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All My Life {Chap 1}


<a href="">Bre'Na</a>

I felt as if I was being watched. I looked up to see <a href="">Eric</a> staring at me intentionally. I huffed and pulled the covers over my head. He laughed. "I can't look at you now" He said poking at my side. "Not when im trying to sleep. Damn" I said throwing the covers from my body and rising from the bed. I walked to the bathroom as he continued to laugh. Wasn't s*** funny, I was still sleepy as hell. When I got in the bathroom I stood in the mirror for a moment before I cut on the shower. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Bre. Can I take a shower with you" I laughed to myself. Less than a minute later he came in. I looked at him and quickly stripped from my clothes and got in. I stood under the water for a while just letting it relax my body, but the the shower door opened. "You didn't answer. So I take that as a yes" Eric said stepping in and pulling me into him. "Yeah whatever" I said pushing away from him.

I wasn't in the mood for this s***. This wasn't what the f*** I wanted. This was just my job. To please. To make him feel happy. To feel important. I sold my body for sex. To pay for everything I needed to keep up with this life I had. I wasn't proud but this was what I did.