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The Way That I Love You

Trashae Harris was a beautiful girl who was focused on nothing but her education and her best friends, Victoria and Jace. They were as thick as thieves and so were her and her drug lord brother Damien Harris. But that all changes when she meets Xavier Cross her senior year in high school and she falls head over heels despite everyone's warnings and restraints.

But when her already 'on-the-rocks' relationship becomes abusive, drugs get involved, and someone from her past reemerges, she has no one to turn to, who will be there to save her before she loses her life? Will the one who was there all along be the one to pick up the broken pieces?


omg u cant leave us hanging like that!! when r u doing the sequel?? we dnt even know what pooh gonna do to zay ass n i need to know that he murked that nigga lol. it

Awww s*** u cnt leave us like dat run it please

First, I am so sorry for having you all wait as long as you did for this chapter and the one before this one. School has started and I have Cheerleading practice after school that lasts until like 5:30 so I’ve just been tired but I decided that I’ve made you all wait long enough. Also, I have on some long acrylic nails so it is kind of hard to type right so I apologize for any mistakes right now because I usually don’t read over my chapter until I publish it. But let me stop talking/typing lol. Enjoy!!!!

Xavier’s POV

I can’t believe that I done did all this for that b**** and she just gone do me wrong like that and cheat on me; AND WITH A NIGGA WHO HAD IT OUT FOR ME!!! She was sleeping with the enemy and had me almost trapped with that nigga kid who I thought was mine. So all three of they ass can rot in hell together, him, him and that damn baby. f*** all of them and f*** all these other hoes and I swear if Money kids ain’t mine then I’ma do that b**** the same way I did Shae. That b**** thought I used to beat her ass, today she saw what a REAL ass whoopin’ was from me, I never really hit that b**** but I did today and I killed her ass. Stupid b****. Don’t y’all b****es know that y’all supposed to stay y’all stupid asses at home, cook and clean for us, get on them knees, keep that pussy wet and tight and don’t complain? I guess y’all don’t huh? I was in my car on my way to Money house driving crazy as hell because I was beyond pissed; I’ve never been this angry since, hell never. I just can’t get over this s***. I gave this b**** everything in me, yeah I know I was a little rough around the edges but damn she ain’t even have to be like that! I wonder who else her ass was f***ing with me, I’ma go get my ass checked too to make sure this b**** ain’t give me s*** since she wanna throw the pussy to the enemy but not to me?

I pulled up to Money’s house and hopped out my car and made my way to the front door unlocking it with the spare I had and slamming the door behind me only to be yelled at by her. “Don’t be slamming my door nigga!” she screamed from her room as I huffed and walked into her room; she was only in her bra and panties looking like she had just got out the shower. She was going on 6 months and her ass looked like she was ready to pop with twins. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and hers went around my neck. “What you doin’ here? And what the hell happened to your face?” she began to ask making me roll my eyes.

“Listen it’s just me and you iight?” I said and she sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes stepping away from me.

“Xavier you been saying that just to say it, just to make me feel better. If it ain’t the truth please don’t say it cause I’m tired of the lies and of expecting this from you and getting another thing. My heart can’t take this s*** no more.” She said not looking at me but rummaging through her drawers putting on some shorts and a tank top.

“Baby I swear on everything I love I’m telling you the truth.” I said and I heard her mumble something under her breath and she rolled her eyes making me sigh. “I found out about Shae.” I mumbled and she stopped what she was doing and looked over at me.

“What?” she asked.

“I said I found about Shae.” I said louder for her to hear me this time.

“What’d you find out?” she asked coming closer to me as I took a seat at the edge f the bed.

“That she was cheatin’ on me with that nigga I owed money to and it wasn’t even my baby, it’s his.” I explained to her through clenched teeth and my hands were in fists from wanting to hit that b**** again. She let out a little laugh and I glared up at her. “f*** you laughin’ for?! s*** AIN’T f***IN FUNNY!!” I yelled standing up now.

“I know that, I wasn’t laughing at you, I was laughing at her for loosing something so good. But you know, one man’s loss is another man’s treasure, even she was a woman but you know what I mean.” She said sitting me back down on the bed and sitting in my lap. “So you swear it’s just me and you?” She asked placing her face in the crook of my neck and kissing me behind my ear.

“Yup, you me and the twins.” I said as she kept kissing on my neck. “And I want a DNA test when they here too.” I added and she stopped and looked at me before rolling her eyes.

“Whatever.” She said and I smiled at her and she smiled back and she leaned down and kissed me before it got intense and I rolled us over where I was on top of her and positioned myself between her legs. I began kissing her on her neck and went lower until I was face to face with her center. I pulled down her shorts along with her panties and went to work.

“I love you Zay.” I heard Money mumble on my chest. I had just got done taking out all my anger and stress out on her pussy and we were cuddling in her bed. I looked down at her and furrowed my brows, I know I had love FOR Money but I ain’t know if I really loved her, so I didn’t reply and she didn’t say anything about it as her breathing evened out and I knew she had fallen asleep. I quickly and quietly removed myself from under her body and out the bed and began putting on my clothes before I placed a kiss on her forehead and picked up my phone off the nightstand and saw that it was going on 5:30 in the morning and I had gotten here around 5:30 yesterday. I huffed and made my way out the room and the front door locking it behind me and walking over to my car. I got in and I saw something-no, someone out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and there sat Damien, Shae’s brother, sitting in the backseat; scaring me so bad I almost screamed like a b**** and pissed myself.
“f*** YOU DOIN’ IN MY CAR?” I asked him my heart still racing but not from just getting scared s***less but because of what I knew I had done to Shae. I was as good as dead. He didn’t say anything and I made the move to get my gun out the glove department but as soon as I moved he pulled his gun out on me pressing it to my temple with the scariest look in his eyes that made me once again want to piss myself.

“Don’t. f***ing. Move.” He said slowly, clearly, and through clenched teeth. We sat there for a moment and I tried once again to make a move by snatching the gun out of his hand but he was faster than me and ended up pistol whipping me in the side of my head sending me into a blackout.

Damien’s POV

“Come on Pooh!” I heard Shae scream from the porch of our childhood home. “Mama said the food is ready Pooh come on!” she screamed again and I came over to her on the porch as she walked in the house and I behind her. I walked into the kitchen and saw that my mom had made my favorite broccoli casserole with white rice, cheese and broccoli on top and chicken and rolls.
“Hey mama!” Shae and I both said hugging her around her legs.
“Hey babies!” she said bending down and kissing us both on our foreheads. “Y’all go wash up, I’m almost done here and your daddy is gone be home soon.” She said smiling and me and Shae looked at each other devilishly.

“I’ll race you.” I said and she nodded.

“Your mark, get set, go!” she said taking off when she said “set”.

“HEY YOU’RE CHEATING!” I yelled after her as she laughed and sprinted up the steps toward the hallway bathroom.

“I won.” She smiled over at me when I had reached the bathroom and I glared at her.

“You wouldn’t have if you didn’t cheat.” I said washing my hands along with hers in the sink.

“Oh don’t be such a sore loser Pooh.” She said laughing and I huffed and rolled my eyes. She went to dry her hands and when she turned back around to face me I flicked the water from my fingers onto her face causing her to scream out in surprise and I took off not even drying my hands. “I’m gonna get you Poohbear!” she screamed chasing me all around upstairs until I cut a corner and she bumped into a table and knocked over a vase with water and pretty roses mama had picked from her garden outside. I turned around and he gasped at the same time.

“Oooo mama gone kill you!” I said pointing at her as tears filled her eyes and she dropped to her knees trying to clean everything up.

“WHAT Y’ALL DOIN’ UP THERE?!” I heard mama yell from downstairs.
“Nothing!” we replied simultaneously and then we heard the front door open and the alarm beep. Shae and I both looked at each other wide eyed before running over to the catwalk that looked over the kitchen, dining and living room.

“Wessup baby?” I heard daddy say to mama as he kissed her and grabbed her butt.

“Eww!” Shae and I whispered loudly.

“Hey baby.” She said back smiling as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and rested his head in the crook of her neck.

“Where the kids at? Ion here they asses.” He asked.

“Upstairs up to no good I assume.” She said laughing and he did too letting her go and making his way to the stairs and Shae began to panic.

“Pooh please don’t tell on me I didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident! Pooh please don’t-“ she was about to plead again as we were now standing in front of the broken glass vase.

“Damien! Shae!” daddy called coming up the steps at a steady pace. I looked over at Shae and she was back on the ground trying to clean up the mess saying ‘ow!’ several times. Before daddy could reach the top of the stairs I snatched Shae up off the floor and stood her up next to me right as he appeared in front of us. “What y’all doin?” he asked looking between the two of us. I looked over at Shae and she had begun to cry again but silently even though daddy hadn’t even noticed the mess yet. “Baby what you cryin’ for?” he asked her coming up to her and that’s when he stepped on the glass and looked down and Shae began to cry hysterically. “Who-“ he was about to ask but I cut him off.

“I did it.” I said holding my head down looking at my feet. I could feel Shae burning a hole in the side of my face.

“No he didn’t daddy I did it.” She said and I looked up then and glared at her. Daddy looked between the two of us with a raised brow and a smirk on his face.

“So you did it?” he asked pointing at me and I nodded yes while Shae shook her head no still crying. “Soooo YOU did it?” he asked pointing to Shae and I shook my head no and she nodded yes making daddy laugh. “Y’all are a mess.” He laughed and we looked at him curiously. Why was he laughing? “Why are you cryin’ baby girl?” he asked after his laughter subsided.

“Cause my hands hurt, they keep stingin’.” She whined. He gestured for her to let him see them and when she pulled them from behind her back his eyes widened and so did mine. Her hand was bleeding bad and had several cuts in them from trying to clean up the glass on the floor.

“How the hell you do that?” he asked her concerned as she continued to cry.

“I tried to clean up the glass.” She wept.

“You can’t pick up broken glass with your bare hands baby.” He sighed picking her up. “Let’s go get you cleaned up.” He said and motioned for me to follow him down the stairs and into the kitchen where he sat Shae on the counter in the kitchen.

“What happened to her hands?!” mama asked frantically.

“One of them knocked over a vase upstairs and she tried to clean it up with her hands.” Daddy explained and mama sighed coming over to me and looking at my uninjured hands. She went into the cabinet and got out the first aid kit as she began to work on Shae’s hand and daddy placed his hand on my shoulder and led me down the hall and into his office and closing the door behind him. “I wanna show you something.” He said and motioned me to sit down I the chair across from his desk and I did. He walked over to a picture on his wall and took it off the wall exposing a big box in the wall.

“Daddy what’s that?” I asked him but he didn’t answer me as he pulled out a big bag of what looked like white powder then another one filled with something that looked like pencil shavings. “What’s that?” I asked again as he sat it on the desk along with a large black bag. “What’s in that?” I asked.

“Stop askin’ all them damn questions boy and let me explain.” He said sitting down behind the desk. “You ever wonder what I do? Why I sometimes don’t come back at nights for days and days or sometimes even weeks?” he asked and to think about it, I did actually.

“Yeah.” I said. “I would always ask mama where you were and she would say you were gone on business. Daddy what that mean?” I asked and he laughed shortly.

“What I told you bout all them questions?” he asked with a smile. “Iight, so you 10 now so I think you old enough to know. I’m in my own business, I have many, many people who work for me. They make, measure, package, and either ship or sell this stuff right here depending on where they are. And this isn’t it but this is all I have on me right now. This right here,” he said picking up the bag of white powder, “is crack. Depending on how you like to ingest the s***, you can sniff it or smoke it.” He explained then picked up the next bag. “And this is weed, best s*** in the world right here son. It calms you and relaxes you-“ he explained.

“Can I try it?” I asked him excitedly.

“Hell nah you can’t try it!” he said with a laugh.

“Why you tellin’ me this daddy?” I asked.

“Cause bein’ in this game son, every new day I see is a blessing. These streets show no love or mercy so just in case something happen, I want you to know the ropes. And I want you to learn from the best iight?” he said and I nodded. “And when you in this, you get this.” He said unzipping the big black bag and showing me a bag full of hundreds and I wanted to reach out and touch it.

“Is that all?” I asked and he laughed again.

“Not even close. I got millions of stacks like this.” He said smiling and getting up from his seat and putting the things back in the hole in the wall. “And this is a safe.” He added closing it and putting the picture back over it. “But I ain’t gone talk about this s*** all in one day and plus I’m hungry so let’s go.” He said walking toward s the door with me on his heels before he turned around and looked down at me. “And don’t tell your mama or Shae bout what we talked about iight?” he said and I nodded my head. He help out his hand and we dapped up and made our way to the kitchen to see mama and Shae sitting at the table already eating.

“Took y’all long enough.” Mama said as we sat down and began eating with them.

After we had eaten and mama and daddy had ‘went to bed’ me and Shae were sitting in the my room watching a movie but we kept hearing mama moan and scream. I knew exactly what they was doin too.

“Pooh?” Shae said to me making me look up at her. She was lying on my bed and I was spread out on the floor.

