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  • Rating: 

    I think the video was beathe-takin 2 bee honest

    Very gud job Chris

    The way he dance is very...cant put in words lol

    cant stop watchin

  • Damn that wat Im talkin bout lol

    Love that face hes makin 2 me lol...

    Very clear n sexi:D

  • I should've kissed you,
    I should've told you,
    Told you just how I feel,
    And next time I won't stop,
    I'll listen to my heart,
    Cause what I feel is real!
    I should've kissed you,
    I should've told you how I feel,
    I should've kissed you,
    I should've showed you how I feel

    Should've kiss u

    Cant stop listenin 2 it lol

  • Wow Im listen 2
    For ur love n sound really gud
    Everyone should really listen 2 it I mean!!!

    Im lovin it lol....

  • Rating: 

    This video is crazy n that mask is the bomb....

    "all u haters sed hi 2 it"

    Wonder where did he get that at...

    music sound kinda weird but bad like a mutherF%&$...

  • Damn this site is the s***...

    Chris Brown is better n comin out wit new hits
    Im lovin it haha

    Chris my man jus keep on doin wat u do which is
    singin n make ur fans come back like the old days when u were famous

    Ur fan n always will be
    -Amanda aka "lil sh5y gurl"

  • Chris brown, ur music is awesum n i love all ur albums...just keep on doin wat u do the best
    Always ur fan