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  • Lmaooo @ Yodeling
    i chose this one, only because I live in Switzerland =)

  • Hm. Yeah, I had the same prob with Justins concert! I had to buy the tickets on E-bay. Lol.
    But I learned my lesson :)

  • STOP IT NOW PLEASE. You remind me of the good old days! ...
    The days when I counted the hours before the concert. lmao

  • Go girl, go girl, go go, go girl!
    [yeah, I don't have anything to say, but I just wanted to comment :]

  • It must've been a month or something I haven't responded! I sorry, I totally forgot!
    So yeeeah, In Switzerland he danced to Crank That && Sensual Seduction too! But not on Dutch songs. Lol!
    So I just looked at his concert in Paradiso A'dam on Youtube. And lmao @ the girls screaming when he took his shirt off [bet you were a part of em] :P

  • Have u seen the Gum commercial? lmao.
    I think it's kinda gay :/ ... lmao
    I still love the song :P

  • Do youu sing? or play an instrument? or mix songs? ... =)

  • Heyy. I used to love Last 2 Know, but I overplayed it so...
    it's been a long time I havn't listened to it!
    You know, Nelly has a clothing line, I think it's called "AppleBottoms" && Chris is gonna make caps.
    "Can't Believe that I'm the Last to Know"

  • OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. He's so hot that he makes me cry. .. Lol. but true! >>weird<< ... drip drop drip drop. xP

  • wow, Chris looks so hot in red!! <3