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Taurus~~ <a href="">Chris</a>

Underneath their cool, calm and collected exterior, Taureans differ greatly from all the other signs of the zodiac. Taureans manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd, even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socialisers. They will let others get close, but only so close as they want them. Some claim that trying to get your point across to a Taurean, should they not want to hear you, is rather similar to talking to the trees – they simply won't budge.

Cancer~~ <a href="">Tae</a>

Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the mysterious Moon, are one of the zodiac's enigmas. It is fair to say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions. Compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealous remarks and ever-changing moods. Endearingly eccentric on one hand, and on the other, insecure about how others see them. Like their astrological symbol - the Crab - Cancers can appear hard and insensitive on the outside.

Chris' POV

I hated being in this stuffy ass classroom full of fake ass b****es. When I say fake b****es, I mean fake b****es. They all had fake hair, nails, ass, boobs, and eyes. They all wanted to be the typical pretty girl, the one with the coke bottle shape, perfect looks and body. Long hair don't care, that was their dream. I really didn't give a f*** about these hoes. As long as my d*** got sucked and my pipes stayed unclogged, I'm cool. ”Mr. brown, can you tell me the formula of photosynthesis?” My teacher asked looking up at me. This was some 6th grade s***. ”Of course I can tell you, but I really don't feel like it.” She smiled nicely. ”I really don't give two s***s about whether or not you feel like doing this problem, get ya high yellow ass up and come write this s*** on the board.” I rolled my eyes. ”You didn't say anything about me taking my high yellow ass up there in the first place so it's not coming.” The whole class laughed and some girls were being fake and laughing too damn hard. ”Okay then go to the office, I don't care anymore. I'll just fail you.” I smacked my lips. ”I'll just get you fired, teachers aren't supposed to use profanity, correct?” She just huffed and turned around. ”I swear I can't stand your ass.” She mumbled. I heard the door open and close, but didn't bother to look in that direction. ”Mrs. Bowman, I'm pretty sure no one in this damn class can stand yo uppity ass, so I suggest you stand there like a good teacher and pass me, cause I'm f***ing sleepy and I damn sure ain't bout to take no damn test for the advance class. Got me f***ed.” The whole class eeupted into laughter, I sat up so I could see where the voice came from and was suprised to see a decent looking hoe- I mean chick. ”Natasia Martin and Christopher Brown! Get out of my class now!” Mrs. Bowman yelled at us two. ”Georgina Bowman! No!” I guess the girl named Tae shouted back. ”Fine, after school detention both of you, here.” She said, writing our names on the slips. ”I'll take this, but I'm not gonna show up. I got more important s*** to do.” I huffed and took the note. ”s***, me too.” Tae agreed holding out her fist. I dapped her up and went to take my seat. At this point, I was convinced she was a straight up dike. ”Aye! Tae, when you gon let me hit?” My boy, Mike, asked smiling. Tae turned and bit her lip at Mike and licked her lips slowly. Then she smiled. ”Hit me up in 9th period.” His smile turned into a frown. ”We don't have a 9th period.” She smirked. ”Well I guess you'll never hit.” I laughed first and Mike just glared at me and the whole class. I liked her, she seemed like someone I'd keep around.


Tae's POV

~3 Days Later~

<a href="">Me</a> and <a href="">Tevin</a> were sitting in his room on his bed watching Caillou, like we did every Friday after school. "I'm just a kid whose four each day I grow some more I love exploring I'm Caillou." I sung. I guess this nigga had to much weed because his ass just started rapping like he was Lil B. "I'm super high like Caillou. I get head like Caillou. I got a little sister like Caillou. But she got hair, no Caillou." I looked at him and busted out laughing. "Tev, I won't lie you was flowing with it." He laughed and put his arm around my neck. "So, what you two doing?" <a href="">Tam</a> asked coming into the room. Me and Tev scooted over, knowing what she was about to do. "No, not today you guys. My legs are too sore, I'm surprised I can even stand right now." She flopped down on the bed next to me and Tev. I rolled up her pants and began massaging her left leg while Tev massaged the other. "I'll love you guys till the death of me." She moaned as we rubbed her legs. I guess she thought we were treating her every need because she reached back and grabbed my lollipop. "Uh, b****! You got this triplet thing to far stuck in your head. I may have to share clothes, rooms, and cars with you. But I haven't seen anywhere in the damn book where it says. Share food with siblings. You got me f***ed up." I snatched the lollipop out of her hand. "I don't like cherry anyway." She mumbled. "Good, more for me." Tev shook his head. "So, you know our birthday is coming up." We both shook our heads. "All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe!" He screamed. I got up and left the room.

