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Stuck On Stupid

<em>Stuck On Stupid</em>
<a href="">I</a> just put Tristan down for his daily nap. I figure I would just catch up on some ESPN highlights. I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a platinum and sat down and watched the t.v. I'm a man so you know how I was chilling....hands in my <a href="">pants</a> . I heard the door open "Hey babe"

She looked over with disgust "Lawrence" Why she giving me that look? "I really hope you wash yo stank ass hands"

I started laughing my ass off. She hates when I do that. Its a habit "how was work?"

She ignored the question and took her shoes off and went into the kitchen. I heard the frig door slam and she stormed back in the living room "Tf you slamming doors for?"

"I thought I told you to go grocery shopping" she said staring me down

"I did go grocery shopping" I said turning the t.v. off.

"You can't ever do anything right" She rolled her eyes and went upstairs and went into Tristan's room

"Come on bae, I just put him down" I said following her upstairs

She shot her eyes to me ," and you can just put him down again" she said about to pick the baby up

"Please babe. He is really tired" She glared at me

"Whatever." She said brushing past me. "I'm going to take a bath" I smirked at her

"Can I join you?" I asked. She burst into a continuous stream of laughter. My smirk quickly faded.

"Why are you acting like you don't wanna be around me?"I asked as her laughter finally stopped. Her face turned into a stone. She had the coldest stare.

"Because I don't" she spat as she turned to her already ran bath water "Oh look you can do something right." She undressed and got into the tub.

My <a href="">face</a> read pure hurt, "I've been nothing but a good and loving husband to you"

Her laughing spell returned. A tear escaped my eye. She stopped laughing and smiled, "look at you , you're pathetic. Now can you leave so I can bathe in peace" She closed her eyes and hummed.

I walked out and sat on our king size bed. The one she rarely sleeps in. I try so hard to be the man she wants me to be. I give her all of me. I changed for her. Since day one I have tried. I don't know why I'm so in love with this i stupid?

Cast (in no particular order)
<a href="">Lawrence</a>
<a href="">Derrick</a>
<a href="">Bryan</a>
<a href="">Rissa</a>
<a href="">Keia</a>
<a href="">Shelly</a>
<a href="">Nick</a>
<a href="">Denzel</a>
<a href="">Lisa</a>
<a href="">Nicole</a>
<a href="">Jessica</a>
<a href="">Desiree</a>


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Surprise!!! I will be adding on this story all weekend. :) Just for you guys...hold tight!

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i just happened to read a certain line in that story that really bothered me, when Bryan is talking to Tiffany about coming over later it's supposed to say "we aint even gotta have sex"

awww yay your back!!!!! :))
Bryan want Nicole back and its showing. Tiffany gon start showing she want more and then he gon be screwed lol loved it!
Run It!

Chapter 17

i was too lazy to keep trying find pictures that work tiffany is Draya

<a href=“”>Bryan</a> was laying on his bed with his hands draped around Tiffany’s lower back, while <a href=“http://cdn.necoleb****”>Tiffany</a> lay on top of him with her arms crossed across his chest. Tiffany smiled up at him. Bryan kissed the crown of her temple. “Why did she let you go again?” Tiffany laughed.
“Please let’s not bring her up” Bryan rolled his eyes as he sat up.

Tiffany chuckled. “Bryan you are going to have to talk about it eventually. You can’t keep all those bottle up feelings, you gone explode one day.”

Bryan sighed. “Yeah I know, but I definitely don’t want to discuss that with woman I’m f**king.” Bryan laughed a little.

Tiffany laughed while sitting up taking in all of Bryan’s god-like body. She shook away thoughts of last night and few hours ago. Bryan smirked a little. “Bryan, I am okay with what we’re doing. It’s just sex, which is cool with me. Relationships are too complicated. So there will be no jealousy or hurt feelings if you talk about Nicole.” Bryan rolled his eyes at the name. “You still got feelings for her, it’s okay”

Bryan lifted up off the bed. “I never said I did.” Bryan looked over at Tiffany.

“No, not with your mouth you didn’t” She smiled at him. “I’m finna take a shower, you coming?” She held on the door awaiting confirmation. Bryan shook his head. “You sure?” Tiffany unwrapped herself from the cover exposing her heavenly body. Bryan quickly scanned her body up and down and let his mind go and go up off the bed. Tiffany smiled.

After their shower, Tiffany got dressed. Bryan had to go into work today. “You got anything to do tonite?” Bryan asked Tiffany as she put her shirt over her head. She looked at him through the mirror.

She smiled at him, “You maybe?” She laughed. Bryan shook his head at her. “But seriously not that I know of.”

Bryan nodded, “Wanna come over watch a movie or something. We got have sex”

Tiffany smiled at him. “Yeah sure that would be fine. Just text me and let me know when.” She said as she zipped up her bag and threw it over her shoulder. “I’ll see you tonite” She walked over to him and planted a soft peck on his lips. “Bye Bryan”

“Bye Tiff” Bryan smiled as he got dressed for work.

It’s been two days since Lisa and Keia’s house warming party and the effects was still consuming Bryan. He was in his office talking with his client Lamar Odom “Wait what did you do?” Lamar laughed as Bryan was telling him about the previous event. “I don’t think I need you as my sports agent no more.” Lamar joked.

