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“Hello I’m here on an appointment for doctor Neverson” the beautiful white lady gave me a pleasant smile before turning her full attention to the computer screen “Alright and can I have a last name please” “Carter, Toni Carter” “of course Ms. Carter if you go through those doors right to your left you will hit an elevator head on, take that right on up to floor 6 and a receptionist on that floor should lead you right to his room” “Thank”. I spoke before following her directions fully making it up to the 6th floor then stopping at another beautiful young lady sitting behind a desk. “Hello, Ms. Carter right” nodding my head politely she quickly stood from behind her desk and motioned me to follow her. “Alright if you just want to go ahead and take a seat inside Dr. Neverson will be right with you” again placing a gracious grin to my face I opened the door and made my way into the spacious office.

It was a very dark office, his desk was the color of dark chestnut wood and a smooth black leather chair sat behind it. The floor was of black marble with sliver specks the made the room a lot bigger than it naturally was. A few African American statues and mask were tastefully placed around the room with little to know pictures. Just a naked dark amber wall color, a long black one armed couch sat alongside the longest wall, I take it that was my seat. Taking my seat on the soft furniture my mind began to race off to the two beauties I had saw earlier. If they were to be working here on a regular I would definitely be in trouble.

“Good Afternoon” quickly my head snapped toward the door. The figure that walked in was gorgeous; he stood about the height of 6’3 muscular build with a chiseled chest that stretched through his black button up. He was the color of caramel, beautiful skin with not a blemish or acne mark to show off his adolescent years. And his shoes Stacey Adams, great taste and the size had to be…

“Hello… I’m Toni Carter we uhm we spoke on the phone earlier this week” “But of course how are we doing today Ms. Carter” “Please just call me Toni” “Alright then I guess I should allow you to call me Tremaine and Trey, which ever feels easier coming off of the tongue” he said with a smirk showing off that beautiful grin and flush dimples. I could feel the water beginning to flow from my legs, damn.
He grabbed a chair sitting on the side of the room then placed it inches in front of the couch I was sitting on, grabbing a pencil and paper he sat in front of me staring not saying anything just looking as if he was reading me, which made me even hornier. Just the stern look on his face made me want to hop on top of him but that would only contradict why I was here in the first place.

“So where do we start” he asked in a deep raspy tone “I’m not sure you’re the dr. right” “Well yea but why don’t you start off by telling me why you are here today” “Isn’t in your records” I didn’t mean to come off rude but as many doctors and shrinks that I have seen I’m pretty sure by now I have a record with all physiologist, sociologist and priest. “I know what it says Toni but I want to hear it from you what is it that you have a problem with” I almost zoned out of his whole question when I heard the way he said Toni but I soon drug myself back to reality, “Well uhmm I have a slight addiction” “A slight addiction” “Yea meaning I’m not about to slit my wrist and jump off a bridge if I don’t get it but I do at some point need to fulfill it” “And what is this addiction may I ask” “Come on now I know they have this written down” “The only way we can grow comfortable with each other is if we are able to clear the elephant in the room now tell me Toni what is the addiction”.

I paused for a brief second looking out passed him at the horizon of buildings that showed almost like a picture outside his window. “Sex” “And when did you realize you had this addiction” “about two years ago, I mean I have been having sex since I was 17 but it wasn’t until recently when I lost my mother that I realized I developed a problem” I never looked at him as fine as he was the way he stared hard at me was no longer sexy it was more like he was judging me, I hated the feeling. “I’m sorry about your lost, I too have lost a huge factor in my life, my father, recently actually, but I never turned to a substance or in your cause an act of a drug for support, what comes behind that Toni” “For a while It seemed like sex was the only thing I had control of, I lost my job, house, car and my mind but sex I control what happens”

“If you don’t mind Toni I would like to start from the beginning when did this all take place for you” “Like the beginning virginity beginning or me tricking for change beginning” “Take me back to where you felt sex was your go to method tell me everything you feel comfortable with” he said while shifting his weight in the chair never taking his eyes off of me.