Tevin's POV

While Tae was gone, me and Tam turned up. When Tae came back she had this pillow in her pants to make her butt look big ass f***. "Aye! I heard you ordered a big booty hoe! Turn up!" She yelled. We all began dancing while Tae twerked on Tam and I twerked on Tae. "Twerk twerk twerk that ass!" I laughed as Tam smacked Tae's butt. When Big Ma wasn't home we were worse than the animals at the zoo.

~One hour later~

"How is this in anyway, shape, or form a turn on?" Tam asked me and Tae as we sat in front of the TV watching the porn video I had rented. "Shut the f*** up Tammy!" Tae cursed. She was more into it than I was. I put my hands in my pants and that's when things got awkward. "Eww! Shut it off!" Tae screeched. "Don't ever touch me with your left hand again Tevin." Tam said with a disgusted look on her face. "I've been doing it way before now boo." They both scrunched up their faces. Tam's was in a more disgusted way, Tae's was in a curious way. "Since when?" I thought about the first time I had ever really jacked off. "Um, when I was twelve. Your old best friend gave me head the day of our 12th birthday party." She oh'd and left the subject alone. "We are so f***ing weird." Tam mumbled. "True cheese." Tae agreed. "I don't know what the f*** you guys are talking about, I'm limited edition." Tae looked at me. "Spell edition Tevin." I smacked my lips. I was high as f*** and drunk too. I knew damn well my mind wasn't working right because they both had purple splotches all over their faces. "I know how to spell, see. A-d-d-I-t-I-o-n edition!" They both clapped their hands and started jumping up and down. I told these hoes I could spell. I got up and bowed. "Please your too kind." I joked. Tam came up to me with the remote in her hand pretending it was a microphone. "How does it feel to know you just spelled the word edition wrong." I smiled. "Well it feels great to know I spelled edition wrong- Wait what! I spelled it wrong and you two just going to act like I spelled it right. I actually felt smart for a minute." I pouted. "Aww, we still love your dumbass." They both hugged me. "I love you too hoes."

Tamara's POV

"I ain't no hoe." I mumbled into his chest. "Double negative equals a positive, therefore you are a hoe." I rolled my eyes at Tev and pinched his right nipple. He yelped in pain and I could see tears building up in his eyes. You see, we all had a body part that was drastically more sensitive than others. For me, it was my left ear. For Tev, it was his right nipple. And for Tae, oh she had the worse, for Tae it was her clit. Ha! Could you imagine sex with her? You know what don't do that. That is still my sister. "Oh, it totally slipped my mind. Tam, King called and said he'd be here by 6 to chill with you." Tae announced giving herself a pat on the back for remembering. "And you tell me this ten minutes before it is 6." I huffed and ran up the stairs. I brushed my teeth, flossed, and put on some shorts. "You look like a damn hoe!" Tev and Tae screamed at me. I was about to say something smart, when the doorbell had rung. "I'll get yall later." They both smirked like the damn twins they are. I opened the door to see <a href="">him</a> standing there with a heart box. "Aw, did you buy me chocolates?" He smiled. "No." He said with a straight face. I looked in the box and there were all sorts of chocolates in there. "I brought a couple of friends with me. Don't worry, you know them very well. I opened the door a little wider and in came Tev's girlfriend, <a href="">Christina,</a> blowing kisses in my face. "Hoe!" I screeched. "Pimp!" Tae yelled. "Baby!" Tev joined in. We all hugged her and she giggled. She was so damn shy, it was cute. That's one of the reasons Tevin chose to stick with her. He wanted to unleash the beast in her. "Baby, I thought you said you brought friends, as in more than one." He scrunched up his face. "Wait here." He walked back outside and came in with <a href="">James</a> smiling hard. "Babe!" Tae ran to him and jumped in his arms. "Hey baby." He kissed her and she smiled big. "Get a room." I then felt a sting on my butt and grabbed it. I glared at King and he laughed. "Come on Pooh-Bear. Let's get a room." He winked at me and I rushed upstairs.

