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Who and singing that song.

November 1998 21. The first time I knew there was a call JinDongWan boy after birth, while the, you or you, for me it is too far away, so far you in my mind only a blurred image. The 11-year-old me, and you do not know what love is. I think, that year I owe you 1: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
1999 nov. 21. The surrounding sister started <a href="">gap factory outlet</a> a long time ago in planning something, warm smile like the mind of a people. Then on that day, together happy in a candle said 12-year-old I couldn't understand it. I think, when they said should be Korean sentence: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
2000 on November 21. This is a sad year. In the city's funeral accompanied once again I saw you, a little red eyes, let me suddenly feel this or that smile warm you? 13 I first started love dearly. I think, that year too sad I must forget 1: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
On 21 November 2001. <a href="">the gap store</a> This year is really know you, understand you, like your year. A friend said you are her favourite, said a heap of about you, your words. I silently listening, not in their mouth discovered has started smile. 14 years old is the first time I so earnest to understand a star. I think, that year I try to understand you, so I must have missed timely give you say: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
November 21, 2002. This year I seem to think angel falling down. Can't believe from friends heard you a crash the <a href="">gap tours</a> news is true. So sad, then love dearly. But, well, you now live wholy. If not home those with friends you stay up folded 1121 only origami, I definitely think in 15 years old that year September is a dream. I think that was the first time I so devout plug in candles, as you wish: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
November 21, 2003. This year flipped the Turkish photo, watching in the photo you bring a sad expression, I began to feel sorry. Miss that smile warm boy. At 16, I began to saving, just for a simple desire. I think that was the first time I a person at home for you plug in candles, looked at the wall by candlelight <a href="">gap portal</a> according to micro your face so happy red for you wish: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
November 21, 2004. This is the happiest one year. Efforts for many, many hard, lost and get a lot, and finally, to win the most should belong to your glory. Looking at the sad eyes redness cry of you, my in front of a computer again and again say, don't cry, don't cry. Perhaps it is 17 years since the most severe cry but laughs the brilliant again. I think that for you wish time definitely have a star, and heard my wish: <a href="">gap blouse</a> JinDongWan, happy birthday!
On November 21, 2005. I bought a lot of books many now at home never used a kitchen utensils and appliances, just to personally make a birthday cake for you. Look at the last and friends to make the cake written words, crooked feel is a kind of happiness. 18 I first hand for another man do food, I think, that cake words on the though ugly is my most sincere wish: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
On November 21, 2006. Sorry to say that year. Know you, like you, love you is a too long year. Always wanted to see you once again, that I daresay far look. Just this year of June doomed not to belong to me. Life's 19 years <a href="">gap men coat</a> I first know regret of taste. I think, when the candle light must evaporation of my tears, for the first time in for whatever you have vowed to, added my desire. Until now I'm thinking, so does points away a part belong to your happiness: JinDongWan, happy birthday! Hope to see you again.
The November 21, 2007. And a group of don't know have love for you, as you celebrate together. Sing your song, say love you, play you played games. 20 years old, I love you so long, I understand what <a href="">gap shirts</a> you say forever. A group of people laughing and crying around cake for you wish: JinDongWan, happy birthday!
November 21, 2008. I think it should be ten years the most sad for a year. Article 晸 Hector leave mood has not calmed down, you also want to go. Always think you will finish this birthday, just, you go too hasty, let I cannot stay here for you what. I think, today, I promise to be very quiet stay at home, buy qinyuan cake, listening to your "agreement", for you plug in candles, hope the: I love you JinDongWan, <a href="">gap sale</a> happy birthday!

Just when I finish writing these words, but I began to sad, that say Korean sister, that let me first then understand your friend, that stay up late and I folding paper and the and I together for you make cakes girl, a where did you go? And now I am left alone for you sing the song "happy birthday song. Left me a stubborn insisted that copy of persistence.
I think today, ten years later, and who are these blessing for you write down, and who and singing that song. <a href="">gap</a> Will is my lovely child, or once as much as I love you very much and their lovely child.
Yesterday and today. Today and forever.