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Love connected with half a bottle of water

True than this deadly earthquake, but let us forget pain of love and forget that links of London ring, remember which reflects the warm moved. When an earthquake occurs, summer is nestled in the <a href="">links london</a> queen's husband and his watch TV arms about links of London jewelry.The heroine of the beautiful in search of lost lovers through, and finally, in a pottery workshop, saw the face before their whiskers lover to wear Love struck necklace, pave diamond , four eyes look...At this point, the picture that warm cedar-wood, therefore the gules droplight crashing. Summer dismayed to hold the queen. We were near the house near links of London store in the summer of extreme fear of shaking violently. Pane burst a fierce detonation of a position near, noise, this time in the distance, particularly, also called personality nonlocal wringer. Summer is the queen of hand tightly holds; do not feel pain, but summer, she just feels scared for losing links London sweetie necklace. Shake continues. The big box on the chest down affirmation, because the summer heard the direction of a stuffy, wall of the queen and her great photography is broken, small pieces collapse <a href="">links of london</a> in her calf, summer still don't feel pain, suddenly the earthquake let her forget the pain and thought about rain dance.The queen's bosom crouching in summer, they usually shake like leaves. Her ears filled with "produced crackling sound and panic scream. Shake finally stopped. They kept the original position. Although this is their home, bit by bit, they are well, but now, they don't move in links of London gingerbread man charm shop, move a step, have "hit" life. Darkness people feel time points a pass. A calm summer was finally able to speak. Don't be afraid, I in!" The queen has just started; he felt the mouth seems to have little mosquitoes <a href="">Links London Watches</a> flying in the sky with classic links of London heart necklace. They no longer talk. But they all felt dry throat. They are also thought the tea table of the bottle of water. In summer the queen when watching TV plays, and drank half bottle and threw that links of London sugar cane ring, still there. In the summer from the queen arms straight up slowly and <a href="">links of london sweetie</a> carefully, the right of the queen stooped down toward understanding the search. The queen will be half a bottle of water in his hand, he thought: summer day to drink a lot of water at ordinary times, must stand thirst in Links London Pendants shop. Summer: the queen had lunch didn't drink water, now he must thirst. The half a bottle of water and returned to the queen's hands with Heart Disc Charm. Hold tight the queen in the summer.From afar, the rescue, catch the siren has already begun. Summer is steadfast. Excessive tension let her chest tightness as a stone, pressure can deep breath. Summer, But she forgot, irritating dust now still was filled, immediately, a scorching smell filled with nasal and quickly spread that her throat as there were sharp thorn in there, let a person <a href="">Links London Chains</a> feel the pain, the pain dry summer is not controlled to make a fierce cough."Why? What's the matter, summer, summer?" The queen, a large amount of dust panic in the queen asked anxiously in the mouth into his competitively, satisfied to squeeze the queen's throat and throat, itching, involuntarily began coughing.Water! The half a bottle of water in his hand, he pulled his hand from the summer, twist to cap and handed over to the mouth in the summer. Summer once twist face, she knows it half a bottle of water can play the role in the summer, but also know more than her queen half bottle of water, need the queen has serious angina, each made accompanies besides sip gruel eat anything. At this time, the queen is more painful. The queen of that idea, as far as <a href="">Links London Rings</a> possible in the summer, half endure a cough with his mouth, and said: "in the summer, the house fell things must have loose, we cannot be too loudly cough, not what will fall down, do you have a cough badly, you better than I drank the water cough reduce, equals two lives in us, you know?" The queen said it around, they too dangerous. "The summer, we will be saved, but might be a little bit late, so we must persevere, your body is bad and received so much, I worry you down, the water to drink, you will feel a little. What I fear, sore throat, and my body great endurance of more than you, if you have not used any of my life, sore throat and have what use? In the summer, half a bottle of water tears lightly to mouth... Get married for three years, they had no mouth, without a fight, honesty of the queen all let summer. In the summer, no matter how, this knows half bottle of water for her queen. The hubbub of voices, they will have uncovered the sky was a fish-belly grey. Although it's already empty, but they love each other's heart was filled. Reprinted from: