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Swarovski Hong Kong company business director---- Sandra (2)

In the stone, Swarovski crystal and, condensing billion years because of natural crystal reek in heaven, all sorts of natural <a href="">swarovski prices</a> elements of crust (mineral) precipitation, through the hard times, the essence of all kinds of crystal formation, each crystal represent different frequency, and the energy to produce different magnetic field and function in, and <a href="">swarovski pearl</a> according to the elements, Swarovski crystals, has evolved into a geomantic learn the most important gold, wood, water, fire, soil elements.
In this fashion, you seem somehow flow under the brand has to accept brainwashed, like not to buy the <a href="">swarovski watches</a> stock fund is out of fashion. "Frankly, there is nothing new under the sun, the Swarovski wholesale trend is constantly rebirth and renewal, to understand the culture, the past can find the thing that oneself like." Sandra is that man can, but very trendy fashion - very confident, bearing. "Do not do fashion <a href="">swarovski bangle</a> victim, such as clearly is fat to wear tight unlined upper garment, even with high babe shoe, of course, when young, but should try to find more. Without express yourself but not the connotation, is not cheat people."
As a fashion brand executive, Sandra admiral is how? As Vivian Westwood die-hard Fans, wardrobe half is this brand, she likes it fun design and clipping, think it for many want everyday wear insipid suit to <a href="">swarovski bead</a> work to find a way to women. Like other coat, it is practical Swarovski sales work, "see details are low-key in Sandra" originality practical style reflects ".
As the woman grew up in Hong Kong and Jiangsu, Sandra is not usually, but the taste of perfume <a href="">swarovski beads offers</a> is quite elegant. Asked about the common taste, then with consummate to reel off a heap of winter: Lamer with cream, summer will use Bother - it's very good. Water series, like caviar eye is said to be the favorite of the Chemung, the body lotion, all the year round.
In the spring 2010, Swarovski crystals wholesale flagship brand new Shanghai Huainan road 522. Guests <a href="">swarovski</a> can in the nearly 400 square meters of flagship of imitated crystal boundless glamour.
Flagship Swarovski rings provide the first ever to provide customized service to guests act the role offing, the flagship 2-3 floor is recreational corridor, a set of ideas and activities in an art exhibition <a href="">swarovski beads</a> space, also Swarovski’s historical showroom. You can purchase products, but also provides more than 2,000 crystallized shops? -- Swarovski elements, displayed in fashion "crystal corridor", for the guests.
Swarovski in online and provides two services - “Swarovski ring jewelry store" and "individual modeling division".
"The jewelry store" online design software that suits own jewelry type, and modified, made <a href="">swarovski jewelry</a> unique accessories. Guests can use this tool in the Internet, of course, also can visit flagship store scene experience, and accept staff operation instruction. The revised design products, after two weeks to flagship store of goods.
"Individual Swarovski jewellry modeling division" online design software will provide consulting services. It will be <a href="">swarovski earrings</a> according to your face and the hair, eyes, skin color suits you to recommend the different colors and cutting the imitated crystal ornaments, from the modern, luxuriant, classic, romantic and natural design style, choose <a href="">swarovski jewellery</a> five out of joint oneself individual character and savored ornaments. Also, you can use the online home in software, also can experience in store, under the help of the Swarovski crystals sale workers, and find their own <a href="">swarovski sale</a> unique style. All personal information is stored in the "I" in the style of card, can also print out for future reference.
Those accessories for capable women are outstanding design. They glaring self-confidence of classical fashion Swarovski jewelry, through, and it is <a href="">swarovski wholesale</a> into eternal treasures of libraries.