“Yeah?” I said to her looking back at the TV.

“Why mama always screamin and stuff?” she asked and I know the look on my face was priceless. I stood up ignoring her question and turned off the TV and grabbed her hand.

“C’mon, let’s go play outside.” I said to her.

“But it’s dark.” She said and I shrugged.

“We can turn on the lights for the yard.” I said standing up and walking downstairs and out the front door to the front yard.
“Let’s play marco polo Pooh!” she squealed with excitement.

“You play that in the pool.” I told her and she placed her hands on her hips and glared at me.

“And?” she asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Fine.” She put a smile on her face and placed her hands over her eyes and I did the same.

“Maro!”she called out and I ran the opposite direction I heard her voice in.

“Polo!” I called out and I heard her footsteps coming closer so I began to run again.

“Marco!” she called again closer than ever making my heart race cause she wasn’t about to catch me.

“Polo!” I yelled freezing so that I could hear her call out again.

“Marco.” She said calmly from behind me making me yell out. She began to laugh at me and clap her hands. “Why’s you have your eyes closed? I’m the only one that closes their eyes.” She teased still laughing a little.

“Nuh uh! I close my eyes too!” I defended cause I really thought I was supposed to; she shook her head no. “Well that’s not fair! Re-do!” I said.

“Nope, you better get to calling!” she teased sticking out her tongue at me and running off. I placed my hands over my eyes and began running after where I heard her footsteps. “Marco!” I called.

“Polo!” she screamed and sounded very far away. I wish I knew I didn’t have to cover my eyes, she would still be calling Marco, and me Polo.

“Marco!” I called again.

“Polo!” she screamed before I heard three loud bangs.

“What was that?” I asked loudly to myself but shrugged it off. “Marco!” I yelled to no response. “Marco!” I screamed again with still no reply. I took my hands from my eyes and looked around the huge yard and saw her feet coming out from behind a bush. “Shae that’s not fair! You have to call back to me so that I know where to-“ I began ranting until I reached the bush and saw her bleeding body. “SHAE!!” I screamed dropping to my knees and picking her up. She had three holes bullet holes in her body and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as her breathing became ragged.

“Damien!” I heard my dad call but I was too focused on Shae.

“Damien!!” I heard mama call next.

“Damien wake up!!!” daddy called.

“DAMIEN!!!” I heard and I shot upright in my bed. My body was sweaty and I was shaking. I looked to my right and saw a scared looking Tori sitting next to me. “You iight?” she asked me and I just couldn’t answer at the moment.

“I remember that day…” I said to myself.

“Remember what day?” she asked me but I ignored her and not purposely.

“But that’s not how it ended.” I said.

“Damien what are you talking about?” she asked sounding irritated. I began to feel a certain type of pain in my heart and I knew that something wasn’t right. I picked up my phone off the nightstand and dialed Shae’s number only for her not to answer. I sighed and dialed it again and again until it just started going to voicemail. “What’s goin’ on D you really startin’ to scare me!” she said as I got out of bed and threw on some black basketball shorts, a white V-neck tee, white socks and my Jordan slides and was about to head out the door.

“I’ll be right back.” I told her kissing her on her forehead and walking out the room before she could protest. I sprinted down the stairs grabbing my keys off the table by the door and walking out the house and getting into my car. It only took me about 1 minute to get to Shae’s house, I hopped out the car and walked up to the front door knocking on it. When nobody answered, knocking turned into banging and nobody still answered. I turned the doorknob and sucked my teeth to find out that the door was unlocked the whole time. I walked in and it was pitch black dark, I took my phone out my pocket and saw that it was about 2:15 in the morning. I scrolled through my apps and found the ‘Flashlight’ app and turned it on and found the light switch. I turned it on and the first thing I saw was blood all over the carpet and I began to panic a little. I walked slowly to the source of where it all was coming from and saw Shae lying lifeless on the floor in a pool of her own blood. I dropped down to my knees like I had in my dream and saw that she had been shot three time; cradled her body getting blood all over myself, She began to cough violently, blood splattering everywhere. “Who did this to you?” I asked on the verge of tears.

“Zay.” She responded then coughed again and I couldn’t even explain the anger that went through my body. “H-he k-killed….mar…” she tried to say.

“Marcus?” I asked and she nodded weakly and my anger rose even more.

“Beat me…..for…..a while.” She coughed out and her eyes began to flutter. “I love you Damien.” She said and my breath caught. She never calls me by my real name unless it’s serious and I knew it was this time.

“I love you too Shae but you got hold on iight?” I said to her but she didn’t respond as her breathing began to shallow. “No no no no!!! SHAE!!!” I yelled. I picked her up bridal style and ran to my car placing her in carefully before getting in myself and speeding toward the hospital. I picked up my phone and dialed Tori’s number.

“Is everything ok?” is the first thing she said when she answered and I couldn’t say anything. “Damien, I hear you breathing. Tell me wessup.” She said into the phone softly.
“Come to the hospital.” Is all I said before I hung up on her because I didn’t want to explain; not now I couldn’t. I had pulled into the ER section of the hospital and thre the car in par before getting out and grabbing Shae and dashing into the entrance. “She needs somebody, quickly. She got beat and shot 3 times.” I said calmly which surprised even me. The woman looked at me with wide eyes before calling someone on the phone on her desk and people rushed in and took her from me. Out of all the people, I saw Jessica and she was on the verge of tears.
“What happened to her?!” she asked frantically.

“I’m not really sure I just found her like this.” I said which was half true and half a lie. She sighed and wiped her eyes before walking back with all the other doctors. I started pacing the floor impatiently for about 5 minutes when I heard the door open and Tori along with my niggas poured into the ER.
“Is she alright?!” most of them asked and I shook my head no.
“I found her shot like 3 times and beat…..bad.” I added at the end and everyone had negative reactions.

“Who would do that?!” Tori cried and I shrugged. I wasn’t gone tell her who did it, not yet at least.

“Just sit down baby iight?” I told her and she nodded and went and sat down.

“So who did it?” Jace asked me with anger in his eyes.

“That nigga Xavier did that s*** mane and I swear to God bruh y’all just fall the f*** back cause that nigga mine and that’s on the set.” I said pounding my fist into the palm of my hand.

“You swear you good man?” Eric asked me and I nodded letting him know that I would be iight before we walked over to the chairs and took our seats.

We had been sitting here for at least 2 hours and hadn’t heard anything from anyone. Even Jessica knew nothing of what was going on because they wouldn’t let nurses in the room, just doctors. I was trying to be strong for D but it was so hard because both of us being a wreck wasn’t going to help anybody. I was scared for the baby, and for my sister. I don’t know what would happen if we all lost Shae, it would be so hard and I know that D would be completely closed in like he was when their parents died. He didn’t talk to anyone but Shae and his crew only about business and it was sad and I felt for him even though we weren’t together at the time. Shae was the only family he had left considering the fact that they didn’t know anyone outside their family and if he lost her-

“Family of TraShae Harris.” I heard a man say and everyone stood up quick and rushed him, making him step back with wild eyes. I looked up at him and his face was unreadable but Jessica was standing next to him crying silently.

“How is she and how’s the baby?” I asked.

“We had to do an emergency C-Section and thankfully, she birthed a beautiful baby girl who she wished to name Cara Amour Smith. 1 pound and 3 ounces, she was very well developed for going on 6 months.” He said with a small smile on his face and half a sigh of relief went through the room. Now all he had to do was tell us that Shae was fine and we could breathe the rest of the sigh.

“And what about my sister?” Damein asked slowly and the doctor’s face instantly changes and read, sadness, sympathy, and understanding and beside him Jess had begun to cry even harder.
“We tried everything we could….” He started and the mood changed. “but we just couldn’t revive her.” He said and began to explain further but I don’t believe anyone listened as D walked over to a wall and punched several holes in it before some of his boys tried to restrain him.

“LET ME GO!” he yelled, his voice cracking and tears running freely down his face as he slide his back down on the wall until he was crouched on the floor with his arms covering his face as he cried hysterically. I looked around at everyone and they were also crying and so was I and Jessica sounded as if she was having troubles trying to breathe and cry at the same time. I took in a sharp breath and turned back to the doctor.

“I have to see her.” I said to him and he looked down at me with so much sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, you cannot do that right now, I need you to under-“he tried to say but was cut off when we heard a window shatter. I turned around and saw that Damien has punched the glass on the automatic door of the entrance of the ER and stormed out, speeding off in his car. I began to cry harder and looked over at Jessica, I went over and hugged her.

“What room is she in Jess?” I whispered in her ear while we embraced.

“309.” She replied and I let her go and smiled warmly at her. I turned around and saw that the doctor had busied himself with examining the holes in the walls and the shattered glass door. I had to make this quick; I looked at the door that led to the rooms in the back and dashed toward the door.

“HEY!! SOMEBODY GET HER!!” I heard the doctor yell after me trying to run after me but was snatched back by the boys. I began to slow my speed down as I began looking for the room and I saw it at the very end of the hall.

“Ma’am you’re not supposed to be back here!” I heard someone yell and I began to run and I could hear them running after me. I reached the door and burst in and closed the door, locking it behind me as they beat on the door. I walked in and saw Shae lying lifelessly on the bed, she glow in her skin was no longer and I wanted so badly to break down but I had no time for that. My sister wasn’t about to leave us here, not like this, not at the hands of a f*** nigga like Xavier. Yeah I heard Damien talking about it, like I just couldn’t hear him. I ran to the closet and looked around to see if I could find those things that they shock people with but they weren’t in there. I looked under the bed and then in some drawers and didn’t see it. I looked at the wall behind her and saw it handing there. I switched it on and rubbed it together like I saw people do on TV before I put it to her chest and her body jumped up. I looked over at the heart monitor and it was still a flat line. I rubbed then again and put it to her chest and her body jumped once again but the line didn’t. I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer that this would work. I rubbed them together again for a long time and put them to her chest, this time, her body and the line jumped which gave me hope. I rubbed them together again and put it to her chest, not even realizing that they had gotten into the room and were charging to me. Her body jumped as they tackled me to the ground.

“How dare you come back here like this when I specifically told you-“ the doctor began to say but stopped and turned toward as the room got violently silent. The only nose that filled the room was the rhythmic beating of a heart.

THE END!! (well to be continued)

Damn thats crazy he beat her to death the shot her 3 times. he a real pussy ass nigga. You can do dirt but when its done to you, you wanna take lives smh thats a shame.
Run It!!!

tf?! she's an idiot for telling him that s*** when she was there by herself---sike she's been an idiot the whole story...smh he done beat the s*** outta her n now he done shot her??? wtf is next? she almost died like 4 times already...just too much smh

run it!!!

im sad bc he died and they got the baby coming...but i have a feeling jace is gonna play a good step daddy i know they gonna get together...but will zay find out about the baby...when will $ get the s*** beat outta her?? lol
run it!!

he should have not did that run it

I don't know why It didn't put any spaces between anything but um yeah, sorry about that.

Damien’s POV
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen or even heard from Shae and that s*** was getting to me cause I never went one day without talking to her unless we were mad at eachother and that only lasted a few days but it’s been about 3 weeks. I had been calling everybody I knew asking them if they’d seen her, I even called Xavier ass and everybody know I don’t like that b**** with a passion and he said he ain’t seen or heard from her either. I had all my boys all around Cali on the lookout for her cause this s*** was stressing me out, especially since she’s pregnant. I had been calling Marcus’ ass for days and he ain’t been answering, I even went over his house and saw his cars and s*** in the driveway but when I knocked nobody answered. I stayed at her house for days on end but she never came home and she never answered her phone.I picked up my phone and dialed her number for the umpteenth time in these weeks and listened as it rang and rang until it went to voicemail.
“Hey, you’ve reached TraShae! I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your phone call right now but leave your name and I’ll be sure to get back to you! BYEEEEEE!” we both said at the end making me smile faintly.
“Hey Shae.” I said sadly after the beep. “I know this is like the hundredth voicemail you done got from me but please just call me back.” I said then paused to take a break. “I just need to know that you iight.” I said finally my voice cracking like hell. “I love you, call me back.” I hung up the phone after that and threw it across the room and put my head in my hands as my elbows rested on my legs. Words couldn’t express how I felt right now, the worst feeling is not knowing. I just need to know whether it’s good or bad, I just need to know. Then a real nigga started to shed some tears silently and I hardly ever cry but I’ve been cryin’ a lot lately cause of Shae ass man, she stay in some s*** but I still love her ass.
“Damien…” I heard Tori say sitting beside me on the edge of the bed with her hand gently resting on my back. I didn’t even hear her come in; I looked up at her with my face damp with tears.
“Something just ain’t right man, I can feel it.” I told her honestly looking in her eyes before taking my previous position and she wrapped her arms around me.
“We gone find her baby I know we are.” She tried to comfort me but in my mind I was only thinking of the worst things possible.

