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  • dis video is seriously funny, lol

  • I aint gnna lie ur performance was tremendous, i loved it right thru.
    ur da best, love breezy 4 life. NO MATTER WHAT

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    I love this song especially the ending with Breezy moves, OMG! dats talent. HEART OF LOVE FOR BREEZY

  • its off da hook man

  • baby boy u knw ur stufff. love ya

  • Chris Brown- I Wanna Be

    Look.. I know we been friends for a while now
    But, I just feel I can confessin to you
    It's gon' be hard but.. Alright here it goes

    Imagine that the pillow that you cried on was my chest
    And the tissue that you wiped your face with was my hand
    Girl, imagine if you needed advice about some other guy, I?m the one that comes to mind
    Not try?na hear you tell nobody that I?m just a friend
    Just try?na make sure I?m that body that you call your man
    And anytime you need a shoulder, it?s yours night or day
    Well, what I?m try?na say is..

  • Rich Girl ft Chris Brown-Smile and Wave

    If you in the spot?
    You can do this
    Put your hands up top to the music
    Just wave, wave, wave
    Just wave, wave, wave

    [Chris Brown]
    Hey pretty lady whats your name
    got a pretty little body, I just wanna say
    do you have some time for you to come play
    and baby I know the perfect place
    [Rich Girl]
    hold up, wait little daddy
    think thats the way to get at me?
    there aint no need to go on and on

    [Chris Brown]
    what do you mean im going on and on
    [Rich Girl]
    boy I know your trying to get in my place?

  • grafitti sel off
    it bad to the bone
    CHRIS BREEZY to di flipping worl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dis album is da bomb but ma fav song on dia album is crawl and ma fav video is i can transform ya. jus keep on doin ur ting da way u do it and ur fans will love u even more. CHRIS BROWN TO DA FLIPPIN WORL A DAT MI SEH!!!!!!!!! RAAAEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • this song makes me get my groove on