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Love at first sight

Not that she regretted <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Women Shoes</a> being older. People nowadays talked incessantly about the glories of youth, but Adrienne had no desire to be young again. True, she missed some things—bounding up the stairs, carrying more than one bag of groceries at a <a href="">Cheap Vibram Button Men Shoes Sale</a> time, or having the energy to keep up with the grandchildren as they raced around the yard—but she’d gladly exchange them for the experiences she’d had, and those came only with age. It was the fact that she could look back on life and realize she wouldn’t have changed much at all that made sleep come easy these days. Besides, youth had its problems. Not only did <a href="">Cheap Vibram Men Shoes</a> she re¬member them from her own life, but she’d watched her children as they’d struggled through the angst of adoles¬cence and the uncertainty and chaos of their early twen¬ties. Even though two of them were now in their thirties and one was almost there, she sometimes wondered when motherhood would become less than a full-time job. Matt was thirty-two, Amanda was thirty-one, and Dan had just <a href="">Cheap Vibram Classic Men Shoes</a> turned twenty-nine. They’d all gone to college, and she was proud of that, since there’d been a time when she wasn’t sure any of them would. They were honest, kind, and self-sufficient, and for the most part, that was all she’d ever wanted for them. Matt worked as an accountant, Dan was the sportscaster on the evening news out in Greenville, and both were married with families of their own. When they’d come <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes</a> over for Thanksgiving, she remembered sit¬ting off to the side and watching them scurry after their children, feeling strangely satisfied at the way everything had turned out for her sons.As always, things were a little more complicated for her daughter. Since they were sometimes only a few years older than her own children, she was curious about what they would think if they noticed her staring at them. Would <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> they dismiss her out of hand? Or would they smile back at her, finding her interest charming? She wasn’t sure. Nor did she know if it was possible for them to look past the graying hair and wrinkles and see the woman she used to be. The kids were fourteen, thirteen, and eleven when Jack moved out of the house, and each <a href="">vibram KSO</a> child had dealt with the divorce in a different way. Matt and Dan took out their ag¬gression on the athletic fields and by occasionally acting up in school, but Amanda had been the most affected. As the middle child sandwiched between brothers, she’d always been the most sensitive, and as a teenager, she’d needed her father in the house, if <a href="">vibram fingers</a> only to distract from the worried stares of her mother. She began dressing in what Adrienne considered rags, hung with a crowd that stayed out late, and swore she was deeply in love with at least a dozen dif¬ferent boys over the <a href="">five fingers kso </a> next couple of years. After school, she spent hours in her room listening to music that made the walls vibrate, ignoring her mother’s calls for dinner. There were periods when she would barely speak to her mother or brothers for days. It took <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US Sale</a> a few years, but Amanda had eventually found her way, settling into a life that felt strangely similar to what Adrienne once had. She met Brent in college, and they married after graduation and had two kids in the first few <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> years of marriage. Like many young couples, they strug¬gled financially, but Brent was prudent in a way that Jack never had been. As soon as their first child was born, he bought life insurance as a precaution, though <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers</a> neither ex¬pected that they would need it for a long, long time.