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If one day I will not bore you

If one day you call my phone number, voice tell you that I have shut down. Promise me not sad, not lost; not want me, do not remember pandora <a href="">pandora charms</a> rings products a better me. If one day no longer frequent your phone rings, do not wait, do not expect, and more do not want to find me, you only see this one, I can safely leave.
If one day someone said your ears are no longer annoying, annoying. Some people say that they are no longer stubborn always right, no more rude <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> to you angry. Not someone you would like to talk a few minutes of bargaining phone, pandora beads and charms hang up before someone is no longer clamoring to kiss and hug you. This one I lost, you sad
If one day, your SMS inbox, no more pitiful and said there is a bit a few seconds away from your home, there were no more ferocious to say do not talk to me I'll give you one, no more spoiled, say you say you hate the bad, no more <a href="">pandora braelet</a> remorse after the wrong things not blame yourself. No more nonsense, no more Zhangxuduantan, pandora style beads no more gentle on your toe from time to time, and suddenly shouted a small drink of your tantrums. You lose this one I will lose it
To that day, I hope you have a little bit sad, a little lost, a little like me, just a little bit about my memory like, really just a little.
My children cents irrelevant, my madness, silly, sad tears when, helpless sigh when the remark. But you have to remember that although we all corners <a href="">cheapst pandora</a> of the earth, but we are on his head with a blue sky, marching the foot of the same piece authentic pandora beads of green grass, breathing the same air, may be able to find your taste here.
If one day, your memory, without me, do not forget we are together every minute, do not forget what I like, dislike what, I feel what is happiness, what is the pain. And I would never forget any of the clips on your memory, you get used to <a href="">discount pandora</a> anything, what is offensive. That what is happiness, what is sad. Emotional world, there is no pandora glass beads fair word, I do not care about them, that we were together two months, my life would be the most beautiful memories. I also remember you promised me <a href="">cheap pandora</a> anything, promise me anything, but I is not good, well behaved, not promises, I do not have to wait until you completely forget to re-up when being left; did not accompany the pain you go end, did not wait for when you really happy to escape the.

If one day your life will not have me, must pandora hearts not remember my existence, my marks, because I'm afraid you will lose, will be sad, and want me, all this not because you love me, love me, but I got used to the phone every day, every <a href="">bracelet sale</a> day message, I importune, I rely on you. When a person accustomed to the life of another person in there, even though did not like and love, he will still feel lost a bit sad, and want him, pandora gold although I was a jealous temper, great, hegemonic, nor should I like the people tolerate the people who love to others. But I still hope you have better than I would like to see you happy lives every day.

If one day of your past lives and no longer have my life, not too strong when I had to face this moment, I do not know what I would have And you're still you, you will see me hiding in the corner of the distress regret it I do not pandora jewellery uk feel all the time on your side to accompany it Although you will not sigh when I go to comfort you, sad will not accompany you sad, heartbroken with the broken heart will not go <a href="">bracelets sale</a> with you, once I do it all, you are not aware of , not seen, your memories, your life, your world is no longer with me, I am more aware of this, you will not have a little bit sad, a little lost, pandora charms sale a little like me a little bit about any of my memory.
Because there are too many, I is installed, although I always pretend it does not matter, but I really do not care about it But you Will care about me at all But I will be very self-reproach, would hate myself because I did not keep a commitment to people. I promised you will not leave you any time. You said to me, you do not know if pandora <a href="">bracelet</a> beads one day I leave you, what would you I understand that, in fact, all my fault, I should not have in your life, life, do I exist, I have to do a silent waiting for your love, to bear all in silence, secretly waiting for you, like you. But I have shown all these out, you know, clearly, understand, and eventually moved, but I was gone.