Tae's POV

"I'm surprised she doesn't weigh as much as paper. She eat and then have sex which burns off the calories of that meal and the day before." I laughed at Christina, she was funny when she wanted to be. I then looked over at Tevin and he was whispering something in her ear. She nodded and took his hand and they went upstairs. I took James' hand and led him out the door. "I take it we're going to my house." I nodded and he picked me up and carried me on his back.

"Get big nigga!" I yelled at James when I dunked on him in 2k13. He looked at me and shook his head. "That s*** ain't fair. My square ain't working. I'm pressing it, you see me pressing it!" He was getting mad. I laughed, it was cute when he was mad. "Babe, you sounded like Riley when you said that." He paused the game and looked at me. "What?" He just looked at the TV and unpaused it and shot a three pointer. "What! That isn't fair! You cheated!" I pouted. He got up and did his victory dance when the fourth quarter buzzer went off. I took off my snapback and threw it on the ground. "f***!" I yelled frustrated. When it came to video games, I was a sore ass loser. "Aw, Tae don't be mad." I crossed my arms and huffed. "Come on." He urged on and on. "We can go watch The Lorax in my room." I hopped up and sprinted to his room and flew to his bed. When he go in there he looked at me and laughed at my impatient expression on my face. "Big ass baby." I jerked at him and he looked at me. "Nigga don't buck unless you want to get f***ed up." He warned playfully. "Ain't nobody sweatin' yo ass." He waved me off and put the movie in.

James' POV

"Let it grow, let it grow! You can't reap what you don't sow!" She sung offkey. I clasped my hand over her mouth and she licked my palm. "I like the way your tongue feels against my body." I joked and took my hand off her mouth. She got up and locked the door, something she did when it was just us two. She began taking off her sweats and shirt, another regular thing. She bent over and picked all her clothes up from the floor. I started to stare at her perfectly round butt. It poked out, but not to far. Oh and those boobs, they loved to be shown. s***, if I was that perfect, I would want to be shown too. She climbed on me and rested her hand on my headboard. "What's going on in that big thing you call a head?" I smacked my lips. "Nothing, I was just thinking about how beautiful you are." I complimented her, I pushed a long strand of hair back behind her ear. "Aw, are you turning pink?" She managed to mumble a soft shut up. Tae was hard
on the outside, but a straight up sissy on the inside. "Would you like to go to the fair with me tomorrow?" I asked out of the blue. Sur Mr. Random." I kissed behind her ear and cuddled behind her. She stuffed her hands in my pants and let them rest there. I was accustomed to it. I fell asleep with her soft warm hands giving my mini me some company that he needed.

hahahaha RUN It...I hope I am a good big sister lol

Run it

Chris' POV

I was laughing at Mannie, China, and Mike as they all tried to see who could balance a pencil on their noses the longest. It was all fun and games until I heard yelling in the hallway. That better not be who I think it is. I hope it isn't my big sister, Coco, she'd beat my ass if she knew I was in here. I stared at the clock only ten minutes passed, it seemed like a whole hour. Just then the door busted open. The loud bang caused all the girls to lift their heads up. "Oh! Chris is in trouble." Mike taunted. I slowly turned in my seat to see <a href="">her</a> standing there looking at me with a smile on her face. "Uhh ohh." I dragged. "Christopher, wanna know what happened to me today after school?" I shook my head, knowing she was about to embarrass me in front of everybody. "Too bad. Well just like any other day, I was waiting on yo dumbass to come out of school. Then Jamie comes up to me and tells me your in here. So I go to your teachers asking them why the hell you have detention and I find out you were disrespecting that b**** Mrs. Bowman." I looked up at Mrs. Bowman. "Uh, I am in the room Coco." She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, so am I. Anyways, Ma said when we get home she's whooping yo ass. And I don't want to be there while she's getting ready to torture your ass, so 'm gonna stay here with you. And don't- Tae!" She all of a sudden screeched. Tae sat up from her desk and rubbed the sleep out of her eye. "What up?" She asked sitting up and turning around. "Coco!" She screamed. She sprang out of her desk like a mad man and began kissing all over her face. "I like how you act like she's the only one you see." China rolled her eyes. "b**** I saw yall in every class. I haven't seen Tae since yesterday. I missed her." She pouted. "I missed you too Booty Queen." Tae laughed pinching her butt.

Was it wrong to say I was waiting for them to start making out, but then I thought about seeing Coco naked. That was a big no no.
I shook the thought out of my head just in time to see Mike getting his hand bended back by Coco. "Aye Coco! What are you doing?" She looked back at me still bending his hand. "I was talking to Tae when I felt this nigga's hand all on my ass. You know damn well I don't play that Christopher." I shrugged my shoulders, she had a good reason to do it. "Now apologize." Mike let out a little scream when she bent it back the furthest it could go. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, it won't ever happen again! I promise!" He screamed. She let go of his hand and he held on to it. "That's what yo thirst ass get." Tae mugged him. He flicked her off and turned around and wrapped his hand in his jacket. I then heard the bell for detention ring and we all hauled ass out of that classroom. "s*** my mom is gonna whoop my ass." I said, fumbling with my key. "My whole family is gonna beat mine." Tae pouted, also having trouble with her keys. "Bye babe." She kissed James and she climbed into her car with Mannie and China. He waved to her and walked over to my car.

"Alrighty Christopher, I'll see you later." I glared at him. "Nigga, don't call me that." He chuckled. "Why not? Tae calls you by your real name, so why can't I?" I finally unlocked my car and opened up the door. "Because. She's cute you're not." He shook his head and looked at me hard. "Chris, you aren't feeling my girl are you. Because if you are, we're going to have a problem." He said poking me in my chest then pointing to him. "Nigga ain't nobody scared of yo short ass, and if it makes you feel better, no I'm not feeling Tae." I lied. He put his hands up and backed away. "Okay then. Bye Christopher." It took everything in me not to punch him in his face. I rolled my eyes and got in the car when Coco pulled up beside me. "You like Coco." She taunted. I flicked her off and turned my car on. "Race you home. Go!" She pulled off in front of me and I raced after her. Hopefully we don't get pulled over, because I damn sure can't afford a ticket.

Run it

CoCo and It's coming I done wrote like 5 chapters, I just ain't posted them yet..I will post just for you :)

Oh yeah!! Where is my add on Stuck On Stupid??

You know what, I'll use you!! I needed another person anyways. Thanks!! I just need your name.

I still wish her and james wouldn't have made up but hey if she happy whatever. Chris slick jealous..i love it lol if you need an aquarius for your story..i gotchu lmao...anyway


<a href="">Mannie</a>

<a href="">China</a>

Leo~~ <a href="">James</a>

Scorpio Positive Traits~
Determined and forceful
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and passionate

Scorpio Negative Traits~
Jealous and resentful
Compulsive and obsessive
Secretive and obstinate.

I can't believe she blew up on me. I promise that I ain't f***ing with Brianna no more. I heard she f***ing with Mrs. Bowman, that's why she passing her classes. Anyways, I stood there for a minute, then I went to find Tae and talk. But when I turned the corner she was sitting there talking with Chris, but I heard every word. The only negative things about Tae is that she is so damn insecure, and she has a hard time forgiving a nigga. People think it's just that I cheat cheat cheat on her. But nah, I love her. I ain't even really cheat on her with Brianna, she just happened to walk in on her bout to give a nigga head. She said she forgave me, yet she continues to bring it up. I now know what Kevin Hart was talking about. s*** ain't that funny anymore. I can't believe she chose to talk to that nigga over me that's some bulls***. That's okay, when she see me with her in detention bet she won't say s*** to him. I knew just how to get it too.

