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“Hello I’m here on an appointment for doctor Neverson” the beautiful white lady gave me a pleasant smile before turning her full attention to the computer screen “Alright and can I have a last name please” “Carter, Toni Carter” “of course Ms. Carter if you go through those doors right to your left you will hit an elevator head on, take that right on up to floor 6 and a receptionist on that floor should lead you right to his room” “Thank”. I spoke before following her directions fully making it up to the 6th floor then stopping at another beautiful young lady sitting behind a desk. “Hello, Ms. Carter right” nodding my head politely she quickly stood from behind her desk and motioned me to follow her. “Alright if you just want to go ahead and take a seat inside Dr. Neverson will be right with you” again placing a gracious grin to my face I opened the door and made my way into the spacious office.

It was a very dark office, his desk was the color of dark chestnut wood and a smooth black leather chair sat behind it. The floor was of black marble with sliver specks the made the room a lot bigger than it naturally was. A few African American statues and mask were tastefully placed around the room with little to know pictures. Just a naked dark amber wall color, a long black one armed couch sat alongside the longest wall, I take it that was my seat. Taking my seat on the soft furniture my mind began to race off to the two beauties I had saw earlier. If they were to be working here on a regular I would definitely be in trouble.

“Good Afternoon” quickly my head snapped toward the door. The figure that walked in was gorgeous; he stood about the height of 6’3 muscular build with a chiseled chest that stretched through his black button up. He was the color of caramel, beautiful skin with not a blemish or acne mark to show off his adolescent years. And his shoes Stacey Adams, great taste and the size had to be…

“Hello… I’m Toni Carter we uhm we spoke on the phone earlier this week” “But of course how are we doing today Ms. Carter” “Please just call me Toni” “Alright then I guess I should allow you to call me Tremaine and Trey, which ever feels easier coming off of the tongue” he said with a smirk showing off that beautiful grin and flush dimples. I could feel the water beginning to flow from my legs, damn.
He grabbed a chair sitting on the side of the room then placed it inches in front of the couch I was sitting on, grabbing a pencil and paper he sat in front of me staring not saying anything just looking as if he was reading me, which made me even hornier. Just the stern look on his face made me want to hop on top of him but that would only contradict why I was here in the first place.

“So where do we start” he asked in a deep raspy tone “I’m not sure you’re the dr. right” “Well yea but why don’t you start off by telling me why you are here today” “Isn’t in your records” I didn’t mean to come off rude but as many doctors and shrinks that I have seen I’m pretty sure by now I have a record with all physiologist, sociologist and priest. “I know what it says Toni but I want to hear it from you what is it that you have a problem with” I almost zoned out of his whole question when I heard the way he said Toni but I soon drug myself back to reality, “Well uhmm I have a slight addiction” “A slight addiction” “Yea meaning I’m not about to slit my wrist and jump off a bridge if I don’t get it but I do at some point need to fulfill it” “And what is this addiction may I ask” “Come on now I know they have this written down” “The only way we can grow comfortable with each other is if we are able to clear the elephant in the room now tell me Toni what is the addiction”.

I paused for a brief second looking out passed him at the horizon of buildings that showed almost like a picture outside his window. “Sex” “And when did you realize you had this addiction” “about two years ago, I mean I have been having sex since I was 17 but it wasn’t until recently when I lost my mother that I realized I developed a problem” I never looked at him as fine as he was the way he stared hard at me was no longer sexy it was more like he was judging me, I hated the feeling. “I’m sorry about your lost, I too have lost a huge factor in my life, my father, recently actually, but I never turned to a substance or in your cause an act of a drug for support, what comes behind that Toni” “For a while It seemed like sex was the only thing I had control of, I lost my job, house, car and my mind but sex I control what happens”

“If you don’t mind Toni I would like to start from the beginning when did this all take place for you” “Like the beginning virginity beginning or me tricking for change beginning” “Take me back to where you felt sex was your go to method tell me everything you feel comfortable with” he said while shifting his weight in the chair never taking his eyes off of me.

