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"UNLUCKY" Co-written by Sumthnwonderful

Hey everyone its gul Annah at it again with Sumthnwonderful (Sweety-pie),hope you love the story and run it.....

Hi my name is Tia Lemore,am 21 yrs and i have been a christians since God knows when til this day.I have been the Unlucky one when it comes friends,Fiona and Betty aint christians but they have it all.I'm not jelous of them or something,i'm actually happy for them.Fiona is with the famous Chris Brown and Betty is dating Trey Songs,how cool is that??? Me....well its like am chasing every guy that comes my way but i dont how um doing that,sometimes i think am being punished for my f***ing past........

My parents are strict as hell,know what they say??? "Gul get your diplomas and degrees first then you'll think about boys later." Then i rolled my eyes thinking,"what do they know?" I think the punishment is about not respecting my parents as bible says so.Each time my parents suspect that ihave a they go crazy as if i killed someone and i'm about to get a life sentence in jail.....
I remember this other day my mum was so pissed at me cause i came around 9:30pm (i was with my boo) and time just flew,i dint want to leave him i wanted to be with him that mum looked at me with anger i thought to myself,"OMG...i'm getting smacked today" Well it didnt happen that way she didnt even say a word.I did a stupid thing and broke up with the man loved sooooooooooooo much........

Well i'm going to take you through my boring life,it all started when i was in high school.....
Thats were i Fiona,Chris and Me met,so inseparable no matter what....we fought but always by each other's side,suppporting each other......
Then we met Betty and her boo in senior high......



Heres another from me and annah I lost my password so I got a new profile now anyways Imma finish the stories

run it run it runit




f:she's coming but with a friend
c:why is she bringing someone
f:i dont know
c:well at least she's coming
f:yea i guess
c:should we invite trey and betty
f:no i dont feel like hearing betty's mouth
c:fine, im bout to go home and then head to the court you coming
f:no i need to get some rest
c:alright fine bye love you
f:love you to bae

Tia had a better day after helping her mom at church she felt stress free a word from the good lord always make the

pain go away she went home to shower and throw on some swemats and a tshirt and she headed to the court to meet trey

trey:hey thanks for coming
t:yea no problem...whats up
trey:i just wanted to tell you sorry for the way i been acting but we cant be together
t:whoever said i wanted you
trey:oh come on tia we both know you like me
t:no you like me
trey:look whatever we cant give people ideas
t:you know what im leaving
trey:(jumps up) why
t:because you're acting like a a**hole like im the one who came onto you
trey:look thats not it okay
t:so why are you coming at me like this
trey:because tia idk listen...
t:no you listen whatever happen with us was a mistake that kiss the studying all of it a mistake
trey:none of this wouldnt be happening if you wouldve kept your mouth closed
t:what?! what the hell are you talking about
trey:if people were already suspicious why would you tell somebody we kissed
t:i didnt tell anybody we kissed
trey:you dont have to lie okay thats why im setting things straight now
t:(smacks his face) set that straight you idiot (turn to leave)
trey:(holding his face) *he was suprised* tia (grabbing her)
trey:what the f*** was that for
t:because you acting like all of this is my fault
trey:part of it is
t:stay away from me (walking off)
trey:tia! tia! wait!
t:(kept on walking)

while tia and trey argued the whole time they never saw chris standing on the other end of the court from them

listening to every word

wtf did they just say they kissed did they say they been in each others houses alone is it true are the feeling each

other should i tell them i heard nah ill wait wait wtf did they kissed!

he had a million thing running through his head he decided not to play ball and go get ready for dinner this was

gonna be one awkward night


im loving this run it...i wanna kno wats gonna happen
cuz i got a feeling chris is gonna b da J word
b-cuz i feel he likes tia down inside!


Chapter 9

Saturday morning tia woke up still angry about whats been going on with her friends she needed something to take her

mind away from it all

t:(entering her parents room)mommy daddy
t/m:morning sweetie
t/m:are you okay
t:yea im fine, are you guys going down to the church
t/m:yes well i am i have to take some can goods for the homeless
t:dad are you going
t/d:no baby not today i have to work
t:mmm okay well mom im going with you
t/m:okay 12:00

she left her parents room and into toni's

toni:ever heard of the word knock
t:shut up
toni:what do you want
t:i need to use your laptop mine is down
toni:fine dont make much noise im trying to sleep
t:sure whatever

she logged onto facebook and a msg from trey came through

fb msg (trey):hey we need to talk
fb msg (tia):not a good idea
fb msg (trey):seriously
fb msg (tia):i am serious and i dont think we should have contact with each other
fb msg (trey):2:00 pm on the dot at the court behind our school
fb msg (tia):look we shouldnt be near each other
fb msg (trey):BE THERE

she didnt write back she knew it wasnt a good idea but for some reason she was gonna go