TraShae’s POV
It’s been about 3 weeks since Marcus’ death and his funeral was tomorrow. I had been staying at his house sleeping with his slowly fading scent every night and dreaming of him. I hadn’t been answering anyone’s calls or answering the door when people banged on it. I was too lost in my thoughts, I really hadn’t been eating anything because my appetite had left but I tried to eat something daily because I knew Cara needed it more than me and I didn’t want to harm her. She was the only thing I would have now close to him.
“I miss you so much.” I said for the thousandth time since he’d died and it wasn’t a lie. I laid limp on the bed as I began to sob in his pillow and I felt a freezing cold breeze like usual when I told him that I missed him which only made me cry harder. I laid there crying for a while when I heard my phone ring and ‘Hood Nigga’ by Gorilla Zoe came on indicating that Pooh was calling me. I rolled over and picked up my phone looking at the picture I had for him of the two of us and he was kissing me on the cheek as I made a funny face making me smile to myself. I wanted to pick up so bad cause I know he was worried sick but it’s like my body wouldn’t let me as it went to voice mail; I waited for a minute before his name popped up and I listened to it and by the end of it I was sobbing again. I wanted to tell him that I was alright but I couldn’t bring myself to do so right now with the state I was in. I began to feel Cara kick me several times and she usually did that when I hadn’t eaten; I limped out of bed and downstairs into the kitchen and fixed myself 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before going back upstairs and eating them all and her kicking soon ceased. I placed the plate on the night stand next to the bed and curled into myself and cried silently like I had been doing for the 3 weeks.

I woke up to Marcus’ mother stroking my hair and shaking my body slightly.
“Wake up honey.” She said smiling down at me faintly, her face was red along with her eyes and I knew that she’d been crying just as I had been. I sat up and she brought me into a strong embrace. “I know you haven’t been out of this house since then so I bought you an outfit, I think it’s going to fit.” She informed me and I nodded my head and she patted my leg. “Be ready in about an hour and a half.” Standing up about to make her way out. “You riding in the family limo?” she asked finally and I shook my head and she nodded before walking all the way out and closing the door behind her. I sighed and got out of bed grabbing undergarments from my drawer and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind me. I turned on the shower before I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair up into a bun so that it wouldn’t get wet. I looked in the mirror at myself and I had to admit that I didn’t look like my regular self. I had slight bags under my eyes and my eyes were bloodshot red from lack of sleep and crying compulsively. I sighed and stepped into the shower engulfing my body in the steam and the hot water; I suddenly felt that I couldn’t stand and I slid down the tile wall onto the shower floor and cried, I don’t know for how long but I cried. I heard a knock on the bathroom door and pulled myself together and washed my body quickly and got out. “Everything alright?” I heard her ask.
“Yes ma’am, I’ll be out in a minute.” I replied, my voice cracking. I pulled on my undergarments and walked back into my room to see the outfit sitting on my bed. It was a beautiful Alexander Wang silk and leather dress that stopped right below the knee with a pair of open toe wedges by Nicholas Kirkland and to top it off, a big hat with some designs on the sign; of course everything was black. I put on the clothes along with some dark red, almost burgundy, lipstick and plated my hair to the side. I looked in the mirror at myself and smiled a little, this is the best I’ve cleaned up since then. I grabbed my black clutch and stuff it with several packets of tissue and my phone before walking down the steps to see Ms. Smith sitting at the bar in the kitchen; when I walked in she looked at me and smiled and I returned it. “Ready.” I said to her and she nodded walking over to me and grabbing my hand as we walked out the house but not before I grabbed the keys to Marcus’ Lambo off the key rack by the door.
“Just follow us, ok?” she asked and I nodded as she walked over to the limo and I got into the Lambo and pulled out of the driveway and followed behind the limo along with hundreds of other cars and police all around us leading the way to the church. It didn’t take long to get there since we really didn’t stop for any lights and I parked beside the limo and got out. Everybody walked into the church and I watched them bring in Marcus’ casket; I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry today but I honestly think I was going to break that promise to myself, this was too much for me to deal with right now. I finally decided to go in after everybody had already walked in and took a seat, I looked around as all eyes were on me and I began to feel uncomfortable until Mia came beside me and wrapped her arm around mine and rested her head on my shoulder and she walked me over to where they were sitting. The preacher then came up and began to pray over the service that was about to take place as I Mia clung onto me crying for dear life and I tried not to. After he was done with the prayer and the choir sang a few songs, Ms. Smith stood up and motioned for myself, Mia, and Devon to come up with her to the stage and we did. “My son,” she started off, her voice cracking, “my baby boy. He was so precious to me, Lord knows he was. Today, we are laying to rest my baby and first born, Marcus DeShaun Smith. I loved him so much despite how many times I wanted to or had to tear his behind up, or despite how many mistakes he’s made, I still loved him because he is my child, and there’s nothing like the love you have for your child.” She said and you could hear some people in the crowd agreeing with her. “Rest in peace baby.” She said finally before she stepped back and sunk into Devon who comforted her. Mia began walking up to the mic and brought me with her before she began to speak.
“Marcus was my brother and not only was he my brother, but he was my bestfirend. I could tell him any and everything and he would listen to me and not judge me, he would give me the best advice and tell me about myself if needed. It’s hard to know that he’s gone now because I still remember him smiling and kissing me on my forehead and telling me bye, or him scolding me about how I was too young for a boyfriend and about how I ‘wasn’t too old to get beat.’” She laughed sadly and so did some people in the congregation. “I’m just going to miss him so much, but at least we have a piece of him still here.” She said looking over at me and I smiled at her. “I love you Marcus, rest in peace.” She said and stepped back and we all walked off the stage and took our previous seats. The pastor took the mic again and said a few inspirational and uplifting things before the choir began to sing ‘Goin’ Up Yonder’ by Walkter Hawkins as they walked the casket out to the hearse as we followed the casket out by rows. When everyone was outside, there was a lot of talking, comforting and tears going on and I just stood back and watched when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw Trell standing there with red eyes; he wore a black and white suit. I couldn’t help the urge to hug him so I did. He rested his chin on the top of my head and wrapped his arms around my neck and mine wrapped around his torso. I heard him sniff several times and I knew that he was crying which brought up that pain in my throat again, the pain that you get when you’re trying your damned hardest not to cry. We stood like that for at least ten minutes before we pulled apart and he kissed my forehead.
“Stay up Shae iight? Ima be checking up on you and the baby.” He said with a smile and I smiled back at him.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked him just as he was about to walk away, he turned back around an faced me.
“Yeah, wessup?” he asked and I sighed.
“What did um….what did you guys say to each other before, you know?” I asked softly and he laughed a little.
“He told me to take over his growing empire and to take care of you two and make sure you guys are alright.” He said and a tear escaped my eye and he wiped it away with his thumb and smiled before hugging me again. “See you around iight?” he said and I nodded.
“See you.” I replied before walking over to the Lambo and getting in following the limo to the burial site. When we got there everyone walked up to the casket and said their final goodbyes and placed several sentimental things on the casket such as flowers or cards or letters, etc. I was the last to go up. “I’m going to miss you so much and I love you baby. Rest in peace.” I said kissing the casket with the pain in my throat. “Watch over me and Cara alright?” I said rubbing the casket and walking to the very back of everyone. The choir began to sing ‘The Storm Is Over Now’ as they lowered his casket into the ground and the pain was worse than ever. I watched silently when I felt someone tap me from behind, I turned around and Pooh was standing there. I looked up at him with glossy eyes before I fell into him and cried, hysterically cried, for the first time since this funeral began. He held me the whole time and I felt like I couldn’t stop crying to save my life. “He’s gone Pooh!” I cried into his chest. “He’s really gone.”
“Only physically baby girl.” He said to me and I continued to cry as he held on to me with his chin resting on top of my hat. I know for a fact that I had ruined the nice suit that he had on and I felt bad for that but I couldn’t help that. I calmed down a little and looked up at him.
“How’d you know?” I asked him.
“Some nigga named Trell called Tori, I almost beat her ass cause I thought she was creepin’.” He laughed and I laughed too.
“I’m sorry for not answering your calls, I was just….” I tried to explain but I was getting chocked up and trailed off.
“It’s iight, I understand. I’m just happy you’re alright.” He smiled down at me and draping his arm over my shoulder and walking over to the car. “You gone come over?” he asked and I nodded just at Mia, Ms. Smith and Devon walked over.
“Damien, it’s been so long.” She said smiling at him and hugging him as Mia gave him ‘the look’ making me laugh a little. I couldn’t blame girls for liking my brother, I mean, mama and daddy ain’t make no ugly kids.
“I know how’s-“ he stopped furrowing his brows and making my almost laugh, his ass was about to ask how was everything going. “I mean, how you holding up?” he corrected himself.
“I’m holding, it’s going to take a little while though.” She said and he nodded and gave her another long hug before looking down at Mia.
“Hey there, ain’t seen you since yo as-since your behind was about 10 or something. How old are you now?” he asked Mia and she blushed.
“Hey, I’m 18 now.” She said softly tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.
“That’s cool, but you ready to go?” he asked me and I nodded.
“I’ll see you guys later?” I asked.
“Of course.” Ms. Smith said smiling hugging me and Pooh bye. I hugged Devon bye also as well as Mia.
“Bring him too.” She whispered in my ear before letting me go and I laughed. I walked over to the Lambo and got in and so did Pooh.
“Where is your car?” I asked him.
“I had Eric drop me off here, everybody back at the house.” He said adding the last part and I nodded pulling out of the cemetery and heading to his house. When I got there everybody was standing outside like it was some kind of ‘Welcome Home’ party. I looked over at Pooh as he shrugged and got out the car and I got out after him and everybody rushed me almost knocking me over into the grass.
“Oh my goodness baby we were so worried!!” Tori screamed hugging me.
“You just went M.I.A on our ass girl!” I heard Omar say.
“We should jump yo ass for that s***!” I heard Jordan say and everybody else was hugging and talking s*** to me at the same time making me roll my eyes.
“Hey to y’all too and I miss you all as well.” I said politely walking into the house and straight into the kitchen because Cara had begun to kick. When I walked in I could smell food, somebody had cooked cabbage, ma and cheese, string beans with potatoes and meat loaf and some cornbread. I washed my hands before grabbing a plate and piling food on top of food; I was about to make up for those three weeks. I sat down at the kitchen table and everybody gathered around me as I said my grace and dug in irritating me. “Is there a reason why y’all staring at me eat? Who made this, it’s good.” I asked adding the last part.
“Just wanted to make sure you were alright and D made it.” Reggie said to me nodding his head over at Pooh who was making himself a plate as well.
“Oh, y’all already ate?” I asked and they all nodded. “Pooh too?” I asked and they nodded again. Fat ass. “Well I’m alright, y’all don’t have to suffocate me.” I said and they nodded and walked away but Tori stayed as Pooh came over and sat down next to her stuffing his face just like me. “This good Pooh.” I told him and he smiled.
“I know.” He replied with a mouth full of food.
“Ew Damien that is NASTY! Close yo mouth!” Tori said making me laugh.
“Pooh you know Mia like you right? She told me to bring you next time I came over.” I said and threw his head back and laughed hard and loud making everyone look at him crazy.
“What y’all lookin’ at?! Damn!! A nigga can’t laugh?” he said looking around him as I shook my head and laughed at him. “Anyway, yeah I know she like me, her young ass always liked me. She legal now but nah, I’m good.” He said stuffing his face again.
“Yo ass better be good.” I heard Tori mumble and got a glare from Pooh and she returned it popping her neck with it and now I was the one laughing loud and hard.
“You better shut yo ass up.” Pooh told her biting his bottom lip and putting his hand under the table making Tori jump a little and blush. I scrunched my face at them as his hand never left from under the table and Tori was making some type of face, a sexual face, but a face nonetheless. “Anyway.” Pooh said turning his attention back to me, his hand still under the table and Tori making small noises.
“Really tho? At the table?” I asked him almost done with my food and he furrowed his brows at me as Tori let out another soft moan and her hands were now over her face.
“Watchu talkin’ bout?” he asked seriously and I had to laugh at that.
“Never mind then.” I said eating the last bit of my food and slumping over like a fat person and rubbing my stomach. Tori was still making muffled moans then she started shaking, the whole time Pooh was eating his food with his free hand like nothing was going on. After she stopped shaking and let out a breath, Pooh pulled his hand to his mouth and licked his two fingers with what I assumed was her cum.
“Finger lickin’ good.” He said seductively to her and she turned a bright red and I could throw up right now but I did enough of that in my first trimester.
“Just nasty.” I said getting up and throwing away my plate and walking upstairs and to the guest bedroom I always slept in when I came over here. I looked in the drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and a tank top and changed before walking back downstairs just as Pooh and Tori were walking up. “Use protection.” I joked.
“Always.” Pooh said making me laugh as I continued to walk down the stairs and into the living room sitting on the recliner watching basketball with the rest of the boys not really into it when the doorbell rang. I sat there for a minute seeing if anybody was going to get it but with the boys into the game and Pooh and Tori upstairs probably f***ing the life out of each other I sighed and walked over to the door. I opened it and Jace stood there scrolling on his phone but looked up and smiled when I opened the door.
“Hey.” He said walking in and hugging me.
“Hey!” I said excitedly hugging him back.
“You good? I heard about Marcus.” He asked and I sighed as a small ache came in my throat at the mention of his name.
“I’ll be alright.” I said and he nodded walking all the way in the house and into the kitchen making himself a plate as I took my previous spot on the recliner scrolling through Instagram then Vine laughing at the different videos when Jace walked in the room looking around the room seeing that he had nowhere to sit. I giggled to myself at his facial expression until he sat his big ass on my lap.
“You don’t mind do you?” he asked and I was about to tell him that I id mind but he cut me off as soon as I opened my mouth. “I knew you wouldn’t.” he said laughing and looking at the TV. I mugged the back of his head before mushing it with the palm of my hand. “Keep ya hands to ya self!!” he said turning around and pointing a finger in my face and I bit it. “OW!! The f*** you bite me for?!” he asked rubbing his finger as I laughed. “It ain’t funny! You don’t want nobody to bite yo ass!” he said pouting making me laugh harder until we heard a loud scream come from upstairs followed by several loud moans. The room got hella quite then everybody burst out laughing hard as hell.
“My brother tearin’ dat ass up!” I said laughing with everyone else. I felt a little better, this is what I needed, I needed to be around family and friends to get my mind off the bad and sitting cooped up by myself for so long only made me focus on the bad. After a while of laughing and joking around and watching the game I got bored as the sun was about to set. “You wanna walk?” I asked Jace who was still sitting on my lap.
“Sure.” He replied getting up and helping me out the chair as we headed out the front door and down the driveway and began strolling through the neighborhood. “So wessup?” he asked and I shrugged.
“Nothing, trynna focus on the positive.” I replied and he nodded.
“Can I ask what happened?” he asked and I sighed.
“He got shot 6 times, died from the wounds.” I told him and he nodded.
“They know who did it?” he asked and I shook my head no. He nodded and we walked in a calmed silence as the sun set and we were coming back up to Pooh’s house, we walked up the driveway and into the house to smell weed and liquor. I walked into the living room and everybody was in there passing blunts and drinking making me laugh.
“Wanna hit?” Marcus asked me and I looked at him like he was crazy.
“She pregnant nigga witcho dumbass!” Pooh said to him hitting him upside his head making him laugh, that nigga was too high.
“Hey sister, where y’all went?” he asked hugging me and dapping Jace.
“For a walk, but I’m bout to go home iight?” I said and he pouted but said okay.
“I’ma be over there tomorrow.” He said and hugged me goodbye and I hugged everybody else goodbye too and rushed out the house to the fresh air. I couldn’t stay in there with all that smoke and alcohol. I got into his Lambo and drove to my house pulling into the driveway and getting out the car and walking into my house. I could smell the weed on my and plus I smelled like outside too which made me cringe a little. I went up to my room and stripped out of my clothes and got in the shower. After I was done I got out and put on some more under wear and a new bra along with some shorts and another tank top after I had lotioned up. I walked downstairs and saw somebody sitting on my sofa in the living room I turned that way and saw that it was Xavier and that scared the s*** out of me.
“What I tell you bout leaving that door unlocked?” was the first thing he said to me and I knew that I had to get rid of his trifling ass like I should have been did. “And where you been? I been callin’ yo phone for bout 3 weeks and you ain’t answer nobody calls! Got people over here worried bout yo ass!” he continued to ramble all in my face. “Ion know if yo ass alright or not!” he continued to yell but then he sighed and backed away from me and began to pace. “Anyway, so I got some good news.” He said smiling hard at me and I furrowed my brows.
“What?” I asked and he stopped pacing.
“You remember that nigga I owed money to? Marcus, the one that stabbed you.” He informed and my whole demeanor changed, what the f*** was he about to tell me?
“Yeah, what about him?” I asked folding my arms over my chest and stepping close to him.
“Well that day we was at the mall I got a text with some pictures of me and you, see?” he said handing me his phone and I looked through the pictures confused and read the text that came along with the pictures. “He sent that s*** man! You read that I owe you s***?!” he yelled but I was still focused on the pictures but one in particular caught my eye, the person who took the picture got their damn self in a reflection. I looked closely and it was Money’s ass which only made my blood boil because he should have seen this s*** but I didn’t say anything because I wanted him to finish.
“Go ahead.” I said trying not to sound mad.
“So I went down to LBC where he from and saw him outside one of his traps talking on the phone to some girl right? He was saying something about Treasure and then he said something about his mama gave him a name, Cara Amor.” He explained and my heart dropped, it was me, he was talking to me.
“Xavier what did you do?” I asked in a whisper scared of what he was about to say.
“I pulled out my gun and shot his ass! What you think I did? I did it for us, for our family!” he said and my legs couldn’t hold me up anymore. It was him who killed my baby, the father of my child. Cara wasn’t going to have a father because of THIS f***!!
“YOU BASTARD!!!!” I screamed getting up and rushing him dead in his face as I cried. “HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!” I screamed still punching him.
“WHAT THE f*** YOU HITTIN’ ME FOR?! YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY I DID THIS FOR OUR CHILD BABY STOP!!!” He yelled trying to cover his face an push my off him but not hard because of Cara. I stopped punching him and took a deep breath before I laughed, not a laugh of amusement either.
“Our child huh?” I laughed pacing back and forth.
“Yes, for our child.” He said wiping the blood from his face.
“YOU MEAN MY f***ING CHILD!!!” I screamed and he looked at me crazy.
“f*** you mean?” he asked.
“I MEAN WHAT I SAID!!! MY CHILD!!! SHE’S NOT EVEN YOURS XAVIER SHE’S MARCUS’!!!!!” I screamed and the look on his face was priceless but do I give a f***? HELL NO!!!! He took away my happiness and the f***ing father of my child!!
“You was f***in’ him?” he asked more to himself than to me trying to put everything together.
“YES I WAS f***ING HIM!!! EVERYTIME I WASN’T WITH YOUR ASS I WAS WITH HIM!!! I WAS GOING TO LEAVE YOUR ASS AFTER I GAVE BIRTH BUT YOU TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME!!!” I screamed beginning to punch him again. “THE ONLY REASON YOU THOUGHT IT WAS YOURS WAS BECAUSE YOU R-“ I was about to say but I was cut off when his fist collided with my face. I stumbled back as he ran up on me and I swung on him and he swung on me and we were full on fighting even though he was winning I was still trying my damned hardest. I bumped into a table and tripped and fell on the floor and he got on top of me and began chocking the life out of me.
“YOU JUST GONE CHEAT ON ME LIKE DAT?!” he asked through clenched teeth.
“It’s not like you weren’t doing the same, you think I didn’t know about Money and all yo other hoes, and on top of that, Money ass pregnant!” I said with the little air I was getting and that only made him tighten his grip on my throat.
“f*** YOU!” he said back handing me and busting my bottom lip, I smiled up at him as the blood started to trickle down my chin and collect in my mouth. I mixed my blood with my spit and spit on him landing right on his face. He wiped it off with his shirt and smiled down evily at me now placing all his weight on my throat making me choke as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. When I was almost out he let go and I drew in a ragged breath as he began to beat me like I was a rag doll. He threw me around, pulled my hair and stomped on my stomach several times screaming ‘f*** DIS BABY!’ I couldn’t do anything but try to cover myself up, I could feel the blood coming from between my legs as my breathing was getting shorter and shorter. I guess I was going to die here. He had stopped beating me and was now standing over me with a gun pointed to me. “Money always told me how you had me wide open and how she was the one that would be there for me in the end.” He said c**king the gun. “I guess she was right.” He said before he pulled the trigger three times.

