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Finland needs you!!

Chris Brown you have soooo many fans here in Finland and most are from Tampere where i live and i think everyone of them would love it if you would come here! :) U are one of my favourite singers/dancers and i just hate the fact that i only can watch you sing in tv and not really live so please just think about it because u have many fans here and this country is kind of boring so you could cheer us :) i'm not finnish, i moved here when i was little and i'm gonna move out as soon as i can :) But hope to see you performe live here in Tampere,Finland :)



It'd be great if he came to Finland, but I doubt it. The only venues he's got in Scandinavia are Stockholm and Copenhagen. I'm in Latvia, so I'll be going to Stockholm. You can still go see him in another European capital if you can find a cheap flight soon enough.

Agree! Come to Finland our love! But Helsinki, the capital of Finland would be clever idea :--D