toni:tia make breakfast
t:no way
toni:come on how bout those famous pancakes you make
t:dont feel like it
toni:please im begging you and toni dont do any begging
t:ugh! NO
toni:fine you're such a b****
t:excuse me
toni:you are such a b**** i try being nice to you but the second you mad at your stupid friends and you cant have

your way cuz you want trey i know it but he's taken so why dont you get over it and act like tia again
t:now i remember why i hate you
toni:why because i say whats real wake up honey you dont live in wonderland your names not alice its TIA T-I-A
t:ugh! what do you know miss i like everything that walks
toni:get the hell out before i kick your ass
t:im not going anywhere this is my parents house
toni:(gettin up off her bed) 5 seconds
t:(gettin up off the chair) make me leave

just when they were about to fight tia's dad walked in

t/d:tia your room now toni cool it
toni:sorry uncle
t/d:its okay honey, tia your room now
t:i really hate all of you
t/d:dont you use that language young lady

she went to her room and cried cried cried her world was crumbling and know one understood why she felt unlucky

she cried herself to sleep but was awaken by a call from fiona

f:uh hi tia
f:um i i im sorry about all of this please forgive me forgive us me and chris
f:do you mean it
t:of course
f:well me and chris wanted to know if you would meet us for dinner tonight
t:sure ill bring my friend
f:it was kinda suppose to be just us
t:im bringing my friend okay
t:what time and where
f:6:30 at topekas
f:alright bye


sorry so short but i have more to come run this for now please

*** New Reader ***

Martin is so gay for starting thar rumor.... Tia needs to hear Chris and Fiona out... Trey needs to talk to Tia and find out what's really going on.... Betty just need to chill the hell out........ and you guys need to

RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

run itttt

run itttt

runs pliz!!!!

Run it runit runit pleeez

more runs more runs

Chapter 8

Tia was so upset that everyone thinks she going out with Trey.She wished she had not meet him,on the other hand Betty wa giving her hard time.Another day at school and her friends where avoiding her,making excuses....
Tia:(talking to herself) Great..this is absolutely great
Martin:what are you talking about?
Tia:Oh..hi i didnt see you there.
Martin:(smiling) No problem,so what are you doing this saturday?
Tia:Havent you heard?
Martin:What? That some people think you going out with Trey?
Tia:Yeah...aint you goin to say something?
Martin:Like what?
Martin:Ok...lets go out for a movie this saturday
Tia:Oh..sorry i got plans
Martin:Really? With who? Toni?
Tia:No,someone else
Tia:No..are you trippin?
Martin:Hey jus makin sure that it was jus a rumour thats ol
Tia:Yeah right (lookin at her watch) Well i better get goin my ride will be here any minute.
Martin:Do want me to wait with you?
Tia:Its ok...i'l be fine thank you.
Martin:Whatever the lady is sayin.
Tia:Lets get something straight here..we are jus friends ok nothing more
Martin:Hey i understand that
Tia:Good....bye see ya tomorrow
Martin:Bye (talkin to himself) u'l be my galfrnd again i promise.

Chris,Fiona and Betty wee watching Martin and Tia froma distance.... know we are not being fair here.
Betty:What are you talking about?
Fiona:Yeah Chris,spit it out.
Chris:We havent heard her side of the story...
Betty:(getting upset) Are you f*****n kiddin me?
Fiona:He is right Betty...
Betty:Y'all taking her side when we all know that there is something going on between Trey and her.
Chris:We dont know for sure.
Fiona:I think we should ask her before...
Betty:Before what? Y'all crazy,i aint got s**** to ask. (throws her jands in the air) I'm outta here.
Chris:So what do you think we should do?
Fiona:Thats one crazy b****....she gonna skin us if we confront Tia but then again we might be throwing our bestfriends away just for the stupid rumour....i cant think of anything to do.
Chris:Me netheir...i say we take the risk and ask Tia.
Fiona:Hope we are not too late to fix this s***
Chris:Well what are we waiting for?
Fiona:Lets go....wait what are going to say?
Chris:Lets jus go i'm sure we'll know what to say when we get there right. (standing behind Tia whislt poking Chris to say something first)
Tia:Guys are jus goin to stand behind me without a word?
Tia:Thats better,so to what do i owe this suprise?
Tia:(turns to face them) nothing?
Tia:What? Did you guys lose your tongues?
Fiona:We wanted to ask you about this know...about you and Trey.
Tia:Oh so now you wanna know whats going on?
Fiona:UM um um
Chris:We realised that we should have let you explain then....
Tia:Well Trey and I are not dating.
Fiona:(widens her eyes) b-b-b-but
Tia:I'm with someone else
Fiona:What? (raises her voice) Dont tel me its it?
Chris:Fiona i htink you should let her finish what she wants to say.
Tia:Thank you..its not Martin
Fiona:(relaxin a bit) Then who is it?
Tia:None of your business
Fiona:What? Aint we friends?
Tia:Friends dont let rumours get to them before they judge others.
Fiona:We...i mean i wasnt judging you.
Tia:Then what were you doing? You ignored me this whole f*****n week,what do you expect me to do about that?
Chris:We are here to apologize Tia...please hear us
Tia:No (jus then Toni arrived with Tia's boo) Well i'm going there is my ride.
Fiona:But Tia...
Tia:Dont you f****n but Tia me.
Tia:(turnsaround and looked at them) Bye
Chris:(grabbed Fiona's hand as she tries to walk towards Tia) Lets go babe,guess we gotta work hard for Tia's forgiveness.
Fiona:Yeah you right (stood there watching as Tia's ride drove away)
Chris:S**** Betty was watching us
Fiona:Right now i'm not worried about her,she can go to hell.I want my friend back Chris.
Chris:(pulled her closer) I'm sure she'll come around,she jus teaching us a lesson.
Fiona:You think so?
Chris:(nods his head)
Fiona:How will that take before she forgives us? (starts to sob)
Betty:(mad as hell) think by talking to her will change things?
Fiona:(wipes her tears) Betty....
Chris:No is the time Betty ok
Betty:F**** you two (leave them standing on the parking lot)