“Ok well it started off I think for me when I had just graduated from high school, I was 17 years old and ready to take on the world” “Did you have plans on a school or future job” “Oh yea I wanted to go to FAMU I would party it up my freshman year then get serious by my second year while majoring in Business administration and minor in Communications” “And what were you going to do with those degrees” “Be the social rep for huge celebrities like Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna, travel and make huge bread” “What happened with that plan” “Life” silence sprung over the room as he quickly wrote a few things down on his notepad then gave me that same serious gaze. “So it was after graduation tell me more about that situation” “ok, so me and my best friend Kayla have always been popular girls just off of how cool we were so we had gotten word that there was going to be a college party tonight at the convention center hosted by some local kids that we knew so of course we in there…

<strong>“Damn if that is what you are wearing tonight I guess I need to go change” Kayla said through laughter as I came out of her bathroom ready to cause a scene. We had to get ready at her house since her folks were never at home, and I knew my mom would trip if she saw what I had on. “Girl please all that ass in that skirt I might be a little jealous” “Just a little” “Whatever you ready to roll out” I asked grabbing my keys and driver’s license “yeah let’s make moves”</strong>

“So you made a quick statement of your mother not letting you dress a certain, was she a strict parent” “No she was just a parent I had on small vintage shorts with a cut off top she being a mom never wants to see her daughter out their like that so she would flip you know” “Ok understandable so continue” “alright so we make it to the party and already it was live….

<strong>“Ayyyyeeee” I danced to the music while walking through the crowd it hadn’t been five minutes in the party and already I was feeling myself “This s*** more live then a little bit” Kayla said while checking out some dudes who had walked passed us purposely trying to grab our attention. “Hell yea”</strong>

“We were at the convention center so of course liquor couldn’t be passed around but somehow the s*** got in, idk how but all I remember is a whole bunch of water bottles being passed around with everything but water in it” “Liquor… does that give you more courage to act out” “doesn’t it always”

<strong>“Ah dude I’m like seriously drunk I think it is time for us to go” I said to Kayla as we stumbled around the party neither one of us being able to control our movements. “Damn little momma yall s*** faced” some dude spoke up but I was too f***ed up to be rude so I let Kayla do the talking. “Duh dumbass now can you move so we can go” “I know you’re not planning on driving like that I mean I would hate for two fine ass ladies to drive home under this state and I just let it happened” “Excuse me but who are you” I asked finally able to find my voice “Damn I’m rude, my name is Marcus me and my homie here Derek throwing this party” “So your willing to leave your party to help out to random broads you don’t even know” I asked while leaning on Kayla for support “Honestly yea I mean it is starting to get dry as f*** in this b**** anyways”</strong>

“So here you are two sloppy drunk teens talking to completely sober college students know nothing about them and willing to take up their offer on taking you home” Trey spoke while clutching his palm to his chin in a thinking matter. “Well yea and in a way I’m glad we did” “Why is that” “If I hadn’t there is no telling where I would be right now… we were that drunk” “So what happened after you left with the guys” “Well we began to become even more intoxicated…

<strong>“Yall smoke” Marcus asked while lighting up a blunt “Is that a question or you passing” Kayla said back to him, she sat in the passenger seat while Marcus sat in the front with her, I sat in the back with Derek who focused on his phone more than he did on me “That must be a very important text message” I said to him on the low while Marcus and Kayla smoked their lives away, I wasn’t much of a smoker but us being in a car with all windows up increased my high. Derek finally put his phone away then wrapped his arm around me pulling me close to him. “All you had to do was tell me you was feeling unwanted” “It’s not like that I was just saying” I tried to keep a understandable conversation with him but it was hard with all my words being scrambled in my mind “Naw you wanted my attention now you got it babe so what’s up” a drunken smile spread across my face as I soon heard sucking noises coming from the front of the car, Kayla was now in the driver’s seat on top of Marcus hip grinding and kissing as if they would die without each other. No lie the s*** turned me all the way on.</strong>

“So after you saw the two of them kissing in the front seat what did you do” “I did what made the situation less awkward I made out with Derek” “And then what happened” “Let’s just say Kayla and I both got laid out in the same car, her in the front me in the back then dropped off at her house like nothing happened” “Have you ever seen those guys after that” I froze in thought then looked at Trey as his eyes remained serious, “No we never got a number text MySpace request nothing it was over after that” silence again sprung out over the room before trey placed the notepad on the ground then cuffed his hands together and rested them on his knees pulling his face close behind his knuckles “Was that your first time”

A timer soon went off indicated today session was over, a slight bit of relief fell over me as I grabbed my purse from beside me and stood up along with trey. “Uhmm so tomorrow doctor” “Sure thing Toni”, and without any other sound I quickly stepped from in front of him and rushed out of the door.

