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~*~ Arranged For The Worse ~*~ yea it's ur girl dianne rite here

dang this new board is....weird...can't even see replies or anything... luckily i just started the story on the old board and those readers wouldn't have to read much again. well here's an excerpt and i guess imma just have to post the rest in my blogs or somethin...i'll figure out a way...well here ya'll go

Everyone stood as the bride walked down the aisle. My sister was finally getting married. This was a dream for her, yet a nightmare for me. I was slowly following her as I held the train of her dress. Tears were falling from my mothers face, and so was mine. Tears of happiness for her, but tears of heartache for me. We finally got to the alter. Everyone sat down and began listening to the priest. I stared into the eyes of the groom and his best man and could take no more. I bursted out crying and ran out, caring nothing about what everyone thought or if everyone was staring. I ran out through the doors as everyone gasped. I sat down on the church steps and cried my heart out. Why was this happening to me?


RUN IT!!!! i hate this board! :( lol
~*Courtney B*~