On the way home Toni,Tia and her boo were quiet til Toni broke the silence......
Toni:I noticed some tension between you and your what going on?
Tia:I dont wanna talk about it.
Toni:Ok... (changing the subject) Your parents are going to be home late.So i'm not cooking.
Tia:Me netheir.
T/b:We can order pizza
Tia:I'm not in the mood...i'm sorry guys i jus wanna sleep.
Toni:Is that bad with you and....(Tia gives her the i dont wanna talk about it look) ok
T/b:We stil on this weekend?
T/b:Here we are...
Tia:(get off the car) Bye
Toni:She is pretty mad but she'll be fine tomorrow i promise.
T/b:I hope so
T/b:Bye (then drives off)

It has been a f****n week and now those so called my friends were so cold and now they want me to forgive them?? I've had it with them,they can go to hell i dont need them (toni knocks on her door) What?

Toni:Can i come in?
Toni:Sleepin olready?
Tia:No trying to do my home work.
Toni:Why dont you do it tomorrow....its Friday so lets have some ice-cream
Tia:Ok.. (puts away her books) what is that?
Tia:Heaven??? Thats my favourite....(eating it) mmmm,this is good mmmm
Toni:Good,now lets talk what happened?
Tia:Those f*****n b**** were trying to apologize
Tia:I'm trying to forgive them but i just cant....
Toni:Why dont hear what they have to say then take it from there?
Tia:I thought we were friends and now they believe every f****n thing people say about me.
Toni:I think there is an explanation for that.
Tia:Ok i'l see them on Monday,right now i wanna enjoy my ice-cream.
Toni:Well i'm about to order some pizza,what do you want?
Tia:Chicken and mashroom
Toni:Ok (starts singing ever green by westlife)
Tia:(shaking her head and starst singing too but with a lower voice.....text message form Martin) What now?
Martin's text:Hi beautiful
Tia texing back:Wth d you want?
Martin:Relax,jus checkin you.I saw you talking to your friends and you seemed upset.
Tia:I'm fine ok now find someone who has time to text you.
Martin:Sorry didnt mean to upset you more.See ya on Monday.Gud night

Sorry y'all for this boring part.....

MORE RUNS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


Chapter 7

Much Later That Night



> & <a href="">Toni</a> stayed up talkng and enjoying

each other's company they couldnt believe how much fun they were having they even planned another day to go out and

hang tia's parents were extremely happy

next morning

tia woke up did her hygiene/morning routine and got dressed she headed to school


T:(bumps into trey) sorry....hey trey
trey:its you been
t:fine thanks,how bout you
trey:im cool
t:soooo where you headed
trey:um library
t:library? where is everybody
trey:oh they in the cafe...i didnt feel like being around anyone
t:guess ill see you in class
t:bye (watching him walk down the hall)

tia walks in the cafe grabs breakfast then sits with her friends....something weird is going on

t:uhhh hey guys.....why so quiet
fiona:just tired
t:i dont believe that
chris:no we are
t:you guys are such bad liars
t:ok betty dont be so angry
betty:im going to class a lil early before i get crazy(left the cafe)
chris:im going to class....fiona you coming
t:no she's not we gotta talk
fiona:see ya later babe (kiss him)
t:now fi-fi wats going on
fiona:cant we talk later
t:noooo we got time
fiona:well word around school is you and trey have something going on
t:(almost choking on her apple juice) what!!!???
fiona:i know right
t:but its not true
fiona:well i know but its just crazy because you and trey-
t:you dont believe this do you

bell rings for class

f:there's the bell i gotta go
t:no tell me this now
f:i cant be late
t:fiona i need to know whats going on
janitor:morning ladies get to class
f:ill see ya later
t:fine (off to 1st pd)

