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  • Man this video blew me away and it shows truly how multifaceted you are as artist. I don't like a lot of things you do musically but you can say the same for me in a different area. Keep the positivity flowing! Pump the brakes on the nay sayers cbreezy, you already know!

  • healthy you/keep her

    Mugs is jealous and hating on you bra, but if ya need a encouraging word or someone to be REAL with ya, I will man. I see a part me in you that's why I'm reaching out. I don't know it all and learning everyday like you are Chris. I'm happily married with two beautiful kids! I just read something from your girl saying she want to have kids in like 5. That's cool! How about you? It's a whole lot of work man let me tell you. It certainly is a blessing though. I didn't have a dad in my life but God is showing me the way. My grandpa did the best he could as well as grandma.