Tae's POV

It was after school and I was sitting in detention with my <a href="">besties,</a> when James walked in with Chris and Mike right behind him. They were all laughing and I just looked at James. "Oh s***! Is that Chris? He is so f***ing cute!" Mannie screeched. "Girl calm yo ass down. He ain't as cute as my man." I smacked my lips at China. "Don't nobody want Tevin ugly ass." She looked at me and made a stank face. "b**** he yo brother, your twin brother. You look like him." I held up my hand and got my mirror and a picture of Tevin out. "Nah, I don't think so." Mike laughed. "She always gotta go the extra mile to prove she's right." I looked up at him with a confused face. "What are you talking about my purse wasn't even three feet away." He shook his head. "Why is she so damn sarcastic man?" Mike asked James. "I don't know, but I love it." I rolled my eyes. "Can I talk to you for a second?" He asked looking at me. "You just did." I said getting out my notebook and working on my problems for math. "Nigga give me my s***!" I yelled at James after he took my book. "No profanity!" I looked at Mrs. Bowman. "Why the hell are you always around here? Like I know we got about 20 different teachers or more in this damn school, why are you the only one always around? Damn, I can't stand yo ass." I vented. Everybody in detention thought it was funny. I was forreal. While yelling at Mrs. Bowman I noticed I was getting further from her. I looked back to see James pulling me to the back where no one could hear you. What does he want?

James' POV

"What?" She asked with a full blown attitude. Who the hell she think she talking to? "Look Tae, calm yo ass down. I'm f***ing tired of your damn attitude, it's rude as f***. I don't wanna talk to you anymore-" "Then don't." She turned to walk away, but I turned her around and she looked at me. She wasn't going to give me the time to talk until she calmed her ass down. I pulled her closer and kissed her. She tensed up a bit, but soon relaxed. I glided my tongue across her bottom lip and she opened her mouth. For about five minutes we kissed, she then tapped on my shoulder, signaling she needed air. I pulled out and she gasped for air. Her dramatic ass. "Damn." She whispered looking at me. "You got my attention." She finally sat down and I sat down by her.

"Listen, you know damn well I love you, but you gotta let the past be the past. You keep bringing that s*** up. Then you try to get mad at me when I tell you to let it go. The only reason I let it go was because you said you forgave me after two weeks of avoiding me. Stop saying you forgive me then bring up again, I hate that s***. You make me feel bad as f***. It was one time baby, I swear it was. And I don't like you talking to Chris, I feel threatened and as your man I shouldn't feel like that." She smiled at me. "Aww, you are so cute when you are jealous. But I don't know who the f*** you thought I was. I'll talk to any nigga I want. But, I still love you. Quit being so damn territorial. That ain't cute. I'm not your property, I'm your girlfriend. I'm also your best friend, so don't be like that okay?" I nodded and she pecked my lips. "Now come on so you can help me with this damn homework." I laughed, she never really was the best at math, but she had an A so she was doing something right.

Chris' POV

I looked behind me to see Tae kissing James. They made up that fast, damn. I ain't even get a real chance to holla. You know hat? That's cool, James been my boy since middle school. I couldn't do that to him, even if he did do it to me...twice. Brianna used to be my b****, but after that incident with him, I broke it off quick. I guess he did mean it when he said he could take my b****. Then again I did ignore her at that party so I if you couldn't tell, I didn't even like her. I just needed eye candy. "Hi, I'm Mannie." This light skinned girl introduced herself, she was cute, but we all know who I really want. "No you thirsty." The darker one mumbled. "Wassup, I'm Chris." I chuckled. "Oh trust me, she knows who you are already. I'm China." I stared at her wide eyed. "You're the China that Tevin stay talking about." She looked at Mannie then back at me. "Good I hope." I nodded and she smiled. "So Christopher, how is it that you know my brother, my bestfriend, and my boyfriend of two years, but I only met you today?" I looked back to see Tae and James holding hands. I slighty rolled my eyes. I was about to ask you the same damn thing.