tia walked in 1st pd all eyes on her only cause she was late she sat down and began following along with the rest of

the class

trey:miss williams, can i move into another seat
m/w:sure bout next to leena over in the corner
trey:that would be fine. thanks
t:(confused, why did he move from beside her) she looks at chris
C:dont ask me
t:ugh. miss williams can i be excused
m/w:what for
t:i need some water(she lied)
m/w:okay 5 minutes young lady
t:yes mam
betty:mr.henderson may i be excused
m/h:for what
betty:i need some water (she lied)
m/h:ok hurry back
fiona:(knowing something was up) mr.henderson can i use the restroom
m/h:when betty comes back
fiona:but she got water....and i have to get rid of my water
m/h:hold it
fiona:i cant please let me go
m/h:fiona 2 minutes
fiona:2 minutes???
m/h:you only have 1 now
fiona:ugh! (leaves out class)

tia walked near the water fountain only to bump into betty

tia:(suprised) hey
tia:ummm sooo uhhh what are you doing out here
betty:getting water,what does it look're in my way
tia:(moving out the way) oh my bad sorry bout that
betty:(wiping water from her mouth) what? why are you still standing here
tia:oh i just uhhh umm...nice shoes
betty:thanks. listen tia im not gonna kick your ass but stay away from my man
betty:this is a warning(walks away angry) *fiona walks up*
fiona:tia what was that all about
t:she told me to stay away from her man and all this about not kicking my ass
fiona:look tia you shouldnt be messing with trey anyway
t:im not messing with him
fiona:well why is it going around school that you to have been dating on the low
t:wtf! thats a lie
fiona:look betty and trey love each other,dont break them up
t:i cant believe you actually believe this s***
fiona:i mean you do like him
t:so what....i- i- dont like him
fiona:fine look just let betty cool off okay
t:no because im not messing with trey
fiona:i gotta get to class

tia went back to class, she couldnt understand what was going on who in the hell was going around talking bout her

and trey she didnt even talk to other peers about him now trey seems mad at her and betty is mad could her life get

any worst..........MORE RUNS

I think its funny how the fantastic 5 are all mad at each other ha tia should've gave me another chance but she

wants to play then let the games begin.........


Chapter 6

I wonder why Trey always defend Tia so much,hope there is nothing going on between them cause imma whip some ass if there is something.Nah i think i'm just imagining things Tia wont do that to me...i mean she is my gul *laughs* How could i even think like that? Trey loves me...does he? Man i better ask him and stop making some answers for him.

God what was wrong wit me...*reads his sent items* swity...i cant believe i wrote thatHope she doesnt take this seriously cause i didnt mean anything by it,got carried away thinking i was texting Fiona...

Damn...i cant believe i left Tia for some f****d up b*****,Tia looks good as ahe always does.I want her i'm going to do that,she can be sturborn sometimes *dialled Tia's number* hope this works

Martin:hi..its Martin
Tia:I know.. we meet? your dreams
Martin:C'mon,i'm serious
Tia:No,what last time we were together aint gonna happen again got it
Tia:No no no (clicks)
Martin:Hello....Tia.....Hello....i cant he hang up on me

If that boy thinks i'm going back to him he lied tohimself.I almost kissed him just because i was hurt....I

Toni:Earth to Tia
Tia:(yelling) what??
Toni:Trey is here
Tia:(calmly) what?
Toni:Just kidding i knew that the minute u hear the word Trye you become know what i mean?
Tia:F*** off Toni
Toni:I saw Trey at the mall...just thought you should know.I'm going there so if you want to never mind
Tia:Wait...i could use some air,i'm coming with you...not because Trey is there ok
Toni:(smiles) Got it loud and clear....lets go
Tia:Wait..i got to change this clothes
Toni:Dont worry about wear this
Tia:Where did you get this?? Wait hw did you know i'l agree to go with you?
Toni:I saw those in your closet....u never wear them so i said what the heck....I'm witch that why you agreed to go
Toni:See now you are laughing..the only person who should make your life to be hell its me,so if its someone i'l kick their ass
Tia:lol...who knew that one day you and me we'l be like friends
Toni:Hey i dont do hurry up
Tia:Out of curiuosity...was he with Betty?

Trey was getting bored cause he had been walking in the mall all day,he called Betty
Betty:Babe'm at the mall so i was wondering if you could join me?
Betty:Are you kidding? You dont have to ask...i'm on my way ok
Trey:(smiles) ok

For the fisrt time since Chris and Fiona had been going out they were having a serious fight...apperantly Fiona saw the message that Chris sent to Tia....
Fiona:Are you f****N hittin on my friend?
Chris:Of course not babe
Fiona:Dont you dare babe me Chris
Chris:It doesnt mean anything
Fiona:Oh yeah....did you tell her that?
Chris:C'mon babe stop yelling
Fiona:You feeling sorry for her ass?
Chris:Why dont you calm down so that i explain
Fiona:F**** u know what we are over
Chris :What? You dont mean that do you?
Fiona:I mean it Chris.....
Chris:Lets talk,there is no need for breaking up
Fiona:I'm outta here