[If you haven't noticed the strong typed words go back in time the regular words are in the present, some of you might not have caught that
ok that is all. ENJOY:)]

alright this is my LAST attempt to write on this SITE none of my s***
really ever gets love but i don't want to give up on the first site i
EVER wrote on so i will try this one LAST time if it gets not play
i will be moving on.


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Run it!!!

Omg I love this story! I feel like trey is making moves on her trying to be slick acting like he can really help her but we'll see.
Run it!!

Run it


I love this story!!! Please add soon :) I'm so eager to know what happens between them in the trip!
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I stomped my way through the office pissed, angry upset s*** please give me another adjective cause that was what I was feeling. Who did he think he was dealing with, I was a patient with a natural problem not some play thing that did stupid experiments like get pinned up on the wall and travel the globe with my doctor. Walking straight pass the blonde I usually speak too before making my way upstairs I slammed on the elevator numbers and felt the smoke leave my ears. “Good morning Ms. Carter I think you are a slight bit early” the receptionist from the upstairs office tried to warm me but by god if she didn’t move she would feel my raft.

Pushing through his door I caught him mid bite into his food. “Eager as always Ms. Carter” “Are you f***ing kidding me what the hell is this” I spat throwing the papers to him having one of the envelopes land in his plate. Gracefully as if he wasn’t fazed he knocked the paper over and continued on his eating. “That is an offer to help you on a deeper intimate level” “I don’t get you” I threw myself to the couch and laid flat on my back watching the ceiling. “Can you really help me” “Yes, I do believe I can” “but” “but you have to allow me to try new things with you, I need to actually learn you Toni, your are the first of any patients that I’ve had that I feel actually has a story behind her problem not just an outbreak of wanting attention” I took my eyes off of the ceiling and placed them on his serious almost mocking face.

“So why do we have to leave the country, why not work here but have longer hours” “You’re comfortable with me yes, but honestly how comfortable are you in my office” it took me a minute to understand I loved his office, it was nice the skyline behind his desk was breath taking and the dark wood that graced my surroundings made it easy to talk to him, why did we have to leave. “I am not trying to take advantage of you Toni that is why I gave you the choice of making your decision on your own, but I honestly feel leaving is what is best” the look in his eyes spoke something I couldn’t read and that pissed me off being that it was like he could read me like a book. “I wouldn’t do anything you were not 100 percent comfortable with Toni, do you trust that” he stood to his feet and made his way toward me. Today he wore dark black jeans with a black v neck shirt; he was casual but still wearing black. Stepping in front of me he got down on both of his knees and grabbed the edge of my thighs, causing my breath to stiffen. “Do you trust me Ms. Carter” I don’t know if it was the fact that I did trust him or the fact that when his arms are on me I would tell him anything he wanted to hear if he asked, but whatever it was made me nod yes to him. “So does that mean you are making this trip” I felt his hands rub up and down my thigh in small mini circles, what his touch was bringing to my body it was almost toxic. “Yes” I damn near moaned out while a satisfied small reached his ears. “Good now I don’t want any counseling today I want you to get ready pack your things do what you need to do we leave in two days ok” he spoke as if he was my father or a dominant, and I was going the whole time. If I didn’t catch myself I am sure I would have spit out a yes sir.
I guess I was going to Barbados with my doctor.

I rode by myself to Barbados, I guess Trey had already made his flight in, I couldn’t say I was upset with that, it gave me a chance to breath before I got around him. I don’t know what it was that he did to my body, but it was like electric shocks pulsed through me every time. I hope being with him, will help the issue and not make it any worse.

Run it!!!

Love this story!! Toni's been through a lot but I'm glad she's getting help. How the hell is she going to get better being around Dr. Neverson and his sexy ass?!??!!? I feel bad for Kayla's situation. I probably woulda did the same damn thing. He basically killed her so her killing him should have been over looked imo. Wonder if she's going to say yes to the trip tho??
Run it

O i hav a feeln bout this smh lol run it

You are so wrong for teasing us like this but I LOVED IT! Lol
Run it!!!