Run it

I wonder how detention is going to be. Run it

Run it

ummm yeah I don't like James like at all..Tae is too good for him..and Chris was getting it in the bathroom..Kae is annoying AF he need to go left with that one..umm lost my train of thought so RUN IT

Chris' POV

I saw Tae looking at me so I nooded at her, just to clarify that she was indeed looking at me. When she nodded back at me, I started to smile. Then I heard Kae smack her lips. ”Chris why you looking over there, I'm right here.” I rolled my eyes at her. I was so damn through with her over emotional ass. My mom warned me about these Pisces, I hated that she was so emotional. But ehen it came to sex, that s*** was a total turn on. I then felt something wet on my shoulder. I looked down to see Kae crying on my shoulder. See what I mean, she's over emotional. ”Kae, why you crying?” She looked at me. ”Don't act like you care now.”  I shook my head. ”I'm not acting, I really don't care to be honest. But it's either talk or walk, cause I can get pussy from any b**** in here.” Her miuth dropped open and I just looked at her. ”Why don't you love me Chris? I constantly give you everything you want, but you never give me anything back. I deserve at least one thing back.” She cried. I picked her up and set her down off of my lap. ”I don't give you one thing, I give you two things. One, I give you a good f***. Two, I give you the time of my day. I told yo ass from day one, no emotions just sex. You said you could go with that, but I guess not. Sorry Kae, imma have to cut you off the d***.” I got up and left her table. ”Hey Tanya.” I said walking up to <a href="">her</a> and whispering in her ear. ”Okay.” She giggled. She got up and said bye to her friends and we walked towards the door.

”f*** yeah Chris! Oh! Don't stop, don't stop!” Tanya screamed. We were in the bathroom while I pumped in and out of her. ”Christopher! You get out of that bathroom right now!” I heard Mrs. Bowman yell. ”Alright! Wait till I nut!” I was so close to nutting too. ”I said now!” I pulled out and Tanya started jerking me off. ”Go..uhh s***...go eat Brianna out then maybe you'll be good.” I heard ger gasp and then I heard her heels clicking away. ”f***!” I groaned as I nutted in Tanya's mouth. I gripped a good portion of her hair as I pushed my d*** to the back of her throat. After I was done she swallowed it all up. ”Mmm, papi you taste so good.” She moaned. I smiled at her and pulled up my pants. I kissed her forehead and put on the remainder of my clothes. ”Thanks for that.” She nodded, reapplying her makeup. I walked out of the bathroom and heard some sort of yelling. I walked around the corner to see my boy James and Tae arguing. ”You was practically drooling over my boy Tae, what the f*** you mean I'm overreacting!” He yelled she blew hard and looked at him. ”First don't be getting loud with me. You was drooling all over them hoes at my locker. And so the f*** what, I think ONE other guy than you is sexy! Nobody f***ing said I loved his ass! You always assuming s***! You have the audasity to question my love for you, when I should be questioning yours for me! You have tons of girls prettier thab me, but you chose me out of all of them. Damn shame. I wouldn't be so stressed if it wasn't for you.” James smacked his lips. ”Man, why you gotta be so damn insecure. What happened to the hard Tae? I want her back.” She looked at him with the coldest glare. ”Oh you mean the Tae that was stuck up your ass all day! The Tae that never listened when people said you were bad for me! The f***ing Tae that fought b****es over your pathetic ass, well she's dead and gone!” She turned and walked away. I tried to turn to walk away, but my slow ass was bumped into Tae from behind. My weed fell out of my pocket, or at least I thought it was mine. ”s***!” She cursed. I watched as she picked it up and just sat down. ”Why are you staring at me?” She mumbled. I could hear her soft sniffles. ”Because you are next to the principal's office with a bag of weed in your lap like you and him are about to have a smoke session.” She chuckled and placed the baggie in her pocket. I wanted to ask if I was the one she was talking about, but then again I didn't want her to blow up on me.

