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  • BREEZY'Z music and videoz will alwayz be Poppin!!!! He will alwayz be a Tremendous success in everythang he does. There iz NO doubt bout dat. Whoeva doubtz him F*** You Too dont hate and dont be madd bkuz he stay makin movez. He'z makin hiz livin and not juss for him for hiz family and even future family so mind your damn biness. Stay doin yo thang Breezy. Congratz on gittin Your Love back who carez wat everi bodi else sayz dat dont lyk it. Not dey livez itz yourz. Peace Mayne Yyyeeaah

  • No matta wat, Chris Brown will alwayz ALWAYZ be a true success in everi thang n anything he does or wud lyk to accomplish. I will ALWAYZ have hiz back, be a HUGE fan of hiz juss lyk how Ive been for Michael Jackson RIP I miss him veri much. Im happi to see dat Breezy iz still keepyn da soul, moves, music of MJ alive. Breezy haz a true great heart. I dont give a F**K!! wat ppl say. He will alwayz have mi support. I hope sum day I will git to have da honor to meet him, kick it, dance along beside him lyk Ive alwayz wanted to with MJ.