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My name is Sergio Antunes, is Brazilian, fan of American Black Music since Steve Wonder the Michael Jackson, Usher, Beyonce and several. I observed the talent and the performance of the Chris Brown, when it stows working as soccer technician, in recent ticket for Asia. Back in a store of the Virgin, I bought the DVD “Chris Brown's Journey” - 2006.
When returning to Brazil, I evidenced in the Site of Orkut friends, hundreds of communities in homage to the singer, between them, one that I myself I created with the objective to divulge the career of this young singer (FAN CLUB BRAZIL CHRIS BROWN). Everything that I know on Brown, I look for to search in sites and fan official clubs. It would very like to transform my community into a fan official, if possible club of a site in Portuguese language and proper office to take care of thousand of young Brazilian fans, who order daily messages to me in search of information, and dream of the coming of the Chris Brown to Brazil. The great majority of these young, has age enters the 15, 19 years, had started to know the Chris for the TV and Radio, possess lowered music’s, photos and clips in the Internet, since records and DVDs in the store, very delay to arrive. The idea of the Fan Official Club here in Brazil, also is to alert to the young fans the necessity of if buying official products of its idol, censuring the piracy. It would very like to take this idea to the Chris Brown, its producers and entrepreneurs. If possible I can send a project with the objectives and interests. Necessary of te orientation, please!