I cant wait till zay get his and so do money

He shouldnt hav died man smh zay gn gt his run it

No he wasnt supposed to die!!! She really finna hate Zay when she find out he did that. Zay is such a b**** and Money is gonna get hers
Run It!!

im getting tired of that b**** money.!!! like fareal somebody
needs to sit her down fast. aw that hurt my heart that marcus
was killed I hope pooh and them find out zay was the one who
did it and torture his ass so he can have a slow painful death.!

run it


So, I told y’all about the horrible writer’s block I was having, but what I didn’t tell you guys is how I already had the ending planned out, I just needed to put things in between but since I couldn’t really do that, I decided that I would just skip to the parts I already had planned out. Hope you enjoy it.

*4 Months Later*

Money’s POV

It’s been a few months and I look like I’m about to pop and I’m only 5 months because of the fact that I’m having twins, a boy and a girl. Me and Xavier have been doing really good and from what I know, he’s stopped going around that other b**** and that’s totally fine with me, it’s what I wanted anyway. Right now I was at the mall with my friend Alexis picking out clothes and other things for the babies when they arrived.

“You thought about any names yet?” she asked me as we looked through a rack of cute onezies. I picked up a set that had one that had and arrow pointing to the right with the words ‘That’s my twin’ and the other one had the arrow pointing to the left with the same words, it was so cute so I got it.

“Yeah, I liked Ava and Aiden, whatcha think?” I asked looking over at her and she had a small smile on her face.

“Those are cute, I like them. What Zay think about em?” she asked and I shrugged.

“Haven’t run it by him yet but I will.” I said picking up a pack of bibs as I walked towards the register with 2 baskets full.

“What are you having?” the pretty cashier asked me, she was a short darkskined girl, looed about 18 at the most.

“Twins, a boy and a girl.” I said proudly smiling.

“Well congratulations, I know they’ll be good and healthy.” She said smiling at me still scanning all my items. “Your total is 153.25.” she said and I handed her the black card Zay gave me for her to swipe; she did so and handed it back to me along with a receipt and my bags. I turned back to Alexis and she got two of the 4 bags from me as I followed her out of the store until she stopped and I ran into her.

“Damn girl why you stoppin’?” I asked kind of irritated.

“Ain’t that Shae and Xavier over there?” she asked and my brows rose; I thought he was done with her.

“Where?” I asked stepping up beside her as she pointed to Footlocker and damn right it was the two of them smiling and cacklin’ and s***. “Yeah that’s them.” I said taking out my phone and snapping some pictures of the two as they walked around that store and out to another one hand in hand.

“Shidd whatchu wanna do girl? I know you pregnant so you aint gotta fight but just give me the word and I’ll go in on Shae ass.” She said already tying up her hair but I shook my head no.

“Nah, it’s cool.” I lied as I downloaded an app on my phone that would allow me to call and text people from unknown numbers. When the download was complete I put together all the pictures together and sent it to him with the words ‘Get rid of her before I do, remember, you OWE ME!’ and sent it. I silently watched him as he pulled out his phone and looked at the message and pictures I sent him and to say he looked scared as s*** was an understatement, his face was priceless as he began to look around and I couldn’t help but laugh as I grabbed Alexis’ arm and led her out the store and down to the food court and bought us both some food before walking out of the mall, into my car and back to my house to chill.

Xavier’s POV

I wasn’t doin’ s*** today so I decided to take Shae shopping and she agreed and we was having a good time until I got a text with pictures of me and her walking around the mall from a number I didn’t know saying ‘Get rid of her before I do, remember, you OWE ME!’ and the first thought that came to my head was Marcus and how I still owed that nigga money and my heart beat started to quicken; I needed to get us outta here. I looked over at Shae who already had clothes draped over her arm. I walked over to her.

“Baby hurry up something important just came up.” I told her and her face fell a little making me feel bad as hell but she picked it back up and placed a faked smile on her face and nodded her head. Only if she knew that I was just trying to protect her, the baby and myself too hell….

“I’m ready.” She said walking over to me with about 3 more bags in her hands that she just bought and I rose one brow at her.

“Didn’t I tell you I was sponsoring this shopping spree today?” I asked her taking the bags from her as she laughed. She had been trying to buy her own stuff all day saying that she didn’t like for people to buy her stuff.

“I know but you ain’t gotta do that for me.” She said laughing. “Can I get something to eat before we go tho, please?” she asked looking up at me pouting making me smile down at her.

“Yeah, sit down I’ll get it for you.” I said to her already knowing what she wanted. I walked over to Bourbon Street Grill and ordering her food and getting her drink. I constantly looked over my shoulder over at her as she scrolled on her phone just to make sure she was still there. When the food was ready I paid, grabbed Shae and walked to the car opening the door so that she could get in before getting in myself and starting up the car. It didn’t take long to get to her house and I pulled into the driveway and parked looking over at her. “So ima see you later iight?” I said to her and she nodded her head, I leaned over to her side and pecked her on her lips but pecking turned into intense making out before she pushed me away slowly blushing. I smiled back at her biting down on my bottom lip.

“Don’t start.” She giggled and I nodded my head before biting her bottom lip and letting her go.

“I love you Shae.” I said to her just as she was getting out the car.

