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  • even when he was a kid.. my age he was so cute i mean he still is he never change and that a good thing except for the features

  • he is so cute ... VERy attractive in every pictures it's amazing he should be a model

  • OmG he is cute he maybe crazy but he is very handsome who would'nt want him

  • he is creative ans his voice and tone is spectaular i don't know why he has'nt got an grammy

  • i you chris brown you are so creative and special=)

  • yeah i can't wait but one question when? anyways thank- you I love you chris x0x0x0

  • About Myself

    NAME: Mandii that just my nickname. I am only in the 8th grade and I am from Tronto. My favourite sport sport is FOotball and basketball. I really like music my genre i listen to the most is R&bk reggea, HIP-HOP and reggeaton.

  • im here and i left a comment i really like your blog im not really ready to do mine but i really like yours... Tinker_Bell_CB

  • i wish i could meet chris brown you have no idea what i will do 2 meet he is so special and talented and his smile brightend my day if only one day i would love too meet him

  • chris always looks fine it's unbeileveable and he is so stylish i don't care pretty boy as long as he is sweet . i Love dat front cover of that magazine keep up the good work chrisxxxxoxoxoxoxo