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  • Sorry about the delay. Here's chapter 2 enjoy

    Chapter 2
    I woke up the next morning trying to reconstruct last night’s events, something I usually do after a night out. For some reason I was finding it quite hard, and came to the conclusion that it had something to do with the mysterious drink Carmen had handed me earlier on in the night. But one thing I did remember was those hazel eyes, and how I’d gotten lost in them.

    Remembering the mysterious guy from last night made me realise that not only did I not get his number I didn't even know his name!

  • Unamed Stranger (Short story)

    I've been a silent reader on this site for years and thought it was about time I penned a story.

    Note: This is a short story which I began to write a couple of years ago which I recently found and decided to resurrect. I am not a novelist just penning my thoughts. Enjoy x