As soon as Tia and Toni arrived at the mall she bumped onto Betty....
Tia:(suprised) Hi...Betty...what are you doing here?
Betty:I'm meeting Trey.....what are you doing?
Toni:We are doing some shopping
Tia:Yep shopping
Betty:You guys can join us when you are done
Betty:Why not?
Toni:Tia got to drive me somewhere
Betty:Cant you drive yourself
Toni:Nah....i feel better when she is driving
Betty:We can take you whereever you want and Tia can come back with us
Tia & Toni:No
Betty:Ok....well i better go before you cut off my head
Tia:Sorry we didnt mean to be that way
Betty:Its ok,have fun
Toni:(whispering) Is that the Betty? She is ugly...
Toni:Oh i was just telling Tia that i like your shoes,very stylish and beautiful
Betty:(looks at her shoes) Oh thank you very much
Toni:You are welcome
Toni:(weves) bye (then wait for to leave) damn..those shoes are ugly as hell
Tia:Toni (they both laugh)
Toni:So...are we still doing some shoppin or what?
Tia:Hell yeah....
Toni:What are we buying?
Toni:(laughs) well lets hurry before anyone snatches them

Chris tries to call Fiona but she aint answering her phone....leaving 98 messages,105 missed calls and finnaly she answered...
Chris:I'm outside your house...can we talk
Fiona:No..and stop calling,which part of breaking up dont you understand?
Chris:I love you so much,i dont wanna lose you...
Fiona:You should have thought about that before you texted that.
Chris:Can you atleast let me explain
Fiona:No need to that (click)
Chris:Damn...she hang up again,imma try Tia.....good its ringing
Tia:Hey Chris
Chris:Hey...i need your help
Chris:No time to explain..can you come to Fiona's place?
Chris:Oh thank you thank you so much (click)
Tia:(stil suprised) What?
Toni:What did Chris want?
Tia:He said he need help and i must come to Fiona's place
Toni:The only to findout is to go there right now
Tia:Weird huh
Toni:Grab ur things and get moving
Tia:OK....why are u interested?
Toni:No more questions lets go

Betty:I saw Tia at the parking lot...
Trey:(playin cool) And....
Betty:With Toni...
Betty:I thought they hated each other
Trey:Maybe they worked out their differences
Betty:Something tells me....
Trey:(interrupts) Ok...i'l called you to come and have fun with me not to talk about Tia,Toni or anybody else. are not going to defend her?
Trey:If you want me to i'l do it
Betty:Of course not
Betty:Trey....i love you so much
Trey:And i love you too (kissed her lips) do you dought that?
Betty:(smiles) no not at all

Tia:Wassup Chris?
Chris:Fiona wont talk to me cause she think that there is something goin on between me and you
Toni:Gee..everyone is acting kinda weird today
Tia:Never mind her...where is she?
Chris:In her room
Tia:Ok imma try talkin to her
Toni:Good luck
Toni:What? you might need it..
Chris:Ladies....crisis...need help
Tia:Ok...(went to Fiona's room) hey gul
Fiona:(covers her eyes so that Tia wont notice that she was crying) hey Tia
Tia:So whats going on?
Tia:Dont you dare nothing me...look at you room,so messy full of tissues...are you producing them?'ve been crying..
Fiona:Me cry..nah...
Tia:Then explain this (pointing to the tissues that were lying on the floor)
Tia:You crying cause you think Chris is chating with me?
Fiona:(looks at Tia) What?
Tia:You heard me,start talking
Tia:Saw the message and now you think Chris have something for crazy?
Tia:B****s****,get your ass up and talk to Chris.
Tia:Oh yes you will.
Fiona:I broke up with him (start to cry)
Tia:You are such an you even think like that?
Fiona:Didnt you think like that when you saw that message?
Fiona:Why didnt you tell me?
Tia:I would have if i saw you....i would have if i wasnt thinking about.....about...
Fiona:(wipes her tears) So you like Trey?
Tia:(sits next to Fiona) Yeah
Tia:I cant have him cause he is with Betty.
Fiona:Oh...,,(jjust then Chris comes in) Chris what...
Tia:I better to later
Chris:Thanks Tia....bye
Fiona:You asked her to come here?
Chris:Yeah I thought if you she came you'l listen to her
Fiona:(looks away) Chris...
Chris:You dont have to say anything (wraps his arms around her) so we stil togethre?
Chris:Love you
Fiona:Love you too

