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Write the ending to the "Next To You" video

What happens at the end of Chris Brown's "Next To You" video? Does Chris save his girlfriend? Does Justin want the necklace back? Will Shannon Elizabeth ever moonwalk again? We want you tell us! Share your story and you could win an iPod or a C Breezy CD library!

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  • I think it should of ended like this, Chris gets his girlfriend and Justin Bieber does too and Chris and his girlfriend try to escape the rest of what's left. After they escape they go straight safe into Chris's apartment/condo/house. whatever it is. and they live a happy life(:
    by xteresapie on Aug 26, 2011 pm31 3:03pm
  • kay, so after everything happens chris brown try to jump across to save his desperate lover and justin bieber gets reunited with his girlfriend she then realized that her necklaces that justin gave her is no longer on her she then separates from justin running back where her father ran the girl over ( chris browns lover )to find it... justin runs after her mean while chris browns desperate and heart broken lover, along with other survivors receives medical help she then manages to break away from them and steal the ambulance vehicle drives back to the crime seen with her injuries she then...
    by traveesha bourne on Aug 11, 2011 pm31 7:07pm