”So, you okay?” I asked in an awkward tone. ”No, not really.” She answered in a soft tone. Her whole tough demeanor had went to a sweet and innocent one. ”I never really got why he liked me. Girls these days can provide him with what he wants. Sex, head, and even someone to show off at parties. But he chose me. I don't give him any of those. His old hoes were thicker, and freakier. One even asked if I would leave him to have a lesbian origy with her.” I moaned a bit thinking about it. ”Why would I say that in front of your horny ass?” I laughed. ”Can't help it. But can you give me old girl's number, I wouldn't mind watching that.” She shook her head and looked at me. ”You're a real good listener Christopher.” I smacked my lips. ”Girl, quit calling me by my government. It's just Chris.” She oh'd and necked herself. ”Well I gotta go tell my coach I won't be at practice. I'll see you later?” She smiled and nodded at me. ”Bye Tae.” She waved at me. ”Bye Christopher.” I shook my head, I hope she keep calling me that. I like the way it soumds when she says it.

Man let me date Tae brother lol his fine ass lmao, but forreal James is too nice..with them thirsty ass hoes && Damn Brianna bi sexual??? Well she just a hoe nevermind and I already love Triple T's relationship. and James ass would be jealous..i want the back story of James and other words...RUN THIS ISH lol

I know I said it was chicken day, but I changed it to pizza, thanks for the comments!!

Tae's POV

I looked back at Mike and smiled at him. He just glared at me and stuck his tongue at me. ”Love you.” I cooed. ”f*** you.” He said flicking me off. ”I think you should put I want to in front of that.” The class, once again, laughed. I'm not your usual class clown. I'm into sports, I have phenomenal grades, and I have a boyfriend that isn't you're typical bad boy. He used to sell drugs, but he stopped once he got his first arrest. He too gets good grades, but for some reason, he thinks it's okay to copy off my work and say it's his.. We've been off and on for about two years. He's the biggest a**hole I ever met, besides myself, but sometimes he's too nice to people. Like my family, they absolutely adore him. Let me tell you about them. My mom and dad kicked the bucket when I was 6, so we live with my grandmother. I had a two older siblings, we were triplets. First came <a href="">Tamara,</a> then <a href="">Tevin,</a> then me. Yup, I was the youngest and the worst of them. We all acted the same, our school called us ”The Terror Triplets a.k.a Triple T.” Finally the school bell rung and I hauled ass out of that class to the lunchroom. Today was chicken day and I was hungry as f***. And I'd be damned if I have to threaten these damn people again about having the smallest piece of chicken.

As I raced down the halls, I saw this huge crowd of girls by my locker. ”Aww, I'm so jealous. I wish I had a man like you.” A girl said. ”Me too, I need a man like you.” I rolled my eyes. ”No yall need some water for yall thirsty asses. I'm surprised yall ain't dehydrated yet.” I heard one of them smack their lips and when they turned they froze. ”What hoe?” She shook her head and moved around me with her groupies following her. ”Baby why you gotta be so mean?” I turned to see <a href="">him.</a> ”Because, your too nice to these thirsty ass hoes.” He rolled his eyes. ”Baby, why you gotta call them out of their name like that.” I smacked my lips, see what I mean. He's too damn nice. ”You know what, it's irrelevant, take their side, I'm going to eat, bye.” He grabbed my elbow and hugged me from behind. ”No, I'm mad at you.” He squeezed me tighter as I began to squirm in his arms. ”Why?” He asked, moving my hair off my shoulder. ”You chose those hoes over me.” I pouted as I turned around. ”I didn't choose them over you.” I nodded my head, ”Yes you did, James.” He smirked at me. ”So if I chose them hoes over you, why am I here, instead of them?” I shrugged my shoulders. ”I think you do know.” I smiled to myself as he closed his eyes and pecked my lips. I then saw that boy, Christopher. ”Hey, Christopher!” I yelled, he stopped and turned my way. "I'll catch up with you at lunch babe." I pecked him on his lips and began walking towards Christopher. "Uh, hi Tae..right?" I smiled and nodded. "So wassup, you had so much to say to Mrs. Bowman, you ain't got s*** to say to me." He chuckled and grabbed a piece of paper. "Well, I just found out if we don't show up to school detention, we are absolutely f***ed. I don't give a damn, but my momma she crazy as f***." I totally got were he came from. "My grandma is the same way. Well I guess I'll see you after school." He dapped me up and turned to go to wherever he was headed.