“Love you too Xavier.” She said with a smile on her face rolling her eyes playfully. After I was sure that she was in the house safely I sent her a text telling her to make sure she locked the door before I pulled off toward my house. When I got there I went straight to my room and sat on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands, I picked up my phone and looked through the pictures that I had received at the mall. I had two choices right now, one was to pay him back, ASAP, and the other was to take him out and I was leaning towards the second choice right about now. If I took him out without a trace his team wouldn’t come for me and neither would the cops cause they would already assume that it was either gang or drug affiliated. It was now or never and I had to think about my family so I had to take him out and nobody was gone know about it but Shae after the fact that I did it. I opened the drawer on the nightstand next to my bed and pulled out my baby, my 45. I changed into all black and grabbed a black ski mask and a black pair of gloves but I wasn’t gone slip that on until I was there. I hopped in my car and got on the highway making my way to LBC. When I got there my first places I was going to look were at his traps. I rode past one on the east side and didn’t see his car or any sign of him so I made my way over to the north and still didn’t see any sign of him. I then went to the west side trap and still didn’t see him so I was about to just give up but I decided to go over to the one on the south before I left. I pulled up slowly and saw somebody standing outside talking on the phone. I rolled down my window and it was him, my heart started to pound.

“Ima be over there later on tonight iight?” he said into the phone with a little smile on his face. “I’m at the trap.” He said. I wasn’t stupid; I was gone wait till he got off the phone to blast his ass. “What? Treasure? You like that?” he asked the person over the phone that I assumed was a girl. “Yeah I like Treasure but I like Cara Amor. I made it up myself.” He said before he burst out laughing, he needed to hurry the f*** up and get off the phone, hell. “I’m just playin’ my mama came up with it but I really like it she said it means ‘beloved love’ together watchu think? I knew you’d like it.” He said smiling and I sighed, I was getting impatient. “Iight then, ima see you later iight? I love you too baby.” He said before he smiled and hung up the phone and that’s when I made my move. He looked around and spotted my car and began to quint my eyes but I quickly slipped on my mask and gloves. I put the gun out the window and he tried to run but he wasn’t faster than a bullet. I pulled the trigger several times until the clip was empty as I heard him yell out in pain before speeding off like my life depended on it, which it did. As I pulled back onto the highway I took off my gloves and my ski mask and breathed a sigh of relief that I had accomplished what I had come here to do.

Marcus’ POV

“Wessup ma.” I said hugging and kissing my mother on the cheek and I walked into the kitchen to smell nothing but soul food. I guess I came in at the right time.

“Hey baby. What you doin’ here?” she asked raising a brow at me as I took a seat on the island.

“Damn I can’t come see you now?” I asked placing a hand over my heart pretending like I was hurt and she laughed.

“Yeah you can but I just assumed you wanted something.” She said laughing going back to cooking. I walked over beside her and saw that she was making fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens and mashed potatoes with gravy with ho cakes.

“I do want something.” I said as she took a fresh ho cake out of the skillet and I snatched it and ran.

“BOY!!!!” She yelled after me as I laughed and continued to run up the steps and towards my little sister’s room. I stood by the door and I could hear her talking and giggling but I didn’t hear another voice in there so I assumed she was on the phone. I burst into the room and she screamed.

“WHO YOU TALKIN TO GUH?!” I yelled in a deep ass voice as she mugged me making me laugh.

“Marcus you play too damn much.” She said putting the phone back to her ear.

“Aye, watch ya mouth.” I said pointing my finger at her and taking a bite of the ho cake, it was too good.

“Anyway, what you was sayin’ now baby?” and my face twisted at that. Baby? I don’t give a damn if she 18 she ain’t gone have no boyfriend. I snatched the phone out her hand and looked at the ID that said ‘My Boo’ with a whole bunch of hearts. “Marcus stop playing! Give it back!” she screamed trying to get it out my hand but she was too short.

“What’s ya name son?” I asked into the phone.

“Uh who is this?” he asked sounding like he had a attitude.

“That attitude better leave from ya damn voice nigga, whats yo damn name?” I asked again.

“Trey.” He replied.

“You go with my sister Trey?” I asked looking down at Mia as she had her hands on her hips.

“Yeah.” He said and my eyes bucked.

“YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND?!” I asked her shocked as hell, I would think she would tell me but whatever this s*** was gone end TODAY!

“Marcus I’m 18 nigga, bout grown!” she said rolling her eyes.

“You been f***in’ my sister?” I asked him and I heard Mia gasp.

“Only like twice but it wasn’t nothing like that.” He said sounding kinda scared and I felt like I was about to go in cardiac arrest. I hung up the phone and dropped it, but it didn’t break or crack, and clutched my heart. My little sister was having sex and she ain’t tell me none of this s*** and she possed to tell me EVERYTHING.

“See Marcus I was gone tell you but I just ain’t know when was the right time.” She said trying to explain but hell I was still trying to breathe; I wonder is this how it’s gone be when Shae has our little girl. God, now I wish we were having a boy.

“Damn I can’t breathe.” I choked out taking another bite of the ho cake in my hand making Mia laugh but I only glared at her.

“Breathe Marcus….” She said rubbing me back and I took a deep breath in then out.

“So how many times have you had sex?” I asked her.

“Only twice, he was my first.” She said and I felt a little better.

“How long have y’all been together and it better have been a long time.” I said.

“For about 8 months now we just did it the first time about a month ago.” She explained.

“And I’m just now finding out about his ass?!” I asked.

“Ugh I’m sorry! Well at least you know now.” She said and I glared at her again.

“Mama know?” I asked and she nodded.

“She said she wanted to put me on birth control.” She said and I nodded my head agreeing with my ma.

“Y’ALL COME AND EAT!!!” I heard her scream from downstairs.

“You better start telling me s*** from now on lil girl you hear me?” I said sternly and she smiled and nodded her head.

“Can I get a ride?” she asked me and I furrowed my brows.

“A ride where?” I asked and she jumped on my back making me stumble.

“To the kitchen.” She said laughing but I didn’t laugh.

“Damn you heavy as hell Mia.” I said to her walked down stairs and into the kitchen with her on my back.

“Now y’all know damn well y’all too old for that.” I heard my mama laugh as I set Mia down my a chair.

“Wessup Pops.” I said to my mama’s husband giving him a hug before taking my seat. Pops prayed before we all began to eat our food.

“Where Shae at?” Mia asked.

“Home.” I replied.

“Your home or her home?” My ma asked.

“Her home but I’m going over there after I leave here.” I informed them and they nodded. We sat silent for a bit.

“Oh Marcus!” my ma yelled getting my attention. “So, I was on the internet today…” and when she said that me and Mia started laughing. “Shut up! I ain’t old! Anyway! I was on the internet and I saw a name that I really like and I think you and Shae would like too.” She said and I nodded my head.

“What is it?” I asked with a mouth full of food.

“Cara Amor.” She said with the biggest smile on her face and I smiled too, that was a really pretty name. “It means ‘Beloved Love.’” She said only making me smile harder.

“That’s beautiful.” I told her and she smiled again. We all continued to eat and talk and after we were done I helped my ma wash dishes.

“So where do you plan on doing with Shae?” she asked me and I was confused.

“Whatchu mean?” I asked.

“Like your future plans, where do you see yourself going with her and Cara?” she asked already claiming the name Cara which I didn’t mind. I sat there for a moment contemplating her question before smiling inwardly.

“I see a bright future with Shae, I see myself with her for the rest of my life. She makes me happy no matter what kind of mood I’m in, she can always turn it all around. I’m ready to settle down with her and start a family with her.” I explained when I remembered what I bought her the other day. I dried my hands before pulling it out my pocket. “I even got her this.” I said to my mama opening the box to reveal a ring. “It’s a promise ring, promising her that she won’t have to be alone through anything cause ima be there and promising her that she will be mine sooner or later, whenever she’s ready.” I explained with a big smile on my face as my mama had begun to cry. “Why you cryin’?” I asked her bringing her into a hug.

“I’m just so happy for you two! I had prayed for the longest that you two would find each other again and God answered my prayers.” She said and I wiped her tears away.

“He did, didn’t he?” I asked smiling and she nodded. We continued to wash dishes after that until we were done and I was about to go. “I’ll see you later ma.” I said to her and she looked like she was about to cry again. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Something just isn’t right in my spirit….” She said and I sighed and hugged her long and tight.

“Ima be alright ma I promise, ima see you later iight?” I said to her as a single tear escaped from her eye. “And stop all that cryin’.” I said to her wiping it away and kissing her temple.

“Bye baby, mama loves you.” She yelled after me as I got into my car.

“I love you too ma.” I told her as I crunk up my car and pulled out. I was going to stop by the trap where Trell was for a minute before I went to go see Shae. I pulled up and got out the car and was hit with thee strong aroma of weed and liquor. I walked up to the door that they kept locked and unlocked it; they would know it was me because I was the only one with a key.

“Wessup boss.” Some of my workers said and I just nodded my head at them.

“Wessup man!” I heard Trell say dapping me up and laughing and I knew he was high as hell only making me laugh.

“You too high, it yo ass down.” I laughed and he laughed too.

“You right.” He said walking over to the sofa and sitting down and started spittin’ game to a hoe that was sitting there. I laughed at him and shook my head as I made my way into the kitchen to see what was up.

“Wessup in here?” I asked.

“We cookin, baggin, and sellin’.” One of my workers told me and I nodded my head satisfied. I pulled out my phone and decided to call Shae; I had to walk outside so that I could hear.

“Hello?” she answered making me smile.

“Wessup baby?” I said into the phone as she giggled.

“Wessup, I miss you.” She said into the phone.

“Word? Ima be over there later on tonight iight?” I said to her.

“Okay but guess what.” She said sounding excited.

“What?” I asked.

“I was thinking about names and I like Treasure.” She said and scrunched up my face, after the name my ma told me I know I wouldn’t like any other name.

“Treasure? You like that?” I asked her.

“Yeah, it’s the only one I like so far. You must don’t like it?” she asked and I shrugged like she could see.

“Yeah I like Treasure but I like Cara Amor.” I said to her giving her the name my ma gave me.

“Oh my gosh that’s so pretty Marcus where’d you get that?” she asked happily making me smile.

“I made it up myself.” I lied to her and I heard her suck her teeth through the phone.

“Fa’real Marcus where you get it?” She asked making me laugh hard.

“I’m just playin’ my mama came up with it but I really like it, she said it means ‘beloved love’ together. Watchu think?” I asked her.

“I think it’s beautiful, that is officially her name.” She said to me and I knew she was smiling.

“I knew you’d like it.” I said to her with a smile one my face.

“Well ima let you go babe.” She said into the phone yawning. I looked at my watch and it was going on 10 at night.

“Iight ima see you later iight?” I said and she said ok.

“I love you Marcus.” She said and I couldn’t smile harder than what I already was.

“I love you too baby.” I said before hanging up the phone and stuffed it back in my pocket. I began to look around the front yard when I saw this all black Range just sitting across the street. I had to quint my eyes to see who it was but they had already pulled a mask over their face and they pulled out a gun. I silently cursed to myself and tried to run back towards the trap cause I ain’t have nothing on me but I was too slow. I first felt the pain in my right arm, then my leg, then my lower back, two different spots in my upper back and my shoulder. I hit the ground hard as I yelled out in pain as the car sped off and everybody came pouring out the trap at once, guns drawn.

“OH s***!! MARCUS!!!” I heard Trell scream running over to me and squatting down. “PUT HIM IN THE CAR!!!” I heard him yell but everything around me was going in and out as I was placed into somebody’s car. Trell got in on the other side and sped off towards the hospital.

“Call……….ma.” I managed to get out.

“I am man just keep breathin’ iight?” he told me pulling out his phone but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying.

“Shae…sh-.” I tried to say but I couldn’t get it out.

“I know bruh I’m bout to call her too we almost there hold on for me iight?” he said his voice cracking. We rode for a little while longer before we came to a stop, somebody pulled me out the car and then it became really cold and really bright, I thought it was almost 10 at night? The last thing I remember was hearing somebody say ‘he’s dying’, who was dying? I hope they live. And then everything went black.

TraShae’s POV

I had just got off the phone with Marcus and I was really happy about the name his mom gave him. It was really beautiful and I probably wouldn’t have thought of anything like that. I was ready to have this baby so that I could start my family with Marcus and leave Xavier alone. I know a lot of people are wondering why am I still with him but it was honestly for the safety of my unborn child, if Zay was to find out that this baby isn’t his, he would probably hurt me and her. So I was holding this out until she was born and I would tell him myself with her nowhere near us. Anyway, I was sitting in my room watching Precious, it was going on about 10:30 and I was getting pretty tired. I had begun to drift off when I felt my phone vibrate and I heard it ringing. I rolled over and grabbed it seeing that it was now 11:15, damn.

“Hello?” I answered tiredly.

“Shae, this Trell where you at?” he asked franticly.

“I’m at home wessup?” I asked wiping the sleep out of my eyes.

“I need you to get to Emerald Hospital ASAP!” he said and I sat up right.

“Why what happened?” I asked and he sighed.