“Mann whatever.” Bryan laughed. “I was drunk as hell; you know I don’t act like that sober.” They wrapped up their supposed-to-be meeting and <a href=“”>Denzel</a> walked in. “What up D? Kobe must have left?”

Denzel sat down in front of Bryan’s desk. “Yeah, about an hour ago. I heard you and Lamar clowning.”

Bryan laughed, “Yeah we didn’t really get much accomplished.” Bryan confessed. “We started talking about Lisa’s party.” Denzel smiled at Bryan. “What dude?”

Denzel laughed, “What? Man you were on one that night.” Denzel said. “I have never seen you act like that, and I’ve seen you drunk my dude, that night there was something else.”

Bryan smacked his lips, “Nah that was just me drunk,” Bryan denied.

Denzel looked at him blankly,” So Nicole and her fiancée being there had nothing to do with it?”

“Mann ain’t nobody thinking about her or her scrawny ass man.” Bryan spat.

Denzel laughed. “Right. Which is why you almost fought Kevin?”

“Nah. Ole dude was just being disrespectful. So I was gone beat some respect out of him.” Bryan shrugged.

“But you don’t see no fault in what you did do you?” Denzel asked him.

“I ain’t do sh*t to him, Denzel?” Bryan defended.

“Yeah not directly, but you know back in the day if anybody would have talked to Nicole the way you did at the party you would have been ready to fight them too.” Denzel said.

“Mann f**k Nicole. I’m tired of f**king talking about her. I can’t go nowhere without somebody bringing her ass up. I’m sick of hearing her damn name. Hell today Tiffany gone bring her ass up after we finish f**king. Like can I not get a f**king break. And why the f**k you taking his side over mine?” Bryan had gotten loud by this time.

“First of all calm yo ass down. I don’t know why you ass gotta get so f**king hype every time somebody mention Nicole name. Yall were together then yall broke up. Whoppiedy f**king doo. Happens to everybody. Now we all friends, so Nicole name is bound to pop up. GET OVER IT. Now I’ve respected you and this break for as long as I can, but now you letting it control yo ass. Second of all, I’m not taking Kevin side over yours. I’m letting you know yo ass was wrong too. Now I can’t make you admit you feelings for Nicole, but as soon as you do the better yo bitter ass will be.”

Just then a knock on the door. “Come in” Bryan said.

Bryan and Denzel’s receptionist poked her head through the door. “Mr. King, you have a visitor.”

Gladly to interrupt this conversation Bryan told the receptionist, “Send them in”

Denzel gave Bryan a look. Just as Bryan was about to say something, Tiffany walked in. “Hey Bryan. Hey Denzel” She hugged Denzel and kissed Bryan.

“What are you doing here?” Bryan asked her.

“Well I can’t do tonite. I got a gig and I leave in a couple of hours so I thought I would, uhh…stop by.” Tiffany looked at him.

Denzel laughed. “We will finish our talk later.” Denzel got up and walked out.

Tiffany put her purse down and walked over to Bryan. Bryan picked up his phone. “Hey Stacey cancel my appointments for the next few hours,” He hung up the phone and devoured Tiffany.

A few hours had passed and the finished up. Tiffany was sitting on Bryan’s desk fixing her clothes. “Now I can go straight to sleep on the plane.” Tiffany laughed as she walked into Bryan’s office bathroom to clean herself up. She came back out and grabbed her stuff. “I’ll call you when I land back here.” She kissed him and walked out.

Denzel was hovering over Stacey’s desk when Tiffany walked out. “Have a nice flight.” Denzel laughed. Tiffany shook her head and laughed. Denzel walked back in the office and closed the door. Bryan was fixing his tie. “Maybe I shouldn’t ask you if you done ate lunch.” Denzel joked as he sat down.

Bryan laughed. “I could use food and a blunt” Denzel laughed. “We should order some lunch.”

“You ain’t ate already?” Denzel joked.

“Very funny. No I don’t do that on her.” Bryan nonchalantly said.

“Why not? You love doing that.” Denzel laughed.

“That’s an emotional connection type thing to me and we just be cooling it, we ain’t going steady.” Bryan joked.

Denzel laughed and shook his head. “I understand thou. She be okay we just giving it to you? You know how girls be, ‘uh uh why I gotta do you, if you ain’t gone do me’” Denzel over-dramatically mimicked a girl’s voice.

Bryan toppled over with laughter at Denzel’s voice. “You a fool, but I don’t ask her to. If she does it it’s because she wants to.”

“Desiree hates for me to do it” Denzel told Bryan.

“What? Why?” Bryan screwed up his face as he asked.

“I don’t know, she said she like to please me so I don’t argue.” Denzel laughed.

Bryan laughed. Stacey opened the door “Mr. King, you and Mr. Cook are clear for the rest of…of …of the day...and...and”

Bryan cut her off with a small laugh, “You can go Stacy, just make sure the schedule is all set for tomorrow.”

“Thank you” Stacy smiled and closed the door.

“Mann let’s wrap up early and get an early dinner.” Denzel suggested.

“You slacking. I’ma fire you” Bryan joked.

“Nigga you can’t fire me. I own this too.” Denzel laughed. The guys wrapped up the little bit of work they had left and closed up a little bit early. They locked up early and wend down to the bar and grabbed a bite to eat.

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