Omg this is getting too real. I wonder what her answer will be!! I hope she says yes!! I think she'll say yes. Dr. Trey is too damn fine for words!! I can see her getting the help she needs and more from Dr. Sexy!! Lol It's sad about what happened to Kayla. She didn't deserve that and I hope Toni can look past it and realize its not her fault. Run it!!

just to tease you to death

The best way for a teacher to learn from its student to become the student, and allow you to teach me, Ms. Carter I feel you have more potential than you let off and I want to be the one to bring that out of you. Your past from this point on is what I want to find out, and your presence is what will get me the answers that I need. In this envelope is a ticket to my beach house in Barbados. I want you to be my house guest, I know by now you are looking at this letter with that smug look you always give me when you are confused, but this is an all-expense paid trip. Think of it as a vacation away from hell, while getting the cure that you need.

Toni, you told me earlier in our appointments that you trusted me; well this is your chance to prove that to me, join me and by the end of the trip if you feel no change, if honestly you can say to yourself you were better off staying cooped up in my office dealing with a stupid timer that cuts us off every time we get to the good stuff, well then Toni I will reimburse you all of the money you put into my practice and resign as your counselor. Do not think too hard of this, please it is as simple as it gets. Any other questions you may have can and will be answered tomorrow, along with your answer, which, I am hoping will be a yes.

Tremaine Neverson

Wow run it

I wonder whats in the envelope

Visions of yesterday’s meeting clouded my thoughts, I’ve heard about sexologist participating with their patients, but that was when they had arousal problems. I was perfectly fine when it came to the turn on part, so why was he choosing that method to handle my problem. I feel as if he is naturally making it worse than it originally is, fine ass doctor grinding into my behind forcing me to say what he wants me to say, damn. “Good morning Toni how are we today” “Fine I guess” I watched as he grabbed his chair and placed it in front of me like always but, this time he didn’t stare me down like normal. “Toni I want to try something with you, something I feel will only be for your benefit” “will it be anything like yesterday” my mouth had gotten ahead of me, but it was too late to take it back now. His soft lips curled into a smile before he licked his lips to continue. “Did you not like the exercise we practiced the other day” “No I loved it but I thought, you do things of that sort with patients who have problems with their sexuality not ones who are thinking of ways to have sex with everyone in this office” once more my trap was speeding off without my consent. “Toni for me to know you and your problem I need to know how you function sexually, so on occasions I might try certain things with you, but is not to pressure you it is to learn you” I had to chuckle at his try at playing me, who did I look like “So do you tell that to all of your female patients or is this a new phase” “As amusing as you may find it Ms. Carter, you are the first client I have chosen this specific practice on” “and why is that” “Once more, if I give you all of my secrets I don’t think I would have you as a client anymore Ms. Carter”. A bright grin graced his face while he picked up his notepad a flipped through a few of the pages.

“Your first time was with a complete stranger how, do you feel about that” I hated when he did that, we would be going well in a deep conversation and here he comes to make it very much serious and almost intimidating. “Well at the time it was cool because it was along with my best friend so I didn’t feel out of the loop or like a hoe” “so Kayla, your best friend was a virgin to” “I mean that is what she told me at the time, it wasn’t until later that the truth came out” “so your best friend kept secrets from you, put you in crazy situations and encouraged you to be proud of that, tell me where is Kayla, like as in life wise” I froze for a second to gather myself before tears formed in my eyes. “She is in jail, for life” “for life, that is pretty serious, may I ask why” a slow tear fell down my face as I took my eyes back to my comfort zone, the skyline behind his head. “Once we had gotten to FAMU we were living the life, everyone on campus seemed to love us, Kayla even more than me. But I can assume you know why; well one night at a party there was a football player, captain to be exact. He wanted me so bad but I didn’t like him he was a complete jerk to me, so Kayla who was head over heels for him, took him well I allowed her too” “She didn’t see a problem in taking a guy who once liked you” “no, because I told her I was cool with it, no use in wasting a good guy” I slightly chuckled but nothing was funny. “Well once I gave him to Kayla they were going strong for months a perfect couple in my eyes that was until she began to lose serious weight, my Kayla didn’t look like the Kayla I once knew…

<strong>“K we are going to the hospital you look horrible you can’t keep anything down and you are pale” Kayla tried to fight me but it was all in vain being that she had little to no strength in her body, once we got to the hospital I remember them carrying her away so I knew it had to be serious. So being a good friend I called up Chance, that was her football boyfriend and told him to meet me at the hospital.</strong>