“I’ll tell you when you get here iight?” he said and he hung up. I hopped out the bed and slipped on some black flip flops that were already out and ran downstairs, grabbing my keys and sprinting out the front door to my car, cranking it up and speeding to the highway. It only took me about 30 minutes to get to the hospital because of how fast I was going and I never got pulled over once. I guess that was by the grace of God. I parked and dashed to the ER and found everybody there. Trell, Mia, Mrs. Harris, and Devin. I ran over to them to see Mia and her mom sobbing.

“What’s going on?” I asked softly.

“Oh TraShae.” His mom said before breaking down again. Trell got up and grabbed my hand pulling me away from them all and outside.

“He got shot.” He said simply not looking at me and I thought that I was about to faint.

“How is he?” I asked weakly with tears streaming down my face.

“He got shot 6 times and doctors say he prolly not gone make it.” And when he said that I began to sob and he caught me as I sank down to the ground and held me as I sobbed. He told me that I wasn’t going to have to go through this by myself and now look where I am. It took me a long time to get myself together but I did and I walked back in with Trell just as a doctor came out with a sad look on his face asking for the family of Marcus Smith. We all stepped up to him and he took a deep breath.

“We’ve tried everything we can but he just isn’t going to make it. We have him on life support but that will only be for an hour. You all can go back there and say your final goodbye’s if you’d like. He’s in room 203.” He said before walking off and the cries from Mia and Ma became even heavier and louder. We all walked back there and saw Marcus lying in the bed hooked up to all types of machines. He was awake but I could tell he was trying his hardest to do so. Devin was the first to say his goobye’s, then Mia, then Trell, then Mama, and now me. I walked up to him and he smiled weakly at me.

“Give us a minute.” He said to everyone and they walked out the room. He patted the space beside him for me to lay next to him and I did.

“I love you so much Marcus.” I told him crying silently. I was resting my head on his chest and my arm was around his torso as his was around my waist.

“I love you more Shae.” He said and I knew he was smiling. “I got something for you.” He said and I looked up at him.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s in my pocket, my right pocket.” He said and I went to get it, when I pulled it out I began to cry even harder. “Open it.” He said and I did. Inside the box was a beautiful ring.

“You didn’t.” I cried.

“It’s a promise ring. I want you to be my girl Shae, my girl for the rest of my life, I want both of my girls. But it’s only when you’re ready iight?” He asked smiling down at me and I smiled up at him.

“Ok, thank you.” I said and placed a soft kiss on his lips that he returned before I rested my head back on his chest and slipped on the ring on my ring finger.

“I’m so tired, but I don’t wanna go to sleep.” He said wearily tightening his grip around me.

“It’s alright babe, you don’t have to fight it anymore.” I told him crying because I didn’t want him to go to sleep either.

“Goodnight baby.” He said.

“Goodnight babe. Love you.” I said to him.

“Love you too baby.” He said finally. I laid there with him as his breathing evened out but his heart beat was getting slower and slower before it completely stopped.

What now?


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Run it

run it

TraShae’s POV

I woke up freezing lying in a hospital bed; I heard the constant beeping beside me and the commotion from the hall. How did I get here? I really don’t remember why I was here or what happened for me to get here. I placed my hand on my stomach and rubbed my growing baby bump and smiled to myself when this tall, handsome white man walked into my room looking down at a chart and talking to someone who’s face I have yet to see until she walked all the way in and I recognized her as Jessica, Pooh’s nurse.

“Hey girl! Your brother just got outta here and now you’re here.” She teased and I smiled up at her.

“It’s funny cause I don’t know why I’m here or how I got here.” I said furrowing my eyebrows.

“Well, Ms. Harris, it seems that you took a pill that would allow you to miscarriage but fortunately you gagged it up and it didn’t have its full effect on you.” The doctor said smiling down at me and I was confused as hell. I know I don’t remember anything but I know that I wouldn’t dare take that kind of pill knowingly or on purpose.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about doc I never took a pill like that that I know of, the only pills I’ve been taking are my parental vitamins.” I told him and now he had the furrowed brows.

“Well perhaps someone drugged you. Do you remember anything from yesterday?” he asked me and I sat there and zoned out trying to remember.

“Um, my boyfriend came over and we went to get something to eat from different places.” I said.

“What was the last thing you drank do you remember? That the only way I could think someone could slip it in, you would have felt it in your mouth when you were eating.” He said.

“Sweet-“ I began to say and then it hit me. Money must have slipped that pill in my sweet tea and I swear that next time I see that b**** she was gone be dead.

“Sweet what?” he asked breaking me from my evil thoughts.

“Sweet tea.” I finished.

“Well that is the only way it could have gotten into your system. No harm came to the baby thankfully and after I come back with your discharge papers you will be free to go Ms. Harris.” He said happily and I smiled at him as he walked out.

“What was yo lil ass thinkin’ bout over there?” Jessica asked me sitting at the foot of the bed.

“Bout how ima catch a charge after I leave here. You’ll see me on channel 6 news.” I said smiling at her but I was serious.

“What you mean girl?” she laughed.

“Desperate b****es wanna put pills and s*** in my drink, ima whoop her ass good ion care if I’m pregnant.” I said just as Pooh, his boys, Tori, Jace, and Marcus walked in the room.

“Nah honey not while you pregnant! Let me do it!” she said rubbing her hands together evilly, I liked Jessica, she was a cool a chick.

“OMGEEE BABY I THOUGHT I LOST YOU!!!!” Tori screamed running towards me with her arms stretched wide. I opened mine as well with a huge smile on my face until she swerved me and started rubbing and kissing on my belly. “Oh you didn’t think I was talking about you did you?” she asked seriously and now I was on the verge of tears. “Aww don’t cry boo! You know I was just playing with you!” she said hugging me before the tears fell. “These emotional ass hormones got you crying bout everything.” She laughed walking over to Jessica and hugging her. “Hey girl.” She said between the hug.

“We got evil things to discuss.” She said to Tori and she winked at her.

“You know I’m done.” Tori replied.

“Wessup Jess.” Jordan said seductively walking up to her wrapping his arm around her waist and hers went around his neck and they kissed, well more like made out as everyone in the room made a bunch of ‘ooooo’, ‘ahhh’, ‘awww’, ‘damn’, and some ‘oh s***’s’ her and there.

“What is this?” we heard somebody say from the door and they broke apart fast as the doctor from earlier walked in.

“Oh s*** please don’t let me get fired.” I heard her say under her breath.

“It says here that you can’t be discharges until tomorrow but that’s obviously a mistake.” He continued to say and Jess breathed a sigh of relief. “But here you go, who cares, we know you’re alright.” He said smiling and handing me the papers. I signed them and got in the wheelchair another nurse rolled in.

“You alright?” Marcus asked me and I nodded as he bent down and pecked my lips. “You had me scared to death Shae fa’real.” He said wiping a hand over his face and I didn’t blame him.

“Where we going?” I asked.

“Where you wanna go?” he asked me.

“I want you to go with me sister.” Pooh interrupted sitting in my lap and hugging me around my neck like a little kid.

“Boy get off me.” I laughed as he started planting wet, nasty kisses all over my face.

“You gone come home with me?” he asked in a childish voice. “You can come too homie.” He said to Marcus getting back to his regular voice making me laugh.

“You gone cook me something to eat?” I asked poking my bottom lip out to match his and he sucked his teeth.

“I guess.” He said rolling his eyes and I hugged him back now.

“Yay! Now get off me you too heavy.” I said and he looked at me sideways.

“Hell nah, ion feel like walkin’ girl.” He said nonchalantly as we got off the elevator and made our way to the front entrance of the hospital.

“Iight now get up so we can get In the car.” I said and he got up.

“You gone come by the spot?” I heard Jordan ask Jessica, they were in the same position they were in when they were kissing.

“Yeah I guess, I get off in bout a hour so I’ll stop by.” She said and they started kissing again and I couldn’t help but smile hard as hell but I busied myself so I wouldn’t look like a creep.

“Bye y’all.” She said when her and Jordan parted and I waved back at her.

“See you later!” I yelled back as I got in the car with Marcus and he pulled off following everybody else to Pooh’s house.

“So what caused you to have the miscarriage scare?” he asked me glancing over at me then back on the road.

“I don’t know, stress I guess.” I lied, I wanted to deal with this b**** on my own terms.

“Stressin’ bout what?” he asked and I sighed.

“Bout how hard it’s gone be to take care of this baby when it gets here.” I lied again and he placed his hand on my thigh.

“Baby I told you I got you, you not gone go through this alone.” He said and I laid my hand on top of his and smiled over at him. The rest of the ride there was kind of silent besides the music that played before we pulled up to Pooh’s house. Marcus opened the door for me and helped me out as we made our way toward the house until Pooh wanted to act and ass.

“f*** you lookin’ at?!” he asked some dude next door staring at us, from what I know, they never liked each other. I really didn’t understand the beef but whatever.

“Not yo ugly ass b****!” he yelled back.

“I’m ugly but ya hoe know bout it.” He spat back with the biggest smile on his face but receiving a slap upside his head from Tori.

“Yeah I bet ya sister know bout dis d***!” he retorted pulling out his friend.

“OH HELL NAH!!!” me and Tori said at the same time taking off our earrings and making our way over to him but Pooh grabbed Tori and Marcus grabbed me before they both took off their shirts and ran up on ole dude. Eric whipped out his phone and recorded the whole thing screaming ‘WORLDSTAAAAAAAR!!!’ the entire time, everybody was dying laughing.

“Think fo’ you speak homie!” Pooh said finially walking away and dapping up Marcus as we all walked into the house. “These niggas got me f***ed up like I just won’t bust they s***! They must not know my muh’f***in NAME NIGGA!!! MY NAME IS DAMIEN MUTHAf***IN HARRIS!!! SON OF THE BIGGEST KINGPIN ON THE WEST COAST f*** YOU MEAN!!! R.I.P DADDY!!” he yelled throughout the house and they were just laughing at his f***ery.

“Y’all got in that nigga s*** tho fa’real.” Omar laughed dapping up both Marcus and Pooh.

“Ain’t nobody f***in’ wit us.” Pooh said draping his arm over my shoulder.

“Whatever Pooh me and Tori coulda handled that ourselves.” I said folding my arms over my chest.

“Damn right we could have.” Tori said dapping me up.

“Like hell!” Pooh laughed walking into the kitchen and taking out pots and pans. “What you want to eat Shae?” he asked me from the kitchen as I went and sat on Marcus’ lap in the living room.

“I want some type of pasta with like alfredo sauce and chicken and shrimp in it.” I said to him.

“Iight.” He replied and began cooking.

“Why you ain’t tell me you could cook?” Tori asked him with an attitude and he turned around and looked at her like she was crazy.

“Cause you never asked duh!” he said matter-of-factly making everyone laugh.

After the food was done and Jessica showed up we all sat around, laughing, talking and joking like old times.

Money’s POV

“You heard from ya girl?” I asked Zay as we cuddled in my bed. He had come to his damn senses and realized that these kids I’m bout to pop out is his and that he gone help me take care of AND leave his other b****; he don’t know about the last part tho.

“Nah, why?” he asked looking down at me raising an eye brow at me.

“Oh I was just askin.” I said nonchalantly resting my head back on his chest and watching tv. It was silent for a little bit before I sat up and looked down at him.

“What?” he asked looking at me and I sighed.

“Zay I’m tired of this s*** fa’real man.” I burst out.

“Tired of what s***?” he laughed.

“You think that s*** funny but it’s not, I’m tired of being yo second choise and I’m tired of having to compete with this b****! How many times I gotta tell you that she ain’t gone hold you down like I can! She ain’t been there since the beginning! I HAVE!!! AND I DON’T KNOW WHEN YOU GONE SEE THAT!!!” I said crying now and pointing at myself. “I’M THE ONE YOU SHOULD BE WITH!!! NOT THE ONE YOU COME TO WHEN SHE DONE PISSED YOU OFF OR WON’T PUT IT DOWN!!! I’M THAT b**** AND YOU DON’T SEEM TO SEE THAT!!!” I continued to scream but he just sat there staring at me and sighed.

“Can you stop yellin’? We right here in each other face, it ain’t like I can’t hear you.” He said only making me cry more. “Look Money, you know, I know and probably the whole hood know that you ain’t ready to settle down, you wouldn’t be faithful and neither would I, you would still be f***in’ the niggas you been f***in’ and I’ll still f*** wit the hoes I been f***in’ with. Shae ass ain’t like that, she ain’t no hoe and even tho she might not put it down she gone do it one day.” He said and I folded my arms over my chest and rolled my eyes. He think that b**** faithful? HA!

“Yeah right.” I laughed not looking at him.

“Yeah right what?” he asked sounding irritated.

“You think that b**** faithful?! SHE GOT YOU WIDE OPEN ZAY AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!!!! THAT b**** AIN’T FAITHFUL!!!” I yelled and stormed out of the room and into the bathroom across the hall slamming the door shut and locking it behind me. It didn’t take long for me to hear him making his way over here and trying to open the door.

“Open the door.” He said.

“No, leave me alone!” I yelled back.

“Man open this f***in door for I break the s*** down!” he yelled from the other side and I got up quickly; f*** that, I’m broke, I ain’t got no money to pay for a new door. Just cause my name Money don’t mean I got it.