“Ok well it started off I think for me when I had just graduated from high school, I was 17 years old and ready to take on the world” “Did you have plans on a school or future job” “Oh yea I wanted to go to FAMU I would party it up my freshman year then get serious by my second year while majoring in Business administration and minor in Communications” “And what were you going to do with those degrees” “Be the social rep for huge celebrities like Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna, travel and make huge bread” “What happened with that plan” “Life” silence sprung over the room as he quickly wrote a few things down on his notepad then gave me that same serious gaze. “So it was after graduation tell me more about that situation” “ok, so me and my best friend Kayla have always been popular girls just off of how cool we were so we had gotten word that there was going to be a college party tonight at the convention center hosted by some local kids that we knew so of course we in there…

<strong>“Damn if that is what you are wearing tonight I guess I need to go change” Kayla said through laughter as I came out of her bathroom ready to cause a scene. We had to get ready at her house since her folks were never at home, and I knew my mom would trip if she saw what I had on. “Girl please all that ass in that skirt I might be a little jealous” “Just a little” “Whatever you ready to roll out” I asked grabbing my keys and driver’s license “yeah let’s make moves”</strong>

“So you made a quick statement of your mother not letting you dress a certain, was she a strict parent” “No she was just a parent I had on small vintage shorts with a cut off top she being a mom never wants to see her daughter out their like that so she would flip you know” “Ok understandable so continue” “alright so we make it to the party and already it was live….

<strong>“Ayyyyeeee” I danced to the music while walking through the crowd it hadn’t been five minutes in the party and already I was feeling myself “This s*** more live then a little bit” Kayla said while checking out some dudes who had walked passed us purposely trying to grab our attention. “Hell yea”</strong>

“We were at the convention center so of course liquor couldn’t be passed around but somehow the s*** got in, idk how but all I remember is a whole bunch of water bottles being passed around with everything but water in it” “Liquor… does that give you more courage to act out” “doesn’t it always”

<strong>“Ah dude I’m like seriously drunk I think it is time for us to go” I said to Kayla as we stumbled around the party neither one of us being able to control our movements. “Damn little momma yall s*** faced” some dude spoke up but I was too f***ed up to be rude so I let Kayla do the talking. “Duh dumbass now can you move so we can go” “I know you’re not planning on driving like that I mean I would hate for two fine ass ladies to drive home under this state and I just let it happened” “Excuse me but who are you” I asked finally able to find my voice “Damn I’m rude, my name is Marcus me and my homie here Derek throwing this party” “So your willing to leave your party to help out to random broads you don’t even know” I asked while leaning on Kayla for support “Honestly yea I mean it is starting to get dry as f*** in this b**** anyways”</strong>

“So here you are two sloppy drunk teens talking to completely sober college students know nothing about them and willing to take up their offer on taking you home” Trey spoke while clutching his palm to his chin in a thinking matter. “Well yea and in a way I’m glad we did” “Why is that” “If I hadn’t there is no telling where I would be right now… we were that drunk” “So what happened after you left with the guys” “Well we began to become even more intoxicated…

<strong>“Yall smoke” Marcus asked while lighting up a blunt “Is that a question or you passing” Kayla said back to him, she sat in the passenger seat while Marcus sat in the front with her, I sat in the back with Derek who focused on his phone more than he did on me “That must be a very important text message” I said to him on the low while Marcus and Kayla smoked their lives away, I wasn’t much of a smoker but us being in a car with all windows up increased my high. Derek finally put his phone away then wrapped his arm around me pulling me close to him. “All you had to do was tell me you was feeling unwanted” “It’s not like that I was just saying” I tried to keep a understandable conversation with him but it was hard with all my words being scrambled in my mind “Naw you wanted my attention now you got it babe so what’s up” a drunken smile spread across my face as I soon heard sucking noises coming from the front of the car, Kayla was now in the driver’s seat on top of Marcus hip grinding and kissing as if they would die without each other. No lie the s*** turned me all the way on.</strong>

“So after you saw the two of them kissing in the front seat what did you do” “I did what made the situation less awkward I made out with Derek” “And then what happened” “Let’s just say Kayla and I both got laid out in the same car, her in the front me in the back then dropped off at her house like nothing happened” “Have you ever seen those guys after that” I froze in thought then looked at Trey as his eyes remained serious, “No we never got a number text MySpace request nothing it was over after that” silence again sprung out over the room before trey placed the notepad on the ground then cuffed his hands together and rested them on his knees pulling his face close behind his knuckles “Was that your first time”

A timer soon went off indicated today session was over, a slight bit of relief fell over me as I grabbed my purse from beside me and stood up along with trey. “Uhmm so tomorrow doctor” “Sure thing Toni”, and without any other sound I quickly stepped from in front of him and rushed out of the door.

[If you haven't noticed the strong typed words go back in time the regular words are in the present, some of you might not have caught that
ok that is all. ENJOY:)]

alright this is my LAST attempt to write on this SITE none of my s***
really ever gets love but i don't want to give up on the first site i
EVER wrote on so i will try this one LAST time if it gets not play
i will be moving on.