“So during this process you had no clue on what might have been going on” “no, not until the doctors allowed our party to come see her” at this point tears were pouring out of my eyes, Trey handed me a box of tissues to wipe what I could away but it wasn’t truly stopping them from running. “when we walked into the room she was crying her heart out I walked to her trying to touch her have her look at me tell us what was wrong but all she did was skip pass my eyes and land her attention on Chance…

<strong>“I’m going to kill you” Kayla screamed while snatching cords and IV’s out of her skin, I tried to hold her back but her anger pushed her adrenaline to a point that I could do nothing. Running out to the hallway I yelled for a nurse of doctor to help me constrain her but it was too late.</strong>

“What happened” “I shouldn’t have left the room” “Toni what happened next” “she had taken a small blade that the doctors used to cut the IV cords and slice Chance’s neck, killing him slowly, “Why did she want to kill him what made her that angry to a point where she would want to harm a person that much” small birds in the distance flew off of the buildings I watched in the background the sun was still bright but hid behind huge buildings, it truly was a beautiful view. “Did you organize your room like this specifically” I could tell trey was taken aback by my comment but went along with it. “Yes, I wanted my clients to see the scenery and become calm comfortable relaxed” “It is defiantly a fine choice the way you fixed this room” “Toni” I heard the slight urgency in his voice which brought me back to reality. “He had given her full blown aids and there was nothing the doctors could do about it, the courts seemed to not even care though murder is murder, they locked her up faster than you could say damn. Now she is dying behind bars all because she served her own justice… Chance was supposed to be mine, I was supposed to be the one dying” “Toni you can’t control how things work out sometimes you just have to believe it is all for a specific reason” “Trey do you believe in God” once again I felt that I had taken him off guard with my question. “Well I am not supposed to mix religion in my practices but yes Toni, I do, and I believe there is a reason you are here today and Kayla is where she is, and whatever that reason may be we must live with it” why was he such a beautiful man.

“Toni I want to try something with you I never tried before, I want you to take this envelope home with you and read it over, and when you get here tomorrow give me your answer” “why don’t we go over it right now” and before any other speaking could be done the timer went off “Cause I believe our time here is up, read it and tell me your answer tomorrow” “Ok” standing to my feet I handed him back the box of tissues he had once handed me then placed a huge smile to my face, just to ensure him that I was ok, as he returned a smile I gathered my things then left his office.

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Umm ima need you to add lol
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This is the s***!!!
Run it!!!!

I love this! Run it!!!

Why he do that to her tho? Lol
You don't make a woman horny n then don't fck
He did that sh*t on purpose
He liked it low key

wow I love this story!!
Very unique! I like the demonstration part lol
Run it!!

Today I had a new attitude about my shrink. The first day I wore a pencil skirt and heels that spoke of pain just looking at them but I had to make a great first impression. Today I wore a Lakers hood skinny jeans and j’s, maybe now we can get to the bottom of some of my problems without me feeling so damn stuffy. “Good morning Ms. Cater your appointment is set as followed, you can just head on up Dr. Neverson should be in his office” biting the side of my lip I held in the urge to spit game at her, instead I made my way up the elevator to his room to fix this, issue that I have. Lightly I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer, but instead I only got his faint voice in the background telling me the door was opened, how professional. “Ah Toni right on time I see, how are we today” “I’m alright for now” “I see you are a lot more casual then yesterday is there a reason for this” “well now that I see you aren’t like my other shrinks, a stuffy prick I guess I can let my hair down and converse with you” “I like the sound of that” his tongue smoothed over his lips slightly as a gracious grin spread across his face. He wore a black button up again with black slacks and black Stacey Adams. “I take it your favorite color is black” I asked while taking my seat on the couch. “It is very comforting to me” “Is it a work thing or an all of your closet thing” “are we here to interview me or you” he spoke with a bit of humor in his voice pulling me in with that smile once more.