“WHAT?!” I asked swinging the door open wildly.

“What you mean when you said she ain’t faithful? She cheatin’ on me or something?” he asked angrily.

“I believe this s***…” I said thinking aloud and shaking my head laughing but not of amusement. “You know what Xavier? Forget about it. I see that I won’t mean more to you than just a real quick nut and good head. I guess my feelings for you were deeper than what they should have been because I see where you at.” I said brushing past him and into my room opening the drawers filled with his belongings and dumping them onto the floor.

“Man what you doin’ this for?” he asked coming back into the room as I silently cried still removing his clothes. “Money stop.” He said like he really felt bad but I wasn’t hearing that s*** as I kept throwing his things onto the floor. When I was done I went into the bathroom and got a big trash bag coming back into the room and throwing his clothes into the bag. “Money stop man fa’real.” He said again but I couldn’t; I was sobbing now. He came closer to me and grabbed me as I fell into him and cried.

“All I ever wanted you to do was love me like I loved you but you just couldn’t do that could you?” I cried to him as he held onto me tightly and rested his chin on the top of my head. “I never complained to you about the hoes you f***ed or when you came home late smelling like weed and alcohol. I never said a word to you about it hoping it would stop and that you would change for me but you never did and now your with this other b**** and she’s taking you away from me! I had you first and I should be the one that you’re with not HER!!!” I cried hysterically letting out all my feelings. “I hate her for taking you away from me! I HATE HER!!” I screamed punching him in his chest as if it were her face.

“Chill.” He said sitting down on the edge of the bed with e in his lap as he rocked me to sleep.

Xavier’s POV

I knew how Money felt about Shae but I never knew how deep it went and I felt real bad. I wanted her to feel better and feel loved cause once upon a time Money was suicidal and she would cut her wrists and stuff like that and she would always tell me that I saved her life but I guess now I was killing her and not physically. I understood where she was coming from and I didn’t want her to harm herself in anykind of way so I guess now I had two girls to keep happy.



When I tell you guys that I have the worst writer's block ever I really do so I'm just going along with whatever comes to my mind that is why my chapters are getting pretty short cause I try to get at least 4 5 or 6 pages but I just haven't been able to get there lately just please bare with me.


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(one more chapter and you're caught up)

run it

Damn smh run it

omg why is zay still around and she forgiving me.!!!
that b**** money is a dirty as hell for that.!
I pray that the baby make it though.!
run it

Going To Start Doing POV’s Because I’ve Heard From More Than Three People That They Get A Little Confused, Sorry.

Xavier’s POV

It’s been a few weeks since I heard from or seen Shae and I feel bad as hell for what I did to her, I don’t know what came over me-nope, yes I do, I was high off weed, coke, and on top of that I was drunk as f***. I know she told me to stop snortin’ my s*** but s*** stressful now-a-days with Money claiming she pregnant, me still not payin’ this nigga back his money, and my empire is slowly but surely crumbling. I needed a move and I needed it quick; but first I was gone talk to Shae.

I hopped in my car and sent her a text to know that I was coming over before pulling off and heading her way. It didn’t take me long to get there and from the looks of it, it would only be me and her because her cars were the only one I saw in the driveway. I parked and got out, constantly looking from side to side and behind me just in case somebody followed me. I went to the front door and twisted the knob to see that it was unlocked and shook my head. I walked in and she wasn’t in the living room or kitchen so I continued my way upstairs to her room and opened the door to see her laying on the bed lazily in some shorts and a bra watching Cartoon Planet. I walked over to the bed and climbed in next to her without her even acknowledging me and I know her ass seen me.

“Why you act like you don’t see me?” I asked her and she continued to laugh at the tv like I just didn’t ask her a question. “I know you hear me talkin’ to you, and why yo ass leave the front door unlocked? Just cause you live in a nice neighborhood don’t mean somebody won’t bring they ass in here.” I explained to her not in a rude and controlling way but sternly. When she still didn’t say anything to me I placed my hand on her bare thigh and that’s when she looked at me and If looks could kill, a nigga would be six feet under.

“Don’t touch me.” She shoving my hand away forcefully but I just placed it there again.

“Look baby I’m sorry iight? I was high off too much s*** and I was drunk baby I didn’t mean for that to happen I swear I didn’t baby please just hear me out.” I pleaded with her but I knew she wasn’t gone hear my apologies; all I’ve been doing lately is apologizing to her.

“Get your hands off me.” She said again through gritted teeth.

“Shae man I know you don’t believe me cause this is just another apology and I know apologies don’t mean s*** but just let me show you that I’m fa’real.” I begged her dead ass serious, I know I do Shae dirty all the time but I can’t lose her; she the best thing that ever happened to me. She tries to bring the best out of me and not the worst.

“You damn right I don’t believe you. You know how many times I’ve heard this same apology Xavier? Do you really? You don’t do s*** but f*** up then wanna apologize! Come in here talkin’ bout you wanna show me that you sorry! Nigga f*** YOU! You ain’t been showin’ me s***! Gone head with Money’s pregnant ass cause I’m done.” She said tears streaming down her face. We sat there in dead silence for a second until I guess she couldn’t stand the sight of me anymore and got up and that’s when I saw it; her stomach. She’s pregnant; but before I could get the words out of my mouth she was in the bathroom with the door locked. I ran over to the door and knocked lightly.

“Shae come out here. Why you ain’t tell me you was pregnant?” I asked her from the other side of the door as I heard her sobs from the other.

“Go away! Just leave me alone!” She screamed and threw something at the door.

“Shae please just open the door.” I said again and she still didn’t listen to me. I sighed and began looking around her room for like a bobby pin or something and found one on her dresser. I grabbed it and kneeled down in front of the door picking the lock and it came open. I walked in slowly to see her balled up on the floor crying. I walked over to her and kneeled down beside her and stroked her hair as she flinched under my touch. “Baby I’m sorry.” I said on the brink of tears; I had created this, this girl who was afraid of me, this girl who used to be so strong but I created this and that hurt. I sighed and picked her up bridal style as she tried to fight me off but I begged her to stop for the safety of our child. I walked her back into the bed room and laid her on the bed as she still cried.

“Get. Out.” She said lowly but forcefully. I stood there for a moment but then decided that I’d better do what she said. I bent down and kissed her on her forehead.

“I love you TraShae.” I said before walking out slowly and locking the front door behind me and getting inside my car. I sat there for a moment before I placed my head in my hands and leaned over on the steering wheel and did what I hadn’t done in a while; I cried.

TraShae’s POV

I didn’t know what to believe at this point, all of me wanted to believe him; my heart, my body, my soul. But my mind was telling me that if I accepted yet another apology I would be telling him that everything he does to me is ok and it isn’t. I even wanted to believe myself when I said that I was done with him but again I couldn’t believe myself even if I wanted to. I just wish that he would go back to the Xavier I fell in love with and not be the one he is now. And even if he’d always been this way, he never showed it to me until kin of recently and I hated it but I was in too deep to pull out. Now I was lost and confused and I didn’t-

“I can’t make you understand,

Cause girl I don’t understand why I’m such a fool ohh.” I heard him sing at the doorway cutting off my thoghts.

“Shoulda been a much better man,

Cause you went and reached out ya hand when you saw I was bruised oh-oo-oh!

When you came,

I was lost, I was down.

My heart was broken, I was on the ground.

You protected my heart from the rain,

But I didn’t give you the same!

I’m so sorry!

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you.

I’m sorry for the things that I put you through.

I’m sorry for my issues on trust,

Only thinkin’ bout myself,

Instead of thinkin’ bout this thing called us.

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you,

I’m sorry for the things that I put you through.

I’m sorry for my issues on trust.

Only thinkin’ bout myself,

Instead of thinkin’ bout this thing called us.

Can we begin again?

Maybe even be friends again, cause I want so much more.

Baby let’s take it slow,

Just at least till you heart is sure

Cause I know it’s still sore ohhh.

Girl I promise that this time around,

I’ll be there for you I won’t let you down.

No more hurt, no more trouble, no pain.

I won’t break your heart again,

Girl I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you.

I’m sorry for the things that I put you through.

I’m sorry for my issues on trust.

Only thinkin’ bout myself,

Instead of thinin’ bout this thing called us.

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you.

I’m sorry for the things that I put you through.

I’m sorry for my issues on trust.

Only thinkin’ bout myself,

Instead of thinkin’ bout this thing called us.

Don’t even act like you ain’t never built up a wall,

After you’ve been hurt and the next person comes along.

You ain’t so quick to go believin’ in love,

Cause you don’t wanna hurt again.

And I know that you love me,

And I know I can try to be sure you can trust me,

It won’t be the same.

If you give me another chance to show you,

That I love you.

And I’m sorry!

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you.

I’m sorry for the things that I put you through.

I’m sorry for my issues on trust.

Only thinkin’ bout myself,

Instead of thinkin’ bout this thing called us.

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you.

I’m sorry for the things that I put you through.

I’m sorry for my issues on trust.

Only thinkin’ bout myself,

Instead of thinkin’ bout this thing called us.” He sang to me and I thought I was in tears earlier I was drowning in my own tears now and plus with him crying too it only made it worse. I didn’t even know that he could sing like that. He was standing in front of me as I sat on the bed in tears when he grabbed my hand and I stood in front of him. “I’m sorry.” He said softly, tears running down his face, his hands cupping my face. He bent down and kissed me like he never had before and I knew that he meant what he said and that he was sorry. He pulled away and I smiled up at him wrapping my arms around his torso and hugging him tight as he did the same. As for my baby, I didn’t know what I was going to do about that; I guess the only thing I could do was fake it till I make it but once HE, yes HE cause I want a boy, comes then I’ll have to tell the truth. I let go of him and he looked down at me with a smile on his face. “I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” I said smiling. “And I would love some food right about now.” I added at the end making him laugh.

“What you wanna eat?” he asked as I went to put on some sweat pants and a white tank top with my white grapes.

“I want a double cheese burger, a McChicken, and fries from McDonalds then I wanna club from Firehouse Subs with a cookie and sweet tea and I want some nuggets and fries from Wendy’s.” I said to him seriously and I planned to eat every bit of it.

“You serious?” he asked and I nodded my head as he shook his laughing. “Well come on.” He said grabbing my hand and leading me out to his car opening and closing the door for me before getting in himself. He turned on the radio and Type of Way by Rich Homie Quan came on as the both of us started rappin’. “Girl what you know bout Rich Homie?” he teased and I looked at him sideway.

“What I don’t know bout him with his fine ass.” I said licking my lips earning a glare from him.

“Get f***ed up.” He said and I couldn’t help but laugh. We pulle up to McDonalds and he ordered what I said I wanted before pulling off and heading towards Firehouse. I started stuffing my face cause I couldn’t wait till I got back home. “Damn Shae slow down, that food ain’t goin’ no where.” He said laughing and I rolled my eyes.

“It is goin’ somewhere and that’s in my mouth, down my throat and in my stomach.” I said as I began to stuff my mouth again as we pulled up to Firehouse, he ordered my club and cookie and by this time I was done with my McDonalds and was on my club and cookie without even drinking anything. It took us about 10 minutes to get to Wendy’s to get my nuggets and sweet tea and I was done with my club and cookie. He ordered what I wanted and pulled around to the window and guess who was there to serve us; none other than the notorious Money.

“That’ll be 5.8-“ she stopped when she turned her head and saw us.

“s***.” I heard Zay curse to himself.

“That’ll be 5.82.” she said again finishing her sentence glaring at me but I simply smiled at her. I sat there impatiently as I began to get hungry again when she came back with my nuggets and my tea. “Have a nice day.” She smiled brightly and laughed as I grabbed it from Zay and took a big gulp of my tea and began eating my nuggets.

“You not hungry?” I asked him.

“Yeah I want Zaxby’s.” he said and I smiled cause some tenders and a cookie from there would be good too. When we pulled up there he ordered what he wanted and what I wanted. “Thank you.” He said to the woman who handed us our food. I began eating and so did he as I still sipped on my tea but I was beginning to feel woozy and light-headed but I didn’t say anything about it as we pulled up in my driveway when his phone rang. “Hello?.....Yeah……Iight I’m on my way.” He said before hanging up and looking over at me with a sad look on his face. “I gotta go handle something at the trap but I’ll be back tomorrow prolly.” He said and I pouted.

“Ok.” I said as he leaned over and pecked my lips.

“Love you.” He said.

“Love you too.” I replied getting out the car and walking to the front door and inside the house. I sat on the sofa and continued to eat my food watching BGC all-Star Battle Reunion. It didn’t take long for me to finish eating and I finished the last bit of my tea in big gulps. My light-headedness began to feel even worse and my stomach began to twist and turn like I was having period cramps but this pain was much worse. I leaned over in fetal position as everything around me began to look blurry. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed Pooh on speed dial.

“Hello?” he said into the phone and he sounded like he was asleep.

“Call the police…..” I said wearily. “Help…….me.” I said before everything went black and my phone fell out of my hands with a thud.

