun and as always you pushed him away, i know you dont want to hear this but everybody isnt going to hurt you the way.." she cut me off
" julia dont okay please, dont you dare talk about that, thats not the reason, so just dont" she said voice a little softer
" im sorry mo youre right i wont bring it up again but can you blame me for wanting you to enjoy love,"
" you arent going to stop until i agree to hang with max" she said more telling her self than askin me
" nope so i cant wait to tell him the good news"
" no ju if he hasnt lost intrest then he will ask again" she said with much tude
" and im for sure he will" i said happy
" anyways b**** how did lastnight go, 21 questions again?"
" not really he did want to know what we did tho i hit him with the same ol same ol thang." i said sitting up as i tied my robe back together.
she just looked at me doing the same thing rolling her eyes: i didnt understand why you just dont stop what your doing if colby finds out your ass is grass" smirking at her i was quick with my answer " but he wont" and that was that i walked towards the nail area so they could start on my mani and pedi.
"what do you want to eat for lunch mo"
" it doesnt matter anywhere that serves sushi"
"RAW it is then, and after that i need to get stuff for dinner tonight"
"ohhh what you makin us. i hope pasta" she said thinking of something else to say
" you can have whatever you like at your own place dinner is for me and my man tonight but i want you to come to the grocery store"
" fine trick she said rollin her eyes.
" love you too" and thats all that was said until we left the salon. we left with her following me behind headed to RAW.

to those who have decided to read my first story I won't be adding til wednesday Ive been writing alot I just want to give you enough understanding at once so we can get this show on the road. lol rock with me tho. I'm giving this my all ;).. . xoxo BeautifulJune

Sounds good so far! Can't wait to read more!

I love Draya :) Run It!!

sorry I couldn't figure out how to post pics lol

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