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HOT NFL: Pirates fall to Ravens in their last test

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the N.F.L.’s youngest team, which means they should be contenders for several years to come. At 7-4, they remain contenders now, too <a href=>nfl jerseys</a>. But on a Sunday that offered tests of legitimacy for several front-running N.F.C. teams, the Buccaneers failed theirs, losing to the Baltimore Ravens, 17-10.

The Bucs are two games behind the Atlanta Falcons - who have spent their own litmus test with a victory over the Green Bay Packers to move to 9-2 - in the NFC South. Tampa Bay hosts Atlanta next week. <a href=>kobe bryant jerseys</a>

Bucs are led by dynamic players like quarterback Josh Freeman in the second year, with sales helped keep them in Sunday's game, and rookie running back Blount Legarreta. But the Bucs' stature, even after a season three coming victory is undermined by a ride that none of their victories this season came against an opponent with a winning record <a href=>michael vick jerseys</a>
. And their four losses are against teams with winning records.

"Do you think these teams above us," coach Raheem Morris said. "We respect all teams, but our job is going to beat them.<a href=>peyton manning jerseys</a>

" There is no moral victory. Understand, they were 7-3 and they are given credit for the power plant. But we must find ways to win these games <a href=>brett favre jerseys</a>
. We are playing significant. We are a youth football team. Not to be missed. "

Running away from the NFC playoff resolved the remaining five weeks, this number is by far the most important games.