Damien’s POV

When Shae called me a nigga was sleep and I contemplated not answering but she would always jump don my throat when I didn’t answer cause ‘it might be important.’ She would say and it was.

“Call the police.” She said and please believe I was up and out that bed quick, fast and in a hurry putting on some clothes. “help…….me.” she said and that was the last thing she said.

“Shae.” I said into the phone. “Shae!” I said again a little louder. “TRASHAE!” I screamed and when she still didn’t say anything I cursed to myself.

“What’d she say? What’s goin’ on? Where you goin?” Tori asked me as I began grabbing guns and loading them up.

“I’ma be back, stay here and don’t leave till I call you iight?” I said sternly kissing her on her forehead before sprinting down stairs dialing Omar’s number.

“Wessup boss?” he answered.

“Call everybody up and tell em to meet me at Shae house ASAP and when I say ASAP I mean super ASAP! Y’all asses better be there in no more than 5 minutes and come strapped.” I said into the phone before hanging up not waiting for his reply. I grabbed my keys off the hook and hopped into my car speeding towards Shae’s house, it took me not even a minute to get there since we lived in the same neighborhood. I walked up to the front door and it was unlocked and I told her ass bout doin’ that stupid s***. I walked in and saw her on the floor in a pool of blood, I paniced and ran over to her as other cars started pullin up outside. I examined her body and saw that she ain’t been stabbed or shot and noticed that the blood was coming from ‘down there’. I quickly called Tori.

“Hello? Is She alright?” she asked franticly.

“What does it mean if she bleeding from, you know….down there.” I said not wanting to talk about my sister’s……

“Oh my gosh Damien get her to the hospital she havin’ a miscarriage!” she screamed into the phone and I cussed again hanging up the phone.

“Put her in my car, Jordan call somebody to come clean this up.” I ordered and they did so, when she was in my car I pulled off and hauled ass to the nearest hospital picking her up bridal style and rushing her into the ER. “HELP MY SISTER SHE HAVIN’ A MISCARRIAGE!” I yelled to the woman.

“I’m sorry sir you’re going to have to fill out these papers.” She said handing me a clipboars. I looked at her like she had lost her mind and threw the papers along with the clipboard across the room.

“f*** THAT! b**** YOU BETTER GET MY SISTER A MUH’FUCIN DOCTOR BEFORE YO ASS NEED ONE TOO!” I screamed at her and her ass got up then, these doctors be trynna bulls*** and stuff and ain’t nobody got time for that s***. She came back with a bunch of doctors and a stretcher and took her from me a everybody else piled into the ER including Marcus and Tori. I tried to go back there with her but the doctor stopped me.

“I’m sorry sir but you’re going to have to wait here until we get her table and see what’s going on with the baby.” He said and I was about to cuss his ass out but Tori came next to me.

“Ok, thank you.” She said for me pulling me away from him and sitting me down as she sat on my lap.

“What happened?” Marcus asked me.

“She just called me and told me to call the police and that she needed help. Went over there and she was layin’ in some blood and Tori said she was havin’ a miscarriage.” I explained and he sighed and put his head in his hands. “It’s gone be iight tho cause her and that baby gone pull through and that’s on the set.” I said and I wasn’t lying either.

Money’s POV

HAHAHAAAAAA! What that b**** didn’t know tho was that I put a pill in her tea so that she would have a miscarriage. I told y’all that b**** was gone lose that baby and this was only phase one. I wan’t even near done with her lil ass.

Ahhh, I just love me!

Run it

run it

I woke up in the bed and looked over next to me to see that Tori wasn’t next to me anymore but I just shrugged it off when I heard someone downstairs in the kitchen and I began to smell food. I yawned and stretched and thanked God for letting me see another beautiful day before rubbing my belly. I got out of bed and made my way into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before taking a quick shower.

“I made that tea thing for you and I made breakfast boo!” Tori informed me poking her head into the bathroom. “Oh and your phone is ringing off the damn hook.” She added popping back in.

“Ok thanks!” I yelled after her walking into my room to put on a black panty and bra set with pink lace and ribbons on them as my phone constantly rung. I got annoyed and just went over to answer it. “What?!” I answered with an attitude not looking at the caller ID.

“That’s how we answer the phone now?” Marcus’ voice said through the phone and a slight smile came to my face as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry but why yo ass blwoin’ up my phone?” I asked stealing a piece of bacon off of Tori’s plate.

“b**** it’s some more in the kitchen! And where yo clothes at?” she asked sounding just like Pooh.

“We needa talk.” He said seriously into the phone.

“Yeah we do, me you and Pooh.” I said taking a sip of the warm ‘tea’ I drink almost every morning for my sickness. “Come over here at like…” I said since I didn’t have anything to do today.

“Iight then ima see you later, love you.” He said.

“Ok, love you too.” I replied hanging up the phone and making my plate just as Pooh, his boys and Jace burst into the front door loud as hell. “Damn niggas y’all don’t knock?” I sassed not trying to cover up my half naked body.

“And females walk around the house in bra and panties and s***?” Pooh retorted sticking his tongue out a me.

“Damn Shae, you sexy as f***.” Jordan said looing me up and down licking his lips just as Pooh and Jace hit him upside his head at the same time making everyone laugh.

“Put on some damn clothes.” Pooh ordered me and I rolled my eyes.

“After I eat.” I said sitting in Tori’s lap and beginning to eat.

“Ok, like it just ain’t no more chairs in here.” She laughed.

“But I wanna sit on you!” I whined kissing her on the cheek.

“Aww you can sit here!” she said smiling.

“Gay asses…” Omar teased.

“Hollaback Shae, she mine get yo own.” He said and I shot a bird at him.

“Whateva nigga she was mine before she was yours.” I said to him and he laughed and I continued to eat my food.

“Y’all niggas must have already eaten?” Tori asked referring to them not charging into the kitchen all at once.

“Yeah we ate while y’all trynna be funny.” Jace said to her. I looked over at him as he laughed and joked with the other boys when we locked eyes and his smile faded but reappeared when he broke our gaze. I put my head down and continued to eat my food as my eyes got watery.

I finished eating my food and put the dishes in the sink and began to wash them and hum, taking my mind off everything. When I was finished I walked silently and sadly upstairs and to my room and closed the door so that I could put on some clothes but my emotions came over me and I started crying sitting on the edge of my bed. I don’t know how long I was sitting there before there was a soft knock on the door.

“Can I come in?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I said sniffing and wiping my face as he slipped in the room and closed the door behind him. He sat down next to me before pulling my into his lap.

“Why you cryin’?” he asked sweetly wiping my tears away with his thumb.

“Cause you hate me.” I said which only made me cry harder.

“Shae, I don’t hate you. I’m hurt, yeah but I don’t hate you. I never could.” He confessed as I still cried.

“Jace you don’t mean that.” I said sniffing.

“Yeah I do, look at me please.” He said and I shook my head no. He took his index finger and lifted my face up by my chin so that I was now looking at him. “You have to remember that we were friends before any of this, best friends. So, even if I can’t be with you in that way I will always be you best friend, that’ll never change.” He said looking me deep in my eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked him and he laughed, I just had to do it one last time since I knew it might be the last real kiss we share before we go back to being strictly best friends.

“For the road.” He smiled and he kissed me softly, passionately, delicately as tears slid down my cheeks as his tongue slid in and danced in my mouth.

“I love you Jace.” I said pulling away and hugging him like it was the end of the world.

“I love you too baby girl.” He said and I knew he was smiling, hard. He pulled away and smiled at me wiping away my tears. “Now stop all that cryin’, you too beautiful for that.” He said picking me up and placing me on my feet as he stood too. “And put on some clothes.” He ordered pointing his finger at me and walking out my room and back downstairs. I smiled to myself and slipped a pair of black Soffe shorts and a neon pink tank top and grabbed my phone to see that I had a text from Marcus saying that’d he be here soon. I replied with an ‘ok’ and made my way back downstairs to see everyone in sitting around in the living room laughing and watching ‘Laugh at my Pain’ by Kevin. I took a seat on the floor between Pooh’s legs laughing at Kevin when he started talking about the party he threw for his daughter in the backyard when there was a knock on the door.

“Somebody get that.” I laughed and everybody looked at me like I was crazy.

“You get it it’s yo house.” Eric said and I sucked my teeth.

“Oh so now it’s MY HOUSE! f*** y’all, it ain’t been ‘my house’ it been everybody and they mamma house! Don’t nobody stay at they own s*** where y’all lay y’all heads at? Not y’all crib!” I ranted waling over to the front door and swinging it open forcefully. “What?!” I answered when I saw Marcus. “Oh, hey.” I said laughing and hugging him and letting him in. He walked in and stood by the door looking uncomfortable with his hands in his pockets. Nobody even paid any attention to him as their attention was glued to the Kevin’s short ass; I walked over to the tv and stood in front of it and they started snapping at me.

“Man get out the way girl!” Pooh said.

“He was just bout to spell long d*** MOVE!” Omar said. I rolled my eyes and turned the tv off and they really got mad.

“What da f*** man!” many of them said.

“We have a guest and we all need to talk, now shut ya asses up.” I said sternly as they sucked their teeth. I gestured for Marcus to come stand next to me and he did so, I was about to speak but you know rude niggas just had to interrupt.

“You the nigga from the trap yesterday, what he doin here?” Eric said.

“Hey Marcus!” Tori screamed smiling hard and waving at him.

“Wessup man!” Jace said getting up and dappin’ him up. “Long time no see.” He added in.

“Yeah, it has.” Marcus said as Jace took his previous seat.

“So um, yeah he is here cause um Zay IS NOT the father of this child.” I said.

“So who-Ohhhhhhh!” Omar said catching on.

“Yaaas Omar yaaas!.” I said laughing. “Now come here Pooh.” I said and he got up an walked over to me. “We gone apologize and settle this.” I said referring to the two.

“Look man I’m sorry bout yesterday, it was just first instinct.” Marcus said.

“Nah, I shouldn’t have put my hands on her, we cool.” Pooh said and they dapped each other up and I couldn’t help but smile hard and clap my hands.

“Yay! Let’s watch Kevin now.” I said turning on the tv this time sitting in Marcus’ lap.

It’s been a few weeks and my stomach is getting bigger every day and I’m only about a month so I think I might be havin’ twins. I still ain’t told Zay I was pregnant and I hadn’t heard from him neither but he was gone find out today. I pulled out my phone and dialed his number.

“Hello?” he answered on almost the last ring.

“Where you at?” I asked him with an attitude since he act like he can’t answer the phone sooner.

“Why you worried?” He asked coppin’ a attitude too.

“Cause we need to talk.” I said to him and I heard him suck his teeth and laugh.

“We ain’t got s*** to talk about if it ain’t got nothing to do w f***in’.” He mocked and I ain’t gone lie, that kinda hurt me.

“Don’t say that Zay, why you do me like this? All the s*** we done been through, all the times I done held you down. You go get a new b**** and forget about me!” I scream into the phone on the verge of tears.

I heard him sigh deeply, “Man what you want money?” he asked softening his voice making me smile.

“Can you stop by, this would be better in person.” I said to him and he sighed again.

“Yeah I’m on my way.” He said hanging up on me. I smiled and went into the kitchen to make him something to eat. I decided on something simple like fried fish and grits. I was almost done cooking it, stirring the grits when I heard a key in the front door. I looked at myself in the closest mirror and thought I looked cute before going back to my grits. “Wessup.” He said walking past the kitchen and into the living room.

“Hey.” I said back to him. I made his plate and mine and brought in to him sitting down next to him.

“Thank you.” He said dryly digging into it and I did too. After we were done I took his plate and washed all the dishes and came back and sat down next to him. “So what you wanna talk about?” he asked and I kind of got nervous because I knew he was crazy and I didn’t know what he was going to do to me.

“Um, I’m pregnant.” I said to him and he laughed.

“It ain’t mines.” He said nonchalantly.

“Yes it-“ I started but he cut me off.

“Look, everybody know you a hoe, the whole team done hit, prolly every nigga on this block and mine done been in that pussy. How I know you just ain’t trynna trap a nigga with somebody else baby?” he said laughing sipping on a beer.

“I am not a hoe! And I know it’s yours.” I said now crying.

“You don’t know s***, get the f*** out my face with that bulls***!” he said pushing me off him and heading towards the front door.

“I can’t believe you just gone do me like that! THAT’S WHY IMA HAVE THESE KIDS AND THEY GONE BE YOURS! IMA PUT YO STUPID ASS ON CHILD SUPPORT b****!” I screamed hitting him.

“Aye get off me.” He said calmly but I wasn’t hearing that as I kept hitting him and screaming at the top of my lungs when I felt his fist collide with my face. “I TOLD YO ASS TO GET OFF ME!!” he screamed standing over me. I touched my nose and felt the blood running down from it as I cried. He sighed heavily and walked out the front door slamming it behind him. He might not believe me now but when these babies come he gone see who was lying. And for his new b****, my plans are just beginning; she gone wish she never met Xavier Cross.


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