“I believe the only way we can get somewhere is if I know you, as well” “this is true Toni but that will come in due time, until then I believe we have a few things we need to go over” grabbing the chair that was across the room again he placed it in front of me like a routine flipping open his notepad and began his stare down. “Why do you always do that” “Do what” “Stare at me” “Ms. Toni if I gave you all of my secrets I don’t think I would see you as much or at all for that matter” once again he spoke with humor in his voice, was I amusing to him. “Now if I remember correctly we left off with you telling me a wonderful story about you and your best friend being taking advantage of in a car” “With less words I believe” I spoke up again taking my eyes off of him once we got to the topic and focusing on the sky line behind him. “We had gotten to a point where a good question was brought up but we didn’t get to explore it any longer due to lack of time, do you remember what I am referring to” “I do” “Do you want to bring it up or do I have to force it out of you” my eyes shifted to him quickly as a smile plastered his face, why do I feel as if he has a double meaning to everything he says. “You asked if that was my first time” “was it” “if I tell you, you will look at me like they all did” “They all” I took a breath then moved around in my seat, “all of the other shrinks that I had previously gone too, I tell them this story and they begin to become distant and I tell them more and they no longer can help the lost cause” “honestly Toni who were you going to before me” “I can’t give away that type of information you know that is classified” he folded his right leg over his left than sat back in his chair a little. “I am here to help you I will not leave you like the others, I want you to feel comfortable telling me anything that you feel I need to know in order to get you on the right track, do you trust that Toni” I took a breath as he said my name then shook my head yes, not wanting to look at him on a fact that if I did I would probably try to molest my doctor.

“Use your words Toni, tell me, I want to hear it from your mouth” he sat back up leaning over so that his body was only a few feet from mine “Do you trust me” “Yes” I stuttered, that smile appeared on his face again then he sat back once more. “Toni, tell me what turns you on” the hell, air stopped in my lungs as I felt the room become smaller and overheated, I knew by now I was probably the color of crimson. “I don’t believe I understand your question” I say still looking out of his window. “Look at me Toni” my head snaps in his direction, “What makes you weak, what heightens your sex drive” “you really want me to tell you this” I laugh to knock off the nervousness, as his eyes burn into mine “I can’t believe I am about to tell you this right now but uhmm, aggression. I love a man who can take control I don’t want to be slapped around, hard. But I want you to show me your dominance, I like the bad boy” “The bad boy huh, and when you get this bad boy do you pretend to be weak or do you fight back” biting my bottom lip I think for a second how to answer the question. “I fight back, makes him more angry then he takes control even more” “I see, do me a favor Toni stand up for me” “huh” “stand up for a second and turn facing the wall” I search the room skeptical for a second then do as I am told standing to my feet and turning to face the all. “Like this”
But I hear no respond “Dr.” before I can speak I am forcefully pressed into a wall my stomach hits the wood hard as the force behind me pushed into my back area harder. I try to push myself off of the wall but Trey grabs both of my arms by the wrist and slides them above my head. “So this is what makes you tick Toni, huh… I thought you were going to fight back” “Trey, Dr. Neverson what the f***” I try to push him off using my back but he forces his pelvic area to push me back into the wall, I had to suppress a moan. “Is this all that it take or does it take more” he said using one hand to hold up both of my arms while letting his other free hand drop down by my face. “Do you want to feel me use aggression with you Toni” taking his free hand he brushed my hair to the side then began collection it in his palm. “Why are you not speaking up” with a hard yank my neck pulled back and he tugged at me hair harder, damn near making my face turn toward him. My mouth turned into a solid O as I felt my eyes become heavy and the water between my legs begin to rush. “I read it Toni, I see it you are enjoying this, this is what turns you on huh… speak up” he pulled harder while ramming his pelvis into my ass “YES” “good girl Ms. Carter, I believe that is enough demonstration for today what do you think”
As if nothing happened he released my hair and my wrist from his grip then took a seat, while I stood there shocked, confused, angry and horny all at once. Turning toward him I ran my fingers through my now messy hair and took a seat on the couch, too embarrassed to speak on the events that just happened, though he seemed to act as if it was nothing. “Trey, I mean Dr. Neverson I” before I could finish the timer went off indicating that our time for today was over. “Oh, where did the time go, well I guess I will see you tomorrow Toni” he said with that pleasant grin as I stood to my feet, face still stock on stupid. Making it to the door I turned the nob slightly then faced him again. “It was my first time” “excuse me” Trey spoke, I knew he knew what I was talking about but he was looking for me to elaborate on the subject, “The night with the best friend, in the car, that was my first time” “I’m glad you are comfortable telling me this Toni, until tomorrow” “Yea” quickly stepping out of the door I made no eye contact with anyone and rushed out.

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Its gonna be good

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Lol thank u gosh u got people running the story and u not even adding to it

omg nic I will add to once upon a time

Run it it's good not my favorite like once upon a time but I like I it and I hope trey doesn't judge her or turn her into even more of a sex addict than she already is

Ill read later.

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