Toni:So how did it go?
Tia:Lets just go home,i had enough for the day.
Toni:Ok....but there is one more stop we have to make
Tia:Can we just go home
Toni:One more stop please
Toni:You wont regret this
Tia:So where are we going?
Toni:Wait and see...can i drive?
Toni:(fold her arms) Tomorrow i'm buyin myself a car
Tia:(looks at her and laughs) Yeah right and i'l buy a plane
Toni:Whatever.....turn to you r left and stop by the third house on your right
Tia:Ok...what are we doing here?
Toni:Get off the car
Tia:No way
Toni:(opens the door for her) You coming with me
Tia:I cant believe that i let you control me today
Toni:Told you i'm a witch
Tia:(smiles) Now i believe that
Toni:(knocks on the door) anybody home?
Some1 in the house:Give me a minute
Toni:Is that you Sean?
Sean:Yep (open the door) Hey Toni
Toni:Hi...this is Sean,Sean this is Tia....
Tia:(extend her hand to greet him) Nice meeting you.
Sean:(does the same) My pleasure (kissed Tia's hand) Come in ladies
Tia:(whispers to Toni) You dint tell me you had cute friends
Toni:Now you know (pretend that her phone is ringing and went outside)
Sean:I heard a lot about you
Tia:I wish i could say the same about you
Sean:Dont worry...can i get you something?
Tia:No...its ok
Sean:So tell me about yourself
Tia:(starts talkin to fast) yeah thats it
Sean:Swity.....if you just talk slowly that would help.Now lets start again...tell me about yourself
Tia:Thought you knew
Sean:I want to hear it from you
Tia:(just when she was about to talk she heard her car speed away and she immediately knew that it was a setup) this is a setup isnt?
Sean:Yeah....she thought maybe we'l have some things in common
Tia:Thats Toni...i can go if...
Sean:Its ok,i think i like you....why dont you stay?
Tia:(blushes) Ok.....

They started charting and they enjoyed each other's company.Tia didnt realise that it was getting late,right when they were about to kiss Toni knocks on the door....
Sean:(stil lookin at Tia) Come in
Toni:Are you sure?
Tia:(moves away from Sean) Are you comin in or what?
Toni:Ok here goes (opens the door and find them sitting on separate chairs) I cant believe this
Toni:Never mind...lets just go home
Tia:Ok....thanks Sean
Sean:Can we do this again?
Tia:(smiles) Sure
Sean:Great..(giving Tia A pen and a paper) Write your number and i'll call you....Toni will give you my number
Tia:Ok (write it down) Here
Sean:(takes Tia's hand and kissed it) Good night
Toni:Ok....we go now
Tia:(weaves at Sean) Thanks Toni
Toni:No problem gul,glad you enjoyed
Tia:I did
Toni:Now you can forget about Trey
Tia:Who is Trey?
Toni:I thought so (they both laughed)

For the first time they actually connecting,acting like sisters,forgetting that they used to fight everytime.Tia's parent were not upset that they girls came late,they were happy that the guls had fun....

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Chapter 5-After School

Tia,betty,chris,trey, and fiona all walk out into the school parking lot

F:tia you need a ride
t:no ill wait for my dad
c:you sure
t:yea why wouldnt i be
c:ay im just asking
b:tia what is with you
t:what do you mean
b:something is wrong with you
t:im fine betty
b:yea whatever
trey:tia you know you could get a ride with us
b:(rolls her eyes) *she wondered why trey always stuck up for her not as a friend but something more*
t:no its okay you guys go ahead
f:lets go to my house, tia you should come it will be fun
t:my parents need me at home
c:can we go now i really dont feel like standing out here
f:tia please
betty:yea tia come on
trey:tia you really-
betty:well nevermind your parents probably want you to be at church right
c:ite so see ya tia come on yall
f:dang bae why you rushing
c:im hungry as f***
f:well tia ill call you later
t:okay bye guys

they all leave and tia waits for her dad.....and waits.....and waits..... i know he didnt forget she thought to

herself.....she decided to call

t:dad where-
t/d:sweetie ill call you right back
t:dad no where-
t/d:honey im in a meeting at the church
t:but you-
t/d:ill call you back

tia waited for her dad to call back after 20 minutes of no phone call she decided to walk that long way home. she

was so upset about her father forgetting she said a prayer and continued walking it started to rain pouring down

rain tia had no umbrella could her life get any worst tia began to cry as she was walking then an old friend popped

up it was martin

t:(starteld by his presence) oh martin i didnt see you there
martin:uh hey tia (handing her his umbrella)
t:thanks......dont you need it
martin:its okay a little rain wont hurt me
t:well thanks what are you doing walking home
martin:well i saw you walking so i decided to walk
martin:how you been
t:okay i guess
martin:and your parents
t:same ole same ole
martin:well you looking good
t:thanks so are you
martin:why didnt you ride with your friends
t:my dad was suppose to get me but i guess he forgot
martin:oh sorry
t:not your fault
martin:so you like that new guy trey huh no way were just friends
martin:you dont have to lie to me i see the way you guys act in class
t:were just friends
martin:every girl likes him
t:well they better watch out he has a mean girlfriend
martin:yea betty is a thug lol
t:lol wow
martin:is that why you wont admit to liking him
t:what. i said were friends
martin:and i said you dont have to lie to me
t:well martin my house is here thanks for walking with me
martin:no problem....anytime
martin:so ill see you around
t:uh sure
martin:okay cool
there was an awkward silence between the two martin wanted to kiss her and tia was gonna let him until.......