"Who was that nigga?" James asked me. "Yo jealous ass, he was nobody, but my acquaintance boo. We both got after school detention." He scrunched up his face. "Well I'm coming, I don't want lover boy to try something on you." I rolled my eyes. "Like <a href="">Brianna</a> trying all those things on you." I mumbled. I heard him sigh. "Look, it was one time, I promise you it was. How many times I gotta say I'm sorry?" I stopped walking and turned towards him. "When I feel your sorry ass is telling the truth." I turned and ran to the bathroom. I hated Brianna. She was prettier, thicker, and nastier. I knew James loved him a freak. I was one, but not like Brianna. She once let the whole football team run a train on her. I'm not making this up, she made them record it. I just shook my head. I dried my tears and walked out the stall to see Brianna walking in. "Oh look who it is. Little Mrs. James. How are you? Fresh meat." She and her posse laughed. "I'm great how's that pussy though, is it still fresh, I heard you let Mrs. Bowman f*** you last night." Her mouth dropped wide open and I laughed. I finally stopped feeling the moment. I walked out of the bathroom and into the cafeteria.

"Oh my gosh! Tae, you won't believe this!" Tamara ran up to me. "What? What is it?" She held out a paper and it had an A+ on it. "Tammy you f***ing aced your mid-terms!" I exclaimed. "I know!" I hugged her tightly and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "If you didn't stay on my ass about studying, then I would've never did it." I popped my imaginary collar. "Well you know-" "Tae, shut up!" I turned to see Tevin walking towards us laughing. "Man, shut the f*** up Tevin! You always gotta say some s***." He wrapped his hand around my waist and pecked my cheek. "You know I'm only playing. I want you to meet one of my niggas, Drizzy, or Drake, but neither of those is his real name." <a href="">He</a> stepped up with his hand out.

"Wassup shawty." I raised my eyebrow, Tevin took the signal and stepped in. "Don't do that, she'll rip yo ass to shreds if you call her shawty. She prefers her actual name, which is Tae." Drake smiled and nodded. "Well my bad, hello Tae." I waved and shook his hand. "I think I'm gonna call you Taz, since I can tell you like to cause destruction." I stopped shaking his hand. "And what if I don't like that name?" He looked around then back at me. "You probably would've been cut my tongue out." I shrugged my shoulders and said bye to the group. I went to go find James and he was sitting at our table with the cheesiest pizza. "Aww boo, you shouldn't have." He laughed. "You know I had to, just for you, because I love yo hot-tempered ass." I bit into the pizza and smiled. "Uh! Eww, that's nasty." He pushed me back by my chest, this nigga think he slick. "Quit groping Mia and Leah." He jerked his head back. "Who the f*** is Mia and Leah?" I pointed to my left boob. "This is Mia.." Then I pointed to my right, "this is Leah." I then pulled my shirt down a bit so he could see the tattoos I had. "When did you get those, I've seen you plenty of times in a bathing suit and never noticed those." I laughed at his facial expression as he just stared at my twins. "I got 'em Saturday." I said looking across the room. I saw <a href="">them</a> sitting at another table. Chris nodded at me and I nodded back. "Why you all up in that nigga kool-aid?" I smacked my lips and pushed him in his head, he winced in pain. "Aye, don't do that, my head still hurt from when you put my braids in yesterday." I then gave him my undivided attention. "You should take them out on Thursday night and wear your hair curly on Friday." He nodded his head as if he was considering my idea. He better or Imma beat his ass.


RUN IT, I swear Tae could be my best friend...i like her.!

AWW Tae and Chris seem like a cool pair. They both don't give a f***. Lol. I'd like to see where this one goes! run it!!