t/m:tia lemore get your behind in this house now and i know thats not martin
t:bye (runs in the house)

martin leaves

t/m:what are you doing with him why are you late
t/m:you should've been here 15 minutes ago
t/m:why were you so close to him is that why you late
t:mom i wasnt that close and dad forgot to pick me up
t/m:get upstairs and do your homework or something ill be back in a few hours

tia goes in her room and recieves a txt msg from chris which was wierd cuz he never txt her

~txt msgs~

CB:you like trey
CB:dont act dumb tia do you like him
t:we're all friends chris
CB:yea but you like him
t:no i dont....not like that
CB:whatever i know you do
t:why are you concerned
CB:i just wanna know
t:well now you know
CB:look stay away from him
t:what??!! why
CB:im saying dont get to close
t:chris are you high
CB:no just listen to me
t:why are you telling me this
CB:just stay away dont get to close okay
t:uhhh????? sure whatever
CB:dont tell nobody about this conversation
t:ummm okay
CB:okay sweetie
CB:ummm my bad i didnt mean to send that to you
CB:but dont tell nobody okay
CB:ite ill holla

tia continued to do her homework but couldnt focus why was chris telling her that why did he call her sweetie what

the hell is with everybody tia liking trey she almost kissed martin now chris calling her sweetie sounds crazy

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Chapter 4

I spend my weekend in my room ignoring my friends......i got like 20 missed calls from Trey,5 from Fiona,another 5 from Chris or maybe Fiona has forced him to do so....he'll do anything for Fiona,well same as Fiona she'll do anything for Chris,the only thing i thank god for is that Betty didnt call.....grrrr and that f****n Toni kept asking about Trey.I think she has something for him but she too smart......she says "Oh gul its high time you get a man,i think he fine" I hate that crap god i wish Toni would realise that and leave me alone.F*** its sunday today,i dont wanna go to church but i cant see friends cause i've been acting like a b**** what other choice do i have i better get ready

Toni:(enters Tia's room without knocking) Hey gul (with an attitude)
Toni:Trouble in paradise??
Tia:I dont know what you talking about.
Toni:Trey has been calling and you didnt even bother to answer the phone.
Tia:Whatever gul...
Toni:Psss.....dont act like...
Tia:(cutting her off) Get out
Toni:(sitting on Tia's bed) I aint going nowhere sweety,tel what happened?
Tia:(opens the bedroom door) Get out now (showing her the way)
Tia:(slams the door behind her) Damn that b******
T/m:(shouting) Tia dont ever slam that door
Tia:Sorry Ma (rooled her eyes)

Ooooo that boy better answer my calls cause imma kick his ass.....damn voice mail again.He better have a good...i mean good explanation. (pacing in her room trying to call Trey) F***,i know that boy aint cheating on me cause i kill him and the gul......(dials his number again) Muthaf**** answer your damn phone (grabs her mom's car keys) I want an explanation now and imma get it right now....he better be home

Fiona:(texting Chris) Hey bae...have you heard from Tia?
Chris:Naw...she aint answering her phone
Fiona:Hope she is fine...
Chris:Me too
Fiona:I was thinking that maybe we should have lunch know just the two of us.
Chris:Aite bae....i'l come and pick you up at 12:30
Fiona:Love you ya later
Chris:Love you too

Tia's mom was suprised to Tia all dressed up for church cause Tia has been in her room since Friday.She thought Toni might have talked her into going....
T/ you ok?
Tia:Yeah why wouldnt i be?
T/m:You been locked up in your room
Tia:Thats because i had lot of home work and i didnt wanna be disturbed
T/m:Oh ok....are you going to see your friends?
Tia:No....dressed up like this? Ma you know i dont do dress unless i got to be at church
T/m:So you are coming with us today?
T/m:Ok we are leaving so grab your breakfast,you'll eat on the way
Tia:Thats ok Ma....lets go
T/m:Ok (she didnt want to argue with her cause she might end up not going)

Betty arives at Trey's place....she was pissed off.Lucky Trey's parent we not home......
Betty:(knocks on the door)
Trey:(suprised to see her) come in
Betty:So where is she?
Betty:Dont play dump with me boy....the gul you've been seeing,where is she?
Trey:(tries to calm here down) Sit down babe
Betty:Hell no until i know she not here i aint sitting down
Trey:Babe there is noone else but me
Betty:I see...she in your room right?
Betty:(runs to Trey's room) B***** you better come out or imma make you
Betty:Shut up Trey cause i'm about to kick some ass
Trey:Babe...there is noone here
Betty:(gives him an ulgy look) I know you lying (then searches his room but finds nothing)
Trey:Babe you i love you and only you
Betty:(sighs....calmly) Its just that you've been acting weird lately and i thought maybe you are cheating.
Trey:(took her hand and kissed it) I'm sorry babe
Better:Something was wrong....what was it? Babe i want you to tell me anything that bothers you because i love you....
Trey:I know babe....but this one i cant tell but its nothing to worry about ok
Betty:Ok (smiles)
Trey:(smiles back) Imma make it up to you
Trey:Imma spend the whole day with you today....lets go to the mall
Betty:Aite....but next time dont shut me out of your problems ok
Trey:(kissed her) We better hurry before they close

When they arrived at the mall they saw Chris and Fiona so they decided to have lunch togetherFiona want to ask Trey about Tia but couldnt cause she knew Betty would trip and cause drama.Everyone call her "Betty the Hoodchick" and she knows but doesnt care.....

Betty:So Fiona.....where is Tia?
Fiona:(chokes on her food) Sorry about church maybe why?
Betty:Well....just that i've never seen you separated from her.
Fiona:Oh....well...its just that....(looks at Chris) um
Chris:We wanted to alone thats all.
Trey:(changing the subject) So.....where you heading from here?
Chris:The park....
Betty:Tia's place
Trey,Chris & Fiona:(loudly) No
Trey:I mean.....(trying to find words) i.....
Fiona:Me and Chris have planned to spent time together offence gul
Chris:Tia understands that
Betty:Whats your excuse Trey?
Trey:Well.....babe you know i promised to make it upto you today.
Betty:(sighs) Its just that....never mind guess we'll see her tomorrow
Trey,Chris & Fiona:Yeah
Betty:(frowns) Why y'all answering at the same time?
Fiona:lol....dint realise that (they all laughed except Betty) Sorry
Chris:Oh...we all done (they nod their head) Aite imma take care of the bill
Trey:Oh no leave that to me
Chris:No i got this man
Trey:Its ok Chris i...
Betty:(cut the off) Shut up! I'll take care of this
Fiona:Let Chris do it
Betty:(with a firm voice) I said i'll pay ok
Betty:(waving to the waiter )Can i get the bill....thank you
Noone said a word cause they could see that Betty was pissed off.Anyone who knows Betty its Trey...getting in her bad side was the last thing anyone they wanted to do at the moment,they all left the resturant after she paid the bill and departed at their car....

Monday morning Tia wanted to fake an illness but Toni beat her to it.....she was very convincing about it and Tia's parents let her stay at home.....
Tia:(yelling at Toni) You are such a b****
T/m:Tia watch your language
Tia:Sorry Ma...(whispers at Toni) Imma kill you
Toni:(whispering back) In your dreams
T/m:Hurry up Tia your father is waiting
Toni:(looks at Tia and sticks out her toungue)
Tia:(lifts her middle finger up then walks out)
T/f:Well are you ready for school?
Tia:Lets go Dad
Tia:(occupied with thoughts about Trey....what happened on Friday,how she going to explain to her friends for not answering her phone.....not realising that they have arrived at school)
T/f:Are you ok?
Tia:Yeah yeah....bye dad (then rushed to her locker....and bumps onto Betty)
Betty:(with a huge smile) Hey gul
Tia:(hesitate) um....hi....hi
Betty:Are you ok?
Betty:Well see ya at lunch
Tia:Ok...(watches Betty as she left,turnaround and bumps onto the person she wanted to avoid) Hey....Tr.....Tr....Trey
Trey:Why didnt you answer my calls?
Tia:um...i was busy
Trey:Are you trying to avoid me?
Tia:No.....god no
Trey:Relax gul.....look i'm sorry about friday
Tia:Forget it
Trey:No cause i see it made you so.....jumpy
Tia:(looks at her watch) Well...time is almost up so we'll talk later
Trey:No need...lets walk together
Trey:We are in the same class
Tia:Oh....what about your books?
Trey:In my backpack
Tia:(agrees cause she had no choice)
Trey:Thanks for helping me with my homework
Tia:No problem (blushes)
Trey:(smiles) So we cool
Trey:So...(Chris interrupt as they were about to enter the class)
Chris:Hey guys
Tia:Hey Chris
Chris:So whats with you two?
Chris:Oh yeah....then why i'm i feeling this awkward vibe between you two?
Trey:You are imagining things Chris (right then the teacher came in)
Teacher:Everyone settle down pliz

The lessons were moving slowly for Tia,she wanted to get away.She was so stressed out about this whole Trey situation.....
Even the teachers noticed that there was something wrong with her,the truth is when it comes to her emotions she is like an open book...everyone can see that she is hurting no matter how hard she tries to hide them.
Trey and Tia talked about it at lunch and the decided to be friends.They didnt tell Betty or anyone about what happened on Friday......

Whats gonna happen in the next Chapter